The New Moon Of Substance

Happy New Moon In Capricorn; a Solar Eclipse, augmented by power-players Saturn and Pluto. It is a Moon of Substance, a magical moment for worldly people.

Give thanks to the people who let you down, disregarded your feelings or belittled your talents. Yes, that’s right. Honor the Fuqwits. They scrambled your signal but unintentionally made you strong. You took their crap and turned it into fuel. Give thanks that you’re not with them, that they didn’t hire you, love you or listen.

Honor the Fuqwits is a version of Nietzsche’s very Plutonic throw roses into the abyss and say: ‘here is my thanks to the monster who didn’t succeed in swallowing me alive’ advice.

All those nights you cussed and raged. Disempowered days when you felt unsure of the very ground beneath your feet. Forlorn texts, unable to be called back once sent. And, out-sourced self-assurance and misappropriated energy.

Be grateful for all of it, but most especially that your ploys back then did not work and you had to force yourself into strength and growth. Success became your survival tactic. Honor the Fuqwits for making you have to rate yourself.

And with this Solar Eclipse New Moon in Capricorn at warp-core intensity for the next 72 hours, pay homage to the areas where you were weak but are now formidable as fuq. Furthermore, you have strengthened them via Saturnine focus, hard work and the ability to turn shit into wisdom.

I got an email today that reflects this energy:

Hey Mystic,

The Christmas/New Year period usually brings a certain ex-boyfriend out of the woodwork but this year instead of him, I got a coterie of people that used to be friends with wanting to…reconnect?

Today I received a text message which included an apology, an excuse, a ‘woe is me, feel sorry for me’ type sentence and finished with a ‘call me sometime.’ Ummm, no. If you want to talk, you can pick up the phone and speak. I texted back ‘no thanks!’ It felt great. 

Historically, I have been one for reconnecting but this time around, I just DGAF. The thought of having these people and this crap in my life again is unthinkable! They don’t belong here in this time and space – no disrespect to what we once shared at another point in history obviously – and it’s as simple as that. 

What amazing astrology can we thank for being able to close the door on crappy second chances?

Much Love,


It’s this Solar Eclipse New Moon In Capricorn, and it’s YOU.

Honor the Fuqwits for unwittingly freeing you up to be formidable. Stay substantial. Be the tower of strength for people still struggling with the sorts of demons that now have no power over you whatsoever. Throw roses into that abyss and forgive yourself for choices made on treacherous ground.

Rather than startling or feeling weighed down when you recall some past folly or defeat, permit yourself a rueful smile. New Moons like this are hard on pretenders and the delusionary people but they reward people of substance.

Image: Salvador Dali 

68 thoughts on “The New Moon Of Substance”

  1. Coming up now, and still as relevant in 2021 as in 2019, complete with Pluto conjunction. Will make it a point to thank all the fuqwits in my life. My monster chewed me up and spat me out. I am deeply grateful.

  2. This woman of substance (s) is late reading this thanx to snail pace internet and Voda who are not the cream of telscos.
    Connection speed was faster 10 years ago, do i forgive THEM too?
    An adventurous and prosperous New Year (with fine health and inner peace holding it all together) to you all for 2019.
    If it was a fizzer, like no fireworks, then there is Chinese New Year a-coming and as year of couchon ok pig then.
    Pity in Oz we don’t have a Forgiving the Pig ceremony like the turkey pardon.
    I forgive myself for loving pork. Slowly turning back to the Stop ‘Eating Meat ‘the eco terrorists’ mantra written on all metal traffic stop signs in my area.
    I forgive my sativa plants being all male after tender care i gave them for 3 months. Uprooted now. Didn’t like me calling them ‘my ladies’ i guess. Gardening was advised for this earthy time in a post. That made me smile. For medicinal purposes only as a broncho- dialator for my COAD.
    All joy fun and frolicking to everyone. My wings are being preened for mid summer skies.
    Venus in Sagg too!!! And all that Capricorn energy for my rising (sign 🙂

  3. I have a question

    I have a surgery scheduled in late March
    It will be during Mercury retrograde, I saw
    Does that mean I should postpone it?
    Or does me scheduling it ahead of time negate this effect?

    1. i would definitely reschedule if it was Mars retrograde, but Merc usually corresponds more to tech/communications/job offers?

      1. Hmm yeah
        Neither Venus nor Mars will turn retro in 2019
        So that is one thing I don’t have to worry abt at least lol

  4. Thank you for this beautiful, timely, and eerily choice-worded post. Thank you for putting words to the things my head and heart are too wrapped up in the turbulence of the moment to express. Thank you for the big picture, the reminders; sometimes it feels like your posts are such manifestations that come up for me when I most need a reminder that I’m on the right path.

    This one seriously gave me chills, BIG love and gratitude to you MM! <3

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Well said, I agree. Mystic articulating what I am feeling. But more importantly, for me anyway, is the validating of these feelings so they are brought out of the subconscious to the conscious. So they can be looked at, instead of being lost in the ether.

  5. This is a great read. Thank you. I’m learning that I might find a way of coping that isn’t as terrifying as I first thought it could be. In the face of adversity I’ve met some amazingly resilient people who have taught me some valuable lessons.

  6. Anyone have any insight, why do eclipses jig with ovaries so much?! Moons I get but eclipses always seems to shake rattle and roll with my body..

  7. thank you for these awesome comments!!! I don’t have time to reply more in depth as I am working on something epic that will be up before the next Full Moon! But i read everything and i am appreciative xx

    1. Thank you for this post. The reason I was feeling scared to death during the DM was due also to me having completely obliterated the part when you remember yourself who you were prior to meeting some scumbags. And though I find it hard to thank them, reading this post kinda rised my spirit and yesterday, afte the NM was on and before starting my mindfulness session I did set my intent imagining a sword and the air floating and all those things you wrote in the daily mystic. Really thanks for you inspo and constant hints.

  8. Ha! Just minutes before reading this I went out and looked at an old flames Facebook page to see to my amazement, it was flooded with pics and posts of her and her new man.. then I read this. Spot on, fuq them all lol. Exactly, throw roses and give thanks for moving on to bigger and better things.

  9. The eclipse saw me shore up a solid position on a few things and this morning I almost back flipped on them! This is REALLY odd for me. I find decisions easy to make and never reconsider them once made. I know my own mind really well. It felt really weird. I have almost nothing in either Earth or the mutables. Only Chiron in Taurus and Neptune in Sagg. Does anyone else have a dearth of earth and mutable stuff like me? I’m trying to figure out if this is a growth mode. It just feels like namby-pamby ambivalence.

    1. Low on mutable too. Yes, this phenomena of changing perception is a gift. Seeing circumstances completely differently is a sign of a free mind. The trick is to choose the empowering point of view as there is no ‘right’ one per se. Congrats are in order, dancer.

      1. Yes obviously there is strength in any one position. In the ability to make a firm decision or in the ability to change your mind as the circumstances demand. I feel like the growth is in increasing my wisdom to know which is the appropriate frame of mind to take into any situation. Thanks for weighing in.

  10. Thank God for this post in this moment, right in second. It’s synchronicity in the key of magic and on the scale only you, mystic, can sing. I throw my tear-worn and rage-torn roses into the abyss. I Scream, Thank you for the Wisdom, FUCKER. My dragon woke. Now I just got to keep that baby dragon from turning round back onto me. How to rage out and not breathe it back in?

    Love to you Mystic

  11. Dear Mystic: We do so adore you! Interestingly enough, that quote is the very last page of the book I have written. I also used several others of his quotes, Here is my favorite:
    “However you may be, be your own source of experience. Throw off your discontent
    about your nature. Forgive yourself, your own self. You have it in your power to
    merge everything you have lived through–false starts, errors, delusions, passions,
    your loves and your hopes–into your goal, with nothing left over.”
    Friedrich Nietzsche

    Mystic, every time I read your column I am reminded of my own power. As a once-abandoned woman after many years of marriage, I found it necessary to write my life. Believe it or not, your site was instrumental in that endeavor. You encourage us with your wit and profound wisdom.
    Thank you, sincerely.

    1. Wowza, what book or writing of his is this quote from?
      I’ve only ever read him in the dour, cynical nihilism kinda voice, but this is outright soft pensive rumi love in comparison. It’s tripping me out ahaha.

      1. nietsche was super interesting. he wasn’t some kind of proto-goth in any way. he embraced owning the totality of your existence, afaict (one of his books in front of me that i just started reading… ‘beyond good and evil’)
        i learnt that he came from a family of church authorities – pastors etc

  12. One of the most insightful posts I’ve read here over the years and you’ve written a ton of them.

    This Eclipse was conjunct my Mars in the 8th house. The energy feels somber, focused on priorities, no time to waste on non-essentials, a little stern.

    I’ll have to sit with this to understand it more fully.

  13. This is the most me post I ever read: thank you mystic neitzsche is my fave philosopher and I have a Dali painting on my wall in my bedroom. Not to mention, thank you for these beautiful magical words and insight!! Your words are poetic and profound

  14. Feeling strong. I have fearful thoughts that in previous moments would have stopped me from doing anything. Everything. Trauma la la la will do that. I’ve done my work. I’ve gotten progressively stronger. I know that I’ll just handle what comes, including the joy of succeeding…which is a battle I am always fighting with that dude Pluto at the top of my chart.

    1. Pluto high in the chart is excellent for this. No sting or hardship is taken away or cushioned, but when frightening things back you further and further into that corner where you have taken enough and are curling up to die, you then surge forward with plutonic, war-ending, blinding light. Trauma-fuelled endings and phoenixing is exhausting and superfire but some circumstances and states need it.

      1. Thank you, milleunanotte. I feel seen and understood. Which, maybe you know, aren’t common or easy for the Pluto-tinged (singed).

  15. This goes beyond the saying, ‘success (or living well) is the best revenge.’ Building or strengthening weakly-formed characteristics lasts a lot longer than success. It actually can lead to more visualizing, building, and actualizing.

    I think it was astrologer Donna Cunningham who said it best: take care of Saturn and it will take good care of you.

  16. Happy Eclipse! Chopped FB/Twitter out of my life. Drama, reactive mode- constant ire distraction/mayhem. Meantime the real meetings are in the room and the streets.

    All my guru/teachers have passed on. I am the Wise Woman, Elder, my own guru.

    Themes of rediscovery- Sagg Prog Sun. Now full on Zen warrior mode as Pluto squares Libra Sun. New motto: Game On.

    Discovered- how trauma programs our reptile brains and its echoes affect everyday decisions. Seeing this everywhere- work, public life- personal life, politics. Pluto just now in my 3rd squaring 11th Sun. Gleefully disengaged from old groups- peeps. Wrote real cards at Xmas. Back to paper and pen. Obsessively purging- with gratitude- less grief.

    May we all hear the song of the stars.


  17. Wish Upon a Star

    Yes I totally understand honour the fuqwit vibe. Thanks Mystic.

    Had a dream last night that was worthy of a scene in The Exorcist. I was healing Linda Blair. When I awoke I realised that Linda Blair was a part of me and I was healing myself with love and gentleness.
    It was very powerful.

    Feel like this New Moon is stripping me down to my bare bones in a good way. Yes very Plutonic and Saturnine.

    And I love these lovely bones.

    And the Phoenix rises again.

    1. Oooh I really get this one. Working on my shadow stuff currently and acknowledging the monstrous in me with great interest and even attraction?? So I understand loving the Linda Blair corner of your psyche. I think your bones are lovely too. Immolate and rise on.

  18. I want to learn embroidery so I can put this on a pillow, “Throw roses into that abyss and forgive yourself for choices made on treacherous ground.”

    1. If you need the quote amongst your cushions sooner.. ask a machinist service to put onto fabric and weave or sew into your life now! We ave a local service near me and I asked them to put lyrics onto fabric, which I made into a patchwork quilt. He didn’t deserve it but I was very pleased with myself for honouring the depth, within my own crafting skills 😉 xxx

  19. My fuqwits came out of the woodwork early in Pluto in Cap, lol. Now feels like as good a time as any to outpace them for good!

  20. My dream last night was divided into segments, Acts if you will. Each part alluded to the theme of old friendships and connections yet to come. Firstly, I worked in a jewellery shop, later, at home in a grand house. Two friends were discussing regret at friendships lost and gone, some no longer fit (but could be altered accordingly) and some, I simply referred politely on. Mid-way through my dream a magpie sat with me, whom I lovingly caressed. Magpie gifted me two feathers. Afterward, a new confidant (matt le Blanc, how about that for obvious) and I laughed like drains, over a misconstrued sentence.

    I am in no doubt that I am ready to leave the flames of old friendships, for better suited, renewed, gifted connections yet to come. With it, compassion for myself as I step beyond this moon, into a renewed reality of better served friendship.

  21. What I love about the letter is the strategy of replying ‘no thanks’ rather than silence that might invite further unwanted correspondence.

  22. Ohhhhh goodness. This taps into exactly what I’m literally going through. Due to my too strong to ignore intuition and a reveal through other means (I’d asked the universe for a reveal)…. on Friday my husband revealed indiscretions that are deal breakers in all sense of the word. I’ve been devastated and angry. But I’m comforted by this blog post. Many thanks.

    1. Jesus that’s so hard. I hope you have a good support network around you. I am sure you have the capabilities to get through this and be more beautiful and happier than before.

    2. Now some days have passed, that surely feel like weeks and years wrapped into them. I hope that your coming down from the adrenaline rush and piecing together the patterns is at least bringing you to the much-needed parts of grief. I can only say i am sorry for that grieving and may you have all resources at hand to hold you safe and give you space for the feelings to move through and out xxx

  23. Hi MM
    So amazing your post – today I am writing letter to NCAT Tribunal to refuse the bludger in my flat the right to put in a claim for compensation (for me locking him out). He has been terrorising me with his perfume washing powder (that gives me asthma attacks and lung inflammation) since Sept 18 when he moved in and now has not paid rent for 4 and a half weeks. He will owe me 2 months rent by the time I can get a Sheriff’s warrant to take back my room that he has been occupying. He does this to the last 2 head tenants, the last property he occupied the owners managed to get him out after 3 months of no rent with just him occupying their 3 bedroom apartment. Which I am sure he gave backpackers accommodation on the DL and taking money from them. Anyway I also had to get the cops to serve him an AVO which he is going to court for. It’s going to be another month of the MOFO but he is on the out as they say. For a few months there, I felt like shit but I kept my cool even though I was in the dumps and managed to make submissions to NCAT Tribunal on time so am now on the right. Yes to me and Perseverance!

  24. Dreaming horrible dreams that are cathartic. It’s like throwing armfuls of gorgeous fragrant blooms into the abyss.

  25. This new moon is conjunct my venus in the 8th house. Last night I had a dream that my partner of 10 years was dumping me. This happened in real life 10 years, but sometimes I have a dream where it happens and I get to relive it. Yay! Lol. I always wake up upset. In this dream too I couldn’t find my car and so I said to him he had to buy me a new one and he agreed lol. You couldn’t pay me to date him now but I still get upset when I think about him sometimes and how hurt I was from him leaving me.

    1. I’ve read that dreams can be thought of as a kind of ‘safe space’ for the mind to relive or enact traumatic experiences as a means of processing/getting over them.

      1. Yes, I think I am processing things and part of me is still stuck (does it ever end lol). Not being able to find my car and asking him to get me one seems like I am asking him for direction instead of doing it myself. xo

  26. As per usual Mystic Sweetcheeks ….you are on point ! Your post holds perfect timing for me ..and exactly what I needed to hear post solar eclipse. I am Pisces (as you know) and I have been feeling Saturn strongly which is strange ….I (as you know) have felt Saturn before but this time i am feeling much more at ease with it. In the last 6 weeks …my beautiful companion and living animal spirit, Max, has has his eye removed (a congenital melanoma) and orthopaedic procedure, I have had a back procedure, dental work and my favourite uncle, Casey, passed away the day before Christmas Eve. Also …it is the first NYE where I have had not one drop of alcohol. And I have just drawn the line on a narcissistic man. One should think I had learned that lesson !
    Your post is exactly what I needed to read when I shortly after the eclipse point. I as reading it was like securing my armour, holding my sword strongly in my hand and walking tall to go into battle for authenticity and with love in my heart …for myself and for the non “muggles”.
    I don’t comment much …but the fact I have..shows that your post is perfect… and the fact you and I share a birthdate makes it even more significant. Synchronicity at its best.
    Also ..the above mentioned Taurus German Shepherd has taken a turn for the worst..would yourself and all your gorgeous followers please send us love and light. I don’t want to clog up your comments with this.. but I believe in the power of love…and any good thoughts would be appreciated.
    Thank you for being the most perfect astrologer, person and soul. You deserve to look in the mirror and feel good about what you see. Love ya x

    1. I share that birthday too!

      Sending light and love to your beautiful companion. May his innate healing intelligence be activated and health and comfort restored. xox

  27. My dream last night embodied the sentiment of this post. People, buildings, structures from the past that don’t fit in the present. I literally couldn’t fit into one building, it was so small. A person from the past was living in a very small space. You get my drift…

  28. Ohh this is so apt for me right now. I’ve been doing some reading around gratitude practice and this post echoes what Melodie Beattie says about thanking all the merde experiences/people as well as giving thanks for the good things. Total lightbulb moment… despite being abandoned by those who loved me and supposedly believed in me at critical times, I still kept on with my creative practice and have continued to produce work despite self-loathing/doubt/dark nights of soul etc. So just this nanosecond, I can see that my creative practice isn’t tethered to anyone or anyone else’s view/approval of me/giving me permission/external circs. It’s actually mine. Mine. Holy fuq. Realisation of the decade. (New moon eclipse bang on my 5th house moon-Lilith conj) xx

    1. I hold that gratitude practice from Melodie Beattie in very high regard. I worked at it hard about 11 years ago. I think, I hope, it’s on autopilot in my system. The harder days/months I actively engage it. But yes, thank you for the reminder of her work.

      And what an amazing realization. All yours. Beautiful. Inspiring.

  29. Cannot believe how en pointe this is…!!! Truly.
    My New Moon Solar Eclipse Resolution is exactly this: to emancipate myself from Mediocrity, and those with Mediocre goals.
    But my god, has it transformed & strengthened me!!!??? Much love to all xxx

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