10th House Astrology

Man gazing at giant crystal: Mastering 10th House Astrology

Are you seeking an ideal brand for your business? A vocational talisman? Astrologically directed career guidance? Look to your 10th house.

The sign that makes up most of this sector sets the tone. People with Leo-dominant 10th House astrology are performers, blossoming in the glare of a spotlight that would wither other signs of the Zodiac. Those with a Pisces presence here are more likely to value mystique, perhaps even leading a double life. Aligning your vocational vibe with the sign in your 10th House is brilliant for business.

Any planets in the 10th House are like characters. If you have Mars there, for example, rivals and competition energize you. You’re a person of the arena, inspired by challenges that would enervate others. Neptune? The Shamanic Planet here is a fantastic aid to any creative career. Neptune in the 10th House people are often adept at creating a brand or a persona that they veil their true selves behind.

Scorpio in the10th House means career is a continuous rebirth and death scenario. They cannot be casual about their work. These people are always in knock down and rebuild mode. They like it that way. The same goes with Pluto (the ruler of Scorpio) here.

Mastering 10th House Astrology

10th House Gemini? Scribe Vibe

If your 10th House is mostly Gemini, the sign ruled by Mercury, you’ve got scribe vibe. Essentially, whatever you do, writing and media will play a massive part in it. You’re articulate and fast processing.

Sagittarius or Jupiter in the 10th House people don’t like to be indoors or beholden to rigid hours, people and doctrines. They’re wanderers, seekers, teachers, and free souls.

Understanding your 10th house astrology is a significant advantage. It’s not fatalistic. Instead, see it as a useful guide to your assets and liabilities. Below are a few examples of 10th House delineations from my Astral DNA Birth Chart.  FYI: The Midheaven is just a fancy term for the start of the 10th House.

Taurus 10th House People Are Endurance Predators

Taurus Tenth House

These people are endurance predators. Not for them the short-term, flimsy little career goals or fads. When Taurus shows up at the Midheaven, the person needs to think in vast tracts of time. They foundation for the long term. Patience and a persona robust enough to not be destabilized by adversity see them out-lasting the flashier types. Money is a significant motivator, and it is not healthy for them to pretend otherwise. Their reputation is hugely important to them, and even the extreme creative types do well with the compliance aspects of a business or job. Core Concept: Builder.

Aquarius Tenth House

Aquarius Midheaven people are not just their own boss. They are their career guru, role model, mentor, and muse. They are inventors who could not give a fuq about the way things were ‘done before’ or ‘what seems to work.’ They specialize in seeming low-key and even banal but then springing big bouts of genius. Aquarius Midheavens are big in tech, digital media and anything where they can code/create their way to their version of Nirvana. Don’t crowd them or demand that they show their working. In some cases, they may have to develop an impervious attitude towards accusations of not being a “team player.” It’s not accurate. They will team up in the rare event that a group dynamic can come together to innovate. But conformity where their career is concerned? Never.

Sun In The 10th House People Are Climbers By Nature

Sun in The 10th House

Don’t talk to Tenth House Sun people about being non-hierarchical – they like hierarchies. They need something to climb and to have tangible proof of success or progress. Tenth House Sun people have an innate psychological need to attain whatever counts as mainstream acclaim and recognition in the society they are a part of. They’re supremes, leader of the pack, head witch of the coven, whatever. From an early age, they figure out what it will take to peak and set about doing it. They are leaders whose primary operating method with everything is to manage it. These people don’t relax by relaxing. Whether they reveal it to you or not, they usually have a comprehensive and adequately planned out success strategy that they are following.

Their C.V. Is A Twilight Zone Of Enigmatic Gigs & Off-Mission Escapades

Neptune in The 10th House

Their public image can be mysterious: an alias, nom de plume or a brand conceals the real persona. Tenth House Neptune people are adrift in an ocean of treacherous career currents until they find or create their true vocation. Their c.v. is peppered with surreal episodes, a twilight zone of enigmatic gigs and of course, quite a few off-c.v. escapades. Whatever their official occupation, their title is really “magician” or “rainmaker.”

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