The Real Southern Hemisphere Astrology

If you were born in the Southern Hemisphere, your birth chart is not completely accurate. And no, not because of any 13th sign or peripheral factor. The problem is an inbuilt bias that applies Northern Hemisphere settings to every chart.

There are practical, political, and magical dimensions to this situation.  Astrology as we know it is seen through Northern Hemisphere optics because “that’s where it started.” When I was learning astrology, any North-South anomaly questions were treated like irritants at best – minor heresies on occasion: “It’s just how it is – why are you questioning this?

The classic birth chart – a flat map or ’round diagram’ of the Sun, Moon, planets, constellations and stars when you were born – is done for everyone as if they were Northern hemisphere births.  That is, the Sun rises in the East and crosses the Southern sky from left to right, AKA ‘clockwise’.

Or, to use an old folk term,  Sun-wise. Anti-clockwise is akin to being left-handed, sinister, and evil or – at least – inferior. In old traditions, anti-clockwise is the direction you walk in – three times around a church – if you want to raise hell.

In the Southern Hemisphere, the Sun also rises in the East but we see it as crossing the Northern sky from right to left. Widdershins! I feel flustered by any mention of this as I’m left-handed and even now, in the digital era, the occasional person will note it as ‘aberrant.’

So in the Southern Hemisphere birth chart, the houses run counter-clockwise. See below for an example of what I mean, using the example of an Aquarius Rising chart. It looks crazy at first but it reflects the direction of the Sun’s movement in the Southern Hemisphere.

Additionally, the Tropical Zodiac signs run along with the Northern Hemisphere seasons. Aries = Spring, Libra is Autumn, Capricorn – starting at the Northern Winter Solstice – is credited with a suitably austere temperament, and so on.  That is why you sometimes read something about a sign from a Southern Hemisphere perspective and it doesn’t resonate.

Does this mean that your Sun sign should be different? Eg: Libra becomes Aries, Taurus is now Scorpio, and so on? No. If the Sun was in Taurus when you were born, that is where it was. Is there a case for Southern Taurus as being a temperamentally different creature to Northern Taurus? Possibly. But the seasons have blurred into weather. We don’t live so much in harmony with nature that you airily ascribe Zodiac sign characteristics to the person’s harvest birth or Summer nature.

Additionally, there are so many other dimensions. A Taurus with Pluto in tight aspect or a big 8th house presence will seem Scorpionic even if they were birthed in a daisy paddock on Beltane in the Northern Summer.

Practically, the main Southern Hemisphere difference is that the Southern hemisphere Moon’s Nodes could be seen as reversed: the Ascending – or North – Node that shows in astrological charts* is the South Node if you were born below the equator. Nobody talks about this because it is just assumed that to be “how it is.” Why does it matter?

It may seem semantic but representation is important. Every time you have to adjust something in your mind for it to be relevant, it affirms that something irrevocably not you is “the top” or “correct.” When I first really looked into this, I was melancholy because I did not want my Gemini Node to be the “bad” one. It’s not, of course, and nor would the opposite Node – Sagittarius – be debilitating or negative if it were the South one.

But that was my first thought because North-South bias is everywhere, even though it is totally illogical. It’s up there with some of the gloomier takes on “Yin” as the abysmal, passive counterpart to the brightness of “Yang.”  They were even combined on occasion, as in this upbeat little rant below.

“Gone South” is a metaphor for situations in decline or disarray. The perspective of the observer is assumed to be the Northern hemisphere, which is apparently “up.”  Multiple cultural assumptions are made along the lines of North equating to logic or work ethic, while the South represents unruly passion and lack of ambition.

It’s too large a topic for a blog post but conquerors raze temples to the ground so they can erect a structure to their religion. Missionaries follow in their wake, helpfully ‘translating’ old texts and making edits where they deem appropriate.  The people ‘gradually convert’ and ancient star-lines, mountains, and stories are forgotten or renamed after the so-called saviors.

“…Orion and Hercules striding across the sky, limbs reaching for lightyears, only to be dwarfed by the likes of Draco, Pegasus, or Ursa Major. Then bigger still – Cetus, Eridanus, Ophiuchus, and Hydra, spanning nearly the whole of a hemisphere, sunk below the equator in that weird underworld of obscure southern formations.”

Mark X – Citations

Ah yes, the weird obscure Southern underworld. In actual fact, there was a vast and rich starlore tradition in (for example) South America, much of it helpfully destroyed by the invading Spanish.

There are some fabulous Northern astral sagas but Southern Hemisphere people end up reading more about constellations they never – or barely – see than their stars. In many cases, Southern star systems were renamed and the old associations lost.

An example:  ‘Arctic’ means bear and comes from the constellations that revolve around the North Pole, Ursa Major, and Ursa Minor. “Antarctic” just means “opposite to the Arctic.” No story, no glory.

It is not only a Western astrology thing. Feng Shui is based on the central and most commonly visible constellations of old China. The stars and planetary cycles that the ancient pyramids and temples of many cultures were aligned to were the ones they knew, not those they’d only heard of.

Is the concept of following your “true North” or “North Star” as resonant when Polaris – the current North Pole star -is invisible from your latitude? Imaginatively, the South Star is called Polaris Australis. It is not as bright nor close to the South Pole as Polaris is to the North – nobody really rates it. But it’s near the Galactic Center, as is the Southern Hemisphere in general.

This point was seen as the origin of ‘the worlds’ well before astrophysics and hyper-powered telescopes could confirm it.  In the olden days, circumpolar stars and constellations were worshipped because they never set. People saw them as enchanted embodiments of deathless strength.

Canopus – a star the Egyptians called Kahi-Nub (or Golden Earth) was, at one point the Raven Star, which was a title given to South pole stars.*

These days spacecraft use it for celestial navigation. Some of the oldest Babylonian stories correlate with the most ancient of the indigenous Australian tales. There are links between the stars and deities of Maori and Ancient Egyptian culture.

The most significant Southern constellation, magically at least, was Eridanus, a stream of stars flowing South from Rigel and named after Eridu, the earliest city in the world.

It stops with Achernar, meaning ‘the end of the river’, in Pisces and that faces the mysterious Magellanic Clouds. Their phantom galaxies and weirdness makes even the staidest astronomical paper read like Philip K Dick on hyperdrive.

The story of the Southern skies and star lines is less known than the constellation myths of the North but it’s re-emerging via archeoastronomy and the study of indigenous starlore. One of my areas of interest – for study when time permits – is the Southern Cross: the Incans saw it as some kind of portal. Like the indigenous people of Australia, they were talking about the nebulae that swathe this iconic asterism long before they were ‘officially’ discovered.

But most of all, the emerging Southern Hemisphere astro-consciousness is a collective subconscious pull, like an astral tide.

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  1. Hello there, this is very confusing. Could someone please tell me what my rising sun and moon are? Born Melbourne 8.30am, November 14 1953.

  2. No. The fact that you can’t see Polaris is irrelevant. All of this *should,* if it’s taken seriously at all, be focused on larger bodies in space which exert a force on the earth. The force of Polaris on someone in the UK is the same as someone in New Zealand.

  3. This is brilliant. Just leaving a comment so you can add me to a mailing list or something.
    I would buy a hardcover copy of a book detailing this.

  4. Just coming back to this discussion – does anyone have any resources on this? I’d love to do some more reading but it’s been difficult to track any reliable sources down. Thanks.

  5. Austin W Wachana

    I came up with this theory long ago, I never published it. The thing about the Zodiac is that it is Geocentric, and therefore the stars are aligned along the Zodiac in the position they would be in the sky from the perspective of your place of birth looking up.

    The Southern hemisphere sky is inverted in relation to the Northern hemisphere sky. That’s a fact.

    The idea is that the only meaningful way to distinguish any two instances of time is to consider the position of the heavenly bodies at that moment in time. Each moment of time has a unique time stamp traceable and calculable with regard to the heavenly bodies from the perspective of Earth’s sky. At that particular location on Earth. The universe is in constant motion, and at no time are they in the exact same alignment.

    From a Geocentric point of view, it then follows that the signs are either flipped just as the Earth’s sky is flipped on either hemisphere, or that the Northern hemisphere Zodiac does not apply to the South.

    I support the former argument, as, similarly the Southern hemisphere season’s are flipped, and thus there is a corelation that can still apply to the South. And thus the signs are flipped, just the same.

    It’s why the Age of Aquarius in the North correlates to the Age of Leo in the South, as well. The evidence largely points to this inversion between North and South being logically consistent within the system.

    1. Nathalie Hoffman

      This astrologer also proposes flipping the zodiac for the southern hemisphere based on their own experience with living in both hemispheres at various times. Modern western tropical astrology needs to take these major hemispheric differences into account.

  6. I am born June 14th 1986 and they claim I am Gemini when i look at the surface of it. But since I have used Stellarium, I am able to see my sun is actually located within Taurus, more so than it could be in Gemini.

    I have also used a program called capricornPROMETHEUS which is really amazing and I recommend anyone to trial it. I was able to map out my tropical, sidereal and true sidereal. Obviously the only one that shows Gemini sun sign is the tropical. Both sidereal and true sidereal are clearly Taurus. Side note -everyone I know is different in their tropical vs true sidereal. Now what has intrigued me has been my research into occultism. I’ve learnt an awful lot reading books like ‘The Light of Egypt – The Science of the Souls and Stars Vol I & II — Thomas H. Burgoyne’. It is absolutely clear to me that all star signs are based of the seasons and then further personification happened to the signs that relate to what a person or animal or plant is like during that period.

    Someone born in Aries obviously is a Springtime sign, except if that person is born in the southern hemisphere they must be an autumn sign. So far the knowledge I have gained shows me that all star signs are just seasonal markers. So if one is born below the equator, and born on 25th March, I am more inclined to work out what type of electromagnetic connection is happening between the sun and my environment. It must be heading into winter or to some parts down here in Australia a less hot season. It would be foolish of me to assign the personification of Aries to my birth chart as it is a seasonal sign of growth. Whereas my current trajectory is longer nights and shorter days. I should technically assign the seasonal qualities of Libra to me as I will be born of energies that will be hardened for the darkness to come or I will be weighed and stung by that dear old scorpions tail. I would have qualities of balance because I have to balance the dark and the light, my food supplies vs my ability to hunt. Blah blah i’m no good at making up stories to relate to the seasons. Nonetheless. You maybe get my point.

    What matters most I’ve come to discover is which season was the sun in at the time of birth. Now study what that season means to spirit and matter, study the animals, the plants, to be honest just study all of nature leading into that point and onwards. That is how you come to understand what type of energy is in you. The ascendant only matters if you can work out which season relates to that perspective of space, if my ascendant is Sagittarius, it must be close to the point when the sun reaches the summer solstice. Work out what is means to by studying the sun and its effect during that period. Study all forms of cosmic force and radiate that into your self. Study light, heat, magnetism, universal ether, electricity, and chemical, atomic and solar energy. To be fair I don’t actually believe much in ascendants, we are never in the same point in space again well not for at least 25960yrs or 24000yrs to some who believe in Sol and its theoretical binary (maybe Sirius the blue star, once seen as red to our recent people 5k-12k yrs ago).. Side note – Read ‘The Lost Star of Myth and Time – Walter Cruttenden).

    I just think its fun to learn everything haha so any chance you can get do it or just make a reason to do it like I just did lol. Seriously though how could a star sign light years away rising on my horizon have anything to do with me here and now… You know what does have a higher probability on my magnetic being and its creation from spirit into matter. The Sun, the moon, the 7 planets, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and maybe the lost planet between Mars and Jupiter but that’s another rabbit hole to this star map. The aspects of all these planets definitely matter, the planets must be studied, which means studying the gods of all present and lost civilizations. Find the esoteric meaning of the planets, find their cosmic code. Hardest part is applying the knowledge gained to your birth. If in the Southern hemisphere you cannot trust the mainstream meaning of a planet in a constellation because they have made it relevant to the season of the Northerners. You would be doing yourself a favour to decide your own meaning. Once you learn what Jupiter personifies within and without, apply it to how that would or would not benefit the season marker it sits in. If its aspects are good then work out what that means for yourself, also if it’s aspects are poor, decide what detriment that might have to yourself. I never said any of this was easy I just think it’s wrong to apply a blue print to yourself if it isn’t yours. Lastly I definitely don’t include Chiron lol, an asteroid like so many others out there. The MC and Nodes also are questionable. I would only use these markers and nodes if the planets, or the sun or moon, were located in the direction of the points. Like does it really matter which constellation is above you if no antenna is present to charge that point in space through the earth.

    It is surely easier to be born in the northern hemisphere, but it’s also a great opportunity to define yourself if your born on the equator or below it. Lol imagine trying to relate the zodiacal wheel to someone on the equator.

    Cum Grano Salis.

    I could be wrong about a lot. But I will continue down this path of trying to discover my cosmic blueprint using logic, reasoning, love and wisdom.

    If someone has some serious knowledge to truly demonstrate that the Northern Hemisphere system works the way it is, i’m all ears. Don’t forget how easily our people are manipulated. From birth we are programming each other to believe things, if you tell a child he is a Gemini he will think he is and therefor he is. Right? He will manifest the qualities we assigned to that chart. I’m done.

    Thanks for reading, this is why I don’t have any social media, I spend so much time trying to express my mind looking for answers to questions. It’s so much easier in person!

    1. anotherfacelessgod

      Forgive me for the spelling issues and grammar lol, I was trying to rush, nonetheless it’s easy enough to overlook the errors 😉

    2. This is a lot to unpack but remember that the Zodiac is only one aspect of astrology. Personally, I look mostly at the angles formed and find both zodiacs relevant in different ways. If you go back to the earliest recorded astrology, they used multiple constellations – often the one culminating at birth & of course, these days, the galactic center and other more recently discovered points play a part.

  7. Actually there is no such thing as north or south nodes on a sphere hovering in space. The whole concept of compass points on earth is just that – a concept. The position of the earth in relation to the stars – in reality has nothing to do with the delineation of compass geometry, which was first invented in China as a tool of geomancy and later invented (or reinvented) in Europe primarily as a tool of colonisation. Rather, one’s location on earth is relevant to the constellations in an entirely non-hegemonic way. Astrology has always existed across the diversity of the worlds cultures regardless of the invention of north or south.

    1. Yes – i agree completely! how do you mean non-hegemonic though? I mean, I know what it means but in this context, how would you interpret it?

    1. This north centricity is mad. It’s just a position/statement of superiority. Otherwise this illustration doesn’t make much sense since ancient Troy is actually north of Athens itself (even according to their own maps). Also ridiculous that Egypt should be considered akin to hell, since most esoteric knowledge came to Greece via Egypt. Smacks of northern supremacist propaganda. Also proof against the thought that just because something is in an “ancient” text it must be true.

        1. not at all otherwise astrology would also be.. And all religions would be ruled by set. who wanted and was actually birthed before wisdom.

  8. This is mega for me!!! What news, I can’t believe it’s not front page MSM, honestly it should be. And thank you MM for working this out!! So many reasons to subscribe and this is the kind of work that makes me grateful. So my relationship with my Gem Hub has been questioned due to the pesky Nodes a few times, in a friendly way, but still.. Our happy coupling makes sense astro-wise ONLY if the nodes are switched. With the old switcharoo I now have Gemini “North Node” on his Sun, much nicer, and in the vicinity of his Gem Stellium. (And puts my hurtful Sagg Exx in the past where he belongs!!) His new “NN” lands on my Venus & with my Cancer Stellium. Not in Cap where I’ve nowt. Thank you for confirming our happy, healthy, destined life together. Perhaps it is shallow of me to excited about this, but now I have my NN on my Asc, so you have to admit it is understandable.

    1. Actually I can see how this correction could improve your relationship to astrology more than the one with hubby. Mystic has sort of redeemed it. Your instincts were to trust hubby over the astrological data and it must have lost its trusted data status with you. The decision you made has proven itself correct for many years now. The rest is just paperwork.
      And maybe a few I told you so’s, an anecdote for your next dinner party ? along the lines of… look they wouldn’t listen while shrugging your shoulders with a look in your eyes … ‘one person can only do so much to help…, If you’re anything like me 😛

      1. Haha, that is very true David, I feel like I can trust astrology like I trust my husband (rather than the reverse!). It’s also nice that my little Kataka boy (well, quite big now, taller than me!) has his NN in Leo. I always wondered what on earth I could teach someone with an Aqua NN as the Aqua tribe confound me so. It’s so nice you are still here to chat with btw.

  9. Totally unrelated but I have lost the link to MM 2020 timeline of astral events. Any clues gang? yes I have “G” it

  10. Well now this explains my total confusion on north-south nodes as my north node is south of my chart and so my south one is north of it. My confession is that i understand astronomy more than astrology. My memory banks are full and there nothing i want to erase to make more room for comprehension.
    Eden (Ur) was said to be a lush fertile land semi tropical, now we see desert after supposedly 8-9000 years.Even with climate change that’s a huge difference. Has anyone read Bob Frissell’s ‘Nothing in this book is true-but it’s exactly how things are’?
    So much we believed is being turned around, yes upside down.
    The Buddhist temple being built south of Adelaide at a place i knew very well, was having problems either with design or council, not sure but having lived many years in Asia knew that the Feng Shui it was based on was for the northern hemisphere, hence the build not running smoothly. Have always called Adelaide ‘upside down city’ as it was designed on Feng’s northern principles as the founder Colonel Light lived in Penang previously.
    The night skies so much clearer and brighter since the planes have mostly stopped.
    *****ancient history******sigh****** the eternal ‘where are we from-where are we going’
    and ‘why’. The answer lies in the stars?

    1. Since everything is but an illusion,
      Perfect in being what it is,
      Having nothing to do with good or bad,
      Acceptance or rejection,
      One might as well burst out laughing

      Always helps reset mind for when it fuzzes up trying to make heads or tails of current reality – which happens to me a lot lately.

  11. I was born in the southern most city, in the south island of a country deep in the southern hemisphere. Now I’m in Melbourne, Australia living southside where the north/south side of the river divide is strong.
    South all the way!

  12. I feel more relaxed knowing that my North node is actually Scorpio.

    It feels natural and makes more sense.

    So all the shit I have faced I have transformed. Natural Scorpio stuff.

  13. The earliest shamanism traditions, from 7-8 thousand years ago, have animals associated with each of the sacred directions. To each tradition (Native Americans, Indigenous people from South America, Aborigines and so on) the animals vary according to the environment, respecting exactly where they are and all the wisdom is developed respecting that. I love that you are bringing to life this change of perspective, it is indeed a rescue of an orientation we should be having for so long! Curious thing, we have the same nodes but inverted, and do not want mine to be gemini, I want it to be sagittarius! Anyway, I’m buzzzzzzed

    1. True re early humans.There’s an interesting book called North: The Rise & Fall of the Polar Cosmos by Gyrus in which he proposes that it all went north (pun intended) when the Agrarian Revolution occurred & societies changed from the more egalitarian & matriarchal hunter gatherer societies’ ‘horizontal’ cosmos of entanglement with nature, to a ‘vertical’ cosmos, aspiring to eternal celestial perfection. It explains how the pole star became associated with cultural & spiritual hierarchies & monotheism, etc.

  14. It’s all very interesting. Mystic, I’m looking forward to hearing more about your thoughts on your interpretation of the nodes re left/right brain hemisphere. I reread your previous post but I’m still intrigued. I do love that this all stops my Pisces south node from being ‘bad‘ and a past to be avoided. Especially since I’m pretty crazily in love with a man whose sun and venus is conjunct my Pisces south node. I wonder how we are to reinterpret such ‘karmic connections’. Maybe the people conjunct our nodes are major consciousness shifters?! Feels that way. Basically, can’t wait to hear more! And a big yes to exploring Southern Hemisphere astrology more in general and fuqing with the northern bias…and fuqing with everything in general, says the Uranian in me. 😆 Eh, might as well! If the old systems are falling away, why not on astrology too?

  15. I’m still processing all these breaking news probably more life changing than who’s gonna be elected for president next… To be honest, it’s hard for me to disassociate from my north node libra as IT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE given my selfish traits from my south node in aries that I need to let go of lol… and yet, I’m totally aware that once you’ve learned and been pushed against those X Y Z ideas for so long, it basically becomes imprinted in your dna, and thus hard to think otherwise. Think about the baby boomers and following generations 😏
    P.s: is the updated version of the astro Dna already available?

  16. What if our Widdershins realisations, not immediately but ‘three times’ integrated, could quietly raise hell against the old established world order? Here in Australia we’re culturally and socially viewed as the poor cousins. We also have nanny state politics that keep a certain some of us in check, but also remind us of respect for state or federal powers because we are wild souls, even quietly and personally, communally. There’s a quietly rich understanding of ourselves that we never really promote. My Aqua Venus IC has always had a good feeling about our quiet revolution. Where to now? Is it placards, posters and communal dissent now made loud? Or is it digital dissent? Opt out, opt in, cold wars of privacy and identity, the like.

    Seems like the personal against the oligarchies has been digitally exposed, we were resigned to it so we could connect disconnect distract and entertain, and now the science of viral transmission brings us new observations and intel in the spiritual and mundane.

  17. I believe that us Southern Hemisphere people by and large support a strengthening of indigenous importance in the political landscape and positive presence in the community. Most of us non indig recognise in powerful awe the unique power of the land, to the point i have been personally wondering this changing season why our bureau of meteorology does not use it as standard notification reference.

    You would be completely unique in providing real Southern Hemisphere takes on the Dailies, Personals etc. There are micro sites, compared with your reach, some of which i have accessed through links or inspired research from one of your earlier posts (this year, i believe). It coincided with my new this year (yet familiar and older?) shamanic friend visiting my ‘hood and we explored maori stuff, though we’re not that area.

    Imagine if a collaboration with such powerful writing, site management and ASTRO could see you as Witch Mentor to those spiritual guardians, who have little wider reach and no encouragement but their own often faltering because individually-powered get-go. We know the stats for indigenous projects and startups.

    My Place is isolated and unique. Industries here pay a mix of token and interested respect, but i know some of those people, and what is significant and amazing has been poached by the powerful. I would never have got to see those things otherwise. But they belong not just to my eyes. i am glad my strange position between all the national, social and economic cultures and age groups allowed me to see those privately stolen things: i describe and tell of them where i can, when my audience is crafted and arranged, it just comes out by accident. You should see their faces! Everyone resonates with connection of place, philosophy/spirit and personal mabarosi moments.

  18. Not gonna lie, Sagittarius NN still feels more apt for me than my SN in Gemini conj Venus.
    Relying on intuition and the bigger picture has always served me well, and having used Jan Spillers’ astrology for the soul since forever, my whole mind is being flipped! Interested to learn how to reinterpret the nodes though, and how they affect my chart.

    1. Omg just realised that with this knowledge I’m having a nodal return and my NN is actually in 8th house-need to rethink my entire life!

  19. I’m okay with the north node flip (it actually makes so much more sense) – but my Astral DNA chart is still showing my usual northern hemisphere interpretation with its original north node. I presume that it’s coming?

        1. Another quick Q if I may – I’m trying to get my head around composite charts involving those born in the northern hemisphere. i.e. Would their NN still be in my 8th house? How about composite NNs? Welp.

  20. Wish Upon a Star

    Australian Aborigines are connected with the stars. They have their feet on the ground and their eyes cast at the southern stars.

    Their heads are not emeshed in old books with old dogma.

    1. Many ABORIGINALS are actual 21st century humans in the workforce and just living and loving their lives, not really a metaphor. Yet many who live in remote areas, that were their own once, now throwaway former mining shelters they got moved on from and then given back to move to their home area, live with dangerous electricals, no running water, asbestos and basically off grid but accountable to govt. If you actually know any urban, country or remote Aboriginals, then you would know the deepest grief and struggle to connect with culture. There is a gap from the Stolen Gens since around 1930s . It’s the worst for those living in country deemed remote and not (yet) resource rich. And yet that is not all there is, some people still have the treasure.

      1. The image I had in my head when I found these words Millie was when Aborigines were at peace. They have been here for more than 50,000 years.

        I have no control over the messages I get. It is very right brain and I feel like a toddler trying to find the simple words to fit the image.

        And actually I do know the plight of the Aborigines. When I was homeless I stayed at an Aboriginal Shelter. I got to know them very well.

        And I even get called Abo by ignorant Hicks even though my origins are Maltese.

        So please don’t assume that you know me.

        1. No, sorry, I was out of order. I have seemed to cope well under recent major stressors but suddenly found myself weirdly reactive to small things i would normally let go in less than 24hrs. Sorry again, i don’t have any explanation, I’m in a strange state, please try not to take me personally.

          1. Apology accepted Millie.

            Don’t stress. We are in Scorpio season. I can definitely feel it.

            I think it is a month of remembering who and what did us wrong and then letting it go. It takes time and there is no running away from it.

            I hope this helps. Your strange state is a natural process. Resistance is useless.


          2. I got this email this morning:

            Moon in Capricorn meets three planets, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, forming a trio of conjunctions in just 12 hours. This might be an intense period, with a lot happening all at once. The most dominant influence is the Capricorn/Saturn tone, which can be serious and cautious, as well as focused on a deadline or responsibility. You might feel heavy and weighed down, or tired and worn out. It’ll be important to be realistic about what you can and can’t do, and on what time frame.

            Jupiter might bring a small amount of support or motivation to help you do the essentials, but it’s most likely to be a time of less fun or joy and more about dealing with necessities. Pluto adds depth and intensity and can highlight a struggle around power. If you feel controlled by a person or situation, you might find it necessary to set a limit or change the terms of an interaction to reclaim a sense of agency and power. This is an intense window of time and will lighten once the Moon moves out of Capricorn.

            The Moon conjunct Jupiter at 19 Capricorn and Pluto at 22 Capricorn on October 22 (US/Canada), October 23(Australia). The Moon will Moon conjunct Saturn at 25 Capricorn on October 23 (Everywhere)

            1. Thanks, Wish. I felt terrible at misfiring at you and would have completely understood if you blanked me in future posts. Happy you can connect again, and saw something in the email for our understanding X

        2. Darling StarWish, many that are still in the work force are under enormous stresses specially in the major cities. The fortunate ones like me are elders and non participants in society ‘cept at supermarket and THAT has it’s stresses! I believe you are in wide open spaces under a clearer sky where all is sweeter and simplified?
          Millie is compassion in shoes. So are you!

          1. Oh, Pegasus, that is real compassion and sweetness. Actually, i am trying to weave a connection with indigenous aspects into a completely different work project that has never been done before. It’s a big picture idea i have had for some time, not knowing how to work it out, but it feels increasingly spiritually urgent to DO SOMETHING PRACTICAL. I know i’ll be basically alone doing the hard yards of detailed organisation in my own area, even while i forge connection with people outside it. And recently an exec decision made me feel somewhat invalidated, so it is a struggle not to resentfully resign myself to doing less, rather than beyond. If a bridge is to be forged, i have to face the fact that i am in a unique position for it, and must sacrifice ego for a higher purpose. Leo MC not like! MercChiron Aries not like! Sag Asc deflated! Uranus Libra tearing at paradigms! I suppose deep down i am feeling the four Mars Squares and two Oppositions (2 t-squares hinging on Mars in Cap) in order to see if i can deploy them, martially, for something greater. Scared i can’t put my money where my big Sag philosopho-mouth is 🤯 !!!!!!!

  21. Thank you 🙏🏽 The one thing that always baffled me about my chart was my NN in libra SN Aries. It always felt wrong and however hard I tried to integrate it into the whole picture of who I am it didn’t fit. I’ve discussed this here before. Reversing them feels like I can finally put that last odd piece of the jigsaw puzzle into place. Ahhhhh 😑

    1. Yeh, my style in the MCconjunctSN/ ICconjunctNN was more naturally Aqua IC: i commenced leadership wanting the individuals in our mixed bag to shine, be responsibly autonomous and forge a brotherhood that respects all the differences in a functional way. I was only going to do it for a year until they found someone with experience, and aimed to fix 20yr issues noone new would realise were there except by constantly getting stymied by those problems. And i looked forward to then just having a good leader and return to my previous work.

      Naturally, the warm leader i wasn’t. Due to my Mars in Cap v late 1st and Virgo in Lilith 10th, all bitch and freedom in the details and self-competence.

      Fallout from that; slow growing prizes from that; i feel there is no primary direction to move from or towards with NN SN axis. The Dragon is magical, and magic has no spatial limitation, Einstein saw it, Relativity. It’s all happening, just your position on the railway track, the image he employed to teach anyone, is what makes it relative.

      1. Yes, I have many times been criticized in leadership roles for not ‘saving’ ‘nurturing’ caring enough for those that basically aren’t/ can’t do their job or can’t separate their personal issues from their role responsibility. Business to me is a serious game that requires players to firstly take on roles that they have natural aptitude for and secondly to hone those aptitude’s into skills that help the team win . The leaders job is to develop a winning strategy, provide the resources to fulfill that strategy. The team must provide the skill, the energy and the desire to win. If they can’t or won’t they become a liability to the project. It only takes one wheel to fall of a train to derail it. Derailing then can be attributed to poor leadership, not because of poor nurturing, caring, supporting but because of too much of it. what was needed was a cool detached assessment and elimination of these weak links, not the acceptance of them.

        1. Yeh, the team learned many years before to rely on being ‘mothered’ when they didn’t do stuff. Learned helplessness. So it’s almost like setting boundaries with angsty, lazy teens in a stepfamily!

          Leo Aqua is Kings, Queens and personal sovereignty. And let’s not forget Regulus has shifted into Virgo! One thrives and rules by being across one’s own details, non? Mistakes, no drama, learning opportunity, i will guide. But feigned helplessness and intractability….short shrift. Even with that, i counselled a hilariously different strategy just yesterday.

    2. Me too, I have lived the axis of Saggi and Gem, but the Gem makes much more sense for me and in terms of synastry with my partner it is light year’s difference.

  22. I’m looking forward to hearing more on your interpretations on this, and checking out the astral DNA with this info.

    Since the thoughts you’ve been sharing I’ve been considering perspective bias on North and South. The North Star as a guide for intentions, goals etc has never really resonated with me, so the perception piece makes a lot of sense. So, something that I have been feeling into is, if we are in the Southern Hemisphere and set our intention as a ‘North Star’ (by calling it that for example) are we then defining our intention as something that we are chasing and cannot see.

  23. It’s a bit like trying to recast the villains in your favourite soap as more nuanced and attractive characters after spending six seasons loving to hate them. I guess nothing about 2020 implies status quo does it?
    And I thought I was so cool with The Maverick Frequency.
    I guess I wasn’t expecting my covert traditionalist astrology fetish to be Aquarianized.

    1. Yeah agreed. I’m open to the concept and appreciate the opportunity to understand my chart in a more relevant way. I am struggling though and it’s not easy to admit because I have no desire to be negative here but yeah I personally am battling a bit to wrap my brain around this. I’m still very stuck in the “north node good, south node bad” narrative .

      1. There is a lot to get your head around.
        I wonder if you can see the nodes as more of “where you are headed/lessons to explore, and where you’ve come from/lessons learnt”?

      2. The ideas around the nodes in here may help?
        I now see them more as points to do with twin snakes, left/right brain, merging them for higher function. All of this warrants more research but if it helps, leave out North and South and think Ascending node/Descending node.
        They’re a consciousness point – conscious/subconscious – AND a planet crossing their midpoint is likely to result in a rebalance or awareness shift.

        1. Beloved M
          I’m impressed with the rad candour of sharing your impressions re this and sense of what it is while it still nascent or at least in development. Did you mention that your SN (now flipped so NN ) in sag?
          Because somehow it’s easier for me to “see” these things in others without my ego sabotaging the situation … thinking out loud here but this would definitely make sense on lots of levels. I’m STILL taking in and partially reeling from the audio zap you did with all the cool new insights.
          I’m 💯 down with the more nuanced and less binary or rather judgmental, Eurocentric / Patriarchal take on astrology. It feels revolutionary and so fresh. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

        2. I love the analogy/ comparison of the left and right hemispheres of the brain and the focus being on wholeness or integration. Brava!

          1. Okay yes. I’m starting to grasp the concept now. I’ve had a few days to percolate and it’s making more sense. 🙏🏻

            1. Just a quick Q, I saw someone on the Scorpio thread talking about their ascendant getting flipped because of the new revelations re: southern hemisphere. I’m pretty sure MM is only talking about the nodes getting flipped but does this mean the entire chart is flipped lol?

              1. No. The nodes are based on the axis of a planet hence the “ascending – descending” polarity – but that’s it’s not the same as a “rising” sign.

                Visually the Southern Hemisphere chart is reverse to what it should be, but that’s a perspective shift only rather than a reversal of signs/meanings. Like we are looking at the chart as if we were on the other side of it (because we are). Really difficult to explain in words but the best way to demonstrate is this: go outside and look where the sign rises & sets vs what the astro chart looks like (see for the current chart for your place). It’s all right there in front of you..!

                1. Thank you for explaining it to me! This is what I intuited, but I definitely needed someone to confirm whether I was right.

              2. Oh my hat, I think this was me re: flipped ascendant. I read “ascending nodes” and Virgo/Gemini brain just ran out having skim read it 4 times and not once thoroughly. I’ve made a mistake lol!!! Thank you for highlighting, I’m a beginner-intermediate at best and Mercury -owns- me so I’m gonna blame retrograde for my sudden illiteracy 😆 appreciate your attention to detail and I have learned today! ⭐️

                1. I am mercury ruled and that frequently happens to me with the written word.
                  I’m spookily gifted at subtext detection visually or audibly tho

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