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Enhance your timing with six months of ad-free, ultra-relevant astro-intel.

Upon purchase you gain immediate access to all the premium offerings: Unique Daily, Weekly + Monthly Horoscopes, the multi-time-zone Moon Calendar, emailed Daily Mystic updates (or you can opt to just read them on the site) and the online Oracle + Tarot readings.

Mega Mystic members also enjoy an automatic 50% discount on the Birth Charts and Astrology Readings.

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28 reviews for 6 Month Mega Mystic Access

  1. Double Scorp

    Mystic Medusa has been my daily, weekly and monthly source of inspiration. Thought provoking, witty, funny and spiritual. She continues to amaze with her choice of words and advice. Thank you!

  2. Kath Pickard

    Mystic has made my life better for years. Its so much more possible to to roll with the punches on down time and joyous to look forward to or relish in the good times. Mystic Medusa is so insightful and uplifting. She is awesome.

  3. Tetrahedron

    I don’t always understand Mystic’s youthful jargon, but I find her insights enlightening, her special take on things are rather inventive, if not brilliant, often with some rhy humor. Reading her daily insights often gives me a chuckle, and my sense of classical esthetics is often surprised.

  4. Wish Upon a Star

    I am a Taurus Moon.
    This membership gives a high return on investment.

  5. Corduroy jeans

    It has taken me forever to attempt to describe what an amazing little galaxy Mystic Medusa has created on the interwebs in her website. This corner of the virtual world is indispensable for vibrantly navigating life in all its mysterious meanderings and dimensions; filtered through MM’s keen literary style and artistic curatorship, which will have you alternately feeling validated (finally) AND/OR snorting helplessly with laughter. Loving it, will be a member for as long as the Universe permits me. <3 <3

  6. mshenna

    Most useful (& fun) subscription you can get. Just renewed mine – never want to miss out!

  7. nush ciel

    A few years ago there was an ad for MUM deodorant for women, captioned ” a girl needs her mum”. I’m like that with my MM subscription. Been part of my life for so long, it must be since the inception. And the incentive to get 6/12 sub with a further 6/12 sub, just perfect. This girl speaks my language in world full of crazy as rocks hurtle on projectories around the sun and somehow manage to fuq up my life with ease- and then a sudden blessing. I now have 3 apocalypse wine cupboards and the aplomb to deal with whats nigh, thanks to MM. Brilliant offer, I’m so glad. Gracias MM

  8. fooshaq

    Totally love MM’s daily, weekly and monthly scopes! Accurate and spot on info and guidance, presented in a thorough, interesting and ultimately uplifting way. An essential part of my personal journey. Thanks MM xx

  9. sooshy

    I don’t really understand the Astro speak but there is something magical about the vibe that Mystic weaves with her insights. It’s like receiving a bolt of understanding from the Multiverse with deep Intutive lessons that are unusually spot on, almost as if Mystic has channeled inner knowledge about your life. I love her reports and the new Astro pages are even more awesome. I am grateful for the gifts of clear seeing and words of wisdom, a constant reminder that our life lessons are everywhere we care to seek.

  10. Love

    Long live the Mystic Queen to gently guide us into the unknown ❤️🙏🏼

  11. tamtam

    The only astrologer who can write 😉
    I need my daily mystic email more than ever right now!!!

  12. screengems

    I’ve been a devote of astrology since learning about the Church of Light in 1971 while in Boulder, Colorado, so I’m a bit of a ‘veteran’ . Mystic is a pro, and very detailed, and extremely credible and a great asset and ally in my day to day life. Forewarned is forearmed.

  13. K

    I have been reading Mystic for number of years, even before subscribing. My understanding, connection and deeper directional knowledge of myself, my world and the movements of the planets have unfolded for me with Mystic’s natural grace and guidance through this cosmic kaleidoscope….I love the discussions encouraged in readers, I love the insight, wit and word craft that Mystic conveys with passion and purpose. The world is larger than life in her hands – with the blog and its resonating pictures, the tarot, the oracle and the scopes bringing me daily peace and joy! Thank you Mystic!!!

  14. Vertex

    Shiny new member. The emails are interesting and useful without being excessive or wordy. This is the shit you need to know.

  15. zulibijou

    Can’t live without Medusa’s genius inspiring take on the astro de jour. Real, super positive, well written and funny. What could be better. She is the bomb.

  16. Catebla

    Where do I begin? A fish in everything person. Who laughs out loud at some of her scribbles, takes on board the economic stuff hugely, also zeroes in on personal stuff sometimes. (Pretty happy person in real life). What a fabulous way to start a day! Get so many laughs out of the Oracle and some wisdom from the Tarot. Been reading her on and off for an eternity. Think since she started at the Aus (pity it’s Murdoch!). What a fabulous person/woman to listen to. Just synchronicity in some respects. Thank you so much for making my life funnier/better/more meaningful. C

  17. Pema

    I very happily renewed my Mystic membership! It is like my morning coffee, essential to life as I know it! I love that Mystic’s take is not all doom and gloom like so many in the astrological plane. And when the indications are a little dire, always the response is about positive steps to take and positive attitudes to try on. Also she is as funky as it gets, love the images! and her dark and witty sense of humor is always in tune with mine! The Oracles, The Tarot, are all amazing and the astro insights always on point. Fan girl over and out 🙂

  18. Nangala

    MM turns my intuition button onto high each morning at horoscope time and her language sets me up to creatively plan my day accordingly. Her sensibility is rare and fun to work with. Mystic, I have much to thank you for.

  19. Jenna Marshall

    I’ve been a devoted subscriber to Mystic’s, Mega Mystic package since its creation and always will be. I’ve gifted it to friends and my mum!
    Mystic’s work, in all its formats, is spooky, sassy and accurate in all the ways we need to stay ahead of the planetary mayhem game.

  20. Subscriptionz

    Simply the best!

  21. Gasha

    I have been a Mega Mystic subscriber for years, and it became a necessary investment into my tools for personal growth . Love the guidance, love the products, love the accurate, practical and magical advice.

  22. mshenna

    Worth it for the Oracle alone!

  23. LeahG

    It’s amazing. Just get it. The site is a beyond a gem and the talent and heart wisdom here is ⚡️

  24. Sam

    Such smart, potent content! the 6-month membership has the perfect price for a solid chunk of time, and I’ve already learned so much after only a week! I’m hooked ☺️

  25. Daniela

    6 months subscription because this stuff is gold and necessary for me. Quick, spot on, funny, poignant. The support though and the esoteric bombs; out of this world. What’s not to love

  26. ellesteele

    Love my mystic membership. It’s a non-negotiable in my life and business. The emails are clear, engaging and funny. Mystic’s writing and knowledge is next level – do yourself a favour and join!

  27. Raven

    Love MM…..best astrology ever…. And anyone who spells the F word with a Q ?? So gets my approval. ⭐️

  28. Ladyleo

    I have been reading MMs horoscopes circa 2010 – can’t stop, won’t stop. Her guidance is uncannily on point, always insightful and always allows you to take control and make the most of (or walk away from) any situation. As well as the daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes of wisdom, I have often relied on the oracle for when I’m really over a situation and need instant intuition. As well as the tarot which always has a number of well timed and relevant messages on offer. It is a daily ritual to sit, read and reflect on the messages I receive from Mystics offerings. You won’t be disappointed.

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