Amy Johnson’s Mars Node Conjunction

Amy Johnson, the record-breaking, pioneer pilot of the 20th Century – think “British Amelia Earhart” – was born with Warrior God Mars conjunct the Moon’s ‘North’ Node. Mars was her Muse and action the solution to many of life’s ills.

For instance, she took up flying after the man she was sleeping with revealed he was about to marry another woman. Impecunious, a failed secretary and overwhelmed by debt, she got an economics degree – not at all common in the 1920s. Later, as a pilot, she became frustrated by having to wait around for men to fix things and so she got an aviation engineering certificate.

While her dramatic long distance flying feats captured the bulk of public attention, she was influential within the first wave of female engineers and electronic technicians. When Mars is conjunct your natal North Node, you’re driven, brave and think nothing of getting into a fight for one right or another.

It can also inspire recklessness in the pursuit of  the “I’ll show them” style of goals.

One of her biographies describes her en route to Australia from London:

Departing Karachi on 11 May, she lost her way en route to Allahabad and had to set down on a military parade ground at a military installment in Jhansi. Landing very fast, she nearly ran into a group of men, before the plane ‘came to rest wedged between two of the barrack buildings,’ recalled one of the officers. One of the wings was badly damaged.

Amy made a memorable impression climbing from the cockpit; she wore ‘only a shirt, and ill-fitting pair of khaki shorts, socks, and shoes, and a flying helmet.’ Her face, arms, and legs were sunburned and blistered and ‘tears were not far from her tired eyes.’ Nevertheless, she and the men set to work repairing Jason and preparing him for the next day’s flight.

She was mostly concerned that while she would be the first woman to fly solo for such a long distance, she would not beat the flight time record. Still, her successful landing in Australia after a long and dramatic trip, made her into a global celebrity. You can see poignant (silent) footage of her landing in Brisbane here.

In short order, she went on to break several more records, secure her fame and with a series of media gigs – modelling Schiaparelli flight wear for Vogue, becoming the Daily Mail’s Aviation writer and befriending the pantheresque ultra-Leo charisma-Queen Amelia Earhart.

For a flex originally intended to vex an ex/get over a bad-breakup, she’d gone way over the top. That’s classic Mars Node. Amy Johnson was a Cancerian – you can see her classic Crabby-Moon eyes in some of her pictures – with Gemini Rising + Mercury conjunct Pluto in Gemini.

She hated the publicity tours and being crowded by people or interviewed but eloquent when left to tell her own story. She was also a deep thinker and sensitive woman clearly frustrated by the limits of the day. An example: Despite her fame, she could not get hired as a commercial pilot, which would have given her financial security.

Already burned out and mid-messy divorce, she was deeply disturbed by the disappearance of her friend Amelia Earhart in 1937. Making world news and dominating practically every conversation, it occurred a day before her 34th birthday and with Saturn squaring her Sun + Neptune.

Johnson’s biggest fear was to go down in open water, with no land in sight. The thought of this fate befalling the apollonian Amelia, whom she idolized, seems like a particularly sharp manifestation of Saturn s**t.

She wrote more on women’s issues and took up gliding: “The silence, broken only by the soft swish of the wind in my hair, is rapture after the deafening roar to which I have been accustomed for so many years,” she wrote.

World War 2 drew her back to the ‘deafening roar’ and she was assigned to the Women’s Aircraft Auxilary, a group with the incredibly dangerous job of ferrying planes around the country to various airfields,  without any way to defend themselves against an invading German plane.

Eerily, Amy Johnson disappeared on January 5 1941, two years to the date that Amelia Earhart had been declared “legally dead.” She apparently flew in defiance of a weather warning – perhaps thinking that after all the storms she’d flown through and crash landings in unknown terrain – a flight across home terrain would be simple.

She took off at 10:45 AM and then – somehow, this is all shrouded in mystery – appeared 100 miles South of where she should have been and either landed the plane on the water or parachuted out. There are several different accounts of what happened to Amy Johnson and no body – nor even the wreckage of her plane – has ever been found.

Or has it? One soldier later claimed to have seen the wreckage of her plane being loaded onto a truck and in 1999, another solider claimed she was shot down by ‘friendly fire’ because she twice provided the incorrect ‘color of the day’ – a kind of password to prove you were not the enemy.

Mercury was square the Moon in Aries, making a mental glitch like that perfectly plausible. But then some Navy people claim she was in the water and that – horrifically – could have been sucked into the boat’s propellers during the rescue attempt. More fanciful reports say she staged her disappearance or that she was on a spy mission and that there was a mysterious other person in the plane with her.

Astrologically, with the Aries Moon on her South Node – opposite Mars conjunct the North Node – and Mars in Sagittarius opposite her Gemini Ascendant, the ‘friendly fire’ makes the most sense. The classified info aspect of this case will be de-classified on January 5 2040 – 99 years after the incident.

That will be Saturn on her integral Mars-Node conjunction exact so a reveal that says authority/government (Saturn) inadvertently shot down one of the most famous women in the world would fit. Did she zone out and forget the color password?

As I said the Aries Moon was square Mars, which can be glitchy but Neptune was conjunct her Moon in Virgo that very day. It’s a good influence for magical perception, not so hot for numbers or linear facts. I like to think she is with Amelia now.

Mars Conjunct North Node (from the MM Astral DNA Report)

You’re probably more clear on your aims and direction than many. And even if not, circumstances clarify the path ahead or shut down dodgy detours. You don’t even have to think about burning bridges: they auto-implode. You’re also a natural leader, not necessarily because you’re good at managing people but because they follow you. Like every pioneer, you’re beset by periodic self-doubt made more intense because you’re forging ahead on something others don’t (yet) get. Wearing red – for Mars – or meditation-gazing at a candle flame (yes, also Mars) can inspire the affirmation you need.

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  1. love this! i watched the video too and im obsessed by that era. and i have Mars NN in Cancer. also btw my granddad had a car like that in 33 in lanka, i could picture him in that crowd 🙂

  2. 🇬🇧 When the man you are sleeping with announces he’s getting married obviously you take up flying. 🇬🇧
    It’s the only appropriate response

  3. I love that video.. she looks so.. alive compared to the huddled earthlings. thank you mystic. 99 years classified huh? I’ll be waiting for the day. I hope she inspired all those girls out there in that field.

  4. Wow what a super star! Your mars conjunct NN quote sounded familiar so I double checked my astral dna report, I have Sun, Mercury, Mars conjunct North Node. Think I’ll read that report again! Same birth day as my daughter too, 1st July (AJ 1903 but HB is 1996) She was so gutsy especially being in such a patriarchal (chauvinistic) society.

  5. My theory: both women faked their death and lived out their retirement on some elegant exotic island away from public eyes

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Click the landing in Brisbane.

      The footage is great. And the outfits.

      Listen to her voice. It’s exquisite. She knows her own mind.

  6. I love how this article reads like an adventure mystery story with real life female pioneers!

    Also the Mars conjunct NN is something I share but in Leo in the 12th. I think it adds the energy of getting back up and going again, which leads to progress by sheer will which becomes reinvention.

    I am going to search the archives for a post on eyes and signs as I find the physical attributes so fascinating as well as the personality manifestations.

  7. I had not heard of her before and have added her to my small pantheon of Mars-North Node women that I have accumulated over time! I am Mars-North Node in Aries.

    I fit the bill in that 1) “I’LL SHOW THEM” energy is a strong natural motivator starting with my parents lol then exes and naysayers, 2) drawn to and not afraid to work in the still male-dominated field of engineering, 3) I am intimidated by needing to do anything alone without any support if I feel it’s right or it calls to me and I just don’t quit even if it takes forever, 4) My happiest feeling is a physical and spiritual feeling of freedom which I get through riding horses fast and I imagine you could get the same sensation through aviation.

    There’s a pattern with women with these placements not being afraid to be “masculine” while still being women. For example, Chyna the wrestler (Mars-NN in Pisces in the 10th house, woah) and I think Lucy Lawless (played Xena on TV) has Mars-NN in Aries in the 1st house.

    I wouldn’t say I’m particularly physically vital like many with this conjunction are but that is changing as I recover from surgery and wake up to all kinds of capabilities that 98% of people just HAVE naturally! It’s like I’ve been living my whole life training with weights on and now they’re off and that is so cool but also kind of intimidating in an odd way.

  8. Amy was born in hull, my home town. My granddad says he remembered her driving passed his house, as a kid, during a parade for her achievements. According to local source, she was a complete diva but you know, anyone who achieves anything in Yorkshire, who happens to have ovaries is always as such. My personal favourite photo is Amy and Amelia, who were firm friends, wearing what looks like channel; a chevron jumpsuit which I would love to get remade! These women had style and guts plenty. What a huge shame we didn’t get to have Amy around for the whimsical bio in later life.. I bet it would have been such a page turner.

    I often wonder if there was an astrological indicator of the boom and bust of this experimental, power era? xx

      1. Appreciate the effort & whimsy, thank you for reminding me about such an awesome, practical & gutsy home queen; apt as the day after my cancerian birthday, I am speaking at a rally protest highlighting homeless women, mental health & lack of patriarcal authority awareness & support. will channel AJ

    1. How dad went to university in Hull before Africans/Arabs were fashionable so he was also a POI in The cold Lilly white society shocked at the cold and hot dogs 🤣

        1. Yes he was POI he stood out like a sore thumb he was outspoken and a cassanova so it didnt go down well with certain people.

  9. goldfleece-risingfish-twinmoon

    Ohh I haven’t seen any rings on his fingers, but geee, i like the sound of the gemstones, planets and fingers … will have to look up what ‘malefic planets” means though, im guessing a not so positive placement …and it is absolutely fascinating .. must start a list for questions to ask when they visit . .excellent. thank you and tootle pip!

  10. goldfleece-risingfish-twinmoon

    o a bit off topic, but …i have befriended a Nepalese supermarket cashier – who is studying engineering at uni, i had been trying to engage him in some sort of conversation as he looked incredibly interesting (im married with children, so it wasnt a pick up type thing.)
    i had almost given up until they introduced the jute bags, got a bunch of those and he stared talking about his childhood in the mountains, and that everyything was transported round in jute (weboth love the smell) bags/sacks..
    Anyroad i feel comfotable enough now to ask all manner of questions and now if he sees me he opens up another till or i wait patiently behind others ..
    so i finally got to ask what month where you born ? and he said íf you’re asking what star sign i am, i am 2 star signs – in your astrology i am a sagg, but in my astrology i am a Virgo”… now we’ve a few Saggies in our fam, and i have a few close sagg friends – well 2… and he is no way a sagg.. he’s a Virgo for sure… so yesterday i was bothering him about whats it called ? your astrology ? and he didnt know …
    And my question is, do you think that sometimes people take on the traits of the sign they believe thery are ? if i had been born in Nepal and worked out i was capricorn instead of aries..would i have more capricorn traits ..
    hmm….very interesting fellow, his family were goldsmiths, a family tradition, and his father left nepal to study engineering in England ..adn then went back to Nepal, his dad is coming out in a few months and ive invited them all round for a BBQ – my husband loves it when i spring shit like this on him !! but as long as its a bbq hes fine … blahdy blah blah .. can’t wait to find out more…and their family quite often conults an Astrologer… ohhh lovely world innit …

    1. NICE HOOKUP The indians and nepalese have their own system – is fascinating. They use it for dates for marriages, building houses etc. Is a big deal in their realms – the astrologer of the village is way high in the caste system which has been outlawed but still lives on if you get to know people from those regions and can ask questions they’ll word you up on it. Does he have any gold rings with big chunky rocks in them? They have an astrological system of gemology where all the stones are ruled by certain planets and if you have a malefic planet in your birth chart they wear a ring on the finger that planet rules in order to reduce the negativity of the placement.

  11. I loved Beryl Markham’s book “West with the night”, so beautifully written. It was so interesting to finish reading it and realise that what she didnt say was the most interesting. Apparently she had many lovers, but it was all very tacit in what she wrote, with nothing being said specifically.

  12. What a good-looking woman.

    I have been looking back through the posts for North Node stuff, but I’m still not sure whether stuff square or opposite the NN would tend to hold you back rather than drive you forward. I have Lilith conj NN but Saturn opp and Pluto squaring.

    Anyway just off to try out the extended eyebrows look…

  13. Uranian&Plutonic Virgo

    Thanks for this Mystic, I have an ongoing thing for the wymmin pilots, triggered when I was little by Amelia Earhart. I didn’t know about Amy Johnson, so much research will have to be done. Thanks mucho!

  14. Ooh my eldest daughter has Pluto almost exactly conjunct her north node! I’ll have to reread your earlier comments re this…she also has Jupiter conjunct ascendant (as does my middle daughter, along with mars) -must read up on this too. I also love all these dynamic women who broke away from the restricted society norms of their times to forge new paths! Amazing!

    1. My eldest, 16yo – ascendant scorp, conjunct jupe in 12th house, pluto and nn both scorp also, in 1st house. She’s always been incredibly savvy and intuitive, even older friends ask her for advice (and have since she was 13!).. but does have that little scorp sting every now and then, bless her! She’s pisces with a lovely libra moon, so that lightens it up a lot! And she’s very libra moon – total cliche, everything mystic has ever said – loves scented candles, beautiful surroundings, shoes etc – I love it…

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