How To Play The Saturn-Uranus Square Finale

Who’s up for some good tidings? We are approaching the climax of the Saturn-Uranus square aka the omnipresent astro-factor of the year.

It’s been dramatic and a ceaseless grind which is wearying, I know. It’s the fixed sign nature of the phenom – you can read more on that in the What The Astro-Fuq? if you are interested.

Now, while the broader terrain, merchants of fuqery, geopolitical tensions and advanced weirdness is spiraling toward some sort of a climactic moment, you probably got yours out of the way when Saturn squared Uranus for the second time earlier this year.

How come you beat them all to it? Easy. You’re smaller scale. Your existential crises don’t have to be tested by a hostile senate or aired to a board of directors who already think you’ve lost your mind. Your antagonists are unlikely to be implacable sociopaths with vast resources and strategic advisors. There are not billions to be won or lost and you’re more agile. The chances are you’re less ideologically quagmired and more self-knowing than most politicians or the people who head up global corporations.

It doesn’t mean their decisions or governance can’t annoy/affect you but for sure your Saturn-Uranus square is going to be about self-empowerment. If you’re cackling scornfully at this point, I understand. But self-empowerment never has a wow factor. It’s not like being lauded or receiving a trophy. It’s usually an entirely personal, quiet moment when you realize: this used to be a drama for me…now it’s not. 

It’s not a credential nor even an achievement you’d trot out in a job interview or to impress a potential mate: your power arrived quietly, without fuss. Nobody bequeathed it. You don’t even know how you got it. Did you accidentally summon it up on one of your insomniac self-doubt benders? Impress some strange elemental sprite with a semi-coherent conspiracy hypothesis thumped out on social media?

It’s hard to tell but the aptest comparison is to how you build muscle by tearing it down or stressing out the fibers. Saturn squares are the hardest but they build. This particular Saturn-Uranus cycle started in 1988 so it has not just been a merde of a year for all the obvious current stressors but every apprehension and tension triggered earlier fears, mournings, or failures.

Still, as we glide towards the Solstice and Xmas – when Saturn squares Uranus for the final time – remember that though the atmosphere is going to be peak whack, you’re making metaphysical/intellectual/emotional/psychological strength gains by the day.

If you know your natal chart, look to the houses where you have 11 degrees of Taurus and Aquarius as your ‘it’ zone – this is both Grudge Flashpoint and potentially your victory turf. Then look at 11 degrees of anything – with a few degrees on either side – that’s the cast and the plot is ‘power struggle’ – two substantial aspects of you that didn’t want to change/grow, work together or even activate have done all that and more.

More on all this in the Monthly Horoscopes but in the meantime, thoughts?

98 thoughts on “How To Play The Saturn-Uranus Square Finale”

  1. You are about to erupt out of this rut but it will be an eruption. Venus-Pluto is also, you see, making you more aware of people’s underlying motives and how your strengths have worked against you. No more!

    1. Virgo monthly ….
      and this full moon is in my 7th
      I’m going through a strong Venus Pluto transformation rn
      realising so much about my chart and family of origin.
      finally growing roots within myself
      I am my family
      they never were.
      I was so othered by them
      thats been my journey
      im not bitter about it but I won’t ever look to them for what they never gave me. I’m learning to care for myself. And that starts with energetically cutting off people who treat me as they do. Harsh way to learn “not everyone will wish you well in your life “ but certainly as a lesson it is etched into my soul.
      I am my own family.

  2. I have only fully understood this transit thanks to Mystic December horoscope. The Virgo rising one felt like when you meet someone who has the words to describe something that your were struggling to find: “For you this is (and has been) a conflict between your broader aspirations or intellectual needs and work/health demands. If it were a normal juggling act you’d get on with it but every step has been bogged down by power-trips or seemingly insurmountable obstacles.”
    This is exactly the on/off in the background aspect – but sometimes very much in the foreground too – that has marked this year so intensely.

    1. For me too. Just reread the Virgo December monthly and the words rang so true it was creepy. Huge full moon for me. Absolutely primal.

  3. Pluto at 11 Scorpio in the 1st. And born in that Saturn/Uranus conjunction!
    Feeling self-empowered but also drained? Pluto in the 1st is a toughee- so many evolutions of personality and letting go of people I’m attached to. Feeling lonely at the moment but also… happy not to be dealing with people who aren’t actually good for/to me. Working on my identity gains I guess!

  4. My north node us at 12 degrees Taurus in the 11th house and yes, I am relocating again! natal Uranus in the 12th, seems I complete another whatever and off I go again. Moving just as the nodes change into Taurus Scorpio😊

  5. Natal North Node 10 degrees Taurus with Lilith at 11… Mercury 10 degrees Virgo, Ascendant 11 degrees of Sag… and other things a few degrees off. Let’s gooooooooooo.

  6. Erm…
    Natal 11 degree Cap Sun square 13 degree Libra Uranus.

    This energy is quite normal to me. I’m good with being the weirdy. I don’t care if you look at me side eye. Used to when I was a kid but then I grew up.

    Accepted a job as a TA in elementary school, 2nd & 3rd grade special ed autistic students. They’re my tribe. Challenging? Intense? Yup.

    Oh, did I mention transit Uranus is exact conjunct my 12th house Saturn?

    Yeah. Astrology is real people.

    1. Hey Astro-twin! I’m 13 Cap Sun square 13 Libra Uranus too. Fellow long-time weirdy except I grew up thinking everyone else were the weirdos (Uranus in 12th?) – only as an adult did I realise I’m the outlier. 🤔

      It still catches me by surprise at times!

      Yeah I agree, the energy is very familiar..

  7. Have been musing on the whole Saturn – Neptune thing (not Uranus – as much – although i like Mystic’s take on how they rep diiferent types of time 🎆) since MM’s Adele post; and just realised, while leafing through an old piano music book, that they seem to need each other. Music cannot exist without measured time, tempo, rules on notes and scales and bars (Saturn). It is just white noise. But music (Neptune) is also an incredibly transcendental-portal way of keeping time – and its memories, and toils, and trials. Sat and Uranus don’t seem to need each other as much; but listening to recordings of Zen Buddhist monk Thict Naht Hahn recently, I have listened to him teach how to “be free of prisons of past and future” (his words) (which you could also call Saturn) in order to live in the “pure land of present moment”. That is, to stop thinking, embody yourself in here and now, and be. Which is very Uranus. Immediate. Aware. Thict says: “Breathe in – I am space. Breathe out – I am free.” and “See the cosmos in a tree.” ✨💖 (needless to say these meditations have helped me work through the latest Saturn-Ur squares – i have it natally, so am more exasperated by the latest incarnations, as opp. traumatised. But breathing helps). Xoo

    1. This makes so much sense and is true for many a creative endeavour, I think. I always find that my creativity does better if it is grounded in solid routine. The end is in sight for this square and I’m certain you’ll reap amazing rewards for your hard work xx

      1. Hi Beautiful Chrysalis, thank you XOO 🥲🤗❤ 💗❤ How are you travelling ..?? Have you had more breakthroughs than breakdowns? (In fact, super wishing for you to be nowhere near the latter, and on a breakthrough interstellar highway!!😃😄🥰)
        As for moi the original natal square is between 4th house of root/family, and 7th house of partnership, activated in super snazzy? cross in this years’ square between 1st and 10th houses. I just feel like i have renounced a lot. Like all my old ideas of wanting any type of renown or recognition for skills has evaporated. My feeling is this – my early family trauma (Saturn in 4th) square my 7th (marriage/partnership etc) really shaped my attitudes to both in adulthood. 2021’s square has really capped it off – i feel like a career is a big capitalist con, I’d much rather climb the Tree of Life on a shaman psychotherapist’s couch while microdosing on psychedelics (lol – when do i have the time) and make sure family around me happy. So who knows. I might just write sensory essays and paint psychedelic abstracts. 🤣💗

        1. Hi Earthstar, I wrote a long comment but deleted it – short version is all is very good with me. Please write your essays and do your abstract art, I think we need it! xx

    2. ‘Thict says: “Breathe in – I am space. Breathe out – I am free.” and “See the cosmos in a tree.”’ Beautiful, Earthstar

  8. nothing to do with the EXCELLENT post, but mystic, the ‘hidden’ link in the weekly ‘scopes for iris van herpen is extraordinary! her work is just … exquisite. thank you – new muse!

  9. Oh wow, I clicked this to see if there was more info about the upcoming new moon eclipse in 48 hours as I’ve been grinding so hard I didn’t even realize one was coming!

    Then I read: “look to the houses where you have 11 degrees of Taurus and Aquarius as your ‘it’ zone – this is both Grudge Flashpoint and potentially your victory turf. Then look at 11 degrees of anything – with a few degrees on either side – that’s the cast and the plot is ‘power struggle’ – two substantial aspects of you that didn’t want to change/grow, work together or even activate have done all that and more.”

    Welp, I have my sun at 16 Aquarius and my midheaven at 7 degrees Aquarius. And my ascendant and moon are Taurus though at 27 and 18 respectively.

    I was always a very driven child (Mars conjunct North Node, same as Ronda Rousey and also I saw last night that pioneering women’s wrestler Chyna had it too!). I got perfect grades, I wanted to win everything I did. But I had narcissistic parents that did not value or even want to get to know the side of me that did not achieve and that resulted in a major breakdown my last year of high school. I sabotaged opportunities at the eleventh hour and instead of following the path of achievement I always assumed I would, I went on a journey more of inquiry than achievement that lasted for years.

    I also had a lot of health issues. As a result of my choices and of my health I was flat broke and existentially tortured for all of my late 20s. I wanted a rescuer to come save me, provide financially and keep me as a muse. Then I had the opportunity to do that and it turned out I didn’t want it. I just didn’t want to suffer and feel so lost, like there was no place for me in this world.

    In the second half of this year I have gone from feeling so burned out by my career to discovering my passion for it again in a way that I never felt before. Instead of having a rescuer it turned out that I wanted a partner who works hard himself, treats me as an equal, and respects the skills I bring to the table that he does not himself have. At times when I am frustrated with feeling exhausted or stuck on a problem I have moments of feeling resentful for working so hard but I would say that 75% of the time I am strongly enjoying it and that is way up from the like 25% at my last job.

    So it would seem that the power struggle between the sides that did not want to work together or grow was between following a path of achievement vs. one of inquiry, of wanting to be taken care of vs. wanting to feel my own self-worth and be a collaborator and someone with creative input.

  10. For me I keep having far reaching do-overs. Like super epic and thorough do-overs. Redemption is not revenge. Little disappointing, but I’ll take it!

  11. Maybe completely unrelated but maybe not. I’ve been reading up on psychedelic assisted therapy and came across an interesting timeline. Most psychedelics were classified as Schedule 1 (no medical value, illegal) in the US in 1971. 50 years later, they are resurfacing and gaining credibility in mainstream. Does this not correlate to Chiron coming back to Aries, and Chiron is the bridge between the personal and transpersonal. I’m probably not the 1st to notice this but still.

    1. Psychedelic Times has a monthly very informative newsletter touting the advances and uses of the hallucinogens and mind altering natural and chemical drugs, also positions available.
      AT LAST!
      Some minds need a big dose of alteration.

    2. December’s newsletter came thro’ exact time i replied to you. It mentioned Sananga eye drops for enhancing spiritual connection, clearing negativity, balance and focus, something new to me.
      Also that psilocybin awarded a patent.

      1. Psylocibin patented? That doesn’t sound good, Pegasus? Does that mean that someone now has the exclusive right to use and make money from a natural psychedelic?

        1. The patent is for ‘Compass Pathways, the largest psilocybin therapy trial to date’, so am thinking they are ethical Calcifer, well hoping they are.

          1. Ah, I see… Thanks for explaining, Pegasus. And let’s hope something really good comes out of this experiment 🙂

    3. Hi Oriolus, writer Michael Pollan made exactly this point, that psychedelics are making a big comeback, after the 1960’s experiments and the subsequent banning of them in the early 1970’s. I highly recommend his beautifully written book ‘How to Change your Mind’ (2018) which charts the history of psychedelics as well as Pollan’s own experiments with them

  12. I’m feeling it super hard, and I am 11 degrees for ascendant and sun. I wish I could have a reading / rant from ya mystic.

    1. There are one on ones in the Shop – Zoom Consults – but I think they are booked out. Did you get a Year Ahead report?

  13. I am feeling it really hard. I have never known what I am made of then ever. There is a emotional free security and stability inside of my heart. Whatever happens, I know that I got myself.

  14. I am looking forward to the climatic moment in the broader terrain. I hope some heads will roll. I haven’t seen much of the Uranus of the Saturn/Square. Waiting, waiting waiting? It needs to come out of left field. I have faith that it will.

  15. How are late Gen Xers with Saturn sq Uranus in fixed signs (Leo/Scorpio) finding this? I have Uranus at 11 Scorpio, so Uranus opposition and Saturn squaring natal Saturn and the squares in full effect. Good times! Heheheh. It occurred to me maybe I’m used to the feel of this energy? But it’s def been slow going this year, hard to make progress.

    1. Very interesting observation limakilo! I had not yet realized that there is a whole group of people with Saturn in Leo and Uranus in Scorpio, which is intimately familiar with this intense fixed square energy as they have it nataI. I would love to hear more from you and others who have thus figuration! Are you better equipped to deal with it, you think???

  16. Ugh this is all conjunct my 5H Sun/Merc/NN. Because of course you need Saturn on this when you’re in the weeds on a creative project! LOL. I’d take cold showers to try to lean in on Saturn but it’s too cold — but very loosely trine my 1H Libra Moon/Uran. Oh Saturn. I wish I could make you my friend!

  17. Lilith at 10 degrees in Taurus (5th house) is my forever feminine power struggle. Activating her energy is ultimately the one area holding my growth creatively!I need my soul pod, Béatrice Dalle femme fatale energy superpower!!

    1. Béatrice Dalle has Jupiter on her MC at 17 degrees Taurus, I can imagine your Lillith at 10 degrees Taurus resonating with that

      1. Her everything resonates with me!! But very interesting to hear about Jupiter on her MC, as since I posted I’ve been investigating into Lilith quincunx my MC. So your response is perfectly timed!

  18. 11 deg Gemini is where my Natal Saturn in the X house is. So Aqua Saturn is trine my Natal Saturn. Would that mitigate the effect of Saturn/Uranus square? I think so. Also: Aqua Saturn is my 6th house and Taurus Uranus is my 9th. Funny – well no but still – one big health problem I recently had to face had to do with huge neck problems. Talk about Saturn vibes.

    1. Saturn neck! That’s how you know for sure there is a Saturn transit going on, ha.

      Maybe the trine will show you a smooth path through the square? I’ve been thinking about trines as well, which is why your comment resonated. I’ve only just realised that the cusps of my third and ninth houses are 11 Libra and 11 Aries respectively. So Aqua Saturn will trine those cusps, if that’s a thing.

    2. Interesting comment, MissDee!
      I do think trines from transiting ‘difficult’ planets to our natal planets can be easier to handle than squares. However, no matter how you look at it, Saturn remains a very earthy planet, which demands concrete results. So I could imagine a trine from transiting Saturn to natal Saturn to coincide with a period of hard work, effort and consolidation. But overall, beneficial, and in line with your natural tendencies ⭐️

  19. 12 Aqua IC and I’m utterly wiped out. The upcoming eclipsy moon is bang on my Sag moon & Neptune. My pluto is also 11 degrees. I can’t wait to get my mojo back, and until then I’ll try to sleep the best I can.

  20. 16 degrees Venus in Taurus(7th house) and 16 degrees Jupiter in Aquarius(4th house)
    Relationship power struggles and like many I’ve been working from home

  21. I’ve got my moon at 11 Taurus (conjunct Mercury at 12 Taurus and both conjunct my Mars—with a wider orb—at 6 Taurus) so Uranus has been walloping my fixed nature for some time now. The conflict with Saturn is just fuel to the fire. May all the dross be burned away by this cosmic clash, so that my personal planets can be liberated. I intend to live in the world/live into myself infinitely more freely once this transit passes.

    1. Love your way of looking at the Saturn-Uranus square, dskreds. ‘May all the dross be burned away by this cosmic clash, so that my personal planets can be liberated’.
      I am also caught in the middle of it, with my Moon at 15 degrees Taurus, Mars at 9 degrees Aquarius and Venus at 7 degrees Scorpio…

  22. Saturn has been smack bang on my ascendant at 11 Aqua for ever.
    It’s just exhausting.
    Squaring natal Lilith in Scorp and current Uranus in Taurus. Plus Pluto on my NN in Cap. Pinging off natal planets at 11-14 degrees in Gemini, Cancer & Libra. The whole sky feels like it’s tasering in.
    Dredge, then evolution that feels like more dredge.
    Cannot wait for it to shift.

  23. Thanks Mystic. I have made huge strides this year without even knowing it, until I did which was recently. That sounds like what you describe.10 degree Taurus Ascendant here. 14 degree Scorp Saturn (in the 7th – thanks).The year has been a grind for sure but I’m looking forward to this being over and seeing the light again. Bring. It. On.

    1. Hang in there Aqualeo! Do not know about the rest of your astro, but I suspect that your Taurus ascendant and Saturn in Scorpio give you a spine of stainless steel which is well-equipped to make you last through this 😊

      1. Thanks Calcifier. I do imagine, when times are tough, that I have a spiritual sword running straight down my body like a spine. It has an emerald hilt and keeps me upright when others might fall. Thank you for reminding me on this day which is particularly difficult ❤️

  24. The Lion & The Centaur

    My IC is 11 degree Taurus. I honestly wouldn’t mind if my house burned down while we were at my parents’ celebrating Yule.

  25. Thank you for this, Mystic
    All of this rings very true
    It has been a big struggle, but I do feel I have something to show for it

  26. Always confused about how transits to nodes work. How do you change fate? Uranus will be crossing my north node (again) in my 9th house while this square hits for the last time. Meanwhile, Saturn is will have just passed Jupiter in my 6th House.

    1. Yeah, I dunno Morgan A – think Mystic has written some pretty cool articles (and academic, too!) on the whole nodal action thing (you can search for them on here, I think). Lately, my lifelong subscription to the concept that we all are here for a dharma* or purpose(s) has only intensified – and I find nodal transits highlight whether you are on the “right” track (for your personal human journey). But that’s jus’ me! (E.g. Pluto has been squaring my nodes exactly, doing reverses and squaring up his carpark of the old chariot, for the last 2 years, and it has raised Questions. But good ones.) Good luck!!
      *When I say dharma/purpose I don’t mean “glamour”. Like, for sure one of my dharmas is washing dishes/doing laundry ad infinitum for my little family, as a kind of centre of the wheel. But it is very personal why that is, but am so sure of it. I’ve also had chronic health issues – again, not at all glamorous, but i accept it as something, somewhere i put my hand up to resolve. I wish it were something like “write a Nobel Peace winning prize for literature novel”, and goodness knows I love reading, but … hang on. Pluto is burning his wheels at my little irrelevant rants again. 🤣 Gotta go!! 💖

    2. I would say to anticipate an unexpected learning opportunity – maybe around healing cos Taurus + Jupiter in 6th? The Nodes are not fate, they’re gates.

  27. beautiful. i read this nodding/bobbing my head up and down like some kind of car toy sitting on the dash. right on,mystic. thank you for making this post read like this was written just. for. me.

  28. Taurus Mars at 15, Venus Aquarius at 14, Scorpio Pluto at 15–I have FELT this. Mystic you articulated it exactly with “But self-empowerment never has a wow factor… It’s usually an entirely personal, quiet moment.”
    I’ve tried explaining some of the things that have happened internally and people are like…what?? But my sense of inner peace grows by the day. Thank you for sharing that there is light at the end of this tunnel.

    1. Also my ex and soulmate (the problematic kind!) who has been the catalyst for a great deal of my self-actualization (we became exes two weeks before the June exact Saturn/Uranus sq) has his Scorpio moon at 13. Wish us luck at xmas lmao

  29. Thanks MM for the always wise counsel, and for the heads-up, too!! Take care everyone, as Mystic says, Saturn’s signature self-empowerment is more like realising that one day (home alone) you can do the splits after months of flex training (lol!) as opposed to somebody giving you a trophy for the same skill on a podium in front of a cast of thousands, but hey! Those who know, know, right? Also – we need Saturn’s boundaries/discipline – how else would we learn mindfulness, or not being qi-vampirey, or how to do the splits anyway? 😀 (Also did anybody think it was just weird that a backpackers called Aquarius got locked down. If that isn’t literal Saturn-in-Aqua then I don’t know what is…) X

    1. Ah so true. Discovered yesterday that, just like that, I was able to surpass a fitness goal that I had been trying to do for months. Great metaphor

  30. I’ve got my Taurus Moon at 14 degrees in the 3rd house. So Transitting Uranus is in between my moon and my traditional North Taurus node 6 degrees in the 3rd house. I also have a Gemini Sun 14 degrees in the 4th house.

    And in the 2nd houseSaturn in Aries 10 and half ° opp Mars in Libra 15° 8th house.

    What should I expect? I have no idea.
    Thoughts would be appreciated.

    1. I don’t know much either, Wish, but I’d pay attention to little signs from the cosmos every time the moon sweeps your Taurus moon point and Gem sun point every month – i try keeping a diary, but also of what news articles grab my attention around that point (weird but synchronistic, trust me! 🙂 ). Or family dynamics (4th house) and value systems (2nd house Aries)?? Trust yourself too. Xx

  31. Crystallised future

    Bloody hell Mystic. Have you been reading my mind? I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t react anymore to this year I’m so numbed out by it all. 11 degrees and the grand finale? My ascendant/descendant. Taurus is my 10th and Aquarius is my 8th house. Uranus is 12 degrees in my 2nd. In December Pluto and Venus will be opposite my moon right on cue with sun square sun. I’m dreading it but whatever comes up – and I know exactly what it will be all about – I won’t go crazy trying to stop it because my trigger points have been razed to the ground. And I’m almost glad.

  32. I am confused. My ephemeris tells me the 4th hit is in October of 2022 when saturn and Uranus will square off at 18° in October.

  33. 11degrees here we GO- Asc 10 56’ Aqua,Juno 9 52’ 4th H Taurus and Venus 13’ Aries 3rd H
    What date is this bundle of Joy? Christmas Eve Hohoho!

    1. I giggled, and I haven’t for a while. 😄 Thank you!

      10’53” Aqua Sun, 10’01” Scorp Mars

      (Uranus is EXACT sq Sun to the minute in next year’s Solar Return. So, alas, it won’t be over for me next year too.)

  34. My MC is 14 Taurus, is that close enough to being in play? The square has been about Saturn in my 6th and how I activate a brand new career paradigm with a bit more freedom. I am still clueless. Saturn in my 6th has not been fabulous. I mean, he has been great, obviously, but I’ve struggled to show up to all the lessons in the semester, sigh.

    1. Chrysalis, I reckon it is already in play, and you are doing fab. Uranus is helping you let go of the safety of the launch pad, but Saturn can make you fearful in ‘the messy middle’. Keep going, keep dreaming, keep dressing up and showing up and it will all be ok. <3

      1. Thank you, lovely <3 Appreciate your kind thoughts. I’m having to be out of my comfort zone so regularly, it’s very unsettling. Saturn is about a third of the way through my sixth and I reckon I’m only just starting to understand the scale of the 6th house issues I need to address in order to max out the benefits of Uranus. xxx

        1. I’m almost two thirds of the way through Pluto’s transit of my Second house and I feel like I’m only now starting to kind of get with the program. As in to be able to utilise my hard earned wisdom and see what my issues are in more depth and then exercise a degree of control over my behaviour. Having Saturn there too was really helpful because it’s a shorter transit that creates external circumstances which force you to apply the lessons in quite a mundane way and rewards you for doing that. I’m just saying bye bye to Saturn in my 2nd and although Pluto is still hanging out for a few more years it does feel empowering or enriching now rather than purely catastrophic and annihilating. 2017, the early days felt like being in an actual tornado with floods and mudslides and fires everywhere.

          1. I remember your journey from what you’ve written here, Invicta. You’ve achieved so much and it sounds like you’ve really got a handle on what is happening with this transit. xx

            1. Thanks Chrys. It always feels so much slower and progress is less convincing from inside the journey. But yes thank you. 🙏🏻

  35. Hi everyone! I’m kinda new here, can anyone please tell me how come some astrologers are saying that the Saturn- Uranus square will still be active in 2022? Many thanks🤗✨

    1. Hi Inja, welcome! Technically, the fourth aspect (in Oct 2022) is iffy so some count it, some don’t. I am choosing not to and up until now I thought that was for rational reasons BUT it has just occurred to me that as Saturn will be on my Aquarius Ascendant and Uranus will be squaring it, I could have some subconscious bias around this!
      Another factor is that for 2021, they’re close more or less the whole time, but not so in 2022. However, I will look into this some more. I think that in terms of the current geopolitical fuqery, the December version of Sat-Uranus will be definitive.

      1. Thank you for responding to this subject, Mystic. I had noticed the final square between Uranus and Saturn in October 2022 already, some time ago. And I was wondering what it could signify… a last big COVID challenge? By the way here in Northern Europe were in the middle of a big – and unexpected – wave of the pandemic. It is such a disappointment that we’re in trouble and lockdown again, in spite of our high vaccination rate. Really a bit disheartening, and it is only November now 🍁

        1. Yep. It is. Doing several food redistribution cycling trips in winds so strong they stopped the overland trains, in the rain and 3 degrees was oddly satisfying. If only because I felt like such a badass. Also it’s vital for me to feel useful and have a reason to leave the house and engage with people. It’s not looking like Xmas is going to be a jolly old time is it?
          I’m reading Wim Hoff’s book and I have to admit that hormesis concept really gave me the jolt I needed. It’s all a bit swampy right now vibe wise. People are by and large pretty miserable and I can’t say I blame them. I’m so grateful for this community.

          1. Thanx for the Wim Hoff mention as had heard of him, so googled and found he has breathing techniques unknown to me on you tube. I’M THERE!

                1. In a freezing house in London and of course no heat and no hot water in the building. Wim Hoff is as medicinal as my electric blanket

  36. I’m 11° Virgo sun. 8h. So this is beneficial for fortifying part of my identity (?) Uranus is in my 4h and Saturn is traversing through my 1h.
    I’ve been through a LOT including 2 house moves in the last 12 months, all the while pivoting my career and ID to something that feels way more me. And uncle Pluto is obviously still in my first house, we are besties now he’s been there for that long!

    1. Me too (11 degree Virgo sun). And 11 degree Scorpio moon. 👀 It *has* been a non-stop super struggle lately. Hmm. 🥊🤺

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