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If you like informed, upbeat, contemporary Astrology without patronizing piffle or serenity signaling, you’re probably a natural Mega Mystic member!

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Your access is immediate and FYI, there are absolutely no ads, promoted posts, trackers or third-party cookies – we don’t even use Google Analytics and removed social share links because of the tracking. Privacy is paramount.

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36 reviews for 12 Month Mega Mystic Access

  1. Maryanne

    Mystic’s weirdly accurate and super-inspiring personalised horoscopes have totally boosted my creative process and output. LOVE her super-witty horoscopes and auguries, and the ad-free site, yay! Tired of Doom-laden horoscopes? Highly recommend Mystic’s upbeat astrology, filled with nature spirits, ancient gods, celestial bodies, warrior muses, (love them) and more. I also have a hard copy pack of Alchemy Tarot cards which I adore.

  2. Maryanne

    Mystic is utterly fabulous. Quirky, clever, laugh-out-loud funny at times and yet weirdly accurate.

  3. RAH

    I’m addicted. Is is it my insecurity, my constant emotional turmoil, or just a tendency to lurk in the shadows, eavesdropping and peeping through keyholes that got me here? Will I ever get closure? Not likely, but I’ll enjoy the ride.

  4. tdq

    Might as well get someone else hooked and delighted…

  5. tdq

    What better gift to give?

  6. nybaby

    Originally I joined for 6 months and after they expired I did not renew right away. A week or so went by and I missed them so much I got a year subscription this time. I’m back and loving it

  7. surlatable

    Just going to state here that the daily horoscopes are almost impossibly accurate and directly suited to the moment. The only plausible explanation is the devoted work of a person who has combined artistry and next level-scholar work into their vocation. There are a lot of people doing astrology on the web at this point, myself included for a while, but out of those who continually up their craft by going in I appreciate Mystic the most. This website is next level and though I do love a lot of my fellows, my subscription here is the only one left. I never get a bad feeling about integrity here. I’m grateful for that. Again. The daily horoscopes are so on point it makes a mockery out of what was. I could never go back to a more generalized format. It’s really quite astounding. Thanks Mystic, for everything.

  8. MCS

    Best astrology site on the web. I’ve been a huge fan for 8 years, and as someone who has been studying astrology for over 30 years, Mystic Medusa is unparalleled. I am a lifetime member and it was the best investment I’ve made. If you have the opportunity, I would highly recommend a personal consult. Mystic is more than an astrologer, she is a wise sage, innovator, cryptic translator, and medicine woman. Thank you Mystic for your guidance and wisdom over the years.

  9. Rubeedoo

    It wasn’t until my first year of membership ran out that I realised just how integral Mystic’s insights were in navigation this crazy world and crazy time. Needless to say, I renewed my membership immediately.

  10. Dev

    Loyal mystic fanatic for almost 10 years! Rebought a membership as a gift for my twin who introduced me to the blog & horoscopes way back when! Couldn’t be more pleased or satisfied with my investments into mystic…invaluable life tools & info & sheer bloody good entertainment!!

  11. Rose

    My Mystic membership has been the best investment – so much magical wisdom and insight. The daily horoscopes are especially amazing and I have learnt so much from the scopes and posts – Mystic is a legend – always ahead of the trends and planetary happenings – thank you Mystic!

  12. Jules

    Mystic has been essential to me for decades. My daily meditation is followed by a visit to your website, then I proceed with my day.

  13. Sammy-lou

    Mystic Medusa is my guru! Her horoscopes and blog help me understand and navigate life at a micro (me) and macro (world) level. I’ve followed her since the old Weekend Australian days, and recommend her to anyone seeking a way to connect with the meaning and magic of the universe. Plus, she’s an all-round fabulous writer!

  14. Malkier

    Can’t live without my Daily Medusa Dose, it’s become part of my routine!

  15. Firewater

    Like many others, I’ve been an avid follower of Mystic’s since discovering her via a Newspaper Weekend Magazine many moons ago. Other Astrology columns, subscriptions, blah-blogs are one dimensional, black and white and authoritarian in comparison to Mystic Medusa’s Mega Mystic offering.
    The erudite Mystic, explains, educates, informs, pre-warns and uses her superb Mercurial gifts for catch phrase creation that simplifies the trickiest of concepts. If you come for the horoscopes, you’ll stay for the insanely cheeky and spookily- accurate Oracles, the DIY Astrological House witchery tips, the what-tha-Fuq-current affairs and celebrity astrological insights and the glorious and insanely gorgeous art curated alongside the whole shebang. There’s always more and better being planned behind the scenes and I wouldn’t be without it. Take the special offers when they come up, they are brilliant value. It’s my secret weapon against Muggles, workplace sociopaths and poor Mercury Retrograde project planning.

  16. Been

    I have also been a subscriber for many years. What I really like about the new pricing structure is the commitment aspect. Once you know you are on a good thing, you can commit to a longer relationship (hey, let’s face it – when you like visiting Mystic, it sort of becomes a relationship over time). I like this business model because it is based on mutual trust and appreciation. Totally lovely. I wish there were more enterprises out there with a similar perspective on things.

    – Read more at: https://mysticmedusa.com/product/12-month-mega-mystic-access/

  17. Nady

    Mystic is just amazing! I have been a subscriber for years now. There is just so much on the site – where do I start. Oracles, tarot, amazing scopes and her daily mystic email just is THE best. Pure Genuis and worth every cent and subscribing should actually cost more it’s sooo good.

  18. LeoNZ

    I love this soothsaying website and horoscopes, only one I subscribe to, thanks for years of predictions xx

  19. Lux

    Mystic has such a fresh, irreverent and witty voice. Her writing is both sublime and succinct. I always love and appreciate her take on how to best navigate the astrological weather. Her reports are eerily accurate. I love having full access to the site. The oracles and tarot options are divine. I highly recommend a mega mystic membership.

  20. New Age Leo

    I let my membership lapse, trying to save cash. What a mistake. Being without Mystic’s daily message is like being blind and deaf. Every day would pass and the only emails were trying to sell me stuff I didn’t want. Mystic’s daily missive gives me a smile to start the day and a head-up as to what the muggles would be doing, invaluable.

  21. Michaela

    It’s the thing and the whole of the thing. Worth more than gold.

  22. EdgeofJupiter

    So good having a Mystic subscriber skip to your step when the days do your mind no favours and the rest of your life is like a Tom Waits song. You have this inner app that tells you, “I know what that is. I read it/heard it on the Mystic. It’s the Solar E Leo stomp, or similar. So much more to enjoy. Thanks Mystic

  23. Windhorse11

    I have been a yearly member since this site started. Mystic is my go-to place every morning, my go-to place if I’m happy, sad, in-between or looking for greater insight in a problem. I’m ACTUALLY getting better at even following the advice – not that easy for a double scorpio – moon in capricorn but Mystic’s been a huge help … I have several of her other products. Highly recommend the power moon reading … oh heck … everything. She’s uncanny in her accuracy and overall insight — not to mention kindness the precision of a warrior!! Love her.

  24. Trixie

    There aren’t enough stars in the galaxy to rate the value Mystic brings to my daily life. Mega indeed! Thank you Mystic x

  25. Calidor

    I can breathe again now that I’ve renewed my Mega Mystic membership which I’d unaccountably let lapse for a day. It has all of the knowledge of thousands of years of astrology expressed in witty wonderful language. Light years ahead of the zeitgeist.

  26. Jo

    There is nothing like having witty guidance and intuitive clues to nailing life. I am now working from a position of calm power. Mystic Medusa is helping me to be kind to me and I have gas in the tank to be kind to my loved ones and the odd stranger. I read a lot of astrology but this is putting astrology in to action. A must have for everybody’s tool kit.

  27. LeefromHackett

    Simply can not function without my daily, weekly, monthly (+ extras) fix of Mystic Medusa. Her insights keep me sane!!

  28. Sera_Tonin

    Ah I love the wit of Mystic’s advice. I remember reading the stars in some magazine that came with a paper my parents used to buy and was thrilled to find Mystic online years later. I have been trucking along for ages getting a month at a time because I was broke (which is awesome that you have that option too) and had just been thinking about upgrading when Mystic sent out her special offer. I’m very relieved to have joined up now for a whole year! I do like to check in on important days or when I’m befuddled about something and it’s nice to know that I can do that anytime now! I have also learned more about Astrology, which is a nice change when reading my horoscope- I feel informed about general trends, forewarned about muggle crud being hurled my way and even look up the calendar to plan my business launches or best times for… I also love the tarot readings which I do often. Love your work MM!

  29. escapist

    I can’t remember when I discovered Mystic Medusa. It’s been a few years . The top of the list of reasons why I hold a membership is genius literary talent. I laugh out loud at the original terminology Mystic employs to get her point across. I have learned a lot about astrology too. Astrology has given me important insight to my life. Mystic provides me with such self knowledge and the ability to laugh at myself.

  30. SourPatch

    The oracle and the tarot is amazingly accurate and too the point at times! The horoscopes are always very insightful! Great service for a great price!

  31. JacQui

    My interest in Astrology started as a teenager, I had a few favourites that I would hunt out in magazines and then the web. Lately though I have narrowed my focus to Mystic Medusa. The daily emails, the blog the artworks are thought provoking and often send me researching one concept or another to expand my awareness. Her deep knowledge and contemporary awareness make for relevant reading. I must admit I am excited to read her latest concepts and happenings of the heavens above and their potential effects on the muggles around me and myself. I feel I have grown because of this site, Mystics posts and the valuable comments from other peeps. Her support team always help me quickly if I don’t understand something or need help. Occasionally the special membership offers are really good too. XxXx

  32. babysinclair

    What can I even say. I feel like anything I write here would not do Mystic’s brilliant work enough justice. I have been a Mega Mystic member since 2015. Even when I didn’t have much money to spare I could tell her guidance was a brilliant investment in myself. Not only does her work help with planning, and getting in alignment with the astral weather, it prompts me to take a look at myself and see things that I couldn’t see before, so I can continue to step fully into my potential. Reading her horoscopes is like getting a witty, spooky pep talk and it’s one of my favorite parts of my daily routine. As someone who loves to study astrology, she’s an amazing teacher. Her words have a way of helping me understand concepts and vibes that I have had a hard time grasping. Aside from the horoscopes and Daily Mystic emails, the tools on her site – the scheduler, the oracle, the tarot – that we get to use as members are such a cool, innovative way to integrate even more practical magic into daily life. Thank you Mystic!

  33. Leo in Beijing

    Aside from her manifest wit and intelligence, Mystic is simply the most extraordinary guide to living a charmed life. How often has she saved me from succumbing to Qi Vampires, zombie crushes, rash actions or inactions? Highly highly recommended

  34. Gorse

    Mystic is the astrologer’s astrologer.
    Beyond this cult following, Mystic’s writing stands out for being far-reaching, readable and accessible. Buying Mega Mystic is a perfect way to support her ongoing astrological innovations, hear about new ideas and access them first. Mega Mystic gives Monthly, Weekly, & Daily scope access, which are great for reaffirming your hunches, and steering you towards your highest habits, a Moon calendar to plan dates ahead, as well as Mystic’s oracles, & 24/7 tarot reading, a daily email capable of transforming the perspective of your day or weekend, and discounts on chart readings and rants. Mega is an asset in my life. It reminds me of the importance of timing in persuading, pushing or opting for placidity, because there will be better receptivity coming. I’d recommend One Month access if you’d like a taster. The 12 Months for astounding value. It’s best if you try it out for yourself.

  35. Turossgirl

    Always highly relevant and insightful. Mystic’s ability to explain and give meaning about the astrological moment is so sage like that
    I often think how can this be ? A fan for many years of her contribution in the Saturday paper, I now have the joy of her daily input.
    Thank-you Mystic.

  36. Swim

    Brilliantly written. Brilliantly insightful. Mystic’s style, wit, charm, humour and turn of phrase are simply peerless. I used to buy the paper every Saturday just to drink in those few words of wisdom, but now, like my other drinking habits, I rejoice in my daily tipple. Like many, I sometimes would like to know who she really is, but then again, is it not better to imagine that she might be you or you or you or me? Actually, she can’t be me because I’m a Sagittarius male – but if I had have written that at the start, who’d still be reading?

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