Monthly Horoscopes For June 2021

Osiris Rising - June 2 - 22

Not resonating with mainstream culture? Maybe it’s because the magical atmosphere is so dense?

Orion, the iconic constellation spanning the celestial equator, rises with the Sun everyday up until the Solstice. Within it is a point revered by astrophysicists and shamans alike: the Galactic Anti-Center aka the Silver Gate of the Ecliptic. The Ancient Egyptians built their pyramids to align with it but to them it was inextricably linked to the love story of Osiris and Isis.

The Solstice on June 21, at 03.32 Universal Time, will be a brilliant zone for metaphysical experiments and the more soul-inspired side of relationships.

Gemini Sun, Rising, and Moon people are the major beneficiaries of this interstellar magic, well as the area of your birth chart that contains 10 to 29 Gemini.

Venus in Cancer - June 2 - 27

Venus in Gemini was magnificent but after the extra-long stint of it in 2020 and the current Gemini maxima*, maybe it was overload. This lunar Venusian vibe soothes acidic thoughts and cools heated scenarios. It’s easier to self-nurture and a soft, glowing counterpoint to Eclipse Season craziness.

If you’re seeking more sensuality, intimacy or inspo in your life, think selenite talismans, silvery colors and the hour right after Moonrise as an apt time to evoke romantic emotions or style/create something. People don’t want to be wowed, they want rhythm and timelessness or at least the reflection of it.

Art & money-wise, yes Venus is also $$$, any attempts to stifle instinct or fake a feeling will guarantee a psychic implosion with the Full Moon on June 24/25.

*Yes, there is an intensive line-up in Gemini. Hands up who thinks finishing a sentence seems sort of quaint these days.

Mars-Pluto Fuqery - June 4 - 9

This gnarly bit of business doesn’t last long but it sure as fuq punches above its weight. Exact @26 Cancer/Capricorn, it’s a catalyst for already in play Pluto transits,  lurking lusts and animosities and power grabs. Geopolitical SNAFU high alert? Absolutely.

That it’s also squaring the Moon in Aries is a nice touch. If I were a UFC fighter, I’d be dedicating my title belt to whomever arranged such a scintillating add-on.

Tactics: Either turn up the Venusian Vibe and hide out in your Moon Sanctuary, avoiding lower Mars/Pluto types OR tap the transformative potentials: Make a triumphant return to the gym, read/re-read The Iron and calmly confront whatever/whomever you consider your nemesis.

It’s a big-deal for Scorps & Aries people, as well as Cancer/Capricorn. But cycle-wise, this is the culmination of the Mars-Pluto conjunction that began shortly after the ‘this changes everything‘ Saturn-Pluto alignment of Jan 2020.

June 10 - The Gemini Solar Eclipse New Moon

Exact at 10.53 Universal Time* on June 10 @19 Gemini – this zapped up New Moon is conjunct Retro-Mercury and the Amazon star Bellatrix. The name doesn’t mean “Harry Potter villain,” – it means “female warrior.”

Remember: It is more appropriate to call this time of the month a Full Sun than a New Moon. The Moon is not weak at this time but lunar desires are subsumed by the need to project yourself into the world. It’s a psychic hotline back to May/June 2003 – muse upon this and you may be suprised at the thread that connects these times but as it is a solar eclipse, you’re not scanning for secrets.

It’s more that May-June 2003 featured a pivotal scene, one that set you on the path to your present day paradigm. Could it have been your motivation? This goes 1000x more for the Mutable signs, as well as anyone turning an age which is a multiple of nine this year: 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, 81 etc.


*I am using the 24 hour clock, not am or pm. So, if it were at night, 10 would become 22. Also, you may see 10.42 mentioned as the time – the Eclipse is exact at .42 – the New Moon at .53 but for practical purposes, the difference is not that important.

Mars In Leo - June 11 - July 30

God look who’s here: Yup, it’s Mars in Leo, a garish, performance-obsessed designer delusional and..WELCOME BACK. So what if Mars in Leo means everyone’s acting, raising the volume or breaking away mid-conversation to clock their reflection in the nearest shiny surface?

Last spotted in July/August 2019, this is a Mars that backs big-deal dreaming and healthy ego plays. It temperamentally suits Jupiter in Pisces. The quincunx between these two from June 12 to 19 could be your cue to defy the odds and push through to victory.

Note that when Mars in Leo wins anything, they’re not ironic about the trophy – they’ll enshrine it, mention it at any possible opportunity and wear their gold lame triumph cloak – or equivalent – to the convenience store.

For winning tactics in this time, take your cue from Mars in Leo. Subtlety sucks and yes, people are noticing your hair and posture.

Full Moon in Capricorn - June 23/24

A Full Moon in Capricorn sounds onerous, like “Saturn is on line 3, he’s called ten times already. He’s saying something about a tooth having to be pulled and late tax.” And traditionalists feel that a Sun, Moon or planet in the sign opposite to the one it rules is a bit of a pain. But this is not that.

It’s more the kindly, “cool dad” harvest deity Saturn: cue visions of a cornucopia, magical mer-Goats and frolicking in the fields with hot satyrs playing pan pipes. Yes, the geopolitical situation will be gnarly for the last few days of June/early July (Mars aggravates the ongoing Saturn-Uranus phenom) but this is a fab Full Moon.

It is at 18.40 Universal Time on June 24 @3 Capricorn – sextile Jupiter in Pisces, which is trined by the Cancerian Sun. Mercury will have just turned Direct and the other-worldly winds of the Solstice will still be breezing in strange new intelligence.

It is a magnificent Moon for Capricorns, Cancerians, Saggos and Pisceans. And if you found the 2019 Eclipses around this time difficult, anticipate an explanation or some form of redemption.

A New Monthly Horoscopes Note

As you have probably noticed, the Monthly Horoscopes are now an extensive all-signs overview, rather than sign by sign.

This is because many people were reaching out for clarity around the timing of a particular alignment was and that having Daily, Weekly, and Monthly in the same format inevitably led to repetition.

This style is intended to give you a panoramic view, one that complements the Daily Personal Horoscopes that are done from your unique birth data. I really appreciate the positive correspondence I’ve gotten regarding these, as well as the new design of the Daily + Weekly.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

Monthly Horoscopes For May


*Sun & Rising

Let’s get the tactical pointers over with first and then switch to meta-mode: May 11 to 14 is your optimal zone for tech upgrades, structured dialogue, and money negotiations or hammering out the financial framework of a relationship.

It’s a Lilith-enhanced New Moon in Taurus*, your solar $$$ sector, beneficial Saturn vibe, and…the eve of a, particularly interesting Mercury Retrograde season.

Unless you’re up for extended entropy or byzantine haggling with people who fuq with your aura, don’t let disputes lurch into late May and beyond.

More broadly, Chiron in Aries is in sync with the Moon’s Nodes until May 24. This hooks it up to the Lunar Eclipse on May 25, your mid-2012 aspirations, and – potentially – the ingenious integration of an outsider aspect of your psyche or talent set.

Discovered in 1977, Chiron came on the same wave that bought punk, disco, personal computing, and cultural revolution at scale. So prepare for (or avidly seek) a flashpoint of a late May moment that catapults you into just such a leap.

*Lilith AKA the Lunar Apogee is your monetary mentor until July. For best results, focus on financial moves that foster self-reliance. Can you leverage resentment and frustration with conventional metrics into raw cash flow? Yes, start now and you’ll be ready for June when Lilith is trine Pluto.


*Sun & Rising

Astral Meditation: Find Evening Star Venus in the Western sky around dusk, near the setting Sun. Venus is your ruler, visible again after six weeks, becoming brighter by the moment, ruling the night, out-shining the Moon…You’re about to regain your sense of control within relationships – you set the tone – aesthetic and pleasures.

This weird magic is most tangible and spookily romantic/inspirational until May 9. All Taureans are Venus-affiliated, but you know you’re really feeling the vibe when your circadian rhythms align with Venusian cycles: 584 days in total, with two nine-month phases – one when you’re more nocturnal.

Now you’re in night mode, enhancing Lilith in your sign until mid-July but, more importantly, conjunct the New Moon on May 11/12. It could be sexually or financially enriching  – perhaps both – but not via the source you have in mind at the moment.

Lilith in Taurus is hooked up with Change Gods Neptune & Pluto this month and next: If you’re in a committed relationship, you need nature and instinct. Artifice or a regulatory protocol for romance would wreck the whole racket. Bear in mind that the biblical Lilith stormed out of the Garden of Eden.

Your May is also enlivened by an Eclipse, one that has the potential to irritate if you don’t pre-empt it via a burst of bull-at-a-gate-ism. Switch up the stamina to bust out of money ruts & break outdated thought structures. Mercury Retro and the Lunar Eclipse in late May work better with a tight money grip.


Of Adam’s first wife, Lilith, it is told
(The witch he loved before the gift of Eve)
That ere the snakes, her sweet tongue could deceive
And her enchanted hair was the first gold—
And still she sits, young while the earth is old
And, subtly of herself contemplative,
Draws men to watch the bright net she can weave,
Till heart and body and life are in its hold.

Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Lilith.


*Sun & Rising

There has been speculation that Geminis would splutter to an inarticulate halt this Eclipse Season. Or crack up in a frenzy of memes, overwrought relationships, and less than snappy response times.

None of this is from me, but I can see why some are saying the combo of Mercury Retro in Gemini, the Mars drama of early June, and the Eclipses of May/June might impact.

However – no. The main area affected in May is your schedule: prepare to be busy even if your concern is more that you won’t be busy enough. Your first point of genius? Time and resources management. You need a new methodology, and you know it.

Mercury and asteroid Pan are in Gemini from May 3/4 until mid-July. Your mind buzzes with biz.  Your psyche is a forest with cool mountain springs and secret hieroglyphics that tell the story of your life before time. When you’re a Gemini, nothing is contradictory.  ‘In the moment’ and ‘timeless’ is a very Gemini mood.

May is sensational for sales, media, writing, thinking, talking, speed-learning, and (until the 14th) tech upgrades. This is the month you establish future-fabulousness – vocationally and/or romantically – ahead of 2022.

May 20th onward until June features the first of three Mercury-Neptune squares* and a Lunar Eclipse in your opposite sign. Chances are that you’ll be clear – others won’t be. The lighting is fuqed – gaslight, fog, D-lister video shoot dry ice – but you see straight through propaganda or ridiculous attempts to rebrand you.


*Sun & Rising

Be Your Own Astral Projection.

Harness Auric Power For Riches.

Visit Alternative Dimensions From The Comfort Of Your Couch.

Is That Shimmer In The Air A Paranormal Time Portal Or Too Much Sugar?


Guess what, Scarabs? Neptune is back in play, permeating the month with strange chemistry and magic. Jupiter joins Neptune in Pisces from mid-May until late July, establishing an idea or attraction beyond doubt. Anything can work if it’s visionary enough.

Jupiter takes long-distance love syndromes and vague concepts straight to market: before you know it, you’re operating on a broader plateau than before. Scary? Not if you pretend you’re a Saggo: Get over any subliminal scorn for bigger scale things and up-talk.

And remember that Mars is in your sign the whole month – an energy that benefits from relentless hustle and high-end missions.

On top of all this, Mercury is in your solar Soul Sector from May 3/4 until mid-July, intensifying the already hyper-Neptunian spiritual influence. The Mercurial end of this does warrant some caution:

Pros: Sensational growth via psychotherapy, journal-writing, esoteric research, secret projects, your connection to other realms, guide spirits, etc.

Cons: Stay the heck away from cults, charismatic but potentially manipulative or energetically off-beam love interests, money you’d consider significant laid out for a high promising education.

However, an ambitious longer-term opportunity that comes up at this time – one which would begin in 2022 or beyond – is fantastic.


*Sun & Rising

You could secretly seethe about Jupiter leaving your house of love so soon. After all, this cosmic king of a planetary influence only began last December. Circumstances weren’t exactly conducive for Leo love life expansion.

But Jupiter is only moving away for a few months. Excitingly, a romance or cool development that appears to flatline in May will return with Leo Season.

This is perfect timing as May/June are fraught with tensions, and you/they may have things to sort out that are best done solo. Or at least without your stage management and styling techniques.

What if an over-clocked, too-dramatic love scene slows the pace in May? Whatever the core driver of the melodrama, it too is back in late July. Take that into account as a future factor, and then pull back the focus to YOU.

This month and next, Lilith is the most prominent career influencer, a muse for bandits and anti-protocol people. So adhere to the agenda you know is true to you and May 11/12’s New Moon promises victory or at least the prototype for it. Surrender the need for approval or gushy validation, and you win.

Strategically, Mercury is Retro from May 30 until June 23, and while there is an extended rave for this available, here are your key takeaways:

*The entire phase is better counted as mid-May until early July.
*Leo is the sign most likely to experience this as a strange social interlude with the potential for deception. (**Leos snort sardonically in a ‘so what the fuq is new?’ outburst).
*Avoid lower Neptunians and scenarios where, in an altered state, you down-date or de-couple from your carefully crafted policies to no good end.

*Believe in the power of big creative obsession bursts.


*Sun & Rising

Mid-May onward is not only Eclipse Season – it is Mutability Maximus. Jupiter amping Neptune in Pisces, the Lunar Eclipse in Saggo, Mercury + Venus in Gemini, the former for nearly three months, and YOU.

Re-establish your sense of sanctuary and substance in the first fortnight of the month – when the Taurus energy supports your everything. Imagine lying on a beautiful, sun-warmed rock.

Fortunate: Ancient texts – pre 900AD books are everything – and old artifacts. Neptune and Lilith in alignment practically all month is somnium – a waking dream by day and being lucid within dreams during sleep. Past life or magical memory recall is easy if you don’t swing into analysis mode too quickly.

May 11 to 14 is brilliant for multiple reasons: It’s a glimpse of future love and clarity central for commercial negotiations. Combine the two if you dare. Jupiter in your House of Love until July (and it’s back in late December) loves wheeler-dealer hook-ups.

The New Moon is fantastic for announcing a new philosophy or the official start of any project that falls under “sagacity.”

And then, the Mutability: Everyone will be in hyper-flux, but you’re ahead already just by knowing about it. Plan so that you’re not thrown out of whack by it and have as clear a time agenda as you can score. Career demands agility and cunning. Look for clues ahead of a potential rad reset in June.


*Sun & Rising

Mercury and Venus join Air Gemini ahead of the Sun, which arrives on May 20/21 if you’re over the abundance of Earth energy – all the Taurus! – you don’t have long to wait. Later, of course, you will look back and assess the late April reckoning as a significant foundation moment. Whatever you painstakingly crafted, faced, or revised – it will be worth it.

While Venus stays the month in Gemini, lifting your attitude toward Venusian themes like beauty, romance, self-love, etc., Mercury goes beyond. In Gemini until July, it squares Neptune three times in a row and is Retrograde from late May.

It’s magnificent for ambitious new-thought projects, books, study, and your intellect outside of any particular goals. Yet, it may not entirely sync with career/your official biz.

It’s your inspiration levels and personal drive versus commercial reality, business dead wood, Qi Vampires, and/or protocol.

Mars is agitating for change in that realm, but June could be awkward if you push too hard or brush away the boring bits. And though Chiron, in synergy with the Moon’s Nodes, helps to enhance harmonious, true-mind-meld relationships, it highlights everything less than that ideal.

Advance your agenda & stay out of Mercury Retro cul de sacs via these three rules:

(1) In social life, work realms, and enterprise, try not to think in terms of one confidante to whom you confide everything – compartmentalization is your friend.

(2) Use May 11 to 14 for its fantastic backdrop of New Moon oomph and helpful Mercury-Saturn synergy. It’s the best time of the month for acquiring funds, clarity re someone’s intentions, or good professional help.

(3) Think less “Libra” as in (classically) co-operating with everyone and more Crow/Raven – why? Corvus (the Crow) is a nearby constellation to Libra, and in fact, some of you reading this would have been considered that sign once upon a long time ago. It’s overhead every night at the moment – why not see if you experience any cool symbolism around this?


*Sun & Rising

You know this upcoming Eclipse energy – it was prevalent this time in 2012, right before Saturn in Scorpio, and even more so in 2003.

But now you don’t have Saturn impending – you’re about to benefit from Jupiter in Pisces. Too soon? Jupiter’s cycle is not always a neat ‘one-sign-to-a-year’ scenario.

This year, Jupiter is in Pisces from May 13/14 until July 28. Then this maximalist influence returns to Aquarius until December 29. Anyway, Jupiter exerts a protective influence over Scorpionic parenting aspirations, artistic goals, and romantic fancies.

It’s also a maximalist, the inflater of dreams and psychic awareness. Finally, throw in the Jovian love of parties + spectacle for the ultimate antidote to Saturn. May to July sparks something rad, and that will be at peak epic in April 2022, the once every few centuries Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces.

So consider climbing out of your Saturn suit – no doubt it’s itchy by now – and re-feel your creative will. You’re Scorpio – self-reliant, self-generating, and able to make money, love, magic – whatever you need. Of course, May is not all Jupiter thrills: Lilith is hyperactive in your relationship sector, scorching alliances based on rancid values or your insecurities – whether they’re convenient or not.

And with the Eclipse Season in play for most of May and certainly all June, you require Plutonic focus (Aka obsession) to maintain momentum in tricky – even treacherous terrain. It’s not that you personally are necessarily encountering such – more that it’s fluctuating, unpredictable energy.


*Sun & Rising

Seeking a new chez Saggo? Watch May 13/14 to July for fantastic developments re locale, the ideal set-up or a ‘sign’ and then – this does not take into account the non-astrological factors btw – aim for fulfillment in Jan to May 2022.

Jupiter is in Pisces at these times but the 2021 spin of it is the setup and then April 2022’s incredibly fortunate alignment realizes the dream. It is also the harbinger of good fortune for family and even ancestors. Think of it as like the 10 of Cups card in the Tarot.

Meanwhile, you’re zooming into Eclipse Season and Mercury Retrograde. The latter squares Neptune the whole time Jupiter is in Pisces bringing it with the future promise and good home vibes. It’s impossible to predict super succinctly but it has the feel of a let-down or deception in one aspect  – a relationship, business alliance, domestic arrangement, and then that leads to the super-luxe Jupiter breakthroughs.

How many times has something of this ilk happened to you now? When you outgrow something or the fate which led you to it/them has been fulfilled, you’re turfed out of that nest. Or it farcically disintegrates, complete with you gnashing your teeth and cussing. Later the turf out becomes a recurring star item on your gratitude lists.

Bonus For May: Heavy-but-cool Lilith energy influencing health: Renegade moves could work – eg:  big-time boxing lessons when you wanted yin yoga, switching up to a different modality etc.


*Sun & Rising

Mercury Retro management is the current “it” concern, but you’re undoubtedly ahead on that. Mars management is your May/June priority, and here’s why: the opposition between Mars in Cancer & Pluto in Capricorn in early June is short-lived but sharp. It’s alongside an Eclipse and Mercury Retro.

Fortunately, the advantage will go to the person with a zoomed-out view of the situation, relentless work ethic or focus, and canny strategizing techniques. Is there a Capricorn in the house? Don’t freak but don’t drop your guard with any characters with a vested interest in charming you out of a reasonable stance.

In other news, Eros is still in Capricorn, and your sex appeal endures. When it’s not bringing long-time seething tensions to a climax, Mars in your opposite sign specializes in heating relationships that have become tepid or habitual. You’re also better at observing subtle cues and emotional nuance in any relationship. This Mars has an element of psy-ops to it.

May 26 is a Lunar Eclipse in your 12th House, the realm of parallel dimensions, phantom phenomenons, visionary art, and magic. It’s in Saggo, so of course, it involves the truth about something, and/or someone erupts in a flurry of principled outrage to cloak whatever they have to hide. The more you cultivate your inner game at this time, the more easily you perceive others correctly. Or, at the very, least you’re not as hooked into repetitive, psyche stultifying drama.


*Sun & Rising

Until recently, only two percent of our DNA was deemed to be doing anything important. The rest was called Junk DNA.

Now they’re saying it may have a function, several functions – maybe thousands.

They just don’t know what they are yet. And, as you know, scientists have conceded that they’re not sure what constitutes 95% of the universe. So what do Dark Matter and Junk DNA have to do with Aquarian Horoscopes for May?  Well, ninety-five percent is a lot of maneuvering room.

It’s a pioneer realm for scientists, but consciousness-wise, you’re already there, and Pluto in Aquarius (2023 until 2044) is going to be all of this. Never believe someone telling you that X can’t occur because of <insert stupid reason.> You’re a 95 percenter.

With Mercury Retro protocol in place – aim to complete tech upgrades, and changeovers by mid-month – May (and June) is a creative reinvention without parallel.

Jupiter into your solar $$$ sector on the 15th/16th bodes brilliantly for revenue and lucrative concepts. But it won’t prevent you (potentially) redirecting cashflow straight back out the door and into the cracked concrete sad empty-swimming pool coffers of someone who secretly thinks you don’t deserve it.

Worse: If you subconsciously agree with their take, the dynamic sets in. That’s the downside of Mercury Retro square Neptune (with the first blast of this occurring in Late May), but with awareness, you can rapidly alter the paradigm. What if the 95% of junk DNA is supposed to be communicating with the 95% of Air (?) that is Dark Matter? DO IT.


*Sun & Rising

Lilith and Neptune in synergy for nearly the whole month means that everyone projects Lilith Vibe onto you, whether you’re feeling it or not. It also helps you solidify your new, Uranus-in-Taurus era thought and communications style. But hierarchies are hard-work – even if you’re the boss of it all – and you could crave a more free existence.

Wait. Before hurtling into Operation Maximum Space, think about this: The Lunar Eclipse on the 26th is in your solar career sector; it’s got the potential to be cool – a triumph, the disruption of an influx of business – but you don’t have the cushioning you’d normally have. Mercury Retro, on top of that, cinches the no impulsivity or gambles deal.

It’s consolidation time. Get your head clear, complete outstanding projects, and do rad research. Possibility: Weird dealings around a housing contract, domestic fix, or tenancy agreement in May/June. Be ahead of that prospect, even if it doesn’t transpire.

But Jupiter in your sign from May 13/14 until late July is incredibly beneficient – Jupiter was the ruler of Pisces pre-Neptune-discovery and is always fantastic here. While the extra-jovial charisma is cool and your big tractor-beam aura pulls in new opportunities, this is also classic good relationship energy.

New or incoming, they’re blessed and pre-paving 2022’s amazing Jupiter-Neptune alignment.

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