Power Moons

Instantly download a year of Power Moons, your personalized guide to maximizing the monthly New and Full Moons.

This report reveals the natal chart houses that each Moon influences and significant conjunctions from the New or Full Moon to a planet – eg: Full Moon conjunct Pluto – and Mystic’s suggestions for each scenario.

Aligning with the lunar rhythm is an accessible and simple astrological technique. Everyone naturally responds to the Moon cycle anyway but Power Moons extends that instinctive flex: Consciously working with – say- a New Moon in your relationship sector or a Full Moon in the $$$ sector will give you a decided advantage.

Power Moons has recently been redesigned and updated with fresh, more extensive, content. If you purchased one previously, you can re-download it from your dashboard to see the new look and content.

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20 reviews for Power Moons

  1. ladyluck (verified owner)

    I love power moons, its the best way to keep abreast and plan for the upcoming moons and reflect on how things are going with each cycle.

  2. EdgeofJupiter (verified owner)

    Reading Mystic’s new Power Moon is very helpful while working through a project I have never undertaken before. It’s like taking a coat when heading out (in case of wild weather) but a coat that will also double as a bunch of flowers or a place to hide. If this is happening then maybe this is why it is happening. Her work is a comfort and great help.

  3. JacQui (verified owner)

    Ha this was so good I bought my work wife one as well. Such a lovely way to extend looking forwards to the moon phases (especially those delicious full moons). I have an amazing series of conjunctions next March so this report is helping me prepare (getting excited as the moon is on Uranus Pluto for the Neptune Jupiter conjunction) worth your weight in gold Mystic!

  4. Dizla (verified owner)

    I love the new format as it’s super easy to find the info and it also provides really handy useful suggestions for maximizing potential energies for each new and full moon.

  5. Wish Upon a Star (verified owner)

    Practical Magic !

  6. enkidu (verified owner)

    I have been buying Mystic Medusa’s “Power Moons” books in some form or another every year since 2017. Each iteration has improved upon the last and I am LOVING the latest update. Just buy it. It’s helpful, it’s beautiful and it’s well worth the money.

  7. kath (verified owner)

    This is the best instant astrology report on the market today. Quite possibly of all time. I am a life-long student, consumer & teacher of astrology so I do not make that comment flippantly, I definitely have seen much of what is out there. On top of that, Mystic responds to emails even though she must be swamped and I am always left with a little bread comb to investigate. I casually mentioned that I relate to and learn the most from Australian astrology outfits. She suggested that Australia could be a hot-spot for my personal Astro-cartography, so I investigated. WOW! It appears that I won’t even feel alive unless I am on the soil there. I would move there if it weren’t for the crazy, stringent lockdowns and my teenage daughter who probably would prefer to stay near her friends. I highly recommend anything and everything from Mystic and her site.

  8. Ozu (verified owner)

    Lots of actionable information, thank you Mystic. 😊

  9. devilgetout (verified owner)

    Totally recommend this astrology report, especially if you are a highly Moon influenced Kataka/Cancer as I am. I had the first Moon in the report as a Full Moon in my Third House warning against rash communications. Of course, I had an opportunity to exercise restraint just a few days before the full Moon and failed to do so, even after reading the report! Luckily, I popped off to an AirBnB host and not a dear friend or a colleague, so ramifications of that are short-term. And, after that incident, I was definitely more aware of my communications…
    This report is great for planning, especially if you use the Moon cycle for manifesting, banishing, Moon bathing, crystal cleansing and charging, et cetera… I love that Mystic has these kinds of astrological reports that are unique to your chart and that you can use in practical application in your everyday life. Thank you, Mystic! =^-^ =

  10. Vertex (verified owner)

    Highly recommend

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