The Pluto In Scorpio Generation

The Pluto in Scorpio generation was born between 1984 and 1995. They’re called Generation Y or Millennials, but really, they’re Plutonic and authentic. So the eldest of the generation born with Pluto in Scorpio (1984 to 1996) is approaching Saturn Return.

Pluto rules Scorpio, so the Pluto in Scorp peeps are particularly pure, driven, and uncompromising.

They’re also the generation that grew up online, wired and networked. They generally don’t give a fuq about mainstream media. They saw September 11 on television as children, watched Saddam Hussein being executed live on YouTube, and then saw a bunch of bankers nearly break the world.

Their trust levels in older peeps are not so high and that’s even in first-world countries. Imagine what it would be like packing a Pluto in Scorp powerhouse under a repressive regime.

The Pluto in Scorpio generation has a lot in common with the Pluto in Cancer generation who came before the baby-boomer Pluto in Leo people. The global financial fuqery, neo-liberalism, and the gig economy is forcing frugality upon them.

They’ve grown up with various career ladders and opportunities being yanked away from them. Broadly, they’ve been compelled to compete in a globalized economy. They’re anti-fragile because they had to be.

What will they do as they come into their powers?


Image: Rafael Pavarotti

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  1. ‘Transformation’ devoid of Guidance of ‘Truth’ is an impending misled disaster. We GEN X can provide for it for those who is ‘humble’ enough to listen, since for the sake of truth have we seeked it, done that, and lesson learnt all to prevent unwanted global catastrophy. Also for the yet to be known X-er out there, YES WE ARE RULED BY CHIRON!

    1. Optimism implies hope.. Hope implies a time in the future… I think i look forward to these kids dealing with their Now without feeling hopeless. Optimistic is a word that conveys conviction in an outcome. I think that regardless of the outcome they will need to be ethical and brave, perhaps even matyrs judging by the sitch in Libya, Egypt etc.
      Are matyrs optimists? Probably.

      I guess I am not optimistic (yet), but that’s partly because I get the impression most people are not realistic about how bad the current situation is or how quickly things will devolve when the crunch comes… Australia a good place to be at any rate.

      1. β€œWe cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future. ”

  2. I do think of generations in terms of Pluto, but within each Pluto generation, there are subgenerations that relate to signs of Neptune and Uranus. These are often those with whom with have our closest peer relationships growing up and even into adulthood: they may be your siblings, your playmates, your classmates, your first dates or even your mate.

    For Pluto in Scorpio, there are three such groups:
    Uranus in Sag – Neptune in Sag (Nov83-Jan84 + Jun84-Nov84)
    Uranus in Sag – Neptune in Cap (Jan 84-Nov88)
    Uranus in Cap – Neptune in Cap (Dec88-Nov95)

  3. You have totally described my son (born 1991). He’s never read a newspaper or watched the 6pm news but still has his finger on the pulse. And he won’t take what the media tells him as gospel – he wants to search the net to make up his own mind.

    He cannot stand it when people tell him that he is too young to understand … he tells them that he was a daddy working for a living by 15 while you were probably still living at home with mummy and daddy at that age so don’t pull that ageist stuff on him.

    And he’s as driven as they come. He was expelled from school before completing Yr 10 but at 20 he’s earning more than $50K because he is willing to work hard and to fake it until he makes it. He hates traditional education but learns on the job and rises quickly to supervisor in every job he has.

    And as for purity … if it’s not real it’s not on. He won’t even sleep with a girl unless he’s in love with her. And family always comes first – no matter what.

    Mind you, he also won’t take advice, won’t take ‘no’ for an answer and won’t back down in a fight. Sometimes I’m glad his generation will be in charge when I’m old. And sometimes I’m terrified that they’ll push us border X/Ys out before it’s our time.

    1. This is a perfect snapshot of what the Pluto in Scorpio gen is like. He’s only a year young than me, but I admire your son just through this description! What his Sun/Moon/Asc?

      1. I hope I’ve remembered his time of birth correctly (he’s Aqua and born at 17:17 which seems quite appropriately sci-fi for him)

        Sun: Aqua
        Moon: Sag
        Asc: Cancer

        I’m my boy’s biggest fan. There’s something about the people who challenge us the most … I think we end up loving them more than anyone else in the world. Learning a bit about astro helped me relate to him because I’m very earth bound and he’s out there in space somewhere. Once I learned that, things became a lot easier.

      2. He is fab πŸ™‚ When he was a teenager I never thought I’d say that, but we all survived (and if he EVER dares say ‘young people today’ when he’s older, I’ll give him a stern reminding *LOL*)

    2. When I was reading that I thought wow that sounds like moi, then further on I see he’s got the same sun & asc but I’m gen x. Rarely read papers or sit & watch news, gleen info from the net. Was the same as your boy when told I was too young used to get really shitty at adults lol still do. Spooky.

    3. As another fellow Pluto in Scorp (in the 8th house no less), I must agree that your son is the perfect snapshot of our little clan! I nodded my head all the way through your comment, Herby! Also, it was a bit inspirational as I’ve been teetering on whether or not to give up traditional institutional education and just go my instincts instead. Thank you so much for posting about him πŸ˜€

  4. It’s definitely time to face the fact that in all parts of the world it is increasingly the elite versus.. everyone else. Gaddhafi’s son was seen shooting protesters with the police. Just sick.

    I wonder if the Pluto in Scorpio + Uranus/Neptune in Cap folk are more harmonised with the view we live in a tightly organised and corrupt world?

    I just find it shocking the more i learn… Hub found great stat analysis of how rigidly controlled certain markets are like gold/silver etc how prices are supressed in the west.
    I feel so naieve now, its shattering my fairy tale perceptions of how the world works. There are some very powerful and brutal individuals out there that do the majority real harm.

    1. Imagine: A government run by and for the rich and powerful. Leaders who lecture others about “sacrifice” and deficits while cutting taxes for corporations and the wealthy. A system so corrupt that rich executives can break the law without fear of being punished. Increasing poverty and hardship even as the stock market rises. And now, a nation caught between a broken political system and a populist movement that could be hijacked by religious extremists at any moment. (credit :Richard Eskow)

      Welcome to the US of A.

      The top 1% took in 23.5% of all of the country’s income in 2007compared to only 8.9% in 1979.

      Over this time the top 5% household saw real incomes increase 73%, the bottom 20% saw theirs drop by 4% and the rest saw no change.

      The richest 1% of U.S. households own 34% of America’s private wealth. which is more than the combined wealth of the bottom 90%.

      The top 1% also own 50.9% of all stocks, bonds, and mutual fund assets. The top 10% own 90.3%.

      400 people have as much wealth as bottom 50% of our population: $1.5 trillion.

      (Yes I am one of the Virgo-Scorpio-Virgo generation.)

  5. Herby,

    It’s nice to see you have hope for this planet.

    But it does need a total cleansing and given half the chance most of those decent people would be beating down doors for a bridal gown sale (for example). Yeah, they still go in for that bridal ploy and will plunk down good money after bad for that “special” day while billions of females around the world are sold off at the age of 10 to men three times their age so that the girls can then be raped and bear children and die during labor.

    No I don’t buy the rosy glasses.

    Pluto in Scorpio, I’m depending on you!

    1. You are welcome to reject the rosy glasses. I would never tell anyone they don’t have that right.

      However, I am a realist who believes in the power of positive thinking and positive energy. I believe each of us has to be the change we want to see in the world rather than relying on others. That’s all.

      And the change I want to see in the world is more positive energy … More focus on the good rather than focus on the bad. Goodness knows the media give us enough focus on bad without me adding to it.

      My philosophy that when I get down on my knees to pray at night, I want to be sure that I can thank the Universe for at least 2 good things before I ask for one thing to be fixed.

      But maybe that’s just my way of surviving. Goodness knows I’ve been at the jumping off point where everything seemed hopeless and life seemed pointless. And I never want to go there again. When I refocused on two positives for every negative (a positive might be as small as hearing whip birds singing in a tree or seeing a flower blossom open), life suddenly became filled with hope rather than a desperate quest for survival.

      We all have our own life experience and personality, which influences how we see the world. You are entitled to your world view and I would never try to take it away from you (or from the person above who got a bit personal on me) … Just as I anticipate you don’t want to take my world view away from me either.

  6. I get annoyed when we’re generalized like we are, especially when it comes from the generation who grew up with Madonna, horrible hair, and acid washed jeans. I think Pluto in Scorpio is reason #1 why we shouldn’t be underestimated. πŸ˜‰

  7. goldfleece-risingfish

    I’m full of hope for this generation, they will be the world’s saviours and investigators !! they have the internet and information at their disposal, for looking into how much damage we are doing to the earth, what for and at what costs, of that im sure. They’ll want transparency with governments, (no more fat cats) and banks, there will be sustainable eco friendly companies, and won’t take any ‘baffle em with bullshit’ malakey.
    They are growing up with such a wide broad range of nationalities, that there won’t be as much racism, and they wont stand for it, imagine what their kids will achieve !! and im sure they’ll be looking at everything with a fine tooth comb, ie pesticides, mining for diamonds, uranium, coal , oil, for gods sake look at the mess that makes *shudders*, more humaniaritan work, refugee’s, maybe as part of our pension/retirement as we get older is that we do volunteer charity work !! (if in a fit state of mind and being?).
    I can’t wait !! I’m sure it will be through them that we (in Australia) will see our first Indigenous Prime Minister.. (if not beforehand). Changing what’s taught in schools, less greed, more sharing, no more slave labour for our expensive clothes, no poisons, no putting your parents and grandparents into nursing homes, no massive mortgages with banks releasing they made 4 billion $ profits, home affordability.
    I mean i’m 38, and when i was younger most of my friends (me included) were off to England for fun, now i hear so much about younger people taking their gap year off and builing houses in Nepal, volunteer work in less fortunate countries, cause they blooming well want too !! imagine that in the late 80’s ? not in the eastern suburbs of Sydney that’s for freakin’ sure!!
    You go you young Generation Scorpies !! You can save the World !!
    Ok, im off now…*gets down off soap box and fills it with toys/clothes from the boys, on the floor* tootle pips !

  8. It’s true that this generation grew up with all the new tech, but also once lived when there wasn’t Internet, networking, instant messaging etc. so I guess it’s people from this generation who are more aware of how to integrate it to “real life” and make great changes

  9. I have lived for the past 25 years in a city of where more than a third of the residents are university students. Everywhere I go, I encounter young adults. Yes, each generation has its idiosyncracies and faces certain opportunities and challenges specific to their time (and described by those gen planets). However, the differences among those within a generation is far greater than the differences between generations.

    I do think that what is happening in the Middle East is a function of the majority of young people thoughout the Arab World. Those under 30 make up more than 50% of the population and 25% of young adults are unemployed. So many people are not able to leave home and start their own lives as adults, as income earners, as spouses, as parents. I can see why their worries about the future and their frustrations with the present are great enough to make revolt worth the risks they are taking. May the stars be with them!

    1. speaking of population, I was listening to The Moth, and an astronaut was describing one of his most vivid experiences while looking down at Earth was seeing how much of the landmass was covered with people.

  10. Was thinking of an astrologer mentioning how tumultuous and freaky the late 60’s were with the Pluto/Uranus conj. Been living that one, and conjunct sun it’s greased lightning, no doubt. The page I linked on a previous post mentions consciousness shifting into a higher vibration, and I agree. Considering some of the aspects that have been happening, it’s gonna get tougher for some new ones coming up.
    When I was young, one tv, maybe 2 channels, had a party-line phone. Yah, I’m a hick. I used to go lay on the grass and stare up at the stars at night and I was always off in the woods playing alone. Just very isolated. Going from AM radio to Music Televison 24/7 was like the second coming for me.
    Now a world library at my fingertips via internet and contact instantly with anywhere in the WORLD. My record collection and then some in THE PALM of my HAND. I dig it. On the OTHER HAND, I am mega earth, and am sickened by the state of our trampled Mother planet and the beings living on it. Younger peeps these days are wanting different lives than their parents, including walking distance to work, recycle, re-use, (the forward-thinking ones) and I do hope the ‘un’reality tv shoves off and the insidious adverts for lavish OTT lifestyles that go along
    with it. Denmark is one of the happiest countries living small without excess and a strong sense of community. Rock on next generation, let’s get it right this time !

  11. Yeah, even here in Oz, I meet a lot of useless 20-somethings, but I also know a great many who are just marvellous, far wiser, cleverer, more connected, more compassionate, more caring about people beyond themselves then I and many of my friends were at a comparable age. And they do stuff! They don’t just talk! And they do innovative, cool stuff that works, precisely because they’re not hung up on the past. Kudos to all of them.

  12. I love this generation. Our baby sitter is one of these pple and she’s the most fascinating person I’ve ever met. We love her to pieces.

    1. I love that she taught your brother how to use the computer:) They’re all a bunch of smarty pants, but the thing is, they really are sharp so they deserve accolades. I think they are mostly unaware of how “on it” they are. It’s just a part of their age culture.

  13. “Their trust levels in older peeps is not so high and that’s even in first world countries” … true, that. I suspect this is because there is a growing wariness about the very tenuous ways in which is society is structured – as Mystic said, we witnessed a bunch of suited bankers in the States nearly break the entire economic structure of the world, with huge ramifications (though not as strongly felt here in Oz).

    Certainly amongst my friends and my younger brother’s friends (I’m ’84, he’s ’93), the general feeling seems to be one of distrust/wariness not because those in power are ‘old’ (although this becomes an element of the argument, because nearly everyone in power is old) but because those in power are holding fast to outdated, survival-of-the-fittest, money-trumps-all attitudes that no longer seem to resonate with the shift in socio-cultural values that the rapid technological change has brought about. Also, it’s perhaps also about recognising the very real need to take responsibility for our actions and respond actively, dynamically, ethically and pragmaticly to situations as they arise, as opposed to reacting only when the shit hits the fan … case in point, that old chestnut, global warming.

    And Steph, I’m totally with you – it’s unfair to assume that GenY woudln’t survive if there was suddenly no electricity … thanks to my baby-boomer, hippy minded parents, I’m a Steiner kid, so have learnt how to make stuff from scratch (including really helpful things like knitting needles and beetroot dye!). Although my younger brother missed the Steiner experience, he (perhaps somewhat ironically) looks up all that ‘how-to’ stuff, including hard-core survival tactics (a la Bear Grylls) online. His reasoning? So that he knows how to survive when the shit hits the fan. Gen Y are also pessimistically pragmatic it seems.

  14. I just read the ‘Im turning Capricorn’ post from I dont know when, and that is exactly what is happening to me, and has been for a while. I worry that Im not gonna be able to relate to the gen y’ers let alone gen i.

    BTW i do think all young people get called spoiled brats by the previous generation, its unfair and stupid.

    1. thats all, i cant as per my training to be a capricorn, go into a social discourse right now, though I would love to.

    2. yes it’s an unfair, stupid reciprocal arrangement and easier to talk about in astro terms so peeps don’t feel personally responsible for the crimes of their times because not everyone is the same xxx

  15. I’m proud of my Scorp gen, even though, yeah, I’m still one of those who lives with her parents and lives 75% through the internet (mostly for uni stuff, mind you). I only tust in older folks if they’ve proven themselves to be worth something. (I thought this was mainly from school though, since some of my professors are amazing, while others should really retire..)

    I don’t feel the need for TV (most shows are online) or newspaper, but I know they’re there in case I need them, and know how to use them. To assume that we wouldn’t know what to do if there was no power is stupid, since I even know something as ancient as knitting and baking pies from scratch. (Toro here. Hello tradition.)

    People calling us “spoiled brats” should shut the fuq up because you were most likely thought the same when you were our age. (Hippies? MTV generation?) Every generation goes through that. I think it’s just a matter of technology/youth envy or something…

    1. That’s what I say too … to everyone who says ‘young people today …’ I challenge them by asking, ‘so you never did anything wrong in your youth?’ only to be then told stories of drugs, sex, dangerous driving, skipping school, etc etc. And then I say … see …

      I was a right sh*t in my younger days. So I’ll never say ‘young people today …’ because I was worse than many are today (I was banned from catching a train to school for a few months due to my bad behaviour).

      As an example, last night, I was on a bus with my wife (she’s a bus driver). We were stuck at faulty traffic lights for 25 minutes so she ran late through no fault of her own. The young people getting on and off the bus were polite, friendly and thanked her (it’s a Brisbane thing). However, the 40-something woman who got on argued about the bus being late and was sullen about it the whole way. I know it’s only one 40-something but it’s not the first time I’ve witnessed similar things on public transport.

      1. omg, yes. The 40 and up folks who feel they can be rude with their sense of self-entitlement. My parents are in that age group, and they can be really embarassing to be with at times. (Then again, they are my parents…)

        Settings and trends change, but growing up definitely never will. We may colonize the moon/Mars in the future, but kids will always feel the need to rebel then suddenly realize it’s time to take care of the world they inhabit. (Pluto in Aquarius, anyone?)

      2. 40 and up encompasses quite a lot of different genres of people so I’m thinking “then again they are my parents” is probably the key to your post because a sense of self entitlement is not something I’m familiar with personally and I am on the cusp of your age distinction.

      3. you don’t have to say any of that herby there are no fences to mend here – I wasn’t miffed – it made me smile I had no idea until today I was old enough to be lumped in with someone’s embarrassing parents. I’ve spent most of my time with 20 somethings for 3-4 years while studying and only once in that time did anyone comment on how old I might be. I suspect I have arrested development. Just wanted to let youse know we’re not all angry greedy and withered and pissing the planets resources up against a wall.

      4. I should have caveated my comment with the fact that I am a huge fan of 40-something women … They are at a hot age for me πŸ˜€ Mind you, I thought 30-somethings were the hottest when I was in my teens and early twenties and am sure that I’m going to be hugely fond of 50-somethings in another few years πŸ˜‰

        I am totally ageist – in my taste in objects of desire πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚ [Give me Glenn Close over Meg Ryan any day of the week] πŸ˜‰

      5. PS: I think I was just feeling a bit cheeky yesterday afternoon … Was meaning to focus my comment cheekily on my thing for older women πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

        Don’t worry, I didn’t take your comment in any negative light πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  16. All I can say is those bloody ‘baby boomers’ had it all, free education, free love/sex, dirt cheap housing prices, had the best of it. We grew up with the threat of AID/STDS, global warming, terrorists, the casualisation of employment, HOward was fuqing PM for half of our lives, we have to pay for Uni plus work, just to afford to breathe. How the hell can we buy a house?? The retirement age willl probably be 100 when we get there….LOL, no im not angry πŸ˜‰ Im a Pluto in 29 19degrees Libra

    1. 😯

      I think I had a conversation with you one night at an inner city gathering… πŸ˜†

      Pluto in Libra – we all agree with you Sassy πŸ˜†

      1. ROFLOL!!!!!!

        I used to have a boss who grew up in Townsville in Far North Queensland. It’s the tropics up there and he used to say that he walked to school in the snow … πŸ˜€

      2. *giggles* I am early gen X. I grew up in the states, so no freebies with uni education. Pisces dad pay for part of ed.
        Not a day went by without me hearing the snow story and the piece of fruit under the tree at xmas (AND WE WERE HAPPY WITH THAT!) or how his parents had a 5th grade education and how his mother saved for years to buy him his drafting kit for uni, the stories go on….YES WE HAD IT MADE! Do agree with Sassy thou, how could you (or anyone) afford a house in Sydney!!

      3. I bought a house here in Brisbane when I was 18 and on an apprentice wage. My wife was a factory hand on minimum wage so our total income was about $31K.

        Instead of trying to buy a house in the inner city, we did what our parents did before us … bought out in the suburbs 35km north of town. Best thing we ever did because I’m 31 and on my second home in a really great postcode.

        Some of my friends want to buy their first homes in their early 30s. They won’t buy a cheap 1970s or 1980s build in the outer burbs … they want a large 2000s house on a big block within 5km of the city or a modern inner-city apartment. No wonder they can’t afford it.

        People used to laugh at me for buying a cheap place in the outer suburbs while they were renting (for more than I was paying in mortgage) in the ‘cool’ suburbs. Now look who’s laughing – their stuck in share houses and I could afford to take my pick of homes.

        I think that’s a big difference when we compare home affordability – where are you comparing? Are you comparing starter-suburbs with second home suburbs?

        [that’s not to say housing is affordable today but (IMHO) it’s not as unaffordable as many of my contemporaries make out]

      4. Herby that Virgo sensibility is showing πŸ˜‰
        After me and the Sago X stopped using all our money flitting around the world it took us 3yrs to save for our 1st deposit for a very basic house in southern Syd. Considering combined incomes were well in the mid hundred k mark, you would think we could of done better. Not complaining cause hey at least I am in the market. Was toying with the idea of moving back to states where I could pay cash for something. How fuqed is that when I still have heeps on mortgage here? The thought made me feel rich for a moment considering I left there with a $100 in pocket. I don’t see my kids affording anything in Sydney till I die and leave them money.

      5. Sassy’s a single parent who studies so I’m thinking there’s a lot of stuff people might take for granted that is off her list of things she’s able to do right now. I’m not sure how she does it – I don’t have kids and it’s REALLY hard to study and earn enough to pay rent and eat and buy books AND save for anything. Precarious employment is hard to make long-term plans on.

      6. real virgos have manners

        no offence Herby, you seem like a pretty direct person so I’m sure you just mean to be honest, however it’s not fair to pigeonhole a whole generation as just whinging about the housing issue.

        I work in the welfare sector and I can assure you there is a serious housing issue, which is particularly hard on single mothers and other single people, who find it just too hard to stump up the deposit and repayments necessary to buy a house, if they even had a hope of getting a loan in the first place. if you got into the market 13 years ago then you would have hit it just before the boom. no wonder you’re doing so well, I imagine your first home would have appreciated to nearly double it’s original value depending on where you bought. Friends of mine who bought in suburbs like North Lakes have seen their investments depreciate post-GFC.

        I’m happy that you are able to live in your dream home now, but don’t expect that everyone is able to live by your example, because it’s not realistic and it’s gross to lord it over other people like that.

      7. I’m not pigeon holing a whole generation. And I’m not lording fuqing anything over anyone. However, there are always two sides to every story and I’m sick of hearing only that the world is a shitty place … it’s not. We all have a choice.

        I am sick of people my age who are professionals with jobs that pay well who complain that they can’t afford to buy a house because you have to pay $600K for anything decent.

        Ummm … No you don’t. A first home is not $600K. That’s a second home.

        Many are paying more in rent than they would be paying in mortgage repayments if they bought within the first home-buyer price bracket. And remember there’s a first-home-buyer grant these days. I bought a house without any of that.

        Nice to be judged by someone who doesn’t even have the courtesy to use either their usual name or a lurker who uses their first post to attack.

        Where’s your manners?

      8. Just noticed – you must be a regular because you know roughly how long ago I bought my first home. Makes your comment even more rude …

        Real virgos do have manners. You obviously aren’t a virgo.

    2. There’s some Pluto in Virgo Librans who agree with you too sassy.

      And on their behalf I say you forgot the bomb. The 80s was all about fear of the bomb.

      If it’s not love then it’s the bomb that will bring us together.

    3. Replace Howard with Bush I and II (21 years including Bush I’s years as Reagan’s bra) and mention the Cold War threat of nuclear war and it sounds remarkably similar to one of my rants!

      I have Pluto at 20 Virgo

    4. The AIDS one was bad for me growing up too. I’m 31 and the AIDS epidemic scare broke when I was just at an age to start experimenting sexually. I was too scared to have sex because I thought I’d die from AIDS.

      It sounds silly, but that has had a huge impact on my adult life … it actually is part of what led to my wife and I briefly separating late last year.

      As for paying for uni … Meh – better those of us who chose to go contribute a larger portion than those who take up trades or labouring etc to pay the whole lot. I’ve been paying HECS since I was 17yo and am in the highest HECS bracket … just think of it as investment. I wouldn’t earn big bucks if I hadn’t been to uni. And I’m in the first real fee-paying cohort (left school in 1996 when they changed from cheap flat rate to expensive bands). Am still adding to my uni debt. So far I’ve paid somewhere around $70K for my tertiary education. But that doesn’t worry me – it’s investment for my future (and partly an expensive hobby)

      1. 😯
        Remember the AIDS commercial in the 80’s with the grim reaper, that gave me NIGHTMARES, I became so terrified of bowling… 😯

      2. *Shudders* Me too … Those adds made me terrified of even kissing boys let alone learning what they had between their legs (remember, I used to be a girl then) … I blame those adverts for my wife needing to show me a photo of a man in an adult mag when I was almost 19 to know what a penis was … seriously, I had no idea!

    5. haha sassy! your sentiments match mine exactly! i’m a Pluto in 29 35 Libra. those baby boomers got cheap weed in the late 60s and the chance to retire at age 65, and the earth is getting so overpopulated, yea we wont get to retire

  17. Let’s just hope they live up to the hype. Would be nice for a change. Scorps, please, help transform this effed up world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Oh Anon … it’s not effed up (said in compassionate not argumentative tone). The world is still a wonderful beautiful place. There’s bad stuff happening but that’s normal … there’s always been bad stuff since the beginning of human existence (and before that – I mean, what happened to the poor dinosaurs?).

      Even in the midst of bad stuff, there’s good to come out of it. There’s love and friendship and compassion and care. There’s beauty in nature and eventually every icy winter or long drought does end.

      I’ve been through some horrible times in my life (nothing like war but still horrible) and the one thing I’ve learned is that humanity is largely wonderful and that bad times do pass. There are very few people who will deliberately go out of their way to hurt you (as a % of the people you meet in life) and those who do are usually badly damaged people who deserve your compassion (only because that way it gives you power over them rather than the other way round).

      I don’t think any generation can fix the harm done by those before. They just have to try to do their best to work with what was given to them (socially, politically, environmentally). Utopia can never exist … it’s just not possible … we are all fallible πŸ™‚

  18. These guys rock! I’ve been dealing with young adults this age in the Middle East, and may I say that they are many more trillions of times switched on about life, the universe and everything than their elders. Sure, there are the spoilt brats, the designer handbag princesses, and there are the completely clueless, I’ve had to deal with them too. But by and large, change is in the air, and it really is coming from the bottom up, not top down. The West could step outside, and watch and learn without interfering.

  19. These guys are real heroes!

    I was reading some stuff over the weekend that was being reported from Bahrain saying that young men were standing on the street in front of tanks & soldiers. They stood there yelling out to the army that they were not afraid anymore!

    Fear has been a huge part of their lives… 😯

    1. Just to add to my comment… 😯

      I think ‘change’ is an important part of life & one that we can underestimate. So many people don’t like it but that is because we constantly try to keep to the same path, same routine, same career etc… Only for something to trip us up & our lives fall apart for a little while or a long while. Stability is important & it serves a higher purpose but we can only understand that after change has shown us how to achieve that.

      We – as in democratic governments – in the west would have totally continued to be complacent about the problems in the middle east because we relied upon that ‘stability.’ The middle east has been oppressed for a very long time & they needed change not stability. The west could have come to the party a little earlier… 😯

  20. My Pluto is at 0 degrees Scorp (I was born in November, 1983). My Uranus and Neptune are in Sagittarius, though. Ugh, I’m not ready for my first Saturn return. I’ve got over a year to go, but still–my Saturn is in the 8th house. In Scorpio. I should start mentally preparing now, shouldn’t I? Blargh.

    And yes to all the above, although I suspect it’s not quite as intense for me without Capricorn factored in.

      1. I’m going to try to approach it as a major, MAJOR learning experience. And try to get all my shit together as much as possible beforehand so it (hopefully) manifests as an enlightening transformation and not an early mid-life crisis.

      2. I’m a Libran Sun so Saturn is pretty much forcing me to get my shit together already! I suppose it’s a convenient precursor to the lessons I’ll be getting in a couple of years. I’ll remember that next time I’m feeling less-than-motivated to work towered anything long term (a regular occurrence – what happened to instant gratification, huh Saturn?)

  21. Oh Gawd. As a Gen X (Pluto in Libra), I read your article, Mystic, thinking “those little ingrates! Respect your elders, read a real book once-in-a-while and go out in the garden to get dirt under your nails.” Getting old, getting old…

    What would this above Generation do if the power went out??? They don’t know how to function off-line!! Even my current Boy Leo shag buddy (25 year old) asked me to sleep with him via text. And I was sitting right next to him. Ahhhhh!!!

    1. As one of these little ingrates, I can’t help but pointing out the irony of your posting this comment, y’know, online. πŸ˜‰

      (Psst! Some of us even read books, too!)

      1. I know, I know, T. The irony isn’t lost. This coming from someone who’s computer blew up during the recent Bris floods and I was rendered utterly useless. What do I do with myself?? How am I supposed to communicate now?? What am I missing on Facebook??!!

        It’s terrible to GENeralise. I don’t relate to most Gen Xers now anyway. All my friends seem to have babies, mortgages, hypochonrdia… everything we swore we’d never get. Hmmm. Glad I stuck to my guns.

        Gen Ys are great, btw!! Seriously. Love ’em and their sweetness and how they seem more accepting of so much more stuff. It’s just fun to play the “older and wiser” game now and then because I have more wrinkles and less-perky boobs than them πŸ˜‰

      2. eh, well I am Gen Y and i am annoyed with Gen Y too sometimes!

        Born in September ’84…

        I think it’s totes like something like TIME magazine to generalise about an entire generation. My feelings are that the GFC made some of us grow up a bit more and now empathy and environmentalism etc are more fashionable. not everyone my age has always been like this!!!

        perhaps as we get older we will be better. we are the generation who will never have a job for life, may never own our own home (apart from what we inherit from our parents) and probably spend more time, collectively, in virtual worlds that are not entirely real, than any other generation before us.

        it’s an interesting road ahead.

      3. My friends, the older Gen Ys, are already starting with baby and mortgage stuff. It’s scary. I mean, good for them if that’s what they want, of course, but for me? Nooo thank you. I intend to extend my prolonged adolescence for as long as possible.

        And as soon as I can’t anymore, I’m sure I’ll be giving all the young whippersnappers the stinkeye! πŸ˜€

    2. I’m so with you on this! Most of the peeps I see in this Gen are like useless…”I don’t know what to do! My Twitter and Facebook is down!” They don’t vote or take political action because they are apathetic and if it doesn’t affect their video games or music downloads they don’t care. It’s been said that Gen X was the first gen to NOT do better than their parent’s generation but I doubt Gen Y or Millennials will do any better, unless they change the system from the ground up.
      Gen Y was also the first generation I believe to be defined by less than 20 years. Previously a generation gap was 20 years and now I think it’s 10 years.

      Those people on the cover give me hope though. The ones under a tough regime will probably be the ones to make the heroic changes.

      1. Whoa whoa, you guys are getting Gen Y confused with Gen Z. Gen Z are the ones that grew up online solely…Where as Gen Y peeps were the LAST generation to know what the world was like before all the online crap came along. We were the LAST to go outside and play, get dirty, and built forts. Gen Z are the ones who would go crazy if the power went out. We would just read a book, play basketball….have sex. We can’t stand Gen Z kids, they narcissistic, we don’t like baby boomers since they are the ones who screwed everything up, AND we don’t like Gen Xers, you all were mind controlled by your baby boomer parents and didn’t have the guts to stand up to all the BS, most of you became drug addicts and the world wanted to sweep you under the carpet and not admit that they screwed up. Now they are trying to do the same with us Y’s. But we won’t go down. We can see through all the BS. Thank the Baby boomers for not allowing us to have one secured job for life, thank you for the jacked up economy that we are now are unable to get married, have kids. You all told us to go to college, and for what? Most of us are stuck now 100 grand student loans and no job. Now we have to FIX the screw ups that you all made.

      2. Thank you, Jolie!!!

        By the way those of you who are so quick to judge Gen Y – some people don’t vote because they don’t support or believe in the current political system and figures, not because they don’t care. We care a whole fucking lot and we’re mad as hell that YOU let it get like this.

        – A Generation Y Political Science Major

    3. Hahaha. When I read that first paragraph I feel so Gen Y. I am Pluto at 17′ Libra but was born in the cross-over period between the lengthy Gen X and short Gen Y (my wife was born in 1966 and she’s still Gen X while I was born in 1979).

      I think we underestimate younger generations all the time. They will be able to do everything we can do – just give them time. I didn’t know how to grow vegetables until 26yo, use herbs for medicine until 27yo, build a retaining wall until 29yo, build basic timber furniture until 31yo. But I learned as soon as I had to. Just like the younger generations will.

      The younger generations know how to go to university and work full-time, how to buy an investment property, communicate across cultures that some of us can hardly imagine crossing etc. And they don’t need anyone to hold their hand while they make decisions – some will be bad decision but the world works so quickly that they won’t be down for long

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