The Full Moon Firebird

A Full Moon conjunct your Venus can be strange magic. That went quadruply for the Full Moon in Taurus a few days ago as it was also Mercury Retro. It was omen central for so many of us, as this tale attests.

Hey Mystic!

I’m going to write about a wild thing that happened. My relationship with a young Libra man is likely ending. We’ve been together for two years but he’s been pulling away and going dark for months. A lot is his own stuff but some of it is in response to my job, the size and scope of my life in comparison to his. (every man takes issue with it eventually).

This has been hurting me in so many soft spots all over my whole lifetime of relationship karma, and though I’m certain it’s for the best, I’m deeply hurting. It’s been very hard to even perform for the crying I do every day. Mercury in Scorpio has not helped: everything cuts deep. I have no shallows left. 

So then came the Taurus Full Moon – exactly on my Venus. Secretly I wanted it to mean the return of the romance between us, instincts say otherwise.  So I’m on a brief break from tour, staying in a rural part of Tennessee. It’s cold outside but I was so gripped with sadness I had to do something. I bundled up and walked into a field under the bright moon.

There, freezing I sat in prayer and meditation, playing all the big loves I’ve ever had in my life, each face, each man, all the way back to the first, across my memory like a slideshow. I thanked, forgave, wished well and released each person, every face. I guess you could call it a combined gratitude/ loving-kindness meditation.

As I went back in time, I began to feel lighter, giddy even. A smile crept across my face and I realized I was gently rocking back and forth. With the last blue-eyed/dark-haired man thanked and forgiven, (I have a type) wished well and let go, I giggled, my eyes popped open and I sighed “YES” up to the Moon.

At that exact moment, and about a hundred yards away, a wild chorus of coyotes erupted into an ecstatic song. They sang and sang while I laughed and wept. I even tried to howl but could barely make a sound. My friend came out of the house at the racket worried for my safety. Or maybe my sanity? He found me pink-cheeked and crazy laughing.

That night I dreamed I was standing in an unfinished recording studio. I looked up through the holes in the roof, and saw a bright sparkling firebird flying, soaring slowly from right to left across the night sky. I’m still heartbroken and hurting about my love feeling like it’s over, but all of this is a good sign, isn’t it?

Or did I accidentally sell my soul or something?

The Galactic Tourist

Sell your soul? No way. It sounds more like you’re negotiating to get it back. I think the Coyotes are an omen of wildness and Trickster Vibe. Have you lost some of your edge trying to reel this man back in? Or minimizing, as you say, the scope of your life?

When it is a Full Moon conjunct your Venus and you’re outside, ignoring the cold to howl along with Coyotes, it’s an omen. It’s time to reclaim what Clarissa Pinkola Estes (Women Who Run With The Wolves) calls the ‘wildish nature.’ A spontaneous montage of all the men you’ve loved before, complete with emotional release, is ultra apt for Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio.

It could also be a subliminal preparation for an impending relationship split. Everyone who has ever been at this stage knows it: that moment where you mentally recategorize the person from “us” into “them.” And then of course you resist and start frantically coming up with ways to keep the whole thing going. But energetically, something shifted.

As for the Firebird and unfinished studio – it’s promising artistic metamorphosis. Venusian energy is not just romance or even beauty. It’s art, performance and emotionally resonating with an audience.

Also, the Full Moon was conjunct Vesta, the creative flame. A Firebird is a Phoenix; you know what they do. I dreamt of one at the end of a relationship that I was trying not to admit was done. In the dream, the Firebird/Phoenix was in front of us, dazzling and obviously magic. My soon-to-be-ex said he couldn’t see it and I knew he was lying.

So, said the Phoenix, I’ll give you flying gifts and then he will see you. In the dream, I became fabulously able to fly and was swooping around the place. I was like ‘wow, my god, I am flying! Are you aware of how impossible this is?’ And he shrugged.

Dreams are magic and the Firebird following on from your wilding moment is ultra significant. Why not get back into the studio and do the album about this theme? Coyotes, Venus in Taurus, the Firebird and your theme of “every man” having a problem with you at your most optimal.

What does everyone else think?

Image: Kasumasa Nagai

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  1. “I have no shallows left”. Ouch..I think this is how my diabetic child feels some days when it seems he’s run out of skin on his slender body that isn’t punctured with needle holes. Feels like the horse of change is riding through, instead of turning away from it I think you grabbed the saddle running and the bird is showing you the way. Transformation. Good luck! All I felt on that Taurus Moon was simmering anger & frustration.

  2. These ‘coincidences’ aren’t random. There’s some magic thing between animals and humans, especially when humans are being completely honest and bare, talking/listening to our all knowing higher self. I’ve had a number of these strange synchronicities over the years, the last one was with a dragonfly (my totem) I wrote a short thing about it and called it “the book of three” as that was the 3rd ‘warning’ or the Omen as I called it. The Dragonfy was buzzing around the kitchen when I was living at my ex’s place. It was flying around, banging on the ceiling attracted to the lights. I said to myself “this dragonfly is me. This is what will happen if I stay here.” a few moments later I turned around and found the dragonfly laying dead at my feet. and i knew. I knew right then that if I stayed there a moment longer, that I would *die* but not a physical death, that more metaphorical self-destructive death that is always hard to recover from. The death of the inner light. I moved out and never looked back.
    Very cool you had coyotes howling. Probably some much deeper primal symbolism. All I can think of is a stupid move title “Coyote Ugly”

    Good luck with your music. Maybe a new song ?

    1. Just found out a major bank is Australia has been caught allowing money laundering from money gained from overseas sex trade.

      I knew there was an ominous feeling when I watched that movie yesterday.

      History Repeating. When will they learn?

  3. Magic interpretation Mystic. And yes to the art inflamed by the dreaming and the wilding. I’d love to hear those songs.

  4. This is the 2nd night in a row I dreamt of Donald Trump. Last night I dreamt that I worked in an office with him. He was a head honcho from overseas brought in to build up our company. He came back from a big meeting. I could tell that it did not go well and he was deflated.

    When a work mate asked “But how do you know?” I stated that we were both Geminis and a Gemini can read another Geminis mind.

  5. Dear Galactic,
    Considered yourself ephipanied!
    Epiphanies are meant to discombobulate…
    At least, thank Goddess, you didn’t brush yourself off and continue as if nothing happened (most people ask, but when IT happens, it’s scary)
    You KNEW you had an experience, a piece of your own personal mythology
    You wondered about your soul because once you had your experience, your soul resettled itself inside of you, and it merged with the new you…
    It’s disconcerting of course, but it’s an experience you will never forget and can call upon the ecstasy (of gnosis) whenever you wish now x

  6. On the Taurus full moon I was in a crowded (sober) dance hall with about 150 other people just dancing our hearts out. At the end, we all meditated and were invited to let out “any sound” that felt like it needed to be expressed. Some people laughed, then someone screamed, then more random noises. Near the end, someone howled. Then we all started howling. It was beautiful.

  7. Wow. The full moon was conjunct Vesta?

    My Vesta is in Scorpio and the full moon was on my natal Taurus Moon conjunct my Taurus North Node.

    After a month of exhaustion. On one day my face went dark and I thought I would never get my energy back. Then came deep sleep and healing.

    A few days after the full moon I was laughing in my sleep and felt like I got a jump start ti a new life. Feels like a clean slate to write a new life.

    Just did my oracle and it said:

    And Still I Rise !

    Mary Angelou.

  8. I’d say your soul is full to overflowing. And if you can let go of this one with love. Each one of my men has been a classroom for me to experience me more profoundly. Give thanks then let this morph into a creative muse for your career.

  9. Wow, I am going through something very similar. I’ve been dating a guy for 8 months. We’ve had a magnetic attraction that at times is almost spooky. It was hot and intense and deep…and then he freaked out and needed space. He’s pushed me away, but at the same time doesn’t want to let me go. When I do let go, here he comes right back. I feel like I’m being put on hold. I’ve tried to be compassionate and understanding of his need for space, but also hoping for some kind of turn around. This Taurus Full moon was at the exact 19 degree of my natal Mars in the 7th House of Taurus. I had also hoped this would signify some kind of turn around, some action on his part, but what it did instead was pushed ME to take action, to close the door on the relationship even though it is breaking my heart to walk away. My heart feels completely broken right now, but it’s piss or get off the pot time.

  10. What a beautiful story. Letting in, and together with nature feels so naked and personal, yet we all do it, and she allways helps. The feeling of giggeling after letting go. The coyotes singing with you. Different from where i am yet the same. All the best in the time to come.

  11. I feel the “selling your soul” question- when you’re in the presence of such a wild and magical moment, there’s the impulse to dial it back and retain your dignity. There’s the impulse to narrow the scope of your life. Don’t.

    This is such a beautiful story. My full moon was that “us” to “them” moment, not a romantic relationship but a whole group of friends. It takes courage to admit it’s time to leave. I am happy for you, and I hope you follow this wild and strange feeling to a place where you don’t have to make yourself small for someone else’s sake.

  12. I love that idea – I’m in a weird place relationship wise and also recognise the ‘size and scope’ of life thing. Perhaps I’ll go a journeying…haven’t done that for a long time.

  13. Pretty stellar idea, Mystic! The full moon was pretty crazy. Lots of Conjunctocalypse stuff. I only expect it to get worse.

    We enjoy swimming in mud, though, don’t we?

  14. What stood up the most for me was the question about selling the soul! What? Where did that came from?? For that question to arise in such a beautiful moment is because, I agree with Mystic, you were probably getting it back! Amazing story, I have a similar one in a alone new year’s Eve some years ago with owls instead of coyotes and it was a turning ppint in my life. Magic is indeed inside us. Alone time is essential for that.

    I’ve been sick throughout this full moon and now I wish I had had a similar experience eheh

  15. I love this. Crying your heart out to magic, nature and fire. Always coming back to yourself is the best thing you can do x

  16. I had Venus conjunct the full moon on Wednesday. From the moment I woke I felt the first drip of Venusian nectar welling up in the back of my head. It rolled down the back of my neck and I felt like my middle pillar points crown , throat, solar plexus were small water holes, filling up then spilling down to the next.,I wasn’t expecting it but bliss was coming on. I wasn’t letting it fully take over just yet, I had things to do. Breakfast tasted special.,I made coffee and as I downed one shot I put milk in the other and used it on my wet bix.. The elves couldn’t have produced a better texture. The phone started ringing and the day became totally task less within 10 mins. I sat absorbing the sun for a minute and it started again. This time I surrendered totally. If it was my decision I would have stayed around the house turned off my phone and just be. Venus had other ideas. It got me up to the local cafe. There was my first unexpected encounter with an old friend. I didn’t return home for around 36 hrs ? One old friend or new friend would be leaving when the next ones would come. Venus had picked the perfect outfit, including my magic beads. They hadn’t been worn for a long time. Hand carved chunky basil beads that have a special power to attract and then slowly melt all kinds of people., By early afternoon I was seriously blissfuqed., I could see whisps of color around myself and others. If anyone has experienced the light effect of wider pupils or what we call possum eyes from ingesting serotonin uptakers you’ll know that warm yellow / gold to green light around yourself and then others. I had the most amazing perfect day I’ve had for years.
    I’m coming down today I can feel my frequency and core temperature abating. Now I’ve made the space to be alone, I’m coming down but in a good way. I’m starting to process the events, magic and exchanges of that day I have noticed that my recollection is from a spectators perspective. It’s hard to find any recollections of being the attractor.
    I’d slipped out of my body and allowed something else to take over. for a while. For me this full moon was a marker point, a confirmation that what I thought was lost had been found. A reminder that you can never lose what is truly yours. The other side of this is just as true. If it’s not truly yours then let it go.

    1. I could seriously do with a big shot of Venus. Always the most benefic planet for me. Just lovely stuff arrives with her neutrinos. Loved reading this david.

  17. So poetic. I have been dreaming profound rich messages, hints of memories but smiling at the lessons some part of me needed. Full moon on my Sun/North node. XxXx

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