Style Your Ascendant: Aquarius Rising

Aquarius Rising people are often ambivalent about fashion and it’s not a pose. They stood out for being “weird” as children and the more they tried to de-weird, the weirder things got.

Given the importance that wearing the ‘right’ clothes holds at a certain age, you can see how they might develop an aversion toward trends or prefer to adopt something akin to a uniform.

The irony is that of course Aquarius Risings often set trends and the concept of devising a classic ‘uniform’ that works for you is common to many a chic or ‘cool’ person. They’re easily the most naturally normcore of all the ascendants – As their weirdness comes from within, they have no need to signal it.

So with some celebrities as muse-models, here are the key Aquarius Rising style elements.


If you have an Aquarius Ascendant, you already know that you go way beyond comfort-dressing – your body is a barometer. You sense multiple factors that most people with detect only dimly or don’t perceive at all – scents, frequencies, minute geo-tremors, space weather fluctuations, the lot.

Experimental fabrics with shielding capabilities or that do something useful and don’t fuq the planet in their creation are aspirational wear for this rising sign. Functional clothing is ultra-Aquarius Rising.

If, for example, a new fibre was created which would generate negative-ions around you or alter lightwaves so you saw less LED streetlight and more starlight, you probably wouldn’t care how it looked.

Neo-comfort also reflects the fact that Aquarius Rising people usually look better when their hair is messy or undone than when it’s coiffed. It’s not that the hair looks wrong but that it throws the vibe out.

This is also an ascendant with zero-tolerance for restrictions – polo necks, anything that’s tight, itchy or feels like it pulls the neck down and/or high heels in many cases. The latter is partly because Aquarius Rising likes to be able to walk away from things – metaphorically and literally.

The musician Lou Doillon (Virgo with Aquarius Rising) says her perpetual favourite wardrobe item  is “A pair of boots – I like to walk, and freedom comes from not being contrived, or stopped by your tools.”

Remember also that Aquarius rules the calves and ankles – an ankle roll or tight calf muscles can mess with their Uranian* mindset. Another Aqua-Rising, the actor Charlotte Rampling, told Fashion magazine that her footwear is “strictly black lace-ups by Churches. I have two pairs, and they’re very old – 20 years, I think,” she says. “I’ve had them remade and even remodelled because they didn’t do that model anymore. 

“They are part of the way you walk, the way you move and lounge around. You know how to be in them, so you can put them on and know you are going to look just the way you want to look. You don’t feel the clothes on you anymore, which is a really good feeling.”

Rampling is also a decades-long Hatha Yoga adherent, which may inform her philosophy and besides her ascendant, she has Mercury, the Sun and Venus in Aquarius – a super-stellium.

If you have this ascendant, you may have dealt with orthotics hassles or gait isssues growing up and your knees would be odd little karma zones. If so, even if you technically have the cutest knees on the planet, you’d glare at them like bony peninsulas criss-crossed with old scars.

Even in her prime ‘sex-symbol era’, the actor Kim Basinger preferred her jeans and sweats ensembles. As she told Interview magazine:

Even though I’ve played those roles and I’ve dressed up and been on the covers of these things and done this and that, it is all such pretense. I wear bib jeans. I don’t wear underwear like that. I don’t move in the world like that. You know, I’m more bare-footed Rastafarian, crazy.”

*Aquarius Rising means you’re “ruled” by Uranus with arguably a subtone of Saturn. But you may prefer to think of it is as “co-leading” with Uranus.


Metallics do magnificent things for the Aquarius Rising aura and aesthetic. It needn’t be a whole suit of chain mail a la Zendaya doing Jeanne d’Arc at the 2018 Met Ball or a space-age retro-futurist look: you could try a top with metallic yarn aka lurex or initially try to divine whether you’re feeling Copper, Gold or  Silver.

Classically, gold is solar and silver is lunar. Venus and copper have an affinity while the other trad planetary metals are not really wearable – mercurial mercury, tin for Jupiter, iron for Mars and lead for Saturn.

Anecdotally, Aquarius Rising people seem to carry more static electricity than others so theoretically, metal in their clothing could help with conductivity? Maybe it makes them into a human antenna, deflecting, drawing and reflecting electricity in equal measure.

Or perhaps metallics just look cool. Their use in fashion arrived with the space age via the multiple conjunct Aquarius designer Paco Rabanne (Venus, Node, Midheaven, Saturn and Sun conjunct in Aquarius!) launching the first metal dresses at a fashion show in 1966.

Considered wildly experimental at the time, the concept expanded and permeated indelibly into fashion culture, ably assisted by Jane Fonda’s Paco Rabanne wardrobe in Barbarella.

These days designers like the triple-Gemini Iris Van Herpen – whom I am convinced has Aquarius or Uranus Rising – have taken up the exploratory baton and metallics still say ‘modernity.’

The actor/singer Zendaya has a Virgo Sun with Uranus rising in Aquarius at birth, thus tripling the Aquarian vibe. (When you’re born with the ruler of that specific zodiac constellation rising with it, it’s considered an enhanced Ascendant.)

Zendaya/her stylist either know their astrological aesthetics or she is instinctively empowered in metal because she wears metallics a lot. Likewise, Nicki Minaj, although her Aqua Rising is less overt due to her extensive Sagittarius stellium – Uranus, the Sun, Lilith, Venus, Mercury and Neptune!

The Aquarius-Rising Leo actor Angela Bassett is also magnificent in metallics – gold is extra augmenting for her as she has her chart ruler Uranus in Leo as well.

You could, of course, add extra metal with jewellery but conversely Aquarius Rising people aren’t overly fond of bling and can find even one piece cluttering.

Metallic nail varnish or eyeshadows can be talismanic and energetically supportive without the intensity of metal element in clothing. FYI, in traditional Chinese geomancy and medicine, the colors white + silver are deemed elementally metal.


It seems weird that this avant-garde ascendant should work so well with an item as ‘establishment’ as the trenchcoat but it does!

It has a sort of private intel operative or detective aura so perhaps trenchcoats allows Aquarius Rising people to feel they’re in stealth mode, finally afford the sort of ubiquitous acceptance they strove for in childhood and early youth?

Literally created to be worn during trench warfare, these coats are actually emblematic of a time when everything was in mass upheaval, according to the Smithsonian magazine.

Their utilitarian nature – pockets, waterproof, adaptable – also appeals to the clutter-disliking Aquarian Ascendant. Bags can really bug these people – hands-free and nothing ‘in the way’ is their ideal – and better an extraordinary coat than a rickety umbrella.

Maybe this is just me but I’ve never encountered an Aquarius Rising person who was not weird about umbrellas.

The endurability of trenchcoats also appeals to the secret Saturnine side of this Ascendant – it’s not just the sign has a modern and an ancient ruler, Saturn-ruled Capricorn is the 12th house for Aquarius Ascendants.


On the face of it, the cool indigo Aquarius Rising persona may not seem so aligned with red. It belongs to the Fire element and more specifically Mars + Aries. But Aqua-Rising can carry off red as a neutral – no namby-pamby ‘splash of color’ here – so it becomes their beige.

If the Aquarius Rising person has an Aries Sun or a strong Mars like Queen Letizia of Spain (Sun conjunct Mars in Virgo), it’s extra effective. She rotates colors because it’s her royal responsibility to provide variety for the paps + the population but favours iconic dragon-red pantsuits. “The Queen favors sharp styling and sleek silohuettes,” observed Tatler magazine.

The practicality of pantsuits could also appeal to this former journalist (she was embedded with troops on the frontline in Iraq when covering that war) and first “divorcee commoner” to marry into the Spanish Royal family.

She’s also just begun to let her gray-silvery strands shine through which, while drawing some criticism from the old guard, is on point with her ascendant. Truth in aging is very Aquarian. The Queen of Spain also likes bronze metallic eyeshadow and evidently Bulgari’s The Vert perfume.

Lou Doillon, above, is also a green fragrance aficianado but only one – the iconic Mitsouko.

Clarice Lispector (Sagittarius with Neptune opposing her Aquarius Ascendant) was also big on red as a neutral. She wore it devotedly, not only in clothes but as nail polish (fingers and toes) and her tint. She loved red geraniums and the color red also features prominently in her books and paintings.

Incidentally, this description of her from a friend feels ultra-Aquarius rising: “Clarice was a foreigner on earth, going through the world as if she’d arrived in the dead of night in an unknown city amidst a general transport strike.”

Her preferred scent – one which she attributed semi-mystical powers to – was the now discontinued Vert Et Blanc, another green.


With a few exceptions, prints and non-neutral colors are often anathema to Aquarius Rising people. Is it because prints essentially ‘say’ something and this Ascendant is automatically no-comment?

Or something to do with mass-production ensuring that no print is unique – how could it be? The Aquarius Rising person wants to “pass” sufficiently so that they will be left alone or at least not draw undue scrutiny but that doesn’t mean they’re joining, fuq no.

Monochome – black, white and maybe camel is thus the cornerstone of any Aqua Rising without performance obligations. David Bowie and Nina Simone were both monochrome in maturity, while Charlotte Rampling (dubbed “the Queen of the sober pallette.”) says she only dresses in black or white.

The late Carolyn Bessette Kennedy was inarguably genius at monochromatics and her minimalist aesthetic was so persuasive that you still read fashion mag articles attempting to channel “what Carolyn Bessette would select as this season’s top looks.”

She was a Capricorn with Lilith, Mars and Venus conjunct her Aquarius Ascendant, a true trendsetter. Her choice of wedding dress – an utterly simple, pared-down slip dress by Narciso Rodriguez – changed the bridal fashion market in one weekend.

A monochromatic wardrobe also removes complexity and decision-making, leaving the Aqua Rising brain free to zap around topics it finds more appealing. To be an Aquarius Rising is to be adept at entering a fashion emporium and emerging with a black or white t-shirt no matter how vast or exotic the selection.

Grey marle is a firm fave, perhaps because it is monochromatic and it embodies “metal.” Even if envisage an Aquarian ascendant who suddenly acquires a gigantic budget for fashion, it’s quite likely that the quality of gray marle t-shirts and hoodies would simply improve. Or they’d get 100 of them.

When you’re born with Aquarius Rising, you’re completely content to wear the same item day in and day out.

Actor Charlotte Gainsbourg, the sister of Lou Doillon mentioned above (yes, Jane Birkin had two Aquarius Rising daughters) refers to her “uniform” – skinny jeans and a white t-shirt – and says she likes to “wear the same sweater over and over. I only take it off when it’s smelly.”

She’s also a triple-Cancerian so there may be a sentimental aspect to the smell thing? Crab-Scarabs are super-sensitive to pheromones and familiar scents.

The Scorpio actor Adam Driver is another “uniform” person, with GQ magazine noting that he’s “just one garment shy of wearing the exact same thing every day…

From “The Tonight Show” in New York to the big Tokyo premiere, Driver’s been committed to his uniform of black jeans and sneakers with a neutral-color crewneck and a blazer on top.”

Here’s hoping he might have a fantastic jacket up his sleeve,” they concluded wistfully. Actually for any rising sign with a celebrity profile, wearing the same thing all the time is a paparazzi deterrent because it’s much more difficult to sell pics of you.

Pluto settling into Aquarius will no doubt evolve and intensify the Aqua-Rising aesthetic traits to a considerable degree. Thoughts?

106 thoughts on “Style Your Ascendant: Aquarius Rising”

  1. I’ve felt my Aqua rising style as an unexpected mishmash of influences and you never quite know how I’ll look when I show up. Whether it’s the Uranian eclectic side or the uniform Saturnine side. I tend to favor the latter most of the time, and I truly can wear the same basic outfit for a week. I lean heavily towards utilitarian comfort but sleek, and minimal jewelry which I take off before bed because I could never sleep in metal. I love the look of a good heel but I’d rather be able to run away. And red as a neutral basic is so interesting as I always attributed the positive comments I got when wearing bright orange-red (the only time I get compliments on outfits, really) to my Aries moon. It’s true that I look like a normie to most but I always have a good laugh that this camoflauge is so effective at shielding my inner esoteric goth.

  2. This is totally how i’ve been feeling since the Pluto in Aquarius shift. It has bemused and confused me somewhat as a Scorpio Asc/Leo MC who usually goes for a bit of bling-on-black and was absolutely opposed to jeans! The desire to blend in and not be seen is anathema to the part of me that used to court attention, albeit subtly. It now intrigues me to go undercover as a ‘normie’… I expect this will be the default zeitgeist look for the coming decade until we dissolve into a beautiful magickal Pluto in Pisces era, which i hope will be something akin to the fin-de-siecle, art nouveau era of old.

  3. Oh hooray! Mystic please repost all of these. I loved reading this series! I looked them up awhile ago and was heartbroken that they were down. Thrilled to see this one and the Aries up!

  4. Aqua Sun, Rising & Venus here. Extraordinarily accurate. Thank you Mystic! As to electromagnetic and frequency issues I’m sensitive in the extreme and consequently have arrhythmias & internal vibrations galore. I’ve locked my electricity meter box and have so far avoided the dreaded smart meter.

  5. Aqua riser here, tis true. Conductor of electromagnetic weird since birth. A walking divining rode with a strange magnetic twist of lemon. I even tried to remove the violent energy in the family house as a kid with my metal rods after a relative taught me.

    I love jackets and coats 🧥 With red being supreme to me.

    Went through a period of wearing my hair straight. As a curly haired one with a double cowlick at the crown, my attempt to be normal felt untruth. So I get the whole done but unfinished quality of hair. Texture and nourishment, placement and precision are important for my locks. I’ve been enjoying metallic eyeshadow and liners.

    In the words of Laszlo Cravensworth “Well Fuq my Boots” Boots yes. Heels I admire for them being pretty trinkets but they don’t appeal to me.

    Airports and security checkpoints “Miss I’m going to need you to…”
    Could it be a Retro Mercury situation? No it’s me walking along. Empty stores suddenly loaded with people. Banking offline, freak electrical issues, phones down etc. That didn’t work and now it does. Umbrellas, I love and they tend to have a mind of their own.

    My nose is extra sensitive and has been this way because of my vision issues. Scents and smells definitely leave a track in the air. I’ve always found this interesting. Some people have a scent and that has alerted me to danger over the years. A couple of times it’s been an instinct or a ripple of intel arrives and I’ve got to leave.

    Nina Simone wearing her trademark black jumpsuit for years and years, it had a flesh tone lining insert. I get this need for stylist functionality, comfort and uniformity. Perhaps it’s a disguise to deflect attention or it’s just easier to be yourself in what feel nice on your skin.

  6. Not Aqua rising but Moon & Neptune in 11th house & much there relatable like the white shirt & jeans & boots.
    Kim Basinger is a Saggo who is an animal freak like me hence she may have dressed for their benefit?
    My Cap rising is monochrome not one coloured item to be seen so everything goes with everything else & makes decisions super easy in the mornings 🙂 But wouldn’t be seen in the same thing every day, just the same non colour. Truly there are so many shades of cream.
    Wearing colour is a must though in the pacific islands as black look weird, it’s all about the lighting….

  7. I’m Aquarian sun with Cancer rising but I can identify with most everything written. Ahh, it’s also helped me validate my choices of white, black, beige, navy and khaki/camel. Growing up the saying was beige is boring but I’ve come to realise it is chic and classic. Love this post!

  8. So many nods to this post. But I think my Taurus stellium has a big influence. I often struggle with outfits (Venus and the Moon in Aries makes or breaks my fashion mood). Patterns all remind me of 1970’s pyjamas. I dress and then think shoes or some days shoes first then clothing, actually that’s a lie its always shoes first. Sometimes I look in the mirror and think something is wrong here and shrug it off and leave without a care. Silver is my thang! but I do the take one piece off, advice I gleaned from some Taurean royal filly that had more sapphire wealth draped over her than my house is worth. She said nothing speaks like new money and crass style sense than wearing earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings! I would love to go to work in demin jeans and a t-shirt no bra but that would freak the entire school out big time. I also thought yesterday I should invest in some nice linen Indian style tunics and pants in black or neutrals of course.

    1. Was also thinking myself earlier this week that I’d like to start wearing some Indian style tunics over slim leg pants.
      That combo always looks cool and elegant. I can wear any colour and I dress for comfort in whatever looks good and feels goods on – with a fondness for cotton, nothing polyester or scratchy of course.
      Not Aquarius rising, but Aquarius Moon, so creative & independent enough to not feel compelled to follow expensive fashion trends.
      We look best in whatever we feel good wearing!

      1. Yes the feel is SOOO important, my hubby bought a shirt for an event from a charity clothing shop (worth Millions btw) and asked if I liked it? One touch and I said No, pure plastic, sorry I mean polyester

  9. Normcore or totally over the top for this Aquarius ascendant. Love metallics, am often in monochromatic clothes. And have a fondness for boots/earthy shoes as mentioned. Will wear patterns, but only as pants/skirts. And yes, mainly jewellery averse, especially bracelets (feel like handcuffs or something).

  10. This awkward, because I am an Aquarius rising and I love to dress in pastels and and rainbows, I don’t like tight clothing, and I like childish clothes. In fact I often wish I was smaller so I could fit into actual kids’ clothes. Maybe it’s my Pisces sun in 1st? Or my Aries Venus?

  11. The facf that i painted my walls grey and have monochromatic matching curtians certainly explains a lot! I find,grey so soothing

  12. Well, that explains everything. I can wear the most outrageous cossie and no one bats an eyelid, but the rest of the time I am in gray/black/white active wear (Aries Sun). Gray Marle is my favourite colour. Of late I had been worried all this gray might be bad for my aura or summat but it seems I am actually honoring my identity. I do throw in the odd bit of red for my mars and also greens/blues. Oh and ADORE suits or boots/jeans/shirt for special occaisions, or the most insane frock I can find. But a good suit and tie with a fedora. Perfection.

  13. I couldn’t be more of a Uranus-ruled/Aquarius (rising) person. Ive never fit in, never wanted to, couldn’t if I tried (which I used to). I have two strikingly different colored eyes for crying out loud, naturally. I also start so many trends, not just in terms of fashion but my attitude too, it’s crazy, I’ve always felt like the entire world was stealing my individuality constantly but now I find it flattering. Anyway. For those of you unsure about your true rising sign, figure out what house your sun is. Im developing a theory that our birth times may be off. Eh this is too much to type here. But if it makes more sense to you that your sun is in the 11th house than the 10th house (because you are all about your friends and dreams and wishes, for example, and have never dedicated your life to your career or social status), adjust your birth time to that house and see what rising sign you get. This always seems to work for me. Likewise, if I can tell someone is clearly a sag rising (like my tall adventurous jovial expansive light-featured little sister), I’ll skip the time of birth my sloppy drunk mom gives me, and punch in to find a sag rising. Ironically as hell, and again I’m still developing this, but it almost always works- that is, I’ll figure out someone’s char based on their appearance/ascendant, and then things like the location of their planets such as the sun end up being exactly where I figured they would be. Also noticed these things run in families (half my family sun in 11, other half sun in 8).

    1. Oh s^##. My point was that I would actually hypothesize that those individuals who can’t relate to the odd-ball, unique, individuality-obsessed Aquarius rising motif are actually often times closer to being Capricorn rising. Or perhaps Pisces rising. Again, we could guess this too if we studied more closely what each individual is like. I truly believe the astrology is real and right. If someone’s natal chart doesn’t fit perfectly to a T, they just don’t have the exactly chart. Timing could be off.. maybe even by days. I’m going to dedicate my life to proving this. Our individual astrological imprint based on the sky kicks off at a specific time that maybe our mothers didn’t perfectly match when they gave birth (because they exercised a lot and gave birth early, because they had to deliver c-section, because they were induced early). Then again I’ve found premature babies to grow into adults defined perfectly by their chart reflective of their premie birthday so I don’t know. Dear diary..

  14. The Vegan Lillith

    I’m a cap sun with Aquarius Rising and my moon is in Sag in the 11th house. I’m now 41 years old and found out I’m in love with gray color (and white). I love all colors and change favorites often, not being afraid to dress with wildest, brightest outfits out there and have had people call me crazy for that (at least I’m never boring nor a follower), but for work I prefer to dress like a Capricorn (my mercury is in Cap in the 11th house) and leave my wild side for my private life. Recently, I’ve toned down a lot on the way I dress myself and even on how I decorate my house, deciding to buy a gray bed with white and silver on the rest of the furniture, with an aqua as a pop of color. I love everything futuristic, but I love when I’m able to mix the very o,d with the very new and my goal is always to be unique. I hate people who are followers and have no originality!
    I often felt I’m more of an Aquarius than a Capricorn.

  15. omg i was just feeling embarrassed that so much of my wardrobe was freakin’ shades of grey. i can’t seem to get enough grey, it’s like the colour i feel strongest in (always much to the chagrin of my fashion-obsessed Leo mother..). cool to know it has an Aqua association. I’m an Aquarius sun with pisces rising so can’t wait to see what the deal is on that… The oracle says i need to work my AC better but i’m not into flowy purple & teal dresses, robes etc as per the usual pisces fashion prescriptions.

  16. LightningButterfly

    Been waiting for this too, yay! Y’know, I like to think of myself as pretty fashionable, though I can’t claim fashion-forward. I have been on the cutting edge of trends before, but more so when I was younger. Now I have clear views on what I like and I mostly stick with it. And yes, I have to laugh because the majority of my wardrobe is black, gray, and blue. With some red thrown in for “shock value.” 🙂 I often lament the fact that when I buy new clothes, they’re almost always black or gray…but they don’t come in other color options that I like! Today while I was reading this post, I was wearing gray marl leggings (!!!), a slouchy blue shirt, and a black cardigan. Black boots. That’s more or less the winter uniform.
    Surprised there is nothing in here about how we Aqua risings rarely wear much jewelry cuz we HATE clutter. That is SO true for me….I’ve had double-pierced ears forever but haven’t worn earrings in like 15 years. I generally wear only one jewelry item at a time and a stack of bangles would drive me absolutely bonkers.
    One thing that doesn’t fit is that sometimes I like to veer into boho style….we’re talking denim, leather in the form of handtooled belts, velvet, silver jewelry, flowy dresses. Seems like the antithesis of Aqua rising style….but perhaps this is more my Gemini sun and earthy Virgo moon combo.

    1. LightningButterfly

      -Wanted to add that I have had alter egos who wear outrageous costumes…bling, etc. I love dress-up in general and am pretty brilliant when it comes to unique Halloween costumes.

      -For my monochrome outfits, I like to accessorize with metallics sometimes. Black leather hoodie is a constant. The entire Allsaints look and oeuvre is pretty much my sartorial ideal the sort of urban hipster look I wear all the time, age be damned. Won’t ever go too young with miniskirts, knee-high stockings, etc.

      -Have always hated high heels…too uncomfortable. Not really willing to suffer for fashion.

      -Although I identified as “alternative” I never did go too far out there with what I looked like when I was younger. I did the whole 90s alt/grunge look in my 20s (with a hefty dose of 70s vintage), but never went for bright candy-colored hair (just dark shades of manic panic), piercings, too many accessories, or visible tattoos. Even still, as much as I like the look of sleeve tats on people, I would never commit to that. Too afraid I’d get sick of it. And I feel like enough of a weirdo ALL the time to not have to advertise it by how I dress.

    2. Hello darling. Tell me more about Aquarius and clutter, like decorative jewelry. So Ive never heard the jewelry thing and I love rocking a lot of quality, stylish stuff (my own taste) on my better days. As long as it doesn’t get in my way, bangles are so annoying you are right. Yet at the same time, if it relates to us hating clutter, let me ask you what kind of clutter. I am often seen as messy by outsiders but there is a method to my madness and despite the perceived bomb-went-off condition my things are often in, I know exactly where everything is. Ideally I prefer things organized and put away in their proper places but I don’t have time or want to dedicate time to such menial brainless pointless activities. My time is valuable, and the condition of my own personal space and immediate environement isn’t what makes a difference ultimately to anything of real importance- it won’t change the world for the better whether it’s clean or untidy. It only matters so far as it helps me think or not and sometimes it doesn’t is what I’m trying to say. We know that Aquarius is usually the secret genius, with their bizarre crazy ideas and far-out thoughts. And I’ve also read that people of higher intelligence don’t waste their time caring about menial repetitive tasks like properly twisty-tying the loaf of bread afterwards (I promise simply folding the bag under will preserve it from going stale just as well and takes 1/10 the time). Other people’s messes and clutter disturbs me though, I can’t make sense of it or concentrate around it – like that? Ps – totally relate to you about not altering yourself to draw attention like a weirdo. I find many people’s tattoos gorgeous too but could never do it and agree- I feel like a weirdo that sticks out like a sore thumb even without!

  17. I’m an aqua sun but totally go for the ‘norm core’ look. Did have a hippy phase with plenty of billowing skirts etc but now just like plain & simple. Or grungy (gem rising)
    Really tho I wanted to say how much I love the word ‘berks ‘ (in today’s sag scopes) thanks for bringing it back MM!

  18. I had wondered about my chambray and denim uniform for ages! Thinking as an Aquarian Rising I *should* be strutting around with a Rainbow Afro instead of seeking to blend into the Sky. Yet — I never understood the fuss about Bjork’s Swan Gown!

  19. I am Aqua rising and this could not be more spot on!!! My closet is gray, black & that is what I feel most comfortable in & l have been wondering lately If I’m dressing too young….creepy… 😉

  20. I’ve been hanging out to see this!
    I’m obsessed with grey. Most of my basics are grey, a pile of grey t-shirts and grey knits plus grey sneakers. If it comes in black or white, I ask if it also comes in grey. But I also have A LOT of blue, in all shades, especially lighter blues.
    The only thing I dont relate to is the fitted and structure elements. I hate anything suit-y or that makes me feel constricted, or that requires ironing. So apart from yoga pants basically everything I own is floaty and lightweight. I hate poor quality fabrics. I do relate to the comfort factor. I generally choose comfort and simplicity and my shoe of choice are sneakers or barefoot over heels.

    1. The hating poor quality fabrics is definitely your Leo Sun. Seems to be a universal Leo trait, the sensitivity to quality. (Leo rising here)

  21. I have been waiting for this for so long!!! Lol I love !!!!!

    And I laugh my face off as I am wearing GREY LEGGINGS AND A GREY TSHIRT
    with my uber cool metallic gold shoes
    I am Aqua rising and proud 😉

  22. This is absolutely true
    at work i decided to wear a uniform of polo shirts and jeans, sort of an ironic take on a real uniform, it just made it easier for me to get dressed in the morning. One of them was a snickers embroidered polo though, and every time i wore it it seemed to really bother people. they wanted to know if i had worked for snickers etc. so i think it backfired lol
    on top of that i just spent 8+ hours tailoring this HUGE denim parka/robe that i intend to become part of my regular rotation

    also knew an aqua rising who could *make* gloves, as in sew them from scratch in a matter of hours

  23. My son is aquarius rising and this is sooooo true. I hope like crazy you are going to cover all of the signs, especially Aries and Gemini. I keep my eyes peeled.

    1. LightningButterfly

      She’s already covered all of those…everything except for Pisces, because she went in order of zodiac, starting with Aries.

  24. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    This is genius—all the aqua risings I know look great in grey or monochrome—it’s like anything else gets zapped by them.

  25. Hey yes I am aqua rising + aqua sun + other aqua planets. I do love grey marle and charcoal, black and white. This is actually called achromatic= lacking colour. Monochromatic is mono = 1 and chroma = colour so monochrome is one colour. I don’t know how or when the world stuffed this up over the last 5 years or so.
    Sorry one of my bug bares.

  26. This makes me wonder if I am not actually Aqua Rising. I only know the approximate time I was born and it puts me at 1 degree Aquarius Rising, so it’s very well possible that I am actually Cap Rising instead.

    I love gothic and flowy styles, although I never dress “goth” so to speak. Nonetheless, I have been called goth by many. Although I do have Neptune in Capricorn so it could all be just that.

    I dunno, looking at all of these outfits makes me cringe because of the shapes. I would never wear any of those things, heck I don’t even own a pair of pants. Dress suits make me look like a try hard teen attempting to look professional (despite being nearly 30). Androgynous? Fuck no. Barf.

    Although I do love wearing black, blues, and greys, that seems equally Cap rising.

      1. DAVID!!! Thought about you just the other day. Trust all copacetic in your world. Your kinda must be all grown by now & left the nest you made so well for them with the skills you imbibed?
        Kiss kiss.

  27. Wonderful, Mystic! My partner is a Libran with Aquarius Rising and this whole ‘individual who bases an outfit around one colour’ is totally his style! As well as the ‘dressing younger’ – he is pushing 40 and still rocks his chucks shoes with jeans/shorts like a skater boy/uni student.

  28. Hmmm. I am Aqua Rising (and Juno) and I couldn’t be happier about it, but perhaps I am yet to grow into Normcore? I own suitpants and white shirts but they make me feel ill, as they remind me of my waitstaff stints. As for plain tees…I like a logo/funny-bitchy slogan, or at least a rip or a plunging neck. I prefer jeans shredded and graffiti’d and men’s fit if I have to wear them, bright sneakers and leather boots, and I steal clothes I find from my friends more often than I seek them out to make a statement.

    I will admit to owning and loving a big, heavy grey winter coat, though, and mostly shunning jewellery (except one sentimental piece, possibly).

    I think it’s that I’m so 12th house (sustellium) that I end up in Harem pants, moodrings, tie-dye and general deshabille no matter how much I might try for incognito. Unbrushed hair…I’m Sun/Sat Conj. Asc too, so I get looked at and it makes me uncomfortable (5th Leo Chiron). I am often mistyped as Pisces despite having no planets/asteroids there, and a prominent Eris in I guess house influence might alter Rising?

  29. Year of the Phoenix

    One of my oldest friends is an Aqua Sun and ONLY EVER wore black and white in her teens/20’s ( ….. we were all into Ska) was also a waitress so was perma monochromatic

    She never spends money on clothes ( has a holiday home near the beach and travels internationally for holidays every year!) I call her my most pragmatic friend.

    Few years ago I lived in a shared house and we threw a costume party and a deeply shallow newish house mate made a comment about the boringly dressed person – so easy to dismiss the normcore and miss the most open minded person in the room eh?

  30. Well this MUST answer the big question of my rising sign. See for years I thought I was aqua rising then the discovery of daylight savings time applied to my birth…so it adjusted to Capricorn. Both ruled by Saturn in a way….so this explains my black norm core uniform of turtlenecks in winter and button down shirts in summer and a preference of fitted structured everything. Black slate red and dark blue..I tell people I dress in black because navy is hard to match! Anyway I read both Cap and Aqua rising just to cover everything…

  31. My husband is an Aquarius rising who dressed to shock in his teens and early twenties, and revered Morrison. Now it’s all about perfectly tailored, often gray, work wear he maintains immaculately.

    Although he still breaks out the wild garb on the weekend now and then.

  32. I have been waiting for this – and lo, I am doing it. Black, grey, silver, slate, check. Simple yet interesting forms, check.

    Although I do not “dress my age”. I dress no age, I am told.

    I’ve been quietly pruning all coloured items out of my wardrobe, and people sometimes wonder at my devotion to the monochrome. Well. Now I’ll tell them. I’m expressing my Aquarius Rising.

  33. Since Uranus has been opposing my Libra ascendant (waning now but still in orb I believe), I have been vibing on the whole monochrome, normcore thing. I used to be all about patterns and expressing myself through my clothes etc, not now. Dark skinny jeans or leggings, black tank, hoodie, black ballet flats. Pretty much every day. Once in a while I do wear something with a graphic on it, but it really *means something* to me, helps alignme with a frequency, etc. Any other Libra risings relate to this?

    1. I am a Libra rising and went through the same thing–used to dress fairly flamboyantly and colorfully. Then suddenly it was all about gray/black/navy for awhile.

      And just this last week, went out and bought a bunch of bright duds. So interesting.

    2. i relate to the normcore thing, which is actually not new, but what fashion unconscious ppl and frugal ppl have been doing forever. sometimes I like to make no effort with my dress — i do love dressing up about 2 days out of 7 though. one thing I will never be is monochromatic though, I dislike wearing grey, beige, and especially black. black makes me feel boring somehow. colour feeds my soul and wearing bright and strong colours makes me happy. I have a libran descendant but aries rising (love red) and taurus moon (love beauty and art, nature, flowers, etc.)

  34. Okay so I have a scorp rising BUT I also Have Uranus in Scorp…ON the Ascendant…. Right…?

    I dress like this! Gray/charcoal/monochrome/structure….

    When I want to paint it black…sometimes I just paint it all grey…. I say saturn….. Is peeking out of the Aqua style…. Just when you thought it was fluff… Nope. Minimal and as per usual….ahead of Their time.

    May I fire autocorrect?

  35. Aqua rising and I totally relate.
    If it’s not normcore to go incognito, it’s complete ‘looks’ with attention to detail and quirky accents or colours.

    Wallis and I have have bizarrely similar charts and I love her look. Love the Zip necklace worn with open backed dress, love the panther brooches and bracelets, love the tailored and structured suits. I love a good jumpsuit or pantsuit, love classy sleek lines and like statement shoes and dresses.
    Dressing as self expression.

    I’ve even had several lucid dreams where I was dressed in an outfit that was split vertically down the middle. One side was tailored and monochrome, the other side crazy pink tulle. Don’t even ask me how they were stitched together lol

  36. Yes. This explains my love of grey trousers suits and my bizarre fight with my Leo other half where I spend ages de-baubling, bangling and beading, ie adding and removing jewelry until left with one signature item, a la Coco Chanel…

  37. Aqua is my 8th house with only Chiron there. Its taken a while to comprehend or test but I find this placement and its transits have been very influential on my overall life view and pattern.
    My dad and mother in law are Aqua. Both extremely intelligent insane people who are already living in a dimension that is unfamiliar to the rest of us.
    My only Aqua relationship was in my early 20’s. She was a feminist stand up who shopped at charity stores for clothes ate organic only and lived close to the city so she could live without a car. This was early 80s so she was around 20 years ahead in so many ways.

  38. Wow another brill piece. Love this series. Charlotte Rampling is a real idol of mine, love all her more recent roles particularly, Swimming Pool, the Fred Vargas series.

  39. My former LZ crush. Any time I saw his fine ass fitted in grey I would want to fall down and weep via salivation. Grey shirt, grey sweater, grey suit – I would be a puddlein the aqua jug they carry, lol

  40. My Aqua Rising hub is all about jeans, sneakers and a black t. But he is not a long, lean, broad shouldered white guy like the fashion template is designed on. He likes to ride the Italian bikes, he’s muscular and he’s horrible to shop for. So I am not sure that he would choose to dress hardcore normcore if he looked different.
    And I live Matt Damon, but a premiere? In THAT?! Lol.

      1. Yes – i had to laugh at Matt D – but my estimation of him has gone up a few notches.

        (….uranus currently square my sun, opposite my asc., and trine my merc-uranus-mars in 10th….. Fuq Convention, i say)

        1. I like Matt D, but I do think he does not really fuq convention. He was in that CDC promotion movie with Kate Winslet ‘Contagion’, which was really the worst form of propaganda and priming. He totally rolls with the Hollywood system.

          1. Oh sphinx, i know. That film was the worst sort of priming/propaganda there is. And yes, he does so tow the line for sure. He’s Hollywood’s perfect foil: Mr Normal fighting the System – ha.

            I was being flippant and only referring to the sartorial side of things. I do so like the thought of not giving a flying fuq about dress convention and wearing what you damn well please. It always warms the cockles of my Uranian heart when i see someone not following.

            (tho i s’pose one could argue that he did it to further the “not towing the line” myth…. Or maybe that that is the only form of – lets face it – harmless rebellion, he is allowed to make within the bowels of the hollywood machine?) … ok, i’ll stop now.

  41. Yep, haven’t had a smash in 30 years, was driving down a hill sun n my eyes and just didn’t see the a vehicle ahead who decided to brake hard in the middle of the road to get a parking spot, I hit the brakes but too late, I’m driving a commodore wagon. Everyone one was fine, I took responsibility and we were with the same insurance company but anyway I said to her, I didn’t see you, you weren’t there.
    I looked across at her creamy grey mini clubman with that new lowered roof and thought no wonder ! I can hardly see it while it’s stationary and 5 feet away !

    1. +2 worst car smash I have been in, the sun behind a blue grey invisible car. Memories of that pole we swing into crunching through the bonnet in slo-mo and thinking, “well as time is moving in a way I can’t predict this could be death time and I can’t tell till it happens”.
      Pole ate that bonnet to my feet.
      We are looking for a car and my one rule: no grey car (ok, I have more rules!).

    2. This is all really fascinating- I’m looking for a car now, and live in grey-nine-months-a-year Portland Oregon, so I’ll keep this in mind!

      Funny thing about the Geminis, though… distracted?

      1. The latest greys are so cool. I saw a light grey R8 today. They got the colour just right. Want ..
        I learnt to drive in large sedans V6s and V8s . Those R8 things must be so easy to hammer. !
        Gem rising gem moon merc in Aries

      2. LightningButterfly

        I live here too! And uh….I bought a silvery-gray car last year. Oops…at least the charcoal gray wasn’t available, that had been my first choice. :/

  42. Thank you for this. I’ve wondered for years why I’m drawn to wear a strict uniform of blue jeans and black tees. I thought it was caused by my Gemini Sun cool aligned with my Multiple Virgoan uniform fetish. But it all makes sense now. For me, the monochrome look is also about not wanting to be distracted by my clothes from more important things on my agenda. Fashion just doesn’t interest me like other things do (except, as you say, on those rare special occasions, when I go all out). Can any other Aqua risings relate?

    1. PS Matching colours is also very important to me, otherwise, it’s like I feel the vibe is off. Again, anyone else?

      1. My Aqua Rising bestie will not/cannot leave her house if she is not perfectly monochromed matched. Her jewelry too, is chosen for matching any of the grey/black/slate monochromed variants – so it’s always silver with clear or smokey quartz crystals.

        When feeling bold and in party mode, she’ll break out some orange accessories (v v muted orange – bordering brown) which to her is the most risqué thing she can wear.

    2. Uniforms are great because you don’t have to think about what to wear each day! I sometimes wish I had a work uniform, school uniform was one of the best parts of school. But I kind of do have a uniform of a few outfits and I’ll wear clothes until they fall apart! hate having to replace beloved items of clothing because I find it hard to find the exact type of thing again — i think I’ll have to start buying fave things in bulk when I find them! I’m very interested in fashion, just quite lazy — and my inner 14 year old loves wearing inappropriate clothes — like jeans and paint splattered check shirt to a formal occasion, and conversely when I go out I often feel overdressed. also, like Lena Dunham, I’ll never stop wearing minidresses and skirts. I read an article about how women over 40 should stop wearing minis and snorted — I’ll be the judge of that! mutton dressed as lamb is only a judgement on the person who says such a misogynist thing

  43. Think David is my Aqua rising poster boy. Saw the exhibition In Melbourne -fantastic. He was light years ahead of the pack combining theatre and music at that time when the rest were still in suits. Im not a grey gal too Leo for that but love the the dichotomy of being a leo /aqua. Always felt alien in a white bread/roast and veg ,football world growing up. Escaped at 18 never went back. Never been into fashion much it never fit with my body shape nor my psyche to conform and look like everybody else. I tried but it messed with my independence mind of steel- no budging there. Who wrote Don’t fence me in” must have been an Aqua/. Viva fellow Aquas everywhere in every galaxy

    1. yes to all that LG! absolutely love DB since I first discovered him as a young teen — love his outrageousness and theatricality, and his many many changes of character and dress — I also have a strong nonconformist streak and don’t like to be fenced in — I’m attracted to Aquarians but don’t actually have any planets in Aqua or Leo

    2. I saw it in Melbourne too 🙂
      Kept rocking out to songs and getting strange looks from adults there. The kids didn’t look at me strangely (they joined in)
      Oh, should probably mention that I’m technically and adult too…?

  44. This makes my heart so happy, and I feel the big confusing aqua love. My entire closet is beautiful vintage costume from my very Saggy/Pisces/Libra grandmother remixed into a personal film set of furniture food and friends. Each year, a different vibe. 2011 was Acid Tennis, 2012 was Sailor Moon vs. Ralph Loren, 2013 was I am a Nurse, I am a Dancer, 2014 was Saturn Spy, 2015 is Corporate Xfiles. After awhile, I gave up studio work and began to just install my living rooms as environment pieces in galleries. All my drawers though are deeply norm core; as if I am a sleeper Gray Alien agent with fancy underwear. It thrills me endlessly to dress inconspicuous; a costume that is like a protective, confusing bubble so I can whisper words of encouragement to plants, scribble picturethings in my notebook, and in general live otherworldly.

  45. My aqua rising ex would wear hi-top sneakers, jeans and old faded t-shirts everywhere, without exception. Usually black or grey. He looked amazing.

  46. lol my Mom is an Aqua (sun, but still), and she is forever asking if clothes look “too young.” Seriously like her worst nightmare.

  47. I love how it’s either costume or normcore with aqua rising. I have Uranus conjunct my ascendant, and some of these are true for me. I love grey, black, and solids. I don’t try to style myself younger. I also have a weird thing with jewelry, it has to be balanced. Right now, I can’t bear to wear rings or bracelets. Not sure where that’s coming from, so why not cosmic energy wave influence? I also went through a phase where I didn’t like wearing earrings and I thought I could think better without them.

  48. Am not aqua anything, not that I can tell since I only just clicked on about the Nodes, after following MM for literally years. But am Uranian so black, monochrome is where I live fashion wise with little dash of colour to accentuate the monochrome. Ha

  49. Over-70 y.o. 5-planet Gemini mother has Aquarius rising and Uranus exactly conjunct mercury (these two also in Gemini). She owns neon, the way others wear jeans and a grey T. like it’s not even a thing. Structured styles, avant-garde prints and “how do you even do that” colour choices all seem to work. sometimes its very much twinset and pearls, when she is undercover in Mainstream Society.

    1. hell yeah! that sounds like me at 70! absolutely love fluoro colours, in my painting, and in my clothes and shoes! clashing colours — tick!

      1. lol — and I also do the ‘undercover’ respectable look! it surprises ppl even more when I look so boring and respectable, then come out with one of my more outrageous statements! love it

  50. I’m an aqua sun with Virgo rising but must have tuned in to the aqua in my early years because the grey – I steer clear of it since my mid twenties but on a recent clean out of the norm core closet I found 8 variations of a grey jumper, one grey twin set and multiple grey grandpa and slouchy t shirts. Now it just makes me think of concrete.

  51. I’ve been waiting ages for this and it was well worth the wait. Grey mart and monochrome for life! 🙂 It is also so very true about the dressing too young, as I am continually ensuring that I am age appropriate. As you say, I was very int trend at the beginnings of the UK underground music scene, and yes, there’s no need to make fashion statements anymore.

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