Daily Mystic For Thursday 26 January

A quick pep-talk/reminder – in list form for clarity:

(1) If you feel as if you’re uniquely scattered or unusually prone to vacillating, remember that this is not part of the Mars in Gemini process, it is the process.

Mars has been in breezy, genius Gemini since late August 2022 and there are eight weeks to go. Regardless of your personal zodiac or Mars sign, the current Mars energy is a distinct factor. Broadly speaking, it’s the best vibe to accomplish things and stay resilient. In mutable Gemini, Mars changes things up (or down) all the damn time.

If your game-plan or operating assumptions keep changing or your plot is more like a series of confusing jump cuts – great! It’s the perfect strategy for the times, no irony.

(2) As you may know, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January 2020 outdid itself, even for an alignment that we expected would evoke drastic, structural change. The Pluto in Capricorn economy – characterized by low interest rates, amongst other things – is over.

The cultural shift that occured over the last two years will become more apparent as Pluto moves into Aquarius and you could think of it like this: all the paradigms that the pandemic/response to the pandemic forced you to assess anew will be strengths during Pluto in Aquarius.

(3) Accelerated change and geopolitical instability are not great for people’s mood or relationships in general. It’s easy to cynical, fatigued, dis-spirited, nostalgic for the pre-2019 vibe, flat-out furious or a fluctuating melange of all those. I will talk more about emerging trends as I see them soon but for now, remember this:

It would be much weirder and more perilous if you were completely chilled or sanguine at the moment. But all of the what-the-fuqery is a natural lead-up to Pluto in Aquarius – last time around it ended the feudal system, established the principle of free speech and the flush toilet was invented.

So for serenity during this hyper-flux, aim for ingenuity/independence in the things you can control and recall that as ‘the signal’ gets stronger, so too does the static. You don’t need to try and decipher the static – the actual signal is perfectly clear.

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  1. Mystic I know you have just returned from your well earned break – but I missed you so much! Thank you for returning with fresh intel to help make sense of the chaos 🙏

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