Are You A High Functioning Flake?

The Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) can be High-Functioning Flakes, confounding the other Zodiac modalities with their ability to generate success amid chaos.

Flakes are everywhere, obviously, but it’s the High-Functioning Flakes who thwart all expectations. The Highest Functioning Flake I ever knew was a Gemini who worked in television.

He was such a flake nobody who met him could ever believe he’d be able to hold down a job, let alone have amassed several million dollars –ย  in the days when a million dollars had meaning – and a reputation as a business game-changer.

In fact, people would be shocked to find out he was actually successful. How was he a flake? God, let me count the ways. Having left school at 14 and run away to work (he said) in a circus, he denounced the rank idiocy of rote education until one day he announced that he’d been accepted as an adult scholar to a prestigious university. Cue enormous interest in academia and some success in philosophy.ย 

High-Functioning Flakes Live By Their Own Weird Algorithm

He appeared to run his life by fads and enthusiasms that he’d power into with enormous gusto and then exit without notice. He went through a stage where he would have therapy and colonics several times a week. He’d make a point of always showing up at social functions but routinely disappeared after 40 minutes.

An early adopter of the Shinto-inspired ‘possessions have consciousness‘ (think KonMari method) lifestyle, my Gemini friend had few possessions but the ones he had were practically curated. He didn’t identify with any group or political affiliation but was in a choir and went to regular meetings of ancient coin collectors.

He could not cook – not even boil an egg or bake a potato – but one day signed up for a cooking course and became expert. He’d go on and off vows of silence, chastity and buying-nothing. Many people disliked him as – while always fresh looking – he wore the same clothes all the time, claimed ignorance of the current gossip media stories and took a contrary opinion to everything.

He Used The I-Ching To Pick Stocks

He disliked sleep and new age culture but used the I-Ching to pick stocks and got a rare bat sanctuary going in his backyard, saying its success was due to one of his guides – a bat deity.

Whatever the weird algorithm, he was working off it worked brilliantly for trading.

When he died it was relatively young (Chiron Return) and via a strange, very quick acting exotic illness. He told nobody, sought no pity and went away to some motel in Mexico to do it in privacy like a cat under a hedge. It took people months to figure out what had happened because his orbit was already so erratic.

High Functioning Flakes run their lives by magic, surrealism and a secret set of rules from a playbook created in another dimension. Key astrological indicators; Lots of energy in the Mutable signs and Uranian/Aquarius points. They have a set of beliefs that would freak any member of the skeptic’s society but they make it work.

Are you a High Functioning Flake? Or do you know any?

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  1. Wow. I think I might be a high functioning flake. And then also, looking at all the comments hereโ€ฆ I think a lot of us Mystic followers are ๐Ÿ˜น๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™Œโœจ

  2. Wish Upon a Star

    “A secret set of rules created in another demension.” I can relate.

    Mystic you were lucky to have known this soul or entity.

    So sad and darkly funny (it’s a Gemini thing) that he ran away to a motel to die like a cat.

    Oh no it’s sad, too independent.

  3. Hahahahaaa I love this so much!! Iโ€™ve thought about this a lot over the years, people are always saying โ€˜youโ€™re so organisedโ€™ to me…. Iโ€™m like yeah I may appear that way because if I donโ€™t keep a certain amount in check I will literally space out and turn to liquid, start 1000000 things and never finish one! (Think thatโ€™s very saggo). Itโ€™s like you become high functioning as a coping mechanism for your extreme flakiness. Itโ€™s that classic case of the one who is the worst in the class but who has the most determination ends up doing the best because they have to work so hard at it…. plus being a flake you sort of go with your own flow, you are driven by a physical need to do only what you feel like doing. Think thatโ€™s where the fear of committing to a future social event / person / way of living comes in. You might not feel like doing it by the time it comes around and you donโ€™t want to let people down so you just donโ€™t commit! And mutability letโ€™s you move on quickly when somethingโ€™s no longer right. Maybe thatโ€™s the secret to success. You also try out a shit load more things than the average person.

    In my experience itโ€™s the Pisces notables that disappear from social events without saying goodbye.

  4. Oh my gosh. How did I miss this? Totally me! But I come across as Saint Virgo to those who donโ€™t know me well enough, so some miss the epic flakiness.

  5. He sounds amazing. I’m a flake afraid to be a flake, I think. I can’t commit to social situations in advance, I always want to keep my options open – for everything – work and romance too. This guy’s my new hero.

  6. PS. Sorry to ask a flakey question, but how do you calculate your Chiron return and is that an indicator of death?!?

  7. Hahaha this is a brilliant post. So funny and full of detail. I have been one. But I am on some kind of flake sabbatical right now. I think the moment you see you’re being a flake you kind of want to un-flake for a little bit. Till that gets boring.

  8. I am more like a high functioning sardine. Full moon eclipse in my 6th house today too. Got a lot of work to get into the can – see what I mean? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Sometimes I wish I was a flake – and to be a high functioning one would be beyond my wildest dreams. Totally opposite to me now.

  10. Yes, admittedly I am a HFF. I really wish I were something different, but I cannot be. What happens to a person when they have quite a few high interests that seem quite contrary to another, yet they are genuinely interested in them? What can a person do when a brand new idea just strikes and refuses to sleep? No matter how hard I’ve tried in the past to suppress these things, they spring back with a vengeance.

    I now don’t suppress my contrary interests, I simply don’t talk about them, but I still give a peculiar vibe that I wish I could neutralize. Some are afraid of it, some think it’s glamorous, and some things it’s just plain puzzling.

    It’s not easy being a HFF. I realize how uncomfortable I’ve made others at times, and I live with it with a healthy dose of self-acceptance, awareness, and trying to just be the best person I can be.

    1. I totally understand your para on the vibe I feel the same. Some people are drawn to mine for a hit, some are perplexed and I can see some are actively repelled but unsure why. Being Pisces, I see and feel their range of thoughts and microexpressions. Sometimes I feel compelled to make them feel better if they’re in the perplexed/ repelled group. On the plus side, the ones who love it, loooooove it!

  11. Me. High functioning flake.

    Virgo rising with mercury in Gemini. But I have saturn conjunct sun.

    1. Oh yea. Had an epiphany while reading about his death. Like a cat under a hedge……yes. I think I would do that as well.

  12. pisces. gem rising. bipolar. def guilty of being a high functioning flake…. studying to be a nurse!
    People always seem really surprised to find out that I pay all my own bills and run my own life successfully, on reflection im starting to wonder what sort of image I am giving out that so many people expect me to be less capable! People who know me in every day life and have seen some of the flakier things I have done get terrified at the thought of me being a nurse, until they see me in action or until a crisis hits. I do things my way, I am a barrel of contradictions, but I trust that everything will find a way to work out – because they always do!

  13. i’m perplexed. this is like jumbo shrimp to me. when I read or hear flake, i think someone who will promise one thing but do another, and barely gets anything done. It’s like a stalemate, hardly successful. HFF gemini sounds successful – rather vogue and rogue. He’s high functioning and free. i don’t think wanting to live or experience life on a will and a whim is flaky, rather visionary. I guess it all comes down to boundaries and what we all define them as. His boundaries are obviously a mile wide and he needs a wide birth when it comes to obligations. I don’t know, didn’t see in the story if he made promises he couldn’t keep to the important people in his life. Does he have a lot of personal planets in 1H tooo? The selfish lone wolf, gotta be an expert in everything I touch, attitude getting misconstrued as flake. In ‘merica, we dun say “flip flopper”

  14. I get exceedingly irate when dear friends laugh at somethings I say and do and say I have Flake tendencies! Eyes wide in horror, mouth agape in shock! How dare they think like that of me? Sagg Sun and Mars in 1st house. My Gem Moon is all on its lonesome in the 7th house as all my stuff is stacked up on the opposite end of the chart.Saturn & Jupiter in the 3rd House. Mercury, Venus and Neptune in the 12th house. Oh Scorp Rising by the way! Venus, Neptune and Mercury in Scorp. Surely all this should not make me a flake? : o People tease me at work, neighbors tease me etc as I am very forgiving and help anyone or any animal/bird etc in need. The neighbours had a field day as I was dressed in my very chic business gear on the way to work when I spotted these poor bees caught in a magnificent web. So I just had to stop and help the bees and was busy unwrapping spider webs when the neighbors came out to see what I was up to. I used a tweezer to liberate the bees. I did leave a well wrapped bee for spider food-so i was trying to be fair. Anyway…some people think I am flaky because I juggle what money I have -yet will always help others and spend on animals etc. They feel I should stop and look after myself first. I find this very selfish and just downright icky!
    I am very kind but I do have a scary darkside to me-those closest to me say this. I can be very clinical and am not emotional in crisis situations etc. Definitely underestimate me to your peril…yet I cried at Finding Nemo and just the other day I teared up watching Small Soldiers again! I sure bat for the underdog…maybe that’s why I married a Druggie Scorp? Gorgeous man-very sad-horrid childhood-now he is my Ex and has gone back to Kings Cross-tres sad. However, I will always love him though I ahve moved on. Some friends and neighbors however absolutely hate the man! : o Seems a crazy attitude to me as I sure dont hate him!
    Sorry for blabbing on-is it my Gem moon that makes me talk so much? I ahve been trying to be more silent this year and to listen more instead of racing off in tangents as I usually do.

  15. My Gem Sun sister-in-law took off to see Macchu Pichu and ended up being a guide, living in a mud hut with a local family, on return she got her truck license and did the long hauls… could name 20 other careers, none of them related. Will take on anyone or anything without batting an eyelid. Yet she turns up to parties the day before, phones to wish you happy birthday six months out and the voicemail on her mobile phone says, ‘I’m not home right now’. Innocently tells family members they weren’t included in something because ‘it was only for family’. She is amazing with kids and will help anyone who needs it. Gives her email as a web address. Conversation with her is like disappearing into a maze – she asks a question then asks another before you’ve answered until you can’t remember what you were talking about in the first place, but it’s always fascinating where you end up.

    1. Your Gem Sun sis in law makes perfect sense to me…. : > See to me there is nothing flaky there-just living life full blast and one is so busy having adventures that one gets distracted as a myriad ideas cascade into one’s brain!

      1. I have lots of Libra and Virgo, so to me it’s flaky but the best kind of flaky – like you say, living full blast. I totally admire it. She can dive into new adventures without first having to fill a notebook with lists weighing up the pros and cons ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Plutonian Archer Chick

      I def have the HFF gene; especially now with the planetary weather we’re having, it’s full on…I mean: Aries rising, Sag Sun/s node In 8th, Venus-Nep conj in Scorp 7th squared by Aqua Saturn in 11th, Jup Taurus 2nd, Gem n node in 3rd Moon/Merc in Cap 9th AND MC 10th…oh yeah…I’m a triple conj mars, Uranus, Pluto Virgo in 6th as well opp. my 12th house Chiron Pisces.Can you even IMAGINE the fun-ness I’m having at this time???!!!! I too cannot tell my life story due to the incredulous ness it invokes. Flakey, flake, flake.

  16. I just realized that my Pluto/NN is the only bit of my chart that isn’t either mutable or in the Uranus T. Wheeee! Flakity flakity flakity.

  17. Rachรƒยฉ (Aqua/Tauri)

    Mr. Gemini sounds like my life-twin. I can’t even relay my life story to anyone because it makes zero sense. But I am intelligent, and curious, and have a feeling that I will have a successful life…eventually…

    1. Rachรƒยฉ (Aqua/Tauri)

      Also I am Uranus-Venus, Uranus-Saturn, and Uranus-Neptune. Uranus in Sagg. Aqua sun in the 10th.

      1. Better for it not to make sense than be disturbing/ painful. Its not a harvard story but you probably can get out way more than i ever could

        sooo where you from or what brought you to the city? Is not a good question to ask a dark mooner,
        it Has the effect of making your peers look as if there on a ride from some theme park thed politley like to get off, but cant. Sucks- but at least when i do make the rare ocassion of really sharing they do try and have a nice response.

        I never tell to gather pity only to share and learn from life experiences, but empathy is a real nice trait, as when i act like a flake that cant function you know its because my past, then treat me with some more freedom. But seriously what aqua doesnt want more?

    2. I can’t tell my life story either, it’s a combination of too fuqing ‘out there’ and more disturbing than most people can handle…

      1. 12th house virgo

        Was wondering if you had Pluto, neptune, or Uranus conjunct a personal planet in your natal.

      2. No, but I have Uranus air singleton conj IC which gives me uber Uranian tendencies…..

      3. Me too. Truth is way out there and disturbing, even if I look pretty establishment HFF on paper and am not even borderline psychotic or prone to even transient hallucinations. Nothing I am ashamed of, but even as a Sagg, I am not a believer in broadcasting the truth at all costs, and I use all of my Scorp bits to protect certain surviving family members from what would be the equiv of a nuclear bomb going off in their collective psyches, as this would serve no one – least of all me. I get it, have worked through it, and there is no blame. That is all that matters.

        Outer planet person? Totes. Mystic put up some link to where you can rate your outer-planet-ness (see categories, can’t remember whose site it was), and as for Pluto and Uranus, I was at upper-top end of the rating.

      4. sounds like my story and my attitude Fi, except in stead of your Sagg moon I have Merc-Jupe conjunct. It’s my inner processing that is important to me too.

      5. ooh, thanks. Will have to look at Buckwalter. And do the Venus-ometer, as it is square, conj, trine and sextile a shit-load of things!

      6. woops, that was for you, Saturnalien…
        but of course thanks also sweet calypso. For me tis Sagg Sun/Merc, not Moon.

      7. Ditto on the working through it and being at peace with where I’m at about it all.

        I think the outer planet thing was on Donna Cunningham’s site, but I can’t remember my scores except that I was a Venus person closely followed by some outer planets by a point or two. Like a lot of astrologers, I don’t think she took singletons into account – and they’re always been a stand out in the charts I’ve read so I didn’t bother to read too much into her quizzes. (Eleanor Buckwalter’s take on Uranus as singleton is me to a fuqing T.)

      8. 12th house virgo

        I’m pretty Plutoic. I can say I accept it, but that’s a process. I’m not really designed to fit in. After I got fired, I saw ways I could work on fitting in. What a mistake that would be. More independence is the way forward, not less. xoxo

      9. I’m pretty Plutonic too, with nearly half my chart in Scorp & my chart ruler Mercuy in 8th trine Pluto in 4th… definitely not cut out to fit in either. I have to say though, that self-employment brings up a whole new set of personal challenges and issues that have to be dealt with. I find it’s a much harder path in most respects, but I’d rather be growing painfully than slowly rotting away in the corporate world.

  18. Hey flashfire, Pluto & Sun in Virgo here, maybe – Virgoan flaky is doing a 180? depends what else (pisces or gem) is going on in the chart also! Can’t illuminate how flakiness manifests, but relate to the brutal & sometimes unexpected clearing or cutting away the dross factor, talked about earlier in thread.
    I think every sign has it’s own flakiness, really, some more than others though!!

    1. Yes, I’ve certainly seen that Virgo trait… they all hate clutter with purple passion. I’ve always thought of it as an extension of their personal hygiene. But Isn’t that the antithesis of Flaky?

      1. 12th house virgo

        I’ve never been called flakey but I prefer my 12th house to my 6th so I am sure I am Neptunian at times. Is pisces flakey?

      2. I think of Pisces as the epitome of flakey. don’t you? But I mean that in a positive way. I’m so Neptunian it’s not even funny…ie. Pisces Moon trine Neptune & Jupiter and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

        The only real flake behaviour I’ve seen in Virgos is hypochondria, if that qualifies.

        But you know, it occurred to me as I read thru everyone’s comments that there were actually very few Virogs claiming flakey status so maybe this whole question is moot?

      3. I guess I meant about clearing dross from life including toxic relationships and outdated friendships (aswell as clutter!) Maybe peeps don’t expect earthy, reliable, trusty and organised Virgs to do rapid turnaround 180’s or to cut contacts etc.. not sure how flaky that is, but perhaps when they’ve had enough of a certain situation – they’re outa there. Interpreted as flaky, but really just practical. Gone.

      4. 12th house virgo

        I def reach a point with people/situations where I am done with them. Cut them off. I make final decisions suddenly.

      5. Yes, this totally agrees with the way I see Virgos. They will patiently bend to accommodate others for ages and ages, and then they kind of snap like an elastic and they’re gone. Myself? Most of the time I dither endlessly (might be Mars in Libra though?) and then just sorta go radio silent and slip out a side door. Which isn’t exactly a mature thing to do, but… well, it’s the truth.
        The Virgo laser precise amputation is probably better.

  19. Honestly, all you Virgos claiming to be flaky and such… I kinda don’t believe you. I have yet to meet a flaky Virgo and believe me, I’ve known a plethora of Virgos in my time (both sexes). And flaky is just so not a word I would apply to any of them! I think they have brilliant minds and stunning wit, but every single one of them I have know is uber together 95 percent of the time, very tidy, structured and orderly. Everything is planned to the -nth degree and in an astonishingly linear fashion. I simply boggle at their thought processes as my brain is a much more capricious beast, zipping zither and yon.

    So tell me Virgos… this so called Flakiness…. how does it actually manifest? I need evidence. ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. Do tell! How do they express their flakiness? Maybe I’m just so flaky myself that I don’t see it?

  20. This is hysterical!!! So true. I see that exactly when there’s a lot of mutability. I have a lot of cardinal in my chart so I am confounded. Although in my early 20’s I was Captain of the Space Cadet Club, not sure if that had anything to do with sex drugs and rock ‘n roll. The last thing I said to the love of my life very mutable Virgo was — In the past 4 years, I’ve noticed that you’ve changed jobs 4x, moved in the past year to get away from me and closer to your mom but travel 4 hours a day to your job which is close to me, blame others at work when you don’t get along with them or maybe you’re getting restless, but yet, are making a lot more money than when I met you, that you make decisions that doesn’t make any sense, decisions that involve lots of inconvenience of which I’d seen repeatedly for 4 years. It just doesn’t make sense. It will be his undoing by his own undoing. Part of this is that mutability – cannot make up their mind, no follow through, whimsical change of mind, feelings or thoughts changing every second, maybe loving the instability/drama and the attention it brings.

  21. go fish lightly

    I confess. I am a HHF. I was lamenting my flakedom just this morning and then I read this and feel sorta validated.
    Uranus first house, grand trine with venus in aqua, mars in gem, Libra rising.
    So I celebrate the patron saint of the blog convo today.
    However, Saturn conj MC and Taurus moon I assume influence an over developed feeling of obligation and responsibility to commitments. Quite driven actually. Move into different house every year, never have full-time job but I have pieced the same work and vision for years now and have been able to express and create freely as an artist. Get chased by men who just don’t get me and as much as I like the idea of stability and commitment ,I run in opposite direction.
    Society doesn’t really sanction this behavior, doesn’t understand it, but how boring it would be if there were no flakes?

    1. Interesting, I have a Taurus moon and have always attributed my love of quality, beauty, luxury and pampering to this. My home is my retreat.

      Also hate being tied down… by full time or ‘serious’ job, and find it scary to commit to romantic relationship (not friendships, have loads of long term wonderful friendships with all sorts of people). Obsessed with stability in financial matters, have to be able to pay bills and like to have funds in the bank.

      1. Yes. In high school my American art teacher Nancy (probably in her early 20s) talked to us about life… said, what do you want to do? All I wanted to do when I grew up was be and artist and travel the world…

        And I thought ‘Yes, me too!!!” Now I’m finally an artist and once I make some money or get some grants will continue travelling the world!

      2. I initially put my needs for a stable home and income before my creative dreams and went for corporate slavery instead. That nearly killed me (literally), but since my escape and trying my hand at things I actually enjoy, it turns out I’m a total flake when it comes to being an artist (of sorts). I have 3 people waiting for custom tattoo designs and two people waiting for book illustrations – they have all been waiting for at least 5 years…

        Don’t get me started on all the other shit I flake out on…

      3. 12th house virgo

        As I cut the nicotine addiction I want to cut my paycheck addiction. How did you free yourself?

      4. Pluto squared my Mars/NN and saw me entangled in a plot parallel to “The Firm” it was terrifying and surreal – there was no going back after that.

        I would definitely recommend a pro-active (fuq I hate that word) approach to freedom over the crucible method…

      5. Funny how a lot of us lead parallel lives. All I ever wanted as a kid was to be an artist AND own a home (Jupiter in Taurus in 4th) so naturally with a Cap Asc I would go down the corporate slavery / commercial art path too.

        It was actually fun for the most part, nearly killed me in the end as well (Saturn in Virgo all over my Virgo Stellium). Left in 2008 when Pluto went into Cap. Now it’s time for the creative dreams ๐Ÿ™‚


        My corporate slavery was in the law and finance – boring as fuq being surrounded by stuffed shirts, nasty office politics and white collar criminals. Good times ๐Ÿ˜

      7. Indeed, the owner and manager of the last place I worked for were sociopathic (or NPD at the very least)…

      8. I nearly took a tattoo apprenticeship in 2001 and I kick myself for not doing that now, just I did not want to draw tigers and metal crap, now illustrating too. funny. awesome x

      9. I hear you on tigers and metal crap… my art is just a sideline (actually everything I do is just a sideline that somehow comes together to pay the bills) but I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t create for other people under pressure (unless they want to wait a decade for their work). If I’m going to do art it has to be for me and in my own good time – and if someone wants to buy it, then good.

  22. Electric Eel Libran

    I thought I saw High Functioning Rake instead of Flake. oh my ancient eyes. These HFF sounds like some idiots I have dated.

    I’m very Uranian (whimsical, ahead of my time, interested in metaphysics) but I’m not a flake. I’m dependable. I show up to work on time and work hard to achieve. I never have overdue library books or other borrowed materials. I don’t cheat in relationships.

    1. EEL – I’ve typed and deleted my Cadbury flake reference so many time. Ohhh yum a flake, was my first reaction.

      1. Electric Eel Libran

        You guys are so cruel with your chocolate references. I wasn’t kidding about having to avoid chocolate. ๐Ÿ™

    2. Same same EEL. But I take ‘flakey’ as a compliment. With so much earth in my chart I need a bit of flakiness (Thanks Gem sun, Saturn in Pisces, Vertex and Lilith in Sag and of course Aries rising, which makes me impulsive and silly/childish at times.

      1. Electric Eel Libran

        *nods* I can’t tell if flake is supposed to be a compliment or not. In my regional area it denotes an untrustworthy and unreliable person with no necessary connotations of eccentricism. “Flaking out” means not showing up when expected to, not that you are having a bad feng shui day necessarily.

        Plus the way MM described it as i was saying above, there seems to be an air of narcissm, almost a not caring for the people around you like family, friends, and lovers.

        So I’m not sure how to define “flake” because I’m seeing so many interpretations of it just in the responses. Very refreshing though!

      2. When people call you a flake, they are being derogatory. But I take it as a compliment because I don’t like conservative stuck-in-a-rut types…

        Or political correctness, or worrying about what other people think of me??

        I only care about the opinions of people I know and respect, not the general rabble.

    1. Friday daily is the supercharged one with the weekend bonus, it should be out soon.
      Anyone else find with this uber moon – they don’t need much sleep time?

      1. Im still on the lags of a scorpmoon saturn transit so still sleepy as hell, but my workouts are 30 minutes one muscle a day, one day of rest. Maybe two if i get really lazy.

        Where i used to power thu sometimes doing 2 hrs.
        Still get a 10 miler ride in but that dont feel like im working out. But this has me very fit and muscley even thu a saturn moon transit.

  23. freedom ala air

    Oh I’m.struggling and I think it may be Saturn in Scorpio… I guess w the moon there at the mo maybe this moony stuff is being activated… I wonder if its squaring Chiron or something cause that’s what it feels like! deep old wounds being scratched by the current impervious heartless Saturn…. A sense of not being valued or cared about by my mother or people in my daily life….. Eclipse happening in 2nd house of values so that might be influencing how I feel also…. Do I value myself, absolutely, do I value others absolutely, do I tell them show them for sure…. I so recognise these tears of loss and aloneness as Saturn’s work… And I should trust and listen and make choices and decisions…. I work in a workplace where one woman has got the whole workplace by the ballls… I know that sounds crass, but its true… Its a very small workplace… And for some reason, beyond reason, prob more to do with power she gets away w bullying behavior, prob also because that’s the m.o. of the senior staff also… I’ve almost completed the time. Necessary to have ample experience to be considered for other positions…. And I will be getting a position in a preferred location with good people and good conditions… I say that as I manifest it… I value myself enough to not allow this poor behavior in my life for much longer… I value others and know that nobody should be treated w the disrespect that has been shown.

  24. my ex is a gorgeous HFF – barely literate dyslexic can spend 7 hours a day gaming on occasion, shaves his eyebrows into shapes to save all that plucking time, and just when you think forward progress is impossible, will bust out to go perform at some high-level international event in spangly clothes. obviously never practices said performance skills, but manages to be of international standard all the same… never has regular work but manages to be so socially desirable that high-end fashionistas make clothes and give them to him to flaunt around in… Pisces of course…

  25. I don’t find flakyness! More like the tarot Fool. Cray cray genius! I love these people n I love me ๐Ÿ™‚ never dull or stagnating ever, n totes constantly shpe shifting. I had to google how to boil an egg just the other day but I just didn’t need to kno how to do it till now, that’s all. Been busy with other stuff these last 30 years or so :p. Today is one of those daysโ€ฆโ€ฆI play my playlist backwards n it tells todays story! Is that neptune? If not, what? (Don’t say its my flakyness cuz that’s just a given)

  26. guilty as charged and thinking about this today before i read the post – double piscean, 4 planets in virgo – happy to play low status because – well – its less threatening to potential foes lol

  27. freedom ala air

    Mmmm… Very mutable here, but the Scorpio fixed stuff has become more prominent in my late thirties than the gem and Pisces stuff which dominated my 20s and whichni fought with in early thirties… I still feel like someone might uncover me to be a flake, and sometimes I wish they’d try and prove themselves wrong when they find all the substance….I can feel very misunderstood or like I’ve been taken the wrong way, and when I get serious which is most of the time I think people switch off because I think they want to be charmed and in my stupid workplace ts true! despite the absolute seriousness of the job and massive responsibility… I nearly punched most of them today… I would write more and I feel I really want to know what you all think, but I can’t even write it, and I know how effed they are…. Too serious to be a flake these days…

    1. I love confusing people by being a flake sometimes and a pragmatic, sensible down to earth grownup at other times.

      1. I wish it were sometimes! I feel like I confuse people all the time as they see me as reasonable in all ways until we hit certain topics.

    1. Electric Eel Libran

      I kinda got that impression myself. It seems according to what was described above in Mystic’s story is that the only difference between someone interested in eccentric approaches to life and a flake is that the flake has a narcissistic me-first streak. The flake may be humanitarian in a distant way but they don’t relate or take care of family, lovers, and friends.

  28. Yessss- my husband Pisces Moon and Mars in 12th constantly loses his keys /wallet/phone- but brill lawyer- gives great toasts and spouts Le mot juste. Gourmet chef too- Venus in Cancer on IC- but mega chaotic. Tight Sun /Pluto in Leo /5th conjunct Chaos and Zeus! Lord Chaos, if you please! Has Merc in Virgo-refuses to put shit away then rampages through on search and destroy. Doesn’t finish stuff- except in work. Needs major office Reno/ feng shui.

    Awesome tale of your friend!!!

  29. Loosely connected yet relevant, is there some kind of ancestral portal around right now? I am having strange (even for me) synchronicity with old bloodlines. Is this part of my IC being opp uranus or is there a pluto/neptune thing going on right now?

      1. For 50 somethings- this NN/SN axis is squaring Chiron in mid Aqua and Uranus mid Leo- mid life crisis anyone? Throw in middling Scorpi ASC- remember Thelma and Louise? Good thing Saturn is there holding tge watch and checkbook!

      2. urgh – guilty as charged (again!) – sounds v appropriate – will observe and feed back ๐Ÿ™‚

      3. um, just 50, have just had CHiron return, so a bit younger than those you are speaking of.
        But South node exactly opposite my Scorp 16 degrees ascendant (plus the Venus/Nept conjunction on it) plus square Mars in Leo/Saturn in Aqua.
        …and not that it is relevant to NN/SN, but this eclipse exactly squares my natal Pisces 5 degs Chiron conj jupiter on IC which is also conjunct Neptune by transit at the mo. In fact, all are exactly opposing natal Stationary Uranus on MC at 5 virgo. And square Sagg 1st house Sun. Full moon saggo eclipse…

        Mid-life crisis? Bit more than that: a total existential crisis. Threats to material survival would all normally engage Scorp survival powers – and you’d imagine Saturn on Asc having same effect. Sagg adaptability and optimism has also gotten me through in the past – except that I am not interested in survival in human form anymore.
        Thelma and Louise nails it in one.
        Quite a dilemma, given that there are others to consider (no, I don’t have a lover or kids, but I do have a family and friends) and their interest in avoiding grief of my departure to other realms is in complete opposition to my own needs/philosophy.

  30. Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

    In some ways I am, perhaps. But then I guess high-functioning flakes can’t really see their flakiness, right?

  31. No. Not a flake even though I have Sagg moon, Gem NN, Mars, Uranus/Pluto in Virgo. Saturn in the 2nd house puts the kabosh on any flakiness.

    I do resent having to eat sometimes though. Such a chore!! Gem NN in 6th house? ๐Ÿ˜€

    Why can’t I live off coffee and toast, fruit & vege. Damn my hypoglycaemic body *sigh*

  32. high-functioning flake here without the eccentricity (well visibly anyway (scorp sun). Very fixed chart but I agree the Triple Toro hates to commit and 12H Saturn opposing my Sun has caused problems of it’s own regarding punctuality and achievement. Somewhere the care factor falls down too….also HATE tax returns etc. You want me to fill in a payslip to be remunerated? That’s like asking me to work twice for the same money! Remember when my flatmate at uni saw my academic transcript he came to ma and apologised – he’d always assumed I was a bimbo.

    1. The supreme court ruled that individual wages cannot be taxed, they have just not been listening (the lower courts) and are probably getting backroom deals to not listen with the Intimidation R.S.

      I wouldnt pay any attn to them. If your not someone well known they can PR example you out of. Your just playing into there shiz by thinking there gonna come after you…

      Enough people have to demand to see the law and have the supreme court enforce it on the lower courts, i wouodnt he suprised if theres a steady flow of peoples cash going to the SC to keep them lazy on enforcing it 2.

    2. Does anyone actually like tax returns??? Back in the 80’s I went 5 years without doing them. Just didn’t see the point of it. And time sheets – UGH! … the bane of my life!! And I’m a Capricorn Asc!

      So Toros hate to commit? That explains the multi Saggo karmic something flake with Toro moon. Always dangling the carrot, wants me to wait around forever. Mars in Libra – passive aggressive all talk and no action. Hate him right now!

      1. Yes I am a flake bur I love tax time.
        In my senior years of high school I decided to have a vow of silence for an entire day. I figured no one listens to me and we all talk so much anyways, I also encouraged others to primal scream on hills at school. Butterflies distract me and the full moon recharges my soul battery.

        But I loathe those all talk and no results folks. Please stop multitasking and just finish it.

      2. Hi Scorpnot, I read something here about it being hard to pin Toros down to anything – like a dinner date or whatever – and I feel it….hate to commit to anything ahead of time in case I don’t feel like going out when it comes round basically. It always comes back tot he couch ๐Ÿ˜‰ So that level of commitment, not the relationship kind, I’m OK with that ๐Ÿ™‚

        It just hurts my head to look at paperwork. Not hurts, it’s another sensation I can’t explain…like it makes my head feel like it’s stuffed with cotton wool or something.

      3. “Scorpnot”. Lol. ๐Ÿ˜€

        Yeh I remember that post but it doesn’t fit with them being reliable.

        I know that head hurting feeling. There should be special term for that kind of pain. ๐Ÿ™‚

      4. yeah I know what you mean about the reliability factor, and my first response was nah….but if I’m honest it’s true. I agree to stuff and usually follow through but I pine away inside for obligation-free time.

        back to the paperwork – it’s like my brain wants to throw up. apologies for those with delicate sensibilities, lol

      5. OK this is going to sound wierd but I actually like doing my tax. Usually because I am hoping for a tax refund. Otherwise I have unattended-to paperwork lurking in my life for aeons, squatting in psychic space that rightfully belongs to, I don’t know, something fun. Mind you I left my tax undone for about 8 years once because I didn’t know how to do this complex thing that I had to do. I asked, i mean bribed (with a home made chocolate cake) my financially savvy then-flatmate Virgo to help me crunch the numbers. bloody legend, that virgo.

        I am definitely flaky but as to the function level, well that depends on the wind direction that morning, or something… ask me again in 3 years.

      6. I usually need a friend to help me with it even though it is always incredibly straight forward and I am always super amazed at their skill in following instructions even though I’m sure they’re not difficult. I think I just need someone to hold my hand so that the brain doesn’t seize up with distaste midway through

      7. I lodge my step Dad’s tax return. My payment is made in calamari.
        Thank you for your website referral Calypso. ๐Ÿ™‚

      8. now that sounds like a deal, I usually pay in the graciousness of my company ๐Ÿ˜‰

        and you’re welcome!

      9. Good quality calamari not the rubber in batter kind. Wasabi and soy sauce for dipping hot chips into…I love tax time…yum!

      10. I fuqing love doing tax returns! I used to be like a free H&R Block service on two legs come tax time with all my family, friends and flatmates throwing their tax returns my way. (That was in NZ though, I fuqing hate the Australian tax system – it’s so user-unfriendly in comparison).

      11. Yes, the ATO sucks! (The NZ system was sucky enough but the ATO make it even harder to locate info needed to get every fuqing cent you’re entitled to – especially so for self-employed and business tax matters.)

      12. I knew there was people like this, i watched people fill the shit out, it wasnt done with any good will towards humanity. Wrap it up with a side of duty. It was -at least here another thing accomplished or to do. I see the same with mail. My old boss she looooooved her mail not because she got any personal stuff but because it gave her stuff to do.

        All stuff my merc in pisces hates having stuff to do, likes being able to do anything…

        Did i mention i have mercury in pisces… ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Was just thinking of this today – cutting off peeps who hurt and who deceive – Virgo sun/fish rising here. “Understimate me at your peril” to echo the above

    1. Have never known a sign more potential dark n vindictive than virgo. Just sayin! Scorpio always gets this rap but its like an urban myth. Probly a myth strategically pimpd by virgos LOL

      1. — no ways…have you ever mixed with scorpio moons? they, generally, are the pits. i am sorry
        but my experience with them is they only give to get they will fuck your boyfriend no problems, behind your back, steal your possessions. Virgo are not nasty they just back away fast from fuckwits and yes you will get a tongue lashing but these days not i am doing buddhism!

      2. The very fact a scorpio moon gathers anything to give to even get after the types of childhood we have had is a blessing.

        The only way ill fuck your boyfriend is if he comes at me and i dont know you, i mean who really owns anyone anyway..scorpmoins def dont seek there partners there sought after..

        As far as stealing that must be one poor scorp moon usually people are very giving to scorp moons as the moon is rooted in other peoples money..

        My mom was a virgo i have no idea how much her sun had to do, but she was severly abusive and dictorial to us. If it wasnt working with a boyfriend expect it to come out in whatever she hits you with that day or associations with me looking like my father sets her off, one thing about her tho i love she always loved and much as she hated had remorese after thr beatings and tried to logically dedudce the abuse.

        I respect her more for that than just covering it up and not making attempts at self reflection…

  34. it is a generalized statement speaking for virgo peeps too
    we van be submissive and eager to please
    but hurt us insult us and we cut you off with the
    precision of a surgeons knife

    1. U may never hear from me again even if u didn’t fuq wit me LOL how the hell can I kno what ill feel like next week??

      1. Hey Anon I know I WAS as lightening it, as best a Scorpymooner can.. Thats been my experience with some of them at least lol

  35. fish in a barrel

    Lol. Always referred to myself as a high functioning flake (but sadly not on this scale. Damn.) so this caught my attention. Pisces sun along with moon, Mercury, Mars & Saturn (yikes!) and a Gem asc. Uranus, Pluto & Jupiter in various mutables. Always amused when people realize I have a brain and a backbone underneath all that. Underestimate me at your peril….

      1. aha but you see with the HFFs, you go BLAM! BLAM! at the seemingly hapless fish in barrel, and -woot!- it’s blown into sashimi. take that, stupid fish. but then you turn around and the fish is standing behind you, wtf, casually filing its nails looking very chilled out and alive.

        I don’t know how the fish is standing btw. we’re in mutable land, anything can happen ๐Ÿ˜€

  36. It makes me smile to know that people like this exist.
    It’s like that thing Mystic wrote a while back about Aquarians,
    along the lines of ”Aquarians dont dance to the beat of a different drum, they dance to the beat of an instrument that hasn’t been invented yet”

    My Beautiful Katakan introduced me to one of those Magic Conjurers yesterday, Gemini of course..a magical mind and hands that could master anything, backed up with the brain too. Beautiful…Makes you believe in flying carpets and Jinni’s and all sorts of magic after an encounter like that… Im afraid i didnt catch the flaky vibe, so i think i have missed the whole beat of this thread .. Oops. x Please forgive.

  37. There is one guy I know who might qualify for HFF status.. almost.
    He is a tiny, obese, lovely, lovely Gemini man.

    In his moments not mucking about buying suburbs in the USA, silverware, shares, he runs a few businesses and a temple.

    He is really non-assuming and humble.
    His house is a shop front and is as non-assuming as he is himself.

    Then you get inside and find it is a three level mansion with a turkish spa, several libraries, his own photography studio and a separate art studio for his Kataka partner. A tardis!

    He has Sun, Mercury, Venus in Gem, Moon in Aqua – Pisces Ascendant, Virgo DC.
    However – Scorp MC/Toro IC – which I think is fundamental to his success.

  38. yea try being a multiple mutable and having chronic illness. i am lucky to have any friends left at all as i simply can not commit to plans. Why cant others live in the moment instead of nailing me down with deadlines and sign on the bottom line please. A friend who is aqua with gem moon she the same (has illness) but uses her fixed strength to simply NEVER commit to anybody and she has tauras rising, try pushing her around. But flakey mutable are the target of others demands. Eg- i was about to do something and somebody came along and next minute i am driving out to their place cause they talked me into it. So for now on i am going to think like a fixed person. Like a tauras, try pushing them around he he

  39. Yes that sounds like me- not rich but have had an intersting and varied life so far ( arty and exotic to some minds but really just educating myself about what I needed to know at the time). Sag rising Gem sun and Merc in 5th house. Have I ever stopped to wonder what people will think of me? No as long as it interests me I am fine with it. I love his taking of the vow of silence. I do sometimes wonder how offended people were when I said blah di blah and wonder if silence would help but always attributed that to my moon in Aries.

  40. The Leo Socialite

    this is my ex husband. He had narcolepsy. would often fall asleep in the middle of talking to you and always at anything cultural. claimed to hate music and only liked white noise. He would wake up at 3am to make trades he had just “thought of” always on atkins. Made a fortune, blew it on brothels – the only ‘pure sexual transaction’ he got that from gabriel garcia marquez. GEMINI.

    if i had my life over again i would have screwed him on the side but never in a million years have fallen in love with him. these people burn.

  41. I am a lot like your friend without the success so lets call it a functioning flake. My younger years def, my friends would laugh and tell stories of my ridiculousness, and it worked for ages. I feel so sensible now, which is probably a good thing, but is it sensible to move on the otherside of the world whilst it is falling apart financially. Who knows. Probably not,

    heavy mercury chart, uranus conjunct sun/merc, gemini rising, sagg moon,venusneptune.

    1. yes, I agree with the functioning flake label myself… have high moments and various assorted lows too. Six count-em-six! planets in mutable signs including sun (saggo), moon (Pisces), and rising (Gem) plus Aqua MC. Pretty sure it’s only my numerous Saturn squares that keep me upright and reasonably responsible. But gotta say this astro is making me want to flake out big time.

      1. I hear you. I’m torn between flake and mastery, which could be saturn or an internal perma crisis due to some comical natal set up

        your response made me want to check my mutable stats. I’ve got 5, and my NN, Asc, the conjunctions mentioned above and most things live in the 3rd and 6th house (outside of scorp stellium which is the merc uranus sun conjunction). It’s very merc orientated for a scorpio is a bit weird but I am team mutable all the way, no pisces though, just SN.

    2. What is sensible to u is probly unsensible to the sensible. So ur totally sensible without being one of those -boring- sensibles n that totes makes sense to me lol! Fab ms ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. Never had a full time job, never done a tax return, completely ADD, shamanic, epileptic, existence. HFF?? Well, let’s just say I haven’t quite hit my stride yet.

      1. Lol we are so alike my merc in pisces hates returns, credit score scmedit score.
        What is my score? What is a score? Why is a score?
        Its all intimidation through fear really. I pay tax through taxes…

      2. Actually, I haven’t worked full time for OTHERS, there is a difference I guess. Self-employed. Haphazadly, but nonetheless..

        Mercury/Venus/Saturn in Cancer here. Merc in Pisces sounds awesome ALSM.

      3. I need to invent a tax haven for mercury in pisceans. not because were greedy. We just really cant friggin follow all that small print,

        directions yes…. THOSE things..
        unless its something that has no directions…
        We really arent equipped to handel it.. Many a mercury in pisces has comitted suicide for not being able to keep up. I thank My Pantihiestic god that i know astrology.

    1. You’re a switched-on, kick-arse mum though A, and that’s one of the most important jobs on the planet!

      1. You are so sweet Sat Cat (actually had a cat called Sat Cat, short for Saturday, Saturn now I think of it).

        This comment made me sound like a total loser, I know, but I am very happy & only slightly frustrated by my situation!

        The one thing I have been reminded in all my spiritual endeavours is that this life is not about how we function in the material realm alone – high functioning people can be found everywhere!

        By that I mean for example, I have met people who are Down’s Syndrome who are doing more for this planet than a boatload of Rainbow Warriors high on adrenalin.

        So I am not perturbed about my situation and yes, my role as a mother is a heartmath scenario for me. As in, the love we generate affects the planetary field..

        Still wouldn’t mind doing my taxes one day, but I haven’t lived my adult working life very much in Australia so it’s not much to do. ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. hiddendragonqueen

    mostly i am a non-functioning flake. i relate to so much of that though! will aspire to be higher in his memory. will get to work on it now. although my local artisan glass pipe does not work nearly so well as a lovely glass bong ala saturnalien. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. ๐Ÿ˜› I know I sound like a Venus in Cappy bong snob, but seriously they are so worth it! I used to be an artisan pipe girl and would give my friends shit about their spendy yuppie glass bongs until I got given one as a gift and was like “woah,I get it now!”… it’s like the difference between drinking tea from fine china as opposed to a polystyrene cup!

      1. Oh I know!! I had one pre-divorce and a lot of my friends use them. My little pipe is fine for relaxation, but I’m going for the shamanic angle and I find myself staring at it thinking “this. Thing. Does. Not. Work.” Hm. Birthday is coming up…

  44. Is being a high functioning flake necessarily a *bad* thing?

    Because I read that I thought “what an AWESOME life!”

    Multi-Sagg, Aqua rising…

    1. I had the same thought! Sounds awesome, individualistic. I guess flake just refers to them being unreliable? Although, I think I love HFF’s but I would never rely on one. I’ll function in my own world of independence and organised chaos thanks.

  45. I would say im def a flake but im not high functioning. Key factors in chart are im uranian with mercury in pisces, i have no fire in my chart besides my Asc and North node in the first in leo. the Planet i do have in a fire sign is in saggi in the 5th, but w neptune making it all watery. 1st house NN is supposed to not fit in anymore seventh house NN is a hole one cant fill because its already been fufiled several lifetimes ago.. So i come off flakey because the 7th house where my SN is kinda the house of fitting in. Where as 1st is do what you want! And in leo what your really really want. And my mercury in pisces wants to have no schedule and know no time.

    Its quite a feat tho to have no fire and have your NN in a fire sign. Its def makes me come off like this. but now that i know tis me destiny i can do it with style now instead of wonder why people- (7house) just never make me feel fufilled. Its all supposed to be done by me.

    Im more of a lucky flake the universe takes pity on lord knows
    scorpmoonin it aint easy..

  46. Sounds like there’s no hope for me and the Sagg sun, gem moon, pisces rising/NN guy I have been trying to pin down – he wants me, but not now, but don’t leave me and it’s OK if I see other guys – but he then gets jealous when i do…..sigh. ๐Ÿ™

    1. I love fools, but that doesn’t mean I always love loving them! Haha have definatly been super angry from time to time. But life goes on n if we are on diff pages, then off u go then! Never complain n never explain, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  47. Functioning Flake present here! I certainly haven’t achieved success to a level that confounds anybody but I do have a pretty nice life that resulted from pretty much going where the wind blows me (and unlike in my 20’s I am not freeloading off of anybody lol). I absolutely do everything according to an incredibly simple set of feelings-based values, but everyone incorrectly thinks I act on “whims”. Gemini rising(with Psyche), Neptune on the DC in Saggo, and Pisces MC so mutable all major angles.

    1. Too bad we cant get the entire financial system to do the same, but pluto may be workin on that very scenario.

      1. News Flash: the Global Financial System is reported missing, suspected to have died alone in a motel room in Mexico. LOL!

      2. I suspect it would be more likely to be found in a cheap motel overdosed on class A drugs with a harem of high class hookers and some illegal arms just for good measure…

      3. Hey Calypso, i left you an urban decay comment and a link on the Giorgio Moroder post

    2. My guess? Whether or not his terminal illness was indeed quick acting (or whether that was just what was said), or something likely to be more drawn out and miserable, he went to Tijuna for the Nembutal you can buy “for your terminally ill dog” in vet shops, and stayed there to die knowing it might be too risky to try to get through customs to come back home.

      Well worn route for those from all over facing the end and wanting a peaceful death before it all gets too hideous, a la being stuck in a palliative care type situation in hospital Nembutal (a la Valley of the Dolls, Marilyn, and countless others of her generation) providing the most peaceful and reliable of ends. I have seen photos of vet stores in Tijuana that say “Australians welcome”.

      1. YEs, actually a friend of mine’s mother ended her life that way, she flew to MExico twice, the first time changed her mind, the second successfully brought it back here and did the deed. I didn’t know it was Nembutal…

      2. YEs, actually a friend of mine’s mother ended her life that way, she flew to MExico twice, the first time changed her mind, the second successfully brought it back here and did the deed. I didn’t know it was Nembutal…

      3. Aka ‘yellow submarines’, super strong as remember.

        And here’s me thinking i would have to go to BELGIUM, fuq, not there, anywhere but there!

      4. There’s also Cusco in Peru – city originally designed as an effigy of a puma – and an increasingly popular alternative to Tijuana, apparently.

      5. That little deet was indeed mentioned as of possible interest to you and other self-identified puma types, Calypso! Long dead and sorely missed uncle and aunt of mine, who lived incredibly frugally in order to travel to all ends of the earth to fully understand all the peoples and cultures of the world, seemed to love Machu Pichu best of all x

      6. CS, I could be having a brain fart and getting the wrong book, but ‘Shaman, Healer, Sage’ by Alberto Villoldo writes a bit about the Puma (it’s one of the four guide animals in the shamanic system he has been trained in) If it’s not that book, it’s one of his other books. Just throwing that out there in case you’re interested… (meant to mention it when you first bought up the Puma thing way back, but I got busy or sidetracked or something flakey)

      7. Fi, Saturnalien, i offer you both heartfelt gratitude for your thoughtfulness and generosity xx

        My OMG Full Moon Eclipse insights include an awareness of how much love i have for you wonderful women ๐Ÿ™‚

      8. You’re welcome! And yes, definitely feeling the love around here!

        P.S. If it wasn’t the book I mentioned, it would be either Courageous Dreaming or the Four Insights… I can’t check for you as they aren’t in my library, I borrowed them off a friend a few years ago.

      9. Disclaimer: I don’t endorse the teachings in those books, I just happen to read a lot. (This is not to say I didn’t find them interesting or get some gems out of them either!)

    1. Yeah, I think there has to be a word for the opposite of this too. Low Functioning PIAB?
      Comments I recall: “What is a girl like you doing in a place like this?”, the frequent, “How LONG have you been here?” and the generic, “What are you DOING here?”.

      1. You’re too kind Ms! But, with my IQ level, rapid uptake of information and understanding of things at a level beyond most experts in said interests, I should have at least 6 PhDs and a swanky career and lifestyle to show for it all, not wondering if I can rock being a bag lady in my retirement years…

      2. Nah, obviously too smart to get a PhD… in my opinion, heaps of work for not much result.
        Unless you want to impress academia (no) or work for a university (no) where it actually translates into higher pay, I see PhD/Masters quals as an expensive waste of my time.

        I’ll get a PhD when I’m rich and famous and some University wants to jump on the bandwagon by giving me an honorary degree!

      3. As someone who has Phd – only because of retrenchment from then job when company collapsed, difficulty finding another, and an offer of a scholarship that would at least pay my rent for a few years -I even I have to say that I totally agree with you, gemyogi.
        Except that I am not too smart for a Phd, and I have one. Go figure. I like to think that it has helped me to pass on what I know re world econ zap zone to a few students in recent years, but as a career choice….let us just say that I should never have done it. It is death unless you want to stay in academia, which I don’t.

      4. electric eel libran

        it’s def work. depends on your field tho. For some science degrees the school pays you through research or teaching assistantships.

      5. Meh, the less taken road is more interesting. I’ll be there rolling my trolley with you

    2. In a garden, its called “ground cover” cuz its gorg n it covers all ground! U have all the ground covered, saturnalien ๐Ÿ˜‰ every garden needs u!

      1. Thank you, this made me smile and laugh out loud! ๐Ÿ˜€ (I don’t normally do facial expressions before 11:00am)

      2. Haha… me either. Just checked the clock. Yep 11.36 ๐Ÿ™‚

        Before my Leo sister got married she used to call me before 11 and complain that I was always grumpy. “well stop calling me in the morning!!!” She knows better now.

      3. Hehe, everyone knows not to bother speaking to me before 11:00am because all they’ll get is a deadpan expression and half-arsed grunt in response… ๐Ÿ˜€

      4. You sound like my mom waking up on trazadone in the morning.

        We had to make her coffeee everyyymorning…

  48. Haha loving it! That pretty much sounds like me… extremely Saggo sun, Leo moon and Aries rising… I have always blamed my flake nature on the crazy amount of fire in my chart.

  49. May have learned to manage his energy different thru shamanic ritual,
    going more general.

    Can’t believe he thought CRYSTALS were a racket.

    (The rare bat sanctuary was going a bit too far.)

      1. I love bats too! Theyr so sweet n vulnerable yet totes hi tech n efficient. Theyr matriarchal n self sufficent plus they eat a ton of bugs! What’s not to love?? Yay bats!

      2. bats are a sign of good luck/good fortune in Asia. Pet my first fruit bat in Japan! So damn cute!
        I’ve saved a few small bats growing up too. Love them.

      3. Fruit bats are beyond cute, I used to live near a colony of them. Sitting out in the dark late at night listening to their wings hitting the air as they flew over my back yard always gave me a buzz!

  50. I’m gem rising so expect I’m flakey at times. Fatally attracted to saggo’s. Went out with a saggo/pisces for the longest time. I think she actually has a job now so it’ll be interesting to see if she holds it down.

    1. My Gem rising makes me a Saggo magnet too, but the fatal attraction dies a very quick death as soon as my Cappy side gets profoundly annoyed by their Saggo ways…

      1. O Can i have your collection?
        I have mars conjunt jupiter.. Lets just say they really do it for me…

      2. Ugh …lets see..

        Bring back Saggi corpses to life.
        I know i seen the recipie in the daylies somewhere. Ok deal Sat Cat…

  51. leo-scorp grrrl

    Good friend of mine is. Gem Sun-Pisces Asc,
    Love her to death but used to the flake. She dips low and seems to rise back. More lives than a cat. I am currently hoping to see the rebound from current dip/crash. I can’t get too emo over it anymore or I’d go crazy, too I’m there for her but, she’s gotta walk her own path, that’s for sure.

  52. Sounds too much like my Gemini Mercury/ASC conjunction from the 12th house, plus A zillion planets in Virgo.. flake, quite likely, got to travel those erratic orbits so no one knows, including one’s self, (Uranus in Virgo in the 4thTight Square ASC in Gemini?)

    Just trying to live life.. not trying to regulate it by any means.. although if I tried, it would drive me crazy.

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