Machiavelli + Medieval Anti-Saturn Tips

As promised in Wednesday’s Daily Mystic, here are some medieval anti-Saturn methods and my Machivelliean rave.


As befits a bloke who had glamor-casting Neptune exactly on his Midheaven, Niccolo Machiavelli not only has global one-name recognition, that name has become an adjective. The fact that “Machiavellian” generally refers to a person who is conniving, manipulative, and unscrupulous has helped – not hindered – his brand.

You could say he was the most successful sociopath in history but he was not that successful. Machiavelli was a diplomat, Taurean, and philosopher born in 15th Century Florence. He was sent all over the place as an envoy but his non-noble lineage meant he could not rise beyond the middle rank and various aristocrats took his strategic suggestions as their own.

His 8th House Pluto in Virgo aspected practically everything in his chart; it trined his Capricorn Ascendant, Lilith, and Saturn in Taurus, was opposite Mars in Pisces, and squared Mercury in Gemini.

He was a fantastic writer – Mercury in Gemini for the win: witty and eloquent, the square to Pluto in the also-mercurial sign of Virgo compelled epic quotability. Think vast material ambitions, a quick, change-adept mind, abiding interest in power, and a penchant for floating through boundaries it would have been wiser to avoid altogether.

Machiavelli Was Mercurial And Plutonic

He would have been dangerously drawn to secrets, brokering information for influence, prestige, and wealth. The Italian Renaissance was an era of incredible artistic, political, and scientific evolution that co-existed with the most extraordinary corrupt fuqery and violence.  It was ruled – more or less – by two rival dynasties –  the Borgias and the Medicis. Renowned for their extreme money, magnificent taste, and backing of artists such as Michaelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci, they were also ultra-ruthless and depraved.

So Machiavelli became post-humously famous for a book called The Prince, which he wrote in exile straight after he was released from a torturous prison ordeal for alleged conspiracy against the just-back-in-power Medicis. Dedicated to Lorenzo Medici, the book was a relentless suck-up to the family – Machiavelli’s maxims included that perjury and deceit were cool if you were aristocratic, the benefits of keeping your subjects poor and faking piety or integrity, how it’s better for people to fear than like you, that the ends justify the means, ‘destroy – don’t wound’ and so on.

It was more like sycophantic insurance to try and avoid being thrown back on the rack by a despotic prick then – say – the Marcus Aurelius Meditations, so how did it become such a brand? It didn’t work for Machiavelli but 500 years later, this slender book of suck-up is a robust best-seller.

Psycho or Not, The Prince Is Still A Best-Seller

The dictator Stalin liked it so much he left little annotations and butter stains all through his copy. Obviously, a classic guide that says ‘do whatever you want because you’re rich, baby‘ is a hit with that sort of person. Mussolini loved it too. Yet Tupac Shakur was a fan, as is Lindsay Lohan:  “I was going out with someone and they said I should read Machiavelli,” she told Tatler magazine. “And I was like: ‘Nah!’ But then I said: ‘Ok, I’ll read it’. Now it is always with me.”

It’s quoted by everyone from sales seminar hype-bros and The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills – Camille Grammar described Kyle Richards – Paris Hilton’s aunt – as “Machiavellic”  – to media maven Tina Brown, who used to recommend all her junior staff read The Prince. It was also a huge influence on Game Of Thrones author George RR Martin.

“Machiavellic” Real Housewives

Machiavelli would have been delighted to have been so pertinent and influential half a millennium after he lived. Tony Blair stayed at his house shortly after he took office – did he commune with Machiavelli’s ghost? A seance? Seriously, this degree of long-term notoriety/fame is super Neptune-Midheaven.

The Midheaven represents Zenith achievement – your brand, reputation, and the legacy you leave. Neptune is nebulosity incarnate: ambiguity swirled around Machiavelli’s pursuit of his ambitions in his lifetime but his philosophy permeates everything.

He died in exile from the city he loved, complaining in private that he felt like he was ‘rotting in the country’ and striving in vain to regain his place in society. Yet 500 years later, his influence is more pervasive than any of his enemies.

Medieval Anti-Saturn Methods

As per the Weds Daily Mystic, the Saturn-Uranus contraparallel is a real pain – it’s particularly tricky for people born in the early 1950s, mid-1960s, 1976/1977, 1988 and 1999/2000. It aggravates your natal Saturn-Uranus conflicts and even if you’re not born with an inbuilt security versus freedom dichotomy, it has been gnarly.

So if you can’t be stuffed doing new age Saturn-whispering – really, who has the time these days? – you could try to antidote the influence via something really old-school. In medieval times they saw Saturn as something to be kept in check – the harbinger of dampness, creaky joints and leaden spirits.

To antidote, you needed Sun and Venusian vibe. You’d think Jupiter – or I would – but the prescription was clear: Gold, sunlight, yellow flowers and Apollonian imagery. For Venus, think roses, pink, sensuality and pleasure. An orgasm a day keeps Saturn away. That really was the thinking.

As Marsilio Ficino wrote in his fabulous vitality guide:

Solar things are: all those gems and flowers which are called heliotrope because they turn towards the Sun, likewise gold, orpiment and golden colors,… amber, balsam, yellow honey,… the swan, the lion, the scarab beetle, the crocodile, and people who are blond, curly-haired, prone to baldness, and magnanimous. The above-mentioned things can be adapted partly to foods, partly to ointments and fumigations, partly to usages and habits. You should frequently perceive and think about these things and love them above all; you should also get a lot of light.


60 thoughts on “Machiavelli + Medieval Anti-Saturn Tips”

  1. To the Mystic Femmes who remembered my birf-day – thank you. <3 <3 May perfumed garlands, honey-wax candles and musky incense line wherever you may walk, in this world.. XOO XOO Apologies for the delay – late March/early April has been full-moon busy (despite being “full-sun (new moon)”, technically??)
    Invicta – am heartbroken at your flatmate’s behaviour. You didn’t attract it, and you definitely Do Not deserve it. How awful. Sending love, hugs and energy that lifts you to a better place (psychically and physically) xxooo
    Pegs – I wrote down your Solar Plexus chakra statement. Thank you for channelling the Divine Feminine for me – every single word is true. Love Earthstar Xoo
    Calcifer, Chrysalis and Wish – thanks for shining your lights on this commenting space!! I appreciate it more than you will ever know. Am such a hermit, but so wish I knew how to teleport and have a cuppa with all you ladies.. 🙂 Love & Peace X

  2. Thank you for the history, and wow at how the influence permeates.

    Thank you for Saturn vibe lighteners/antidotes, I already feel the sense in them.

  3. True psychopathy up close is terrifying and it’s what feels like “home” if you had one or two parents high in those traits. I’m currently dealing with having been sucked in by one and it literally almost killed me the other night. I woke up because even fast asleep with my bedroom door closed I smelled fire. Went downstairs and landlady was wasted in the living room with the door closed. In the kitchen (right below my bed) was a pot on the gas cooker that was on fire. When I alerted her to it she instantly launched into the allegations that I’d started it and I was making it worse. I had eaten dinner hours before and my utensils were already in the dishwasher so I even half asleep and without my glasses I knew it was bullshit. I told her so and to stop gaslighting me. I was /am really upset. Seeing how instantaneous that pivot was for her and how utterly without remorse or concern for me or gratitude for my having prevented her actual house burning down she was. That callous power leveraging of something so emotionally charged (for most people) and the instinct to not lose face being the sole concern. Like I was the enemy and it was a zero sum game. Her secret smoking weed on the balcony is something I’ve been aware of since the day I moved in and I’ve teasingly let her know in a generous way many times that I’m fine about it. She’s always denied it strenuously and gone on long lecture rants about being a non smoker (pointless as I don’t smoke myself) but she does love a captive audience. The drinking hadn’t bothered me consciously but her still being on the sofa quite often in the mornings is a little creepy. The hoarding I’ve complained about many times and the breathtaking selfishness, the disregard for personal boundaries and the gaslighting has. It’s all covered in a veneer of this utterly conservative slightly dotty altruistic miss haversham type so I’d brushed it off and given her the benefit of the doubt and even felt sorry for her. Me and that hubris again. Ouch. So yeah. That’s true psychopathy And it’s a bit triggering because it’s so much like my parents behaviour. My father was in some ways more obvious than my mother but she was viscous towards me and it was all so shrouded in secrecy. I’ve been open with landlady about my journey of coming to terms with the family scapegoating abuse and so it’s even more shocking in some ways and not also. I mean if your parents speak psychopathy and it’s (ahem) familiar then it’s all you know. Even when it’s toxic. I’m kind of still shaking almost a week later and no. I’m not making any sudden moves. I’ve been running from people like that my whole life. The more I run from them the more I run into them. It’s honestly a bit of a nightmare but also kind of – well it’s my wound. The one I have to attend to. The big reveal for me is how cloaked in socially sanctioned faux empathy writ large they all are. I guess people high in empathy are drawn to others who purport to be high in empathy and it can be difficult to tell who is genuine and who is a con artist. Jeez man. What a week. 🤦‍♀️🤣🙌

    1. Wow. Have parallels in my story and really get it about the shaking!
      Pattern recognition is key to change and I’m sending you all good vibes and hoping things have improved.

      1. It’s been a few days – actually almost two weeks since the event- right yes because inciting incident was on the Virgo full moon and we’re near the new (full sun ) moon in Aries by now but it has gotten easier and I feel much calmer. Running away geographically doesn’t feel like the appropriate solution to this problem. I’m the common denominator in the series of crazy interactions and there’s something unresolved in me that keeps seeking the same people and situations out. It’s clearly shadow material I haven’t owned. Intellectually I know that but it’s not enough to get it in my head. I’m tired of externalising and projecting Doing that is exhausting and knowing intellectually that’s what I’m doing again has given me the motivation to find a way to embody the solution. It kinda runs counter to the natural instinct but yeah. Thanks 😊

  4. So this post had me thinking all eve about the Borgias and Medicis and a visual journey through the renaissance as it was my favourite time in history due to art books given me as a child. THE ART! The discoveries in those times that had one lauded one minute then jailed the next.
    Am sure my DNA from father’s side goes back to those times.

  5. Does “maxims included that perjury and deceit were cool if you were aristocratic, the benefits of keeping your subjects poor and faking piety or integrity, how it’s better for people to fear than like you, that the ends justify the means, ‘destroy – don’t wound”..” sound like the sh!t shows business moto or what. I need light C 1966

    1. There’s a book which I think is at the core of the self-inflicted wound of the UK’s Brexit – The Sovereign individual. It’s very prescient in parts (written late 80s yet predicted crypto). But it is chilling – a sort of social Dawinism of feudal origins. Well, made the last bit up (only about a third in but it’s horrifying). Anyway, made me think of Machiavelli and how the ‘greed is good’ mantra existed long before Gordon Gekko.

      1. Oh yeah. I’ve heard about this. Neofeudalism is definitely a thing. Landowners be treating tenants like serfs 🤦‍♀️😩🤣

      2. Have you read The Tyranny of Merit?
        it’s kind of a similar idea but more contemporary and pretty nuanced too.

  6. History repeats itself time and again..Great article MM thankyou..
    The last big company I worked for was run by females of this type..if you didn’t suck and lick you were shunned..
    That’s me happy to be shunned 🌑🌕

  7. Wish Upon a Star

    So in the late 80s I worked for a company with big fat cats.”Do whatever because your rich baby was totally the vibe with them.” They denigrated academia and were very sexist.
    They used to go on about Machiavelli quite a bit. Being a 20 something I knew it was negative but I’m glad I got the full picture now. I think he is a fuqwit.

    Retrospection is interesting and healing. That workplace was so wrong for me. It made me physically uncomfortable. I had to suppress very strong feelings.
    I eventually resigned. The sales guy I was providing very good, qualified appointments for was crying.

  8. Yellow honey 🍯, thank you very much. I can do without some of the sweetness in life but do not take the honey pot from this moon in Taurus bear. Mid sixties baby here.

  9. Saturn has always spelled health issues for me, irrespective of sigh(n)/haus. So am just changing the channel, buying some big, fat roses, sitting in the sun, and hoping that as it approaches a sextile to my natal Venus in Aries as I turn 45 tmrw, that I get some type of insight from the Divine Feminine as to how to open my solar plexus chakra. As for Machiavelli – I get the feeling he was short on chocolate croissants. X

      1. Invicta & Wish-Star – LUV YOUSE.. XOO XOO
        I am praying for all blessings and heart-wishes sent my way this day, to rebound back on the sender, times infinity. A rainbow constellation of heart-wishes for you all, no matter what the day _/ \_ XX

    1. Third chakra symbolises the radiant sun and your source of power as you know so here is chakra talk for you from ‘Chakra Talk by Margot Anand:
      ‘I am the bright and shining sun, i am creation;
      I am your life force made manifest in the world. I give you direction and power. I give light to all chakras below and above. I am will determination and i serve myself up on the altar of the heart. I am the feet walking steadily on the path.’
      It is the power of courage and determination.
      Place your hand on your solar plexus as you say this.
      It is only ‘blocked’ if you are unsure of yourself, can’t decide or if you feel you need permission for anything.

    2. Happy birthday lovely. I hope it was delightful and that the change in our weather brings wonderful blessings to you xx

  10. “…and even if you’re not born with an inbuilt security versus freedom dichotomy”

    Wait, that’s an option when you sign up for Earth? As a sun square moon I find this incomprehensible.

    Especially AQUARIUS sun and TAURUS moon like the very icons of freedom and security.

    I’m absolutely awful at implementing even Machiavelli-lite into my life and interactions despite being double Taurus. Known as the Worst Negotiator Ever even when I am financially compromised. Yet people tell me I should play poker because I am hard to read and don’t respond to normal social cues in a normal way. I gotta work this mystery angle somehow! But what people interpret as cold, mysterious is actually just complete cluelessness and being trapped in my inner world.

  11. Just checked Machiavelli’s horoscope and he has a Black Moon Lilith at 6 degrees Sagittarius, which completes his grand square in the mutable signs. Very interesting that this seemed to express itself in mental power games and manipulation, wondering whether this could be typical of people with squares in the mutable signs involving Pluto? Also interesting that Machiavelli’s generation has Pluto in Virgo and Neptune in Scorpio, just like the people born in the sixties of the 20th century

    1. yes I had to check the input data as it looked like a classic Gen X chart – I don’t think mutables necessarily have the patience for long-term scheming – Machiavelli’s key astro-config imho was the t-square with Mercury, Mars + Pluto – it also drew in his Saturn and Neptune. But maybe I am just biassed as I have Pluto in Virgo in the 8th!

      1. Thank you, very interesting observation Mystic! I am a Sagittarius with Pluto in Virgo and though I am very interested in power dynamics, at the end of the day I don’t want to be scheming. I’d rather feel free!

      2. Ha. Oh I can relate. I have the Sag 12th house moon / Sag rising wanna be free square my Virgo sun Mars and mercury in the 10th. Pluto is also in the 10th for me but it’s at 0 or 1” Libra. I’ve always had that conflict internally and tbh I have survived by disassociating which hasn’t been productive. I mean it’s kept me out of the loony bin (just) but it’s meant I couldn’t access the power inherent in that Virgo stellium mid heaven and the Pluto there too. Because my 4th house is empty I assumed it wasn’t important to me. The concept of home has been a blank. In dreams I’d always be in a hotel and have to leave. I’ve recently begun dreaming about buying a home but it’s in a dangerous area and I don’t know where my car is parked and the insurance has lapsed etc. staying the night at the house is something I have yet to do in a dream but know that I have to do in order to claim it.

        Until now I have gone to the airport and hidden my snakes inside my socks (power kundalini etc) they are not asleep exactly but in a trance and offline while I’m on the plane. Plane is flight ✈️ as in fight or flight and the issue of baggage was always pretty stressful. It’s been a while since I’ve had the aeroplane dream. Since figuring out what the snakes wanted to do and why they were hidden I have felt so much more grounded and been able to find my way places much better. Before I worked out what the dream meant I couldn’t find my way anywhere ever. I’d get lost crossing the road.

      3. Replies to self 🤦‍♀️
        because I used to take the aeroplane whenever I visited my parents and extended family. In other words I was disassociating (using that big 12th house Sagittarius moon and my Jupiter to ✈️ to avoid dealing with issues from my 4th house and so earth, home, belonging and power were not accessible. I’ve found some support groups for children who grew up in similar situations to mine which I’ll be attending next week (irl 🤸‍♀️) so this will be exciting to get actual validation and connection and some structure around recovering from this. Structure, if it has integrity and I’ve chosen it can be supportive 🚑 that’s something you don’t understand if you’re a little kid and all the adults around you lie all the time. You become nihilistic and insular and distrustful of structure. I’ve longed for structure since I was a little kid. My fantasy life was full of structure and activities- classes that I had chosen as a little girl. I’d imagine being somewhere else, a place where creativity was nurtured. It was tough but fair the school I secretly attended in my fantasy life and I knew exactly what class started at which time every day of the week.

      4. Hi Invicta, based on my own experience, I can really recommend support groups for children. Not to say that they are easy, also because most people who attend them have had some difficult experiences with their families. But that is also the same reason why attending these groups can be very healing

      5. Oh yeah thanks that makes sense and I kind of had a premonition about that today. Like don’t expect it to be all easy and safe because that’s naive and unrealistic. From what I’ve read, in recommended literature and workbooks for these groups the important thing is to commit to the group and to stay with whatever comes up. Appreciate you sharing your experience with me Calcifer. 🙏🏻

      6. You are very welcome, Invicta! What I also found helpful about the group meetings is that they proceed in a very structured way. This helped me to feel safe, even if it wasn’t always easy.

      7. In my astrology classes, I have learned that a house is never ’empty’. Look at the sign on the cusp of that house and the planet rules that sign. Then you can find where in your chart that specific planet is placed and which aspects it makes. It is a bit complicated to explain here, but astrologer Karin Hamaker has written a book on this aspect of astrology. It is called ‘House Connection’ and was published by Weiser Books in 1994. I have no idea if it is still available anywhere. But maybe other astrologers have looked into this subject too.

      8. I wanted to ask Mystic about the connection between the 10th house and the 4th. I know in my bones that there is one. I’m feeling in myself that the 4th house issues in my life which are surfacing now (🙏🏻Jupiter in my 4th transit) are nourishing and awakening my 10th house planets. Also secondarily that’s feeding my 2nd house potential too. This is probably self evident to an Astro geek but I’m here for any insights if anyone wants to share

  12. Today was gorgeous. The first sunny in what feels like years. I took a walk for some groceries this morning and the sunshine /Venusian Vibes combo was edifying.
    Its been such a rough week and although things don’t normally get me down (Sag rising) I have found it impossible to focus and felt like I was genuinely falling apart lately. I suppose because I have been, in the right kind of way.

  13. Ya the Machiavellian types are best avoided. Take my advice, I’m not using it.
    And skip the prince imo. Stalin’s greasy fingerprints are the literary critique it truly deserves.

  14. Thoughts….i need saturn remedies as saturn is SQUARE MY SUN until January, aargh!
    why do i seem to have a saturn square year upon year??
    I have read The Prince but it was many moons ago, i might give it another whirl
    Why am i not head of my own muti conglomeration with Capricorn as my midheaven???

    1. I also have Cap on midheaven (emerging from two years of Pluto scraping that midheaven to the ground) and I don’t really want a multi conglomerate but sure would love just a beautiful spacious brilliantly designed home and art studio, vs my eternal rentals. And the Saturn squares! Saturn has finally passed through squares to my entire Scorpio stellium. I do feel like it’s time to emerge and create a whole new life.

      1. sounds gorgeous VenusRules, so would I.
        Wishing it for you!
        Did Pluto over the mc help you?
        I feel it did help me

    2. Vedic astrology is unsurpassable in that it does come hand in hand with remedies for difficult
      astrological situations. There are rituals dedicated to individual planets and you can participate in group yagyas (many people people participating in the one ritual) that are dedicated to individual planets or you can have a yagya performed just for you. These of course cost money. There are many sites online but like all
      things online there are some scammers. When you find a good one you can get discernable
      lightening of the load/influence that is difficult. I would be happy to recommend the organisation that I use but am unsure if that is the correct thing to do here.

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