How To Understand The Venus People

Remember the Mars People?  Now meet the Venus People. Who are they? They’re anyone with a strong Venus or Venusian presence in their natal astrology.  They’re Venus Rising, or their Venus is conjunct a booster planet like Jupiter.

Maybe they’ve got a stellium in either of the two Venus-ruled signs – Libra and Taurus. Or, their Venus is in the 2nd or 7th house, extra-potent by also being in Libra, Taurus or Pisces.

But before you settle down to crack the code of your or someone else’s Venus factors, guess what? You don’t need to run all these calculations. You can smell the Venus People coming because they’re always fragrant.

If you’re wondering whether you’re one or not, just lift your wrist to your nostrils. Sniff. Do you smell scent? Is there a back-story or current philosophy attached to that scent? If yes, you’re a Venusian. Another indicator? For you, food, fragrance, and fine art would have spiritual dimensions far beyond their ordinary meaning.

The Venus People revere beauty. It moves them emotionally. Watch their eyes moisten at the sight of anything beautiful and understand that their reverence is never acquisitive or even particularly lustful.

Yes, they have a libido and can elegantly slide in and out of intimacy or physical connection without clumsy neurosis. And an orgasm is more therapeutic for Venus People than any amount of talking therapy or even yoga inc. But their love of beauty is unconditional. It never seeks to possess.

Venusians admire the sleek lines of a supermodel’s catwalk gait the same way that they notice a particularly stunning sunset, furniture design, cat, handbag or the beautiful shoulders of an otherwise standard-looking person next to them in a bank queue.

They’re usually beautiful themselves or are perceived as being alluring. Non-Venusian people often reach for the Venus People and crave their company as if it were a drug. Their presence is soothing and they specialize in the nonchalant ‘do what thou wilt…‘ brand of relationship advice. In fact, ask them for their input on new sunglasses or tinted moisturizer versus foundation and they”ll be far more prescriptive.

Venus People have a specific recurring dilemma: they’re nice to everyone and others incorrectly surmise the Venusian is in love with them. Or desire further intimacy that was never on offer. Misunderstandings can also arise from the Venusian dislike of confrontation.

They’re as emotionally disturbed by even minor snark as they would be by a poorly designed item of clothing or petrochemical -smelling candle. Their desire to avoid ugliness can see them slipping out many a back door, just to avoid the discordance of an argument or break-up speech.

In their mind, they’re doing the other person a service. “Cruel to be kind” is the Venusian mantra. Because they’d prefer a euphemism or for the now-inconvenient lover/relative to see themselves out – no need for overwrought emoting –  they assume everyone else would as well.

Sudden swerves into potentially discordant political discussions or over-shares jolt their psyche. Their disdain of knock-offs or bad design is not snobbish; it’s innate because they think beauty is truth and abhore tat.

In relationships, they often follow one of two distinct patterns. (1) They mate early and stay with that person forever, valuing comfort and simpatico tastes on everything above any desire for novelty.

Or (2) Their primary identity is single – without or without lovers – and they’re married to style, an art form or distinctive mode of living. People who don’t know the type 2 Venusian would often be shocked at the subtle but secret luxuries they permit themselves or aspire to.

Venus People find careers around beauty, one way or another, learning early that they can trade off their looks, aesthetic, taste or cultural discernment. They are tactile and psychic by smell, picking up cues from their fingers on fabric or the scent of your hair.

Their love of beauty makes some see them as shallow, and while of course, some Venus People have a surface-oriented consciousness, many are profoundly deep. Their perceptions of style, culture, and fashion tap into a socio-cultural matrix.

Some of them can tell more from your choice of new hairstyle than you’d tell your therapist. And while they may not be news junkies, they understand the mood of the streets via style. As ultimately, tranquility is their most valuable asset, Venusians pick up on any threat before it’s apparent to others.


Image: Beate Tubach

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  1. I am just reading this bc of a link in my Year Ahead report. Venus in Aries but a massive stellium (Sappho,Juno, Mercury, Ceres, Karma, Mars, NN and Sun) in Taurus, smells wrist…my Aphrodisia essential oils, no yuck, perfume. Yep Venusian

  2. Libra in Venus 👋.. This explains me to the T.. I LOVE TRANQUILLY … Very stylish on my person and home.. LOVER OF ALL ARTS.. so I’M VENETIAN 😍🥰

  3. Very interesting. It resonates with my 7th house stellium – 5 planets including Sun in Libra in 7th house. And I’m all about art & design – it’s my career and hobby. Great post. 🙌

  4. thats true i have jupiter and venus in pisces and both conjunct between the 7th and 8th house, i dont want relationships still im young (south node in 7th). but i value the beauty in stories , nature, philosophical things, art etc. and details (virgo rising)

  5. Venus in the 9th house, conjunct Jupiter, in Virgo, close enough (but not so close) to kiss my midheaven and Pluto who sits in residence just the other side in the 10th. Certainly had many a folk take my kindness as interest and want to be my lover. So confusing. I have learned to go for the high-end, best-if-hand made, natural fiber garments. Fewer things, better quality. I don’t dress or appear or smell particularly Venusian. More Sag as per my rising…messy long hair…ready to roll in the dirt, but not really (all that Virgo). I walked the neighborhood yesterday connecting with the fullness of bloom of all the spring trees (in US)…my observational joy in that beauty feeds me.

    1. Ok, one of the ways I think that Jup/Venus/Virgo in the 9th house shows up is my LOVE for primary sources. Where was the story FIRST told and how…it’s amazing to see how warped a story gets as it travels through multiple tellers…

  6. Taurus sun with Libra moon. Taurus rules my 5th house.
    Just reading this is soothing.
    The scent thing is so on point.

  7. Wow, this is so on point. I’m a Libra. My Venus isn’t spectacularly placed or aspected (conjunt Merc in Scorp, 11th house) but all this resonates SO much. ‘Cruel to Be Kind’ is definitely a thing for me, it’s actually one of my favourite songs too – :-D. Oh and I’m the second version of Venusian, although not always willingly 🙂

  8. THE most accurate description I have read to date. I can pick up the scent from here.
    Love it! Taurus rising, Venus CNJ Mercury trine Saturn. I make my living from design, paint, adore fashion and style and am def type 2.

  9. My husband has venus rising, and I swear he sits just like the intro photo!! I tell him he lies like a cat. And yes he is good looking. LOL

  10. Wish Upon a Star

    I have natal Venus in Cancer conjunct Jupiter in Leo, both 5th house.

    I want to rediscover this in my wise years.


  11. reading this, I swear you are describing me, but based on my signs that I checked on cafe astrology, I am considered “martian” – is it possible to feel venusian? im new to astro.

  12. This essay is right on ty mystic I come back and reread this just because I forget why I love, love ( people, places, art and music ) Yessa I live with NN/Asc/Venus in Leo

  13. Suddenly sighing a breath of relief…. I’ve read so much but this is the first time I read such description. And both (1) and (2) are very familiar and very comfortable state of being for me.

  14. LOL this is my boyfriend…Pisces w/ Pisces Rising and Venus in Pisces, and a 7H Libra Moon. I have 2H Venus in Capricorn. His style muse is Cary Grant. He always smells amazing, but with Uranus now in Taurus and my Virgo Stellium, I’m concerned about how fake, synthetic fragrances fuck with our endocrine systems. I’ve tried to turn him onto Living Libations, and other natural colognes, but nothing doing…he says he’s European and I can pry his French/Italian colognes out of his cold, dead hands…

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Is Oscar Da LA Rents fake? I didn’t know they mess with our endocrine systems.

      What natural brands would you recommend for women in Australia. ?

      1. Pretty much anything found in a department store is fake. Personally I like mixing and matching essential oils. I’m in the United States, so I don’t know many Australian brands, sorry! Hopefully someone else will chime in?

        1. Wish Upon a Star

          Thanks AJ. Sounds nice with the essential oil blends. I have a book that recommends blends combining base middle and top notes.

          Can I ask? When you make a blend does the smell develop over time or is it much the same from when you first make it?

  15. Libra rising with a stellium, inluding sun, in taurus. You were able to more accurately describe me with this one post than some astrologers have using my whole chart!

  16. So what brings me here, as right now, after a post I added about Saturn at south node? After reading about Venus people, I thought, oh, I have Taurus rising, (MM natal chart references) WOW! works, then Venus is in my 2nd house, WOW again, then love warp 9 report, (more MM astro goodness) Transit Mars conjunct Natal Venus 6th – 10th May, mmm rings a bell, the line reads; ‘firing up your dating scene after a period of inaction’ Yes that happened! The line from the blog post reads;’ or desire further intimacy that was never on offer . .’ Sorry Saggy but the stray cat went over the back fence . . .! The last line from the Love Warp 9 Report sums up,, May your connection to Venusian Vibe stay pure and strong . . . VK gives it 100%, I have to go 150%. I normally don’t post comments, but this one……WOW!

  17. The Year of The Phoenix

    As always uncanny! I wasn’t sure I identified as a Venus person as it’s my only personal planet without an outer planetary mate and it’s in my 12Th PLUS it is square my Moon /Neptune conjunction to rub a bit of salt

    Then I read the bit about Libran lineups and scent and beauty driven life and it’s a yes

  18. Can I ask what people think about planets in ‘mutual reception’? I’ve got Pluto in libra in mutual reception with Venus in Scorpio, at least this was what one reading of my chart came up with. Does this mean my Scorpiness is enmeshed with a Venusian quality? I’d love to hear if anyone has any thoughts about this.

  19. Do I have to be a Venus person AND a Mars person AND have all the Love Zombie styles? WTF. Pluto Rising in Venus makes those “mistunderstandings” about being in love with people particularly confrontative.

    Just Sunday night I slipped out the back door of a bar to avoid an argument with a persistent suitor who has severely overestimated my interest. See, because the Mars Pluto makes me fawn until I can’t anymore and then I just want to kick the person who is not taking no for an answer. Therefore, the back door is like, cruel to avoid jail.

  20. Venus in Libra in 2nd house plus a Libra stellium. Guess the above describes me pretty well. Not traditionally beautiful but certainly make the best of what I’ve got. Coupled with a Virgo rising I’m a bit more ‘stripped back’ than most Librans but looks do count and I love beauty in whatever form.

  21. Oh yes this is my Venus-Sun conj/ Libra moon old lover; also my Venus in Pisces/ Libra moon sister. I’d love to be more Venusian but I’m not, even though I have a 7th house stellium. I have Venus conj my Dsc in my 6th and that’s about all. (Square Neptune in Scorp and Jupiter in Toro for a good time LOL). I’m just Saturning out over here, sigh

  22. yeah holy smokes – echoing other comments here, this is on point!! libra sun mercury mars in my 6th, venus conj jupiter in virgo in my 4th ‍‍‍

  23. OMG. ALL of this! How could it not be with Venus conjunct Jupiter in Pisces in my 2. house square my Ascendant and trine my North Node? Thank you, Mystic. FINALLY, someone gets it! 😉

  24. Dudeee this article is AMAZING!!!! I resonated with every ounce of it and realized things about myself that I didn’t know were bc of my Venus nature! Psychically struck by the serve of overshare and tranquility being a valuable asset are both sooo right on time. I totally enjoyed reading this, it filled me up with joy and smiles

  25. Venus conjunct moon and north node in Leo in second house with Jupiter W/ Saturn W/ Pluto W/ Juno in Libra . My Saturn return was all about breaking free ( from everything weighing me down ) and discovering perfumes. Life is/has been an endless Venusian venture from then on.

  26. Wish Upon a Star

    Great, in depth description. Love: tranquility is their greatest asset. I relate to most. not all points.

    This cheers me up after delving into my Saturn, Pluto and South node Scorpio transmitting 11 the house meaning.

    Beauty restores harmony. Thanks Mystic.

  27. Venus in Taurus conjunct the Midheaven & a LOT of this is me. I am that Type 2 Venusian crying at The Ballad of Sexual Dependency by Nan Goldin in the Tate (literally what I did yesterday afternoon).

    1. Oh I love that thing! I read an article about it months ago and tore out the photos. Sounds amazing, wish I could see it in the flesh!

      I’m type 2 as well (artist with toro stellium in 2nd house)

  28. As far as the primary astro goes, I am ‘un-venusian’, yet i identify with quite a lot of this. How does that work?

  29. I have Venus conjunct Jupiter in Gemini in the 8th house, and the nuance from people can just be too much. Like I gotta filter that shizz so it doesn’t get all over me. And I’m not very good at filtering so I tend to keep to myself, except when there is someone interesting enough to flirt with.

    Married a Venus rising and we have a Libra rising daughter and a Taurean son. Husband and daughter have supersonic scent, no joke. Once my daughter complained for two days that her room smelled like vomit but no one else smelled it. Then the cat barfed in her room. She’s an Aquarius.

  30. I relate to all of this as a default setting, maybe from SN Libra? I don’t have the classic Venusian chart, but I have Venus conjunct Descendant, albeit in Capricorn, and my Venus is my most aspected planet in my chart, being strongly aspected by almost every other planet, in a variety of ways, though no conjunctions or stelliums with it. I guess it’s a ‘dynamic’ and active planet in my chart so the energy is always present.

  31. My Venus is in Virgo, but this description rings true. I choose a daily fragrance to match my mood or communicate what I hope to achieve.. My careers choices always revolved around fashion, advertising, communication and media relations. So does Venus in Virgo count?

  32. ThisIntuitiveLife

    Nailed me! Stellium in Libra in the third house. My Saturn is in Taurus though… not sure how that fits…

  33. My chart doesn’t seem to back this up, but I am every single bit of this description. Every single bit, and indeed, this year, I have only just realized how thoroughly influenced I am by Venus and have chosen to start working with her.

    I collect perfumes, use them in magic, use them to convey a mood, and consider perfume and music to be the “invisible arts.” I reject people who are joyless about food and insist you must eat strictly for fuel, not taste (though I’m also – strangely? – Saturnian/Plutonic and totally get the high of using food as medicine) and people who sneer at art and magical thinking. I do spa days/beauty days at home on Sundays, and beat myself up for buying fistfuls of art supplies and not using them.

    Relationships must be harmonious and the slightest variation from that (disagreements are fine and addressing issues is constructive – as long as these are done with an eye toward kindness and achieving harmony in the end) cause me horrible discomfort.

    Thank you for this – it’s extremely helpful!

      1. Apparently, my chart *does* back this up – Venus in the 2nd House – I didn’t catch that earlier. So you’re also a would be artist who doesn’t actually use their supplies? 😀

        1. Buying the art supplies is a rush in itself! gorgeous colours, paper, pastels, etc. love browsing in art shops

        1. I’m often found perusing perfume blogs like Bois de Jasmine… to scope out new perfumes to try. So sad when Givency stopped making L’interdit! I bought a bottle on my first trip to Paris at 25 and it was my fave scent — powdery, floral and complex — like a 19th C french theatre actress’s dressing room.

          1. “like a 19th C french theatre actress’s dressing room.” This is one of the best descriptions of a perfume I’ve read! I love high concept perfumes or descriptions of them. I also love perfume blogs! One of my favorites is

            There’s one I want to buy now that’s sold out, called – greatest name ever – I Saw Goody Proctor With the Devil. 😀

            Sorry about L’Interdit. 🙁 Discontinued (or reformulated to death) is so sad.

    1. Food is one of my first priorities, and it must be good, and it gives me great pleasure. I hate eating junk and can not understand friends who say ‘I realised I forgot to have lunch’ — how can you “forget” to eat???

  34. even my persnickty venus virgo conjunct uranus/pluto sextile neptune would rather eat glass than leave the house with deep scrub to the marrow,layer scented(read anointed)studied decadent wear and comfortable shoes(tossed the heels. tipped uterus is a highly unsexy calling card). i CONSIDER myself venusian!

  35. Venus conj. Sun (and Mars, for good measure) in my 2nd. All resonates, all so true! And of course in sync with the 2nd, I also have a monthly budget for “soap” (my Cap husband’s shorthand for beauty products, services and fashion)

  36. So cool! My latest publication (for academic journal) is on the evolutionary role of beauty and all living creatures desire for the elevated emotions that beauty can bring- I wrote about this in the context of the healing power of horses. So I’m libra (Mars, Jupiter and something else I forgot), Venus is in Sagittarius (horses!), and my moon is Taurus (emotions, nature).

  37. Wow. This really resonates with me. I have a heavy Taurus chart. Just yesterday, as a matter of fact, an ex-lover (the one whose memory still stings, even 20 years later) posted a picture of his fridge on FB. I looked at it and it was as if those little connecting tendrils were instantly severed. Store bought salad dressing? Fat-free Lactaid? Sour cream with the ugliest label I’ve ever seen? Yes. Yes, you were right. That break up was indeed for the best. Godspeed, old friend. Thank sweet Jesus we didn’t end up sharing a refrigerator. It really never would have worked out.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Sounds like you dodged a bullet. Store bought salad dressing : yuk !

      How can you not appreciate beautiful olive oil. Major deal breaker !


    2. Thank you for sharing this, you have made my week! I totally get it and as Antares says, you dodged a bullet!

    3. lol. Food should be beautiful, healthy (except when you’re allowing yourself the occasional luxury dark choc truffle, etc.) and have care put into it. I hate low fat products with a passion! they are a chemical shitstorm, not real food. Just cut down on fats FFS. Also — fake sugar substitutes (that probably cause cancer or brain malfunction) — shudder!

  38. Leo Venus Conjunct Uranus but in 10th House. Also Leo Sun. Will be married for 30 years this June, and have been with my husband for 39 years. However, I am definitely not “nice to everyone” so thinking this does not apply to me.

  39. Leo venus/uranus in 1st house….married young (37yrs now) I’m very comfortable and mostly traditional. Im nice to everyone most times (menopause was like having PMS X 10) I love family and home base, having comfy cosy furniture/bedding.

  40. I have Venus in Gemini does this double it ! 3rd house too. Although I adore perfume and beauty it really has had the effect of making me an incredible flirt. I simply can’t switch it off. Even if I’m not trying or trying not to, it happens. I can’t help raising an eyebrow or the corner of my mouth. And away it goes. It has been fun.

    1. I have none of the Venus positions mentioned above except a couple of planets in Libra, but I too have Venus in Gemini, if that has any effect. Every single bit of the above description of a Venus person is 110% me though.

    2. I also have Venus in Gemini 3rd House – conjunct Sun & Moon. I get an instance confidence boost wearing perfume! If I’m in a bit of a stuck mood I put perfume on & my mood changes instantly, I don’t even care what time of day it is.
      Can also raise an eyebrow – is that a Gemmy thing?

      1. Me too. I am known to give myself a quick spritz even at bed time ?!?!? And I’ll follow a scent down the road to see who is wearing it. I’m wondering if the young lad recently brought out of a three week coma by his mum spraying him with his favourite smelling body spray/deodorant has a Venus placement prominent ?

    3. Yay! I’m a Venus in Gemini too, such a fun placement. I love flirting and making people laugh. I’m also really loud in bed. Mine is 8th house.

      1. Oooooo now that sounds awesome. Venus Gemini 8th. Loud. Ha. Hahaha. I have a habit of laughing and giggling and talking ! For some they look perplexed until they realise sex can be enormous fun. Go you. That placement sounds wonderful.

    4. Third house Venus here too (and a stellium in the third) – I hear you, emg! I also see flirting as life-affirming and uplifting – when done appropriately, of course! Life is hard enough… why not dish out a few compliments here and there?

      1. I simply can’t stop it. I exude flirt. And I love it. I feel it’s one of my gifts. It’s was tough early on but now I own it.

  41. Saturn in Pisces

    Solar Toro, Moon conjunct Venus in the 2nd, 2nd house stellium – this post is eerily accurate (despite Venus being in Aries “detriment” – which honestly just eliminates the “nice” factor and makes me an unapologetic snob).

    1. Maybe Venus in aries simply helps us relate better to the sporty bois (and gurls) 😉

      I made a V in A .gif last night for a friend, even just looking for that vibe instantly put me in a good mood. Venus ain’t in detriment there imo, we just need the right playing field 😀 😉

  42. OOOOOh yes! tick tick tick. Perfumes I have many that I wear according to my clothes for that day. I’ve got a collection of handbags that are practical and tactile and lovely. But “psychically struck by a sudden swerve into over-share or discordant politics” nailed it for me. Venus conjunct moon in Aries but a huge stellium in Taurus 4th house. I teach art, what a dream job for a Venusian. XxXx

  43. awww love this.
    venus in libra, toro rising and venus conjunct pluto. so yeah, im venusian.
    adore scent, well…essential oils, absolutely. roses, the colour pink…
    love food, and yes, beauty, esp in people
    dont like being single but think thats my sun in seventh hse lol

  44. in Norway we have a tradition of eating our lunch out of brown paper wrapping or a box, and i have allways hated that. It feels insulting to me to treat food as a means to an end rather than something to be cherished. A friend made my lunch for me the other day, and she packed two lovely paper napkins with it, to use as a tiny table cloth. To me ths made all the differece in the world.

  45. So, now I need to hear from MM how we offend people less when we evade conflict, too much of the right things to say is disturbing but the truth hurts…

  46. Oh thank you for mentioning us! I have Venus conjunct Jupiter in Taurus, right at the end of the first house, forming a Taurus stellium with my sun – and a Libran moon. The appreciation of beauty is spot on, and I don’t differentiate – beauty is beauty, male, female, object, whatever. Food, music, art, beauty – I’m not a snob, but if someone diesn’t care much for those things we can’t be friends. I like things to smell nice, but subtle and natural. Of course.oh, and clothes – my weakness! The interesting conundrum for me is that I’m also a Mars person, with an Aries rising and Mars conjunct Saturn in cancer, so i’m possibly not as nice as the average Venusian I’m the 1 Venus – but weirdly, I fantasise about no. 2 Venus. In my alternate life, I live in an all white apartment, am single, and indulge my love of art and beauty in every way. She is a beautuful thing, but I wonder if she is a tad shallow and self indulgent, unlike the more earthy me. Still, I dream ❤️

  47. Venus in Scorpio in the 7th, and a stellium of Libra planets, so yes, yes, yes, yes to all of the above. It all makes so much sense now – the love of clothes that are that little bit different, the fear of confrontation, easily turned on by all things sexual. I’m the type 2, after a failed marriage been single now for 15 years and mostly loving it. Thanks so much Mystic for this article, love it!!

  48. I love this. Venusiac lmtd
    might I add style even their banal surrounding as much as humanly possible…at boring work I like to plate my lunch, restyle coworkers internally and make art out of office supplies.

  49. As a Neptune/Saturn Libra Ascendant with Venus on Desc in Taurus in aspect to nearly every planet I really appreciate your brilliant expose Mystic. The scales have fallen. Thank you!

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