Daily Mystic for Thursday 23 March

It’s happening! Pluto is in Aquarius from 11:23 AM Universal Time.

Given the galvanic nature of Aquarius and the plutonic penchant for change, we’re clearly up for some interesting times. Previous Pluto in Aquarius phases featured the American, French and Haitian revolutions – also King Henry VIII saying (paraphrasing wildly) ‘fuq you’ to the Vatican and launching his own church.

Stunts like these always involve the minting or creating of new currency but these days they’d probably introduce the currency first. The most recent Pluto in Aquarius era also saw the invention of arguably useful hot air balloons and the flushable toilet as well as the then most scandalous, culture-evolving romance of that era.

If you’re an avid history-political observer, watch this week’s signals and new economy clues. If you’re jaded with all of it, think self-preservation and channel the more aloof, watchful style of Aquarius energy. Zeitgeist shifts like this accentuate social tensions and fanatical self-expression that you’re not obliged to ‘take a stand on.’

I’ll be talking about this new vibe a lot – trends, theories, housewitchery, geopolitics and so on – but for now, stay nourished so you think well and don’t be drawn into hype or the hiss squad. Think about your personally most successful revolutions, how you won them and what you learned or gained.


Image: Alessandro Keegan – After The Rain

14 thoughts on “Daily Mystic for Thursday 23 March”

  1. Best of luck to all of us in this new era!
    And so grateful that Mystic is there as a beacon to guide the way 🔥
    Meanwhile it was a sleepless night for me last night, due to a migraine and a storm outside. Could be the transition of Pluto to Aquarius I am sensitive to, but also Uranus transiting my Moon… or both ⚡️

    1. I had that earlier in the week around Solstice. I feel like Mars energy could also be a contibutor… yes as well as Uranus revving up Luna of course.
      Today’s DM holds the good news of Mars moving on – yay! Not in aspect to anything in Saggo but the oppositional energy had started to feel grinding.
      Uranus approaching my Asc again and for a couple of degrees Im calling conjunct.
      Hope today is a better day x

      1. Yes, move on Mars, please! And allow us Sagittarius people some peace and quiet 😉
        And today was a better day, thank you Centaurus!

  2. Feels like I have no choice but to reinvent! One closed door/rejection after another. But how? I’m trying, really trying, to practice the Buddhist concept of Sympathetic Joy as I see others seeming to get all the prizes with so much ease.

    1. From another Venus ruled – what you’ve written reminds me of my Pluto Venus Moon conjunction years. Far enough in the rearview for some perspective. It was impossible to get traction in any direction I wanted let alone reinvent. It was a time of reinvention but slow, gruelling and difficult to measure.
      You are probably talking Uranus. There is still a slowness to Uranus being an outer planet. The illusuon is lightning fast outward change – whilst humans will adapt quickly the internal work is often much slower and rarely keeps pace with sudden chsnge particularly if challenging..
      Hold your vision. You could well be in the middle of your reinvention… it’s impossible to see where you are on the path at those points so trust yourself to bring yourself through it. You will anyway but that trust will reassure and ease some of the tensions and challenges inherent in these kinds of evolutionary journeys.

  3. Its on this week – and I’m doing my best middle lane, neutral come benign helpful meets feigned interest self. The heat is turned up and there are tensions and clashes everywhere I look. It all feels way more significant (this week and end of era) than even the most allegedly pressing thing for a person or a business. Im feeling it because Im sensitive to those energies but its also being given to me…like an unwanted but almost expected xmas gift from that relative – anticipated. Hard to dodge being enrolled in some instances and Im fairly agile and creative with methods.

    My bod is also bearing the strain. What a week of everthing…from digestion to sleep to joints and other sensitivities.

    Edit – had forgotten to consider transit Mars conjunct Jupiter, the asset and liability of this transit this week is interesting. Overall advantadge Id say but also like some kind of unseen attracting beacon to people who want to tell me too much or bring me in on their thing and ignore my shaking head… not necessary, not interested, not available, not my bag vibes.

  4. Galvani!! So aqua-pluto. Appreciate the subtle prompt back there.

    Could you please elucidate “the then most scandalous, culture-evolving romance of that era“?

    1. Also in the 1790’s were Napoleon and Josephine* … Mystic will tell us eventually 😛
      *not her real name, which was actually Rose.

      1. Napoleon & Josephine, i’d say?
        Evolution of their relationship in his letters to her:

        At the beginning ~ “I hope before long to crush you in my arms and cover you with a million kisses burning as though beneath the equator”

        A few yrs later ~ “Home in 3 days. Don’t wash” ~

    2. Interpreted ‘romance’ as a book (Les Liaisons Dangereuses), but as I am not a native speaker, I may be wrong there 😉

  5. Beautifully put! Thank you for the advice! I’m not sure how to interpret this incoming energy, but nourishment, recollections of successful (r)evolutions, and donning our best Aquarius face can be so grounding!

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