Daily Mystic For Wednesday March 2

The Pisces New Moon is about 26 hours away as I write* and it’s followed by a definitive Mars-Pluto conjunction 15 hours later.  See a geopolitical note at the bottom if you’re interested, skip if not!

The next 60 hours are extraordinarily astrologically busy, with a multitude of astro-alignments occurring and most of them are positive. But this much astro-action can feel crowded and contradictory. This Dark Moon bit of is particularly difficult because ennui and edginess because of all the turbulence is a horrible combination.

If you’re whirling around without apparent progress or answers, try to engage some form of serenity practice (besides doom-scrolling) until the New Moon. Mood and inspiration lift with it and Mercury conjunct Saturn at the same time will be brilliant for clarity.

And the nearer Jupiter gets to Neptune, the more accessible magic and extra-sensory-perception become.

*It’s on Wednesday, March 2 at 17.35 Universal Time – please select your location in the Moon Calendar to see the exact time for your zone but as a guide, it will be on Wednesday at 9.35 A.M in Los Angeles which is 04.35 A.M. on Thursday on the East Coast of Australia. Extend this out by another 24 hours to pull in the Mars-Pluto conjunction 15 hours after the New Moon.


Geopolitical Note If You’re Interested:

I know, it seems incongruous when things are this volatile but the astro says more ‘wild and contradictory info’ and ‘financial combat’ than anything else. But yes, the tight Mars-Pluto conjunction could be a flashpoint or escalation of hostilities, obviously. The fact that ‘peace negotiations’ are occurring without a ceasefire seems in poor faith, to put it mildly.

The last Mars-Pluto conjunction occurred in late March 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic response roll-out, and interestingly, some of the Covid-19 safety data that the FDA was court-ordered to release is out today (as opposed to the 2097 release they requested), the sanctions + negotiations are really amping up and it’s a USA State of the Union address.

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OMG that 2020 Mars/Pluto conjunction–within three days of it I got sober and met the man who I fell in love with for the first time. It’s trine my Jupiter, exact this time. It’s so strange that those good things happened during all of the suffering. Now that it’s swung around again, I’m still sober but I lost the love. Trying to feel hopeful even as the world looks like it’s entering into even more pain. Thank you for your perspective Mystic!


Whirling around is a good description. I live in one of the major flood-affected places in Australia. The extent of damage up and down the east coast is gobsmacking. The recovery from this is going to be slow and hard. We already face housing, health, and job/welfare crises. Supply chains are broken. Although I am safe and dry, and only lost power for a day, water pressure is at a trickle. I’m donating clothes, blankets and toys. Otherwise I’m trying to practice self care. Try to eat properly. Listen to some jazz. Take the dog for a walk. I say “thank you” every time I open the fridge and it’s on, or get the trickle from the tap to boil a cuppa. Aware that less than 100m down the road, the floodline laps, with powerlines hanging a mere metre above, some were submerged at the height of the flood. Aware that across my community, people have lost their homes, their animals. Roads and bridges cracked or swept away. Pretty sure I’m in some kind of shock, as many would be, with one natural disaster after another. Sharing here helps to process. Thank you and wishing safety to all. 💖


I was in but not in…in 2011. This is relatable and I agree, is a kind of shock. What you’re doing sounds 👌
Have loved ones in the thick of it but all have had it skim the edges much like you.

Penelope Darling

crowded and contradictory” is absolutely the vibe


Thanks for sharing the ‘financial combat’ statement. I’m sure it doesn’t feel like it over there and certainly doesn’t look like it either but it was my intuitive hit right at the beginning. I downgraded it since because it’s been taken further than I thought. The guy is reckless and drunk on his own power though he presents like he’s cooly planning some ordinary every day thing. Chilling.
Wars are always about power, control and/or, wealth right though and it’s easy to have a different view.from a distance. I feel for everyone who’s directly affected and am heartened to see the stand against this attack increasing in number and voice from around the world.

The Covid era vax data will be interesting to see as well. Let’s see how transparent it really is.

Feeling the dark moon like a weird kind of static in my little patch. Some annoying development’s and some emerging clarity. I’ve been oscillating with some things and I feel that may be changing.


Thanks for the share about the vaccine safety data! The secrecy of Pfizer’s vaccine trial data barely made a ripple in American news media outlets. I worked in health sciences education and this is kind of a big deal. Pfizer shouldn’t be afraid of peer review to see if the dam* vax even works (known as efficacy), and peer review is the gold standard for any kind of science! They say the data will be in the public domain, hopefully, by the end of summer 2022 and then an actual peer review process and scrutinizing can happen!

According to the British Medical Journal, a contractor at Pfizer’s Texas lab accused it of neglecting patient safety and data handling (https://www.bmj.com/content/375/bmj.n2635). That’s not good. It also begs suspicion that the company wanted to treat their vax research data like the JFK congressional investigation report. The vaccine could had shown minimal harm, but I could see how the company would be terrified of lawsuits. On the other hand, it’s known that cherry-picking data is a big problem for those who want to selectively use what promote their agenda.

I’m not anti-vax or completely anti-big pharma, but they’ve sowed plenty of mistrust over the years. They’ve definitely oversold what they can do while probably knowing it couldn’t or had more harms than suspected (or, if you take 2 other meds to help with the side effects of taking one med, which is so common and helps their bottom line).

The sad thing is I think we also bought into the hype and instead of taking care of ourselves and our health, we were more than happy to buy into the quick-fixes it promised for everything.


I wasn’t aware of this either until your comment. Our news is currently dominated by flood and war. Interesting comment and will check your link.

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