Announcing My New Takes On 21st Astrology – Part One

How’s this for a whoosh of early Mercury-Uranus opposition intel? I’ve radically revised my take on some major tenets of astrology. These ideas have been kicking around for a while but Mars in my 3rd house for six months has inspired some obsessive research and thinking.*

If you’re short on time or don’t feel like details, here is the ultra-condensed version:

(1) The Moon’s Nodes don’t mean past lives/future lives or what you should seek/discard, go toward/gravitate away from. They’ve got a much cooler meaning than that.

(2) If you were born in the Southern Hemisphere, the Nodes need to be flipped anyway: North to South and South to North. Yes.

(3) The Southern Hemisphere people’s charts need to have the Ascendant on the Right – the birth chart has to be a sky map. The reason they don’t reflect the real astronomy has been a ‘just because’ thing forever; it’s certainly how I was taught. But fuq that. And, there are some fascinating – weird – reasons why.

(4) Some elements of ancient astrology are relics of their time and have little practical application. But others are totally worth it. Modern astrophysics makes it possible to precisely measure which of – for example – the Fixed Stars were in effect at the time of your birth, rather than gazing at a list of dozens. 

(5) The reason the Druidic lunar mansions are not as widely known or used as the Vedic/Chinese ones is that their cultures came under the iron rule of the inquisition. But they’re just as valid and obviously influenced one another. 

(6) Galactic Astrology is legit. That is, seeing the times/people’s personal birth charts not only from a geocentric (from Earth) perspective but as a part of a galaxy revolving around the Galactic Center, Space Weather, and other interesting factors. 

I resisted all of these concepts for the same reason that most people do: they’re not the habitual, established way of doing things, and utilizing any one of them demands neuroplasticity and work. 

The Moon’s Nodes Are Not About Reincarnation

The Moon’s Nodes are the points where the Moon meets the Ecliptic. Also known as the North and South Node, they are always opposite one another and have nothing to do with reincarnation. 

I know, I know. I was taught it, I’ve said it. I believed it. But ever since Uranus in Taurus, I’ve been studying some fantastic old texts, and while the Nodes get frequent mentions, there is no mention of reincarnation associated with them. Not only that, it seems to have been a concept that sprouted in the last century, seeded by none other than the incredibly influential Dane Rudhyar. 

Born Daniel Chenneviere in Paris, he was a crazy-smart musician-philosopher-astrologer whose fusion of Eastern philosophy with Jung, esoteric astro, and sacred geometry became fashionable and then mainstream. He’s the progenitor of the entire “New Age” and humanistic astrology movement. He was Aries with Mars conjunct Pluto and Neptune in Gemini: When he changed his name, he chose “Rudhyar” after a Sanskrit Storm God, also called ‘the Red one.’ 

Dragon Lines Go Around The Globe

Now I’m going to get onto anti-South bias later but interestingly, Dane Rudhyar wrote that the South Node was akin to an anus, an organ of excretion. In his view the North Node was the “point of intake of spiritual cosmic material” but the South Node was for elimination. Menstruation was also seen as a South Node phenom. I’m not on board with any of this, obviously. 

Ahh, you might say but what about in Vedic astrology? No! Not even there. In Indian astro, the North Node is Rahu and the South Node Ketu – traditionally, they saw them both as a bit dodgy, with the North and South taking turns being depicted as the “lesser evil.”  They are a semi-conquered demonic force who’d periodically lurch into action and cause eclipses. 

Observing the Nodes has always been a reliable way of predicting eclipses, a huge deal in the olden days. In Ancient China astrologers who messed up an eclipse prediction could be executed. Imagine the spectacle of you, as a despotic Emperor or Empress, waving one arm skyward to seemingly command the heavens and darken or lighten the sky. It would be the ultimate PR stunt and seal your reputation as a divinely sponsored ruler. 

So what, if not your past life and optimal future life, do they represent? Well, the Nodes have been a Dragon since forever, and remember, every time you see or hear about a serpent or dragon-slaying, it’s referring to the conquest of pagans, druids, witches, and others deemed evil or inferior to the mainstream monotheistic doctrine. In mythology and magic, serpents and dragons are often congruent. Celtic royalty wore a hybrid Dragon-Snake emblem. The creatures are also a metaphor for the suppressed Pagan religions. 

This is where it becomes super-interesting: 

A few examples: The Christian bible refers to a “great dragon” or an “old serpent” placed in the sky by the Babylonians as an adversary or more snazzily, “the seducer of the whole world.”  FYI: The main star in the constellation of Draco (the Dragon) was the Northern Pole Star at the time.

Druids were known as “snakes” – a reference to the two-snakes emblem of Mercury and mysteries to do with the serpentine life force, aka kundalini. Broadly, the Chinese, Celts, Indians, first nations people, and Ancient Pagan cultures held dragons as sacred. The Australian Aboriginal and the Yoruba people have Rainbow Serpent creator gods.  Ley lines were also called Dragon Lines and of course, King Arthur was called the Pendragon. 

The Latin names for the Nodes – Caput Draconis for the Dragon’s Head or North Node and Cauda Draconis for the South Node/Dragon’s Tail – were medieval translations from the Arabic astronomers who developed the concept. Their take on the Nodes was broadly the same as that of the Vedic astrologers – Eclipse- causing potential flashpoints associated with a bad serpent/dragon who periodically tries to eat the Sun or Moon. 

But the original Mesopotamian Dragon, like that of the Egyptians, was a She-Dragon: Once the primordial Goddess of the Waters, the source of everything, she was allegedly destroyed but – like the constellation myth of Draco – still hung around causing trouble when possible. Her name is Tiamat and she’s similar to the Orisha Dragon Goddess: Oshunmare. The Ancient Egyptian version? It was the Ouroboros, the snake eating its own tail, aka a symbol of eternity. 

Like the Celtic astrologers later thought, it was an axis of dragons, not a head-tail scenario. Yet by 1512, it was said that “Male is the head of the dragon and it is similar to a beneficial star; its nature is made up of those of Jupiter and Venus and signifies dominion, luck, and possessions.”

Just like in the game of Snakes and Ladders, the South Node was a slimy slope downwards? “Maleficent is the dragon’s tail; its nature is made up of those of Saturn and Mars and signifies degradation, injury, and poverty.”

The perennial “self-undoing” also makes an appearance more and more frequently, as it did/does with the 12th House. 

So while I believe in reincarnation or more correctly, the transmigration of souls, you can’t see your paths from the birth chart. You need to dream them. Every exit is an entrance elsewhere and the world is not a 2D flat map but a globe. The Dragon lines are not up and down. They go around

How to interpret them? The concept of “South” being “down” and a “descent” constituting a decline is an exploration for the part 2 post, Southern Hemisphere astrology. But in the meantime, my theory is that the Nodes are about the left and right hemispheres of our mind, the twin snakes of Mercury, the marriage of mysticism and science, and the reclamation of the banished divine feminine. 


Fuxi and Nuwa, the Ancient Chinese deities who were said to have bought the I-Ching, Mathematics, Sagecraft, and Culture to humanity, similarly to Thoth/Mercury/Hermes. Note that entwined snaky DNA-like tails. Some say they’re dragon tails, others serpents. 

*For the Transit Detectives, aside from Mars in the 3rd house, Mars + Lilith have been conjunct Mercury in Aries, with Jupiter squaring it.

Images: Marina Zumi – One Of Those Nights
Urania’s Mirror 
Cleopatra The Alchemist
Fuxi and Nuwa


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Mardi Shakti

It’s too soon for me to have any fixed point of view about this new theory; I certainly have complete faith in your stunning mind, research, and skills, however, I have extra-sensory abilities that have taught me a lot about existence; I’ll start with one story: One day, I was chatting in the Women’s Group at my clinic. I was chatting to two women, and suddenly, we were talking about past-lives, and my past lives, in particular – and one of the women, not necessarily into past lives, said: “…Actually, I had a flash, once…” She was at an old… Read more »


Been considering this deeply and must admit that the neural flexibility or dexterity required is an interesting experience in itself. I’m not 💯 on board with it yet but I’m resenting the work of re-evaluating my viewpoint a lot less so that’s progress. 🤣. What is useful is the right & left brain analogy and thinking of the nodes as an axis which when activated inspires major change. I’m sure I’ll catch up eventually. The insight is brilliant. Just mentally limbering up here. I’m going through a bunch of transits currently involving either my North Node (old interp) or the… Read more »


To paraphrase Missy Elliot


Wow. Flipping the nodes? That’s flipping my lid! I’ve a 12th house Scorpio NN conjunct Asc and i’ve paid a lot of attention to the nodes, and the transits over them in particular. I have often felt that many astrologers’ interpretations of the nodes felt “wrong” to me, with the exception of one (who i’ll have to look up & see if she is also Southern Hemisphere!). This completely changes my reading of my Self/Other dynamic. I do feel very strong soul/karmic ties to people with planets on my NN/SN (including Henry Cavill…😏) but…well, maybe i was a bit hasty… Read more »


So as a Snake (Chinese horoscope), does this have any particular, additional influence, do you think?

Vasco Dampier

I was struck by the thought that why is the snakes head (with opening: yoni) not female and the snakes tail (phallic) not male? particularly when it becomes the Ouroboros, which has an obvious Freudian interpretation.

Mardi Shakti

I’ve always seen/sensed North Node akin to Jupiter, and SN akin to Saturn.

Tantric Energies of Expansion and Contraction.

Also, although people say YIN is passive, or whatever, I’ve always experienced as DEEP, and DYNAMIC.
Like an inward-sucking, a rich, internal world.
It has direction just as much as North, but it’s inwards; Spiritual, and goes back to Creatrix: Goddess. Origin.


I so love this – thank you Mystic and MM community. X Mars just conjuncted my South node a few weeks ago and it was really cool to think of it as an integrated continuation of the typical Libra NN themes, and even positive (esp. flipping the north/south directions), as opposed to merely polar opposites. Also helpful from this website – found an article on 5 Tibetan rites so have started doing that, along with re-starting deep breathing exercises. Am also wondering as to the ‘back-story’ to the evolution of divine/sacred feminine alongside Mars archetype. For e.g. it seems a… Read more »


Yes, it’s no surprise that the Astrological texts were written by men, in the same way that all those old Hollywood scripts were too… Astrology doesn’t really pass a Bechdel test in it’s current (old) form… Begin with: the Asteroids – the asteroid belt. That’s where the deep, divine, feminine energy resides – between Mars and Jupiter… here is the real Virgo energy. The Virgo of Juno, Vesta, Ceres, Pallas – and many more – the strong, centred, empowered female deities of Classical myth – not of the nervy, pedantic, Mercury-ruled domestic servant of Classical Astrology. The asteroids appear to… Read more »

Last edited 11 months ago by Mariposa
Mardi Shakti

Such a nice interpretation, Mariposa; I just had to say.


I was born in Lagos, Nigeria. 6 degrees above the equator.
I’ve always felt ‘between’ the nodes.

Wish Upon a Star

Oh wow !

Mardi Shakti

I’m not Jaqui, MM – but I just wanted to add, that my friend and I discussed the Spiritual Directions many eons ago, as baby pagans. Let’s say, the Native American Medicine Wheel: West for Dreams and Sunset – Water. East for Dawn and Inspiration – Air. North for Elders and Wisdom. Earth (Arctic, cold, aged, furthest away/longest journey/most wise) South for Fire, Safety, Comfort, and Play. (Sun/Equator in their South.) Now, HERE, in Australia, the Equator is our NORTH. The Sun, the Safety, the Life, the Play, the Heat. Our South is Antarctica; cold. Old. Furthest away, longest journey,… Read more »

Eclipse Tripper

Super interesting, and I love your theorising here, Mystic. As I got to reading the last paragraph of this post, I recalled my love affair with circular things and the feeling of wholeness and harmony they give me…and then I just thought “Yin and Yang”, the nodes are some major expression of the dynamic of yin and yang. So, yes to the rise of the divine feminine (yin) to pull the excess masculine yang back into balance and restore optimal functioning of humanity. Yes to the left right brain analogy – can’t wait to read the next instalment! In TCM… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Eclipse Tripper
Mardi Shakti

Love this; and the analogy of the shedding skin – including shedding of the past lives/SN, and balancing the Yin/Yang forces. I always envisioned it as standing in the middle of a see-saw, and just rocking back and forth to keep balance.


This is fascinating, love reading about the ancient roots of astrology…. when applying this, are you saying we should swap the nodes?


Marvelous post and the insights in the comments just as fantastic. I am also so here for this. Also, my husband and son named our bearded dragon Tiamat a few years ago – I”ll look at her differently from now on! : )


The could never get the north south nodes with previous entrenched meaning. Now the left and right sides of brain make a whole lot of sense. Yes, science and intuition are the yin yang, science being yang and intuition being yinand they intertwine

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

This is super interesting, and I love the new interp.


Oh my, my, Mystic! I am SO here for this! I have been fascinated by the nodes ever since I first learned of them. Despite all my poking around and reading, I’ve felt that the discussion is incomplete. Especially on a personal level, having my SN is conjunct my moon on my ascendant (combined with some other aspect patterns), I’ve felt a bit queasy about simply writing off the SN as something I must putting behind me. I LOVE how evolutionary you are in your work here! Much love!


Yes! My south node is in taurus, along with my sun, jupiter and venus – and what, my lone ranger scorp north node is supposed to direct my life? I need to reject all things Taurus? How do I even do that with all those influences?


“But in the meantime, my theory is that the Nodes are about the left and right hemispheres of our mind, the twin snakes of Mercury, the marriage of mysticism and science, and the reclamation of the banished divine feminine.” In yogic philosophy, the two nadis (energy channels) known as ida and pingala that flow up your spine (like the Mercury snakes) and through your left and right nostrils not only represent the moon/sun and shakti/shiva (divine feminine/masculine) energies but also activate the right brain/left brain functions and balance the nervous system (also connected with the brain)…. And in the middle… Read more »

Saturn in Pisces

Awesome points. I have seen Ketu/SN explicitly linked to the Ida nadi in Jyotish thought. The idea of the SN being the force that takes in and digests experiences, while Rahu/NN is what we “project”/“exhale” into matter. Though there’s an interesting dichotomy as Ketu, linked to the cooling Ida nadi, is said to be extremely hot/fiery (it’s essentially the spiritual/experiential “digestive fire,” which is what Rudhyar was attempting to convey?) and Rahu is freezing.


This makes sense. I’ve learned most via my sn and what I learned has altered my whole approach to life.

maelys de Rudder

Very very interesting! I have always understood the nodes as a dynamic energetic polarity that must be integrated and ultimately transcended. But replacing the karmic context with what you propose takes this to a whole other level and offers more space for personal transformation and evolution. Looking forward to your next post!


This makes a lot of sense. The idea that someone needs to discard or move away from the house and sign of their south node gets even more complicated when that house and sign is populated by personal planets. What do people with south node stuck in a stellium do?

Interested to read more about this, Galactic astrology and what the Ascendent is really doing in the Southern Hemisphere!

Wish Upon a Star

Good point Vertex.

Saturn in Pisces

Great points. Indeed it’s extremely scary to read about the Nodes when you have personal planets caught up tightly in the SN – I don’t think I can/should “leave behind” my Sun haha.


How do you leave behind Neptune ?!

Wish Upon a Star

I feel you emg.

Secret Sagg

Aye, nor could I leave my Moon


Yah, exactly – i have a Taurus SN sitting in a sun, venus, jupiter Taurus stellium – it never made sense to me.

Secret Sagg

I love this take in the nodes, especially rejecting the idea that they’re karmic. It’s been said elsewhere that with planetary/south node synastric conjunctions, the south node person is burdensome on the planetary person or vice-versa. This idea has always pained me, since my father’s Sun is conjunct my south node, and my Sun is conjunct my mother’s south node in my synastry charts with my parents.

I’m also loving all the comments today. Your insights are clearly game-changing, Mystic – thank you and well done! 💜


Reading your comment, i had a flash thought: everything is karmic! Perhaps that is why these diluted overlaid and extremely binary notions of the Dragon, Caduceus, Ourobouros do not feel explanatory to so many of us seeking the wisdom of ourselves. We can’t just reject something and move to its opposite in the hope of enlightening. Shadows must be integrated, and every light thing makes a shadow.


…”binary notions OVER the Dragon etc” not ‘of’. Sorry, it’s all too Mars in Aries to continually fetch my reading spectacles these last five days or whatnot. I just squint and frown and get the gist and run with it 😂

Secret Sagg

Haha relatable 😂

Secret Sagg

Love it!

Shadows must be integrated – this is why it’s a red flag for me when someone tells me they’re a white witch – basically it tells me that person will show their passive-aggressive side if I hang around for long enough! If you don’t own your Shadow, you’re not truly standing in the light.


Ah, yes, too true. Have you read an older Mystic post: New Age Nasty Chicks Gerberas vs Pterodactyls? It’s from Nov 2011, if anyone wan5s a dip into the archives.






Ha! I have an Ourobouros tattoo on my sternum. Perfect companion.


I have the Ouroboros tattooed as the ‘full moon’ in the Triple Goddess on the back of my neck! I had absolutely minimal comprehension of the significance of either symbol when it came to me fully formed in my dream space and requested permanent residence. My high street artist had a Baphomet pentagram chest piece and made it known that he thought I was the most flimsy, uneducated child (freshly 18!) but I’m glad I stood my ground. Perfect companion indeed 🌒🌕🌘


Just as I was leaving my computer halfway through this post to fix myself a hot drink and emotionally brace myself for the denouement I had a flash about the nodes relating to the brain hemispheres. Synchronous. I really felt this land in my body. Something else I was reading/reflecting on this morning – the difference between a binary, which has its roots in western, patriarchal thought structures and acts to polarise; and with dichotomy, which seeks to orientate through contrast. The meaning of yin and yang, for instance is varied and shifts according to history and cultural context. It… Read more »


Cool. Really cool.


So here for this. Fantastic content and research – my mind is blown. Also love that you don’t get stuck in personal dogma and are continually learning, researching and sharing, even if that goes against previous stated thoughts. So refreshing. So thankful I’m a subscriber <3 <3 <3

Secret Sagg

Agree with all of this. Mystic’s insights here are pure, inspired genius 🤯


Mystic – you said “ But in the meantime, my theory is that the Nodes are about the left and right hemispheres of our mind … “

Because of my training for years in various very different religions — and more recently now in neuroscience (not formally)

Do you mean mind as in, brain?

Or mind as in, the non-tangible?

Or even more confusing – mind as in heart, per some buddhist thought?

Or perhaps — all of the above.

This post and research of yours is btw brilliant and a great deal to ponder. Thank you.


Isn’t it the brain is the hard drive & the mind is the software? Both come with applications, some inbuilt some acquired?

Secret Sagg

Or, the mind owns the company, the brain is the executive suite


Another excellent point


Thanks — great point


But in the meantime, my theory is that the Nodes are about the left and right hemispheres of our mind, the twin snakes of Mercury, the marriage of mysticism and science, and the reclamation of the banished divine feminine.”

/mic drop


Sorry this is OT- but I’m not sure where else to ask. Have I missed something regarding the Daily Mystic? I’m no longer getting it. I sent an email but no response.


I had a problem because 2 same name email addresses but one was & he other simply .com.


Yes to all of this! Twining serpents representing interdependent forces makes so much more sense than a polarized dragon!


Imagine twining dragons!


Question – is Draconic astrology relevant and if so does it tie into this theory? At 29 deg pisces my north node moving does not change my chart much. I always read that as me being an old soul with many past lives but now I wonder! Also, I was so convinced of the past life meaning feeling the tug of war between my Pisces north node and Virgo south node all the time. Letting go of control versus flowing with life are major themes for me. Now I wonder if it’s just my packed 6th house stellium in Sag… Read more »

Saturn in Pisces

THANK YOU MYSTIC! My chart is Nodal AF and I have long been haunted by feeling that my Sun (zero degrees conjunct Rudhyar’s “Cosmic Anus”) is tangled up in my past lives and I’m doomed to forever ruminate about the past – or if we go with the Ketu interpretation, be forever unhealthy and unable to function in the world, but psychic I guess. Over years of Nodal experiences and research I also have come to see the Nodes as the “serpent”/“dragon” of old, our Kundalini energy. I want to hear more about the Druidic lunar mansions as well! I… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

Yes the Druids.

When you mentioned it Mystic it felt like a gold mine unmined.

I am not Celtic but feel a very strong connection to them.

More information would be appreciated.


I am in love with this post, Mystic. I’ve been having similar thoughts brewing for a long time re the NN/SN & Dragon’s Head/Dragon’s Tail, since so many momentous things have happened to me (and other people whose charts I’m tracking) when the Nodes are aspected. I’ve also had Chiron & Mars activating my SN for months now coz of their retrograde & forwards movement on my SN – especially Chiron. Feels like i’m trying to decode something huge. I wish i had more time to comment but I’m in the middle of a major move (movers are actually here!)… Read more »


One interesting take on dragon & serpent myths & how they relate to the axis mundi, tree of life & DNA, is a book by Jeremy Narby: The Cosmic Serpent: DNA & the Origins of Knowledge

Last edited 1 year ago by Skarab
Wish Upon a Star

Yes the world is a globe.

When did we discover the world is not flat?
Duh !

Enjoy your serpent magic !

Last edited 1 year ago by Wish Upon a Star

Thankyou, Hon.
I am excited. A lot of archaeological digs & deep history study going on there (one of my passions)
As a Crab, and being near my Moon line too, i’m calling this phase The Big Wallow.


That’s so interesting, thankyou Mystic, so flipping the chart for rising on the right changes all the house placements but nothing else?


All things are relative to where you are, your size and gravity. If you are standing in the middle of the North Pole your feet are closest to the South Pole. Stand in the middle of the South Pole and your feet are closest to the North Pole. Up and down are relative. If I left the atmosphere and turned my vehicle ‘upside down’ the earth would look like it had flipped. The thing is there is no upside down in space. If I’d never seen earth before and I was in this ‘upside down’ orientation i would see the… Read more »


Holy Cow, mate, i love this and keep coming back to it, but your flipping Gemini astronaut thinking has me kind of discombobulated matching the sense to my fragile and fleeting understanding of geography, and getting a big hit of Piscean Sag Einsteinian grok. Like, do i get it enough, or my low airy smarts are just looking up in wonder at you?


Relativity is so important in the consideration of the nature of reality. And yes the fact that there is no upside down in space is quite a challenging truth x
Just a quick fact. The earths magnetic field flips every few hundred thousand years. There is talk we are due for one.


Super interested! My NN is conjunct IC and Venus, so SN conjunct MC, and i have never quite got a meaningful resonance in the interpretations.


Totally on board with this! The past life/future life interp has never sat right with me, and don’t get me started on the “move towards your NN & reject your SN” permission slip for spiritual bypassing…!


My SN is also my sun sign so I have always battled with this. I can’t just cancel myself!

Wish Upon a Star

Interesting H.


Yes, totally. The nodes need each other – it’s a dance of the two & a matter of balancing their energy. Shunning anything that is a part of you is just detrimental and gonna create more problems.


This would make sense. My north node in Cap is always at odds with my south node in Cancer. A Vedic astrologer once told me that in my most recent past life, I had been a housewife who gave up her dreams to raise a family. Apparently, it is now “my turn” to be a strong independent career woman who will conquer the world one boardroom at a time. I’ve struggled with this type of thinking all my life. I was taught to be that Capricorn-type, all work and no play, jet-setting, emasculating, working woman Barbie type. Now I am… Read more »


I’m a Cap sun Cancer rising and relate to this so so much. I don’t meet and dont want to meet the Capricorn stereotype anymore. It’s been coming up a lot actually in fact someone told me yesterday I’m supposed to be good at making/dealing with money because I’m a Capricorn. Yaaaaawwwnnnn.

I dream of a simpler life of domestic bliss all the time these days.


Yes yes yes! I think it’s Uranus in Taurus making us look towards a “simpler life”


Absolutely! I needed that energy so badly.

Wish Upon a Star

You look like a sweet Kataka to me.


Most of the time. 🙂

Wish Upon a Star

ha ha !

Wish Upon a Star

Why have a beginning or and end with north and south node as previous astrology suggests?

Why a concept of time?

Why not infinity?

Ouroborous !


Omg the flipping of the nodes for southern hemisphere – yes yes! It makes sense of everything for me!

virgo rising

Many years ago, when transiting Saturn was conjunct my natal north node I experienced a spontaneous spiritual awakening and over the course of the next weeks, an inner dialogue with my newly revealed higher self, revealed my destiny to me. At that time I was not into astrology or spiritual life, it was 1975 and I was a young mother living in New York City. My life up to that time made no sense to me and I felt I was in the wrong place and the wrong time, in performance mode and living according to someone else’s agenda (… Read more »


This is interesting, I have the opposite of your nodes and I feel the same way. Almost like I underwent mind control that taught me to prioritize career and material achievements over family, but waking up alone and going to work every day feels like a total drag that is almost surreal. I am completely disconnected for myself and dream of having an awakening like the one you describe.

virgo rising

I understand your dilemma. With Virgo rising and Saturn conjunct Mercury on the MH I too was very mentally oriented. The shift came when I began to follow my heart against what was considered rational behavior. When one stops caring about public opinion it is much easier to follow the “irrational”, but all-knowing heart.


You’re the first vr person I’ve read who slso has Saturn conjunct me as I do. Sorry I haven’t seen this, I’m not here much anymore. Its cool yo know

Crystallised future

#3, I’ve had those sentiments for a couple if decades too.


I love this. North node conjunct Neptune now in 10th Scorpio, more exotic than the other way. I need more MM cause I’m stuck in the past/future scenario. Twisting my brain and good timing with daylight savings time. But Leo ascendant not Aquarius?

Last edited 1 year ago by JacQui

After trying to get my heads around changing to Gem Rising (not quick, nimble, socioculturally adept like that!) I realised it’s not the chart signs flipped: IT’S THE DRAWING of your same chart. Like you drew it on clear paper and turned it over.


And you have touched on my other bugbear: we need to have a less patriarchal interpretation of the moon card in the Tarot

Last edited 1 year ago by Shoshannah

What do you think about shifting suns to align with the precessed position of their constellations? My sun is tucked between Regulus and Denebola, I am a virgo. Perhaps it is because of a virgo preference for conceptual tidiness that I feel that given the position of the fixed stars I should be a leo : )) What makes this even more interesting to me is that my sun/moon midpoint and my draconic sun are in leo and the first person who made my chart for me, my father, insisted that I was leo rising. (He wasn’t at my birth… Read more »


northern hemisphere cultural roots in all this stuff.
like flip the nodes in the south?
totally makes sense.
perfect time to recheck and recalibrate learnt/inherited assumptions.
gutsy move Mystic.


I like it.


So cool – can’t wait for part 2!




Yes. Is the mm school still open somewhere in the archives? I’d get back online for that. So many new theories to bump around with. Thank you for sharing these


Omg i couldn’t bear to read my own past comments there! Surely i’m not alone. Lots of us grew with that, which is great. Perhaps Mystic’s posts alone there. But then again its very idea was to open to commentary and group learn a little.


Mind blown 🤯

Lady Pluto

Can’t fucking wait.


Very cool! Can’t wait to hear more.



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