Neptune Conjunct North Node: A Heroic Example

To say that Neptune conjunct North Node people are idealistic is to understate their passionate beliefs. The courageous Claus Von Stauffenberg,  the German aristocrat executed for organizing an attempt to assassinate Hitler, was a brilliant example. 

From my Astral DNA report:

Neptune conjunct North Node

You literally follow your dreams and if not, you probably should. Neptune is a potent Muse and your extra-sensory-perception is beyond that of most people. You may seem to take strange routes in life but your spiritual navigation is always accurate. You’re a true mystic and you become more successful as you learn to sift quality instincts from fantasy, wishful delusions, or phantom fears.

Simpatico Neptune-Node people include Dr. Bronner, the soap maker who printed his philosophy on soap labels, the musician Prince and surrealist Max Ernst: “All good ideas arrive by chance.” So did Helen ‘I Am Woman’ Reddy who bucked the usual trend by running away from the circus.

In 1944, the German army executed Von Stauffenberg, a senior army officer, for conspiring to kill Adolph Hitler.  ‘Operation Valkyrie’* failed at the last moment after the dictator changed his schedule last-minute. The plotters were privileged men who could have glided through the war on their Ayran credentials but instead decided to try and to avert the Holocaust. 

Born with the outer planet Neptune conjunct the North Node in Cancer, Von Stauffenberg was unable to contemplate the future or his aspirations in life outside of an idealistic construct.

The Moon rules the sign of Cancer, and the Lunar Nodes (aka the North and South Node) represent significant points crossed by the Moon on her journey around the Earth. So a Cancerian Node is extraordinarily potent and Neptune is always a visionary influence.

Neptune conjunct the North Node can also be almost cinematic in its intensity and sentiment. When it became apparent that the plot would likely fail and all involved face execution, he cared desperately that the world knew not all Germans supported the Nazi regime. Recall also that Cancer represents the ‘Mother’ archetype, and people of that era routinely referred to their homeland as the ‘mother country.’

Von Stauffenberg was a Scorpio with his Sun conjunct Mercury, in sync to Saturn in Pisces. That alone speaks of someone with an austere and distinct life mission. Mars in idealistic Aquarius was square his Sun-Mercury, and his Saturn was square Pluto. Saturn-Pluto people or – more accurately, the mini-generation born under that influence – often end up playing an important role in history or within their culture. 

In Von Stauffenberg’s natal birth chart, the Saturn-Pluto expressed more powerfully because Saturn was trine his Sun and Mercury, while Pluto squared his Mars. The inner planets tapped into the broader, bigger-than-any-one person outer planet alignments. All these contributed but the huge high concept of killing Hitler? That was Neptune-North Node energy. 

“Let’s be blunt, I am committing high treason with all my might and means.”

Claus Von Stauffenberg – The German Officer executed for plotting to assassinate Adolph Hitler

*In Norse mythology, the Valkyrie are warrior goddesses as well as fate deities. The name is literally “chooser of the slain.” These brave men knew they were likely to die during this venture.

10 thoughts on “Neptune Conjunct North Node: A Heroic Example”

  1. Good example. Except for Germans its faterland (fatherland), which puts their home country under the Capricorn sign and rule of Saturn. (And no, its not the “what is the common convention” – its *their* mythology, apprehension, self-realization, so its theirs “deity” to chose). On a side note – this would, in fact, nicely describe the difference in their “national character”, as well as how EU peoples had all these issues historically between themselves :).

  2. Synchronicity: when your washing machine breaks down and your next client is a washing machine repair man..
    And thank you, Kim, we need all the support we can get in these Neo-Ancient techniques of transformation & growth.
    Onwards & upwards.

  3. Oha, thanks Kim for that Astro lesson. Fascinating. Neptune is our Divine, huh.
    I use this word fairly frequently and it has a positive resonance within the body.

    My Neptune is in Libra (and Moon) so this explains my use of positive words (when bodyworking). To create balance.
    My first experiment, eons ago, was to ask the person to close their eyes. Then see the word……….insert whatever uplifting word you choose or what they want more of……then tell them to see it in CAPITALS….then imprint on their forehead in their minds’ eye, then dynamically breathe into their bodies. The cells listen to you, i say or is it the subconscious you can direct?
    When used in Aromatherapy, one can describe the flower or plant/bark etc
    to the receptor to double the effect.
    As most don’t know what they want, you may decide for them:) (for the higher good and all that before choosing!
    An easy intro to visualisation skills.
    To the heavens.

    1. I like that technique, Pegasus.

      A belief is a simply a thought we keep thinking. Your visualisation allows for a new thought to ‘override’ the old one, creating new experiences and healing. Excellent! 🙂

  4. He does have those dreamy Scorpio eyes!

    What I find so interesting about this is his North Node and Neptune in Cancer–an idealization of his purpose to the point that he could become a public martyr. Neptune is where we look for the divine and with that NNode, it may have felt to him as if he had a divine purpose to carry out his plot–a divine right.

    He could also have been a famous novelist but in the stories he told we would have seen this theme of idealized vision of ‘Mother Land’ Cancer meeting the sudden and immovable wall of Capricorn S Node and rebellious Uranus.

    The nodes are an axis that need balancing, especially when one end is ruled by the extreme nature of his Saturn with its aspect to Mars and Pluto–a powerhouse engine that could derail. But it gets even more tricky. His North Node was ruled by the Moon and his South Node by Saturn and these two planets where conjunct for most of the day. I get the image of tension as tight as a piano wire between his rebel nature and the desire for immersion in a cause. Because the nodal rulers were conjunct, he had less chance for objectivity and more for obsession.

    I’ll have to watch the movie to see how he is portrayed.

    Note the final Nodal theme: Count Von Stauffenberg was shot just before 1am on the 21st of July 1944–on the Solar Eclipse in Cancer (Sun, Moon and North Node conjunct)–just before his exact Nodal Return.

    I think he would have felt that he gave his life to a ‘right cause’ and would have done it all over again. No regrets.

    🙂 Kim

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