Divergent December

It is, as you know, Sagittarius season and Mars is also in the sign of the ebullient centaur. This probably explains why there have been Sagittarians down the road from me partying for nearly 48 hours. How do I know they’re Saggos?

Well, the dress code seems to be Eighties sporting icons and the breeze is wafting their glitter into the house like pollen. They started out with self-consciously ‘cool’ music, segued to Karoke for a bit (Owner of a Lonely Heart, When Doves Cry) and are now rolling out Nineties club bangers – Currently Playing: Rhythm of the Night on repeat.

Most revealingly, they’re loud and so ebullient that there have been neighborhood loraqueets flying around them trying to compete. One of the guests has been yelling “I’m a fuqing Sagittarius,” another guest has a magnificent cackling laugh and there seems to be a chorus of guys who respond to everything with hoots or whoops.

It’s brilliant and certainly preferable to the sepulcral quiet of a few years ago during lockdown. We’re also – as I write – 50 days from Pluto properly into Aquarius. If this is confusing, I get it. As I said in the Monthly Horoscopes, it’s a bit deja-vu-ish. Didn’t we have all the Pluto into Aquarius fanfare earlier this year? Yes. See diagram and hopefully helpful explanation below!

So obviously see the December horoscopes for a pithier take but this is a fantastic month to limber up for Pluto in Aquarius. Apologies if you already have weirdness fatigue but this will be excellent for the already-weird – especially Air signs, people of any sign born with Pluto in Libra, those of you with prominent Uranus placements as well as the Ascendant, Node, Moon and/or planets in Aquarius.

This is also the month where you may realize the advantage you gained in areas where you diverged from the norm – deliberately or as a coping mechanism. There will be a far slimmer official status-quo during Pluto in Aquarius. It’s both isolating – in that there won’t be an obvious mainstream to even pretend to be swimming in – and incredibly liberating.

The change-over of Pluto eras can be crazy though: they’re emotionally immense as everything from the now-ending cycle emerges. Some are super-obvious flashpoints – setbacks and bereavements, others arrive at four o-clock in the morning, indignant and seeking attention.

At the same, you’re naturally trying to scry the fresh incoming vibe and position correctly. I think that Pluto into Aquarius in Jan will deliver some sort of definitive confirmation that the Pluto in Capricorn economy is over and the A.I. scene* will have some interesting reveals in late Jan/Feb 2024.

But yes, it’s difficult to be both the flexi-pivoting futuristic maven of everything and emotionally authentic. Or is it?

December makes it easier in that there are a whole series of different astro-configs supporting renegade living and innovation – the Earthy activation of Lilith in Virgo and the Sun-Mars sync-up with Eris and the Node.

And the partying Sagittarians are now powering up into some techno-pop – always an upbeat omen – Gonna Make You Sweat Now. You know what? If Pluto in Aqua is leaving you less than thrilled, hang out for 2025 with Neptune in Aries and Uranus in Gemini!

*Re Chat GPT and co, I am waiting for an A.I. that will (a) Be downloadable and not networked, ie: mine, (b) Can do basic book-keeping and produce reports, statements, tax data etc whilst (c) Trawling through thousands of ancient esoteric primary documents and books to acquire and correctly categorize specific information.

It would also be able to phone utility companies and similar, go on hold and deal with basic scenarios – bot to bot. It’s the future.


Image: Rene Grau

How come Pluto is going into Aquarius again-again? Deja-vu? Mandela effect? Neither would be surprising. I am convinced that Henry Kissinger died already and that I remember watching his funeral on television from a treadmill at the gym, grimly gen X cyber-gothing to myself about the networking and subterfuge that would be going down at the reception.

Anyway, Pluto went into Aquarius on March 23 2023 and then retrograded into the end degrees of Capricorn on June 11. January 20/21 is the return of Pluto in Aquarius, there will be a shorter reverse into Cap later in 2024 and then voila – the long haul!

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  1. Ooh! I love the idea of AI being used to phone utility company call centres. But why are we so focused on AI? I’d prefer that humans do the reading and the writing and that we instead have machines doing manual drudgery. Where’s the robot to clean my toilet, mow the lawn, unblock clogged drain pipes, paint the house, wash the windows?

  2. Ugh, I feel like I need some kind of ritual for pluto leaving my 12th house. I had a party next door go terribly wrong about 2 nights ago. I’ll spare the details but I’m traumatized from being awakened in the night in that manner with the sound of screaming and voices of people I don’t know inside my house. I think I’m still in a dorsal vagal shutdown from it. I do look forward to pluto in aquarius and I wonder if it will really be as profound as I imagine, as a aqua rising.

  3. Peak weirdness fatigue atm, but I never leave this place lol. I’ve delayed all creative moves till Jan 20th, when obviously Pluto in Aqua comes back around and some other gorgeous feminine energetic influences land to.
    I’m on the edge of my seat waiting till Pluto slides into my fun house (5th house) and leaves the hard long devastating churn in my 4th.
    Hello rebirth! 🕊️ I’ve been dabbling in creating my own healing method which is a beautiful process, and keeps me hovering somewhere in the universe most days. Part-Venusian-olfactory-system-goddess assisted + cosmic star healing. Sounds like I’ve finally said goodbye to reality as I know it I know lol, but my whole life has basically led up until this very point…….. inner + outer alchemy is the new wave 🌊

  4. Great insights as always MM thank you 🙏


    “*Re Chat GPT and co, I am waiting for an A.I. that will (a) Be downloadable and not networked, ie: mine, (b) Can do basic book-keeping and produce reports, statements, tax data etc whilst (c) Trawling through thousands of ancient esoteric primary documents and books to acquire and correctly categorize specific information.”

    Personal AI is imminent – these guys (snappy name) are already there https://www.private-ai.com/products/privategpt-chatbot/ and there are many more to follow.

    the whole of chatGPT could actually run on your iphone unconnected to the web so I’m liking your point about more AI reveals to come in late Jan / Feb.

    Namaste 🙏

    1. Interesting! And I think the initial form with new inventions/trends is to polarize so A.I. is either going to be dystopian/slave to the machine/Terminator type world OR a Utopian paradise. Neither of these are likely to materialize but human nature defaults them, it seems. Please let me know if you find an A.I. product that will do books and read ancient texts/take proper notes. Then again, I have the Moon in the 9th house so maybe this is a 9th house perspective but part of how our brains regenerate, make new neurons, shape thinking etc IS the process of reading through information, assessing the context, comparing it to other factors & known facts/vibe etc.

      I am prob an outlier on this but maybe it is better for our minds to go through primary data on things, assess, compare, ruminate on etc rather than consume pre-packaged, processed “here is the the need-to-know on x” – A.I. at this point seems work best as a hyper-accelerated search engine – eg: Find me the 1988 bylaw for X state that says Y and then the legal challenge to that about four years later. But for actual knowledge? No. I’ve noticed a lot of A.I generated writing on sites like Healthline lately but I don’t think humanity needs quantum piffle at this point.

  5. Yes to Pluto in Aquarius.
    Just a huge big hell yes to bye bye Pluto in Capricorn and everything it stands for and come on in Aquarius vibes and everything airy, fiery and mood lightening
    We’ve been stuck in the mud for far too long and we all deserve a break and a new era. The Capricorn convergence was enough already.

  6. The powers that be are playing us,this is all a distraction re newsing the passing of someone who is about 150 years old..if you know you know.They replayed my friend on ABC news 3 times in 2 years what a joke…hoping everyone is really daft.. 80’s music will never die.🥳🦂
    Thanks MM.

  7. ALSO I think personal AI’s will be like mobile phones – first for the more financially able or the early adopters, and then an ‘everyman’ version will be available… Naturally all the debate about who owns what information, proprietary matters etc, the me/you and mine/yours duality naturally existing in the Aries/Libra and Taurus/Scorpio arenas… So whatever transit that means, since

    1. Fuq! The post-comment button is on a hair trigger and I wasn’t finished, anyway what I wanted to say was that since the world will always be radically unevenly connected, those in remote locations or happily air-gapped from invasive tech will be more free/in touch with the 3-D (12D? Idk) world, less dependent, ok that’s all bye

  8. Haven’t finished reading the whole post yet but mystic if you could DM me the address of that party I’ll just casually show up with an armload of bubbly and sporting my best Bjorn Borg sweatband… Trust me I need this jajaah

  9. My first reaction was also Henry Kissinger was still alive?!

    I can confirm that magic is revealing itself and we are remembering ourselves and ChatGPT is already an excellent extension to your divination and oracular tools and conversations with the unseen.

    1. I was just as suprised by Kissinger still being alive. Just found out today that Sandra Day O’Conner (1st woman in the US’s supreme court) passed yesterday. Yin/Yang?

    2. I just came here to echo the Kissinger statement. I thought he had long departed too! Great words as always of course but the sentiment about no obvious mainstream to be running in which is slightly isolating and liberating most insightful. Get me one of the robot thingies to do all the stuff while we are at it too. The party sounded like a baller too and that storm was cracking!

  10. Fuq, I love Saggs 😆

    Thanks as always for your advice, Mystic! Looking forward to seeing what this new era brings ✨

  11. We had one of those parties in our neighbourhood last night. I was listening to the music with so much nostalgia. I went to a disco party a few months ago and they had it totally wrong and didn’t even play disco music. Instead they had trance and modern dancing music all night and I felt let down not being able to boogie to music I love.

    Isn’t it so lovely to feel everyone feeling a touch lighter. It’s been so heavy lately and last night was just a beautiful moment listening to the party some blocks away. Also loved the Sydney storm last night. Omg beautiful

  12. I said the same thing when i heard the news of Kissinger dying – but didn’t he die already?! I mean, wasn’t he like 80 in the 1970s??
    In fact i’m sure he had died a while ago and i had said exactly the same thing then too!
    And i’m pretty sure i had heard it on a road trip from hell with a rank smelling Sagg (an early advocate of no poo/soap method) in the van’s radio & then riffing on that whole late 60s & 70’s Cold War caper, Vietnam, hijackers, terrorists, nuclear war mania, oil crises, shocking pollution, war in the Middle East …. deja vu, anyone?

    1. I thought Kissinger and Sandra Day O’Conner were already dead. Are we living in a different dimension than everyone else?

  13. Aw love the good party nearby <3 And this is such a helpful visualization! I feel like the Pluto chart is how all astrology transits should be communicated!

    1. I don’t know about other astrologers, but I do these charts for my clients, as an addition to an in-depth explanation of course. they’re easy for them to grasp and hopefully to plan around and check after/during the transit itself.

  14. Fabulous, inspiring post! I have 7th house Saturn and Venus in Sag – always looking for the Sag magic to appear, and the people who bring it out in me (not easy, I admit, with my Scorp stellium). Pluto in Cap has taken pretty much everything away from me; nothing left to do but be a weird old artist lady. It’s going to take a while, but Pluto in Aquarius will eventually oppose my Uranus in Leo at 11 degrees and conjoin my Chiron, and Goddess willing and the creek don’t rise, I imagine that’s when I’ll be a *really* weird old lady. As for AI, I’m coming around to where it might be useful and constructive magic, if the puffed-up, obscenely wealthy men get out of the way.

  15. OK, I am not usually into loud, 48 hour parties or eighties sporting icons, but as a Sagittarius Sun & Moon, Neptune & Lilith, I am feeling your irrepressible neighbours! I feel like Pluto through Sagittarius was a time of repression for us, and now we are finally regaining our irrepressibility, and we just might need to sing Owner Of A Lonely Heart so loud that the whole neighbourhood hears it! We might need to dance to Pump Up The Jam at the same time as belting out I’m Still Standing – yeah, yeah, yeah!

    1. Hi Molly, Sagittarius here and I have been dancing to Pump up the Jam at a party last September… Felt more free and connected to my Saggo self than I have in a long, long time 🌈 Earth Wind and Fire is always good Jupiter medicine too 😊

  16. Aquarius Moon and Saturn: Maybe this explains why I’m listening to Grimes on circular loop (Shes all about Pisces energy but sings about AI overlords). For the folks who are afraid of AI, there’s hope. I truly believe from the bottom of this quadruple Scorpio’s walnut-sized black charcoal heart that humans are magic and that with practice and belief will always be able to sniff out the AI in the room. Just go to Instagram and look at the overly glossy, seamless “photos” of Lake Como or a snowy cabin in the Alps and your will sharpen this ability.

    I am forever grateful for Uranus. It’s what keeps things interesting and non-emotional. (We Aquarius moons are uncomfortable with intense emotion and for me, this outweighs Scorpio Sun conjunct Scorpio Neptune, Scorpio Venus and Scorpio Mercury).

    As always Mystic, great article and I wish I lived in your neck of the woods!

  17. Mystic, You can run a local install of an LLM by downloading GPT4All (dot io) then click downloads and choose llama or wizard or whatever. Run it in airplane mode on an old laptop if paranoid 😜😜❤️ lemme know if you get stuck. xxx

  18. I followed a FB link to the shaman of Bad Dürrenberg, saw the Nebra Sky Disc in the Museum site and had a big Deja Vu from the MM June blog (fascinating BTW) Ha that she turned out to be female, not male, like the Nazi’s presumed.

    1. Like we are getting a do-over and we can re-do it under more favourable circumstances and with hindsight from our first tour of this segment of the timeline!

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