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If you like informed, upbeat and contemporary Astrology without lectures or serenity signaling, you’re probably a natural Mega Mystic member. Your investment returns you a year of actionable astro-insights, fantastic horoscopes, Tarot reads, and more. You’ll also get instant access to the MM members page and premium content. A year-long membership is brilliant value, and of course, there are no advertisements, promoted posts, or third-party cookies on Mystic Medusa Astrology.

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35 reviews for 12 Month Mega Mystic Access

  1. Maryanne (verified owner)

    Mystic is utterly fabulous. Quirky, clever, laugh-out-loud funny at times and yet weirdly accurate.

  2. RAH (verified owner)

    I’m addicted. Is is it my insecurity, my constant emotional turmoil, or just a tendency to lurk in the shadows, eavesdropping and peeping through keyholes that got me here? Will I ever get closure? Not likely, but I’ll enjoy the ride.

  3. tdq (verified owner)

    Might as well get someone else hooked and delighted…

  4. tdq (verified owner)

    What better gift to give?

  5. nybaby (verified owner)

    Originally I joined for 6 months and after they expired I did not renew right away. A week or so went by and I missed them so much I got a year subscription this time. I’m back and loving it

  6. surlatable (verified owner)

    Just going to state here that the daily horoscopes are almost impossibly accurate and directly suited to the moment. The only plausible explanation is the devoted work of a person who has combined artistry and next level-scholar work into their vocation. There are a lot of people doing astrology on the web at this point, myself included for a while, but out of those who continually up their craft by going in I appreciate Mystic the most. This website is next level and though I do love a lot of my fellows, my subscription here is the only one left. I never get a bad feeling about integrity here. I’m grateful for that. Again. The daily horoscopes are so on point it makes a mockery out of what was. I could never go back to a more generalized format. It’s really quite astounding. Thanks Mystic, for everything.

  7. MCS (verified owner)

    Best astrology site on the web. I’ve been a huge fan for 8 years, and as someone who has been studying astrology for over 30 years, Mystic Medusa is unparalleled. I am a lifetime member and it was the best investment I’ve made. If you have the opportunity, I would highly recommend a personal consult. Mystic is more than an astrologer, she is a wise sage, innovator, cryptic translator, and medicine woman. Thank you Mystic for your guidance and wisdom over the years.

  8. Rubeedoo (verified owner)

    It wasn’t until my first year of membership ran out that I realised just how integral Mystic’s insights were in navigation this crazy world and crazy time. Needless to say, I renewed my membership immediately.

  9. Dev (verified owner)

    Loyal mystic fanatic for almost 10 years! Rebought a membership as a gift for my twin who introduced me to the blog & horoscopes way back when! Couldn’t be more pleased or satisfied with my investments into mystic…invaluable life tools & info & sheer bloody good entertainment!!

  10. Rose (verified owner)

    My Mystic membership has been the best investment – so much magical wisdom and insight. The daily horoscopes are especially amazing and I have learnt so much from the scopes and posts – Mystic is a legend – always ahead of the trends and planetary happenings – thank you Mystic!

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