A Mercury in Scorpio Problem

Dear Mystic

I feel I need help here because, knowing myself as I do, I’m totally capable of vengeful acts as a result of perceived injustice and perhaps I need rescuing from myself in this situation. Perhaps I need to shoot the shit with you and get it out of my system safely. I have Mercury in Scorpio on the I.C.  It makes no aspect to anything else but it is my chart ruler and I don’t know what to do with it sometimes.

I have a question that is about whether to communicate or not communicate.

I recently discovered that an ex-colleague of mine has claimed work as her own and declared this publicly. It’s a poem. The poem can’t actually be attributed to a single person, it is a folklore poem. It was presented in a work environment, with her saying she’d written it. She’s now left this place of work, but this thing is hung on the wall, which makes my hackles rise. Now, I know this is not on a level with someone claiming to have written Moby Dick or whatever but I will tell you the reason it has gripped my shit so much.

I am not saying I am right for having my s**t gripped, and I’m quite open to be told I need to make like a Pisces and let her experience her own karma or whatever, you get the picture. But I have this Mercury in Scorpio and I discovered this plagiarism around the Mars/Pluto conjunction. I am also a triple Libran. This is a potentially hazardous combination like oil on water.

This woman is an out and out bully, and was also, unfortunately, my boss. She created a culture of fear and intimidation and shame, not only with her staff but with clients. She’s creating similar waves in her new job, which I know about as my close friend works there.

She ridiculed me publicly in front of clients and other staff on a couple of occasions. The environment has improved since she left. The only reason I didn’t blow my stack then is because I always knew she was leaving. We are all so happy now.

So why am I hell bent on getting my own back? I discovered the poem totally by accident on the internet (I was looking for songs and I came across this poem of hers). You know, hers, or some Cherokee chieftain on the plains back in 1816. The sheer mathematical impossibility of this is weird.

Of course I shared this with my other colleagues and we all fell about laughing, which rapidly changed to snorting and crying and having to hold ourselves up and not looking at each other for the rest of the day in case we set it all off again. Another lie she has been caught out in. Why can’t I leave it there? Clients are increasing, all is good.

So Mystic, why have I kept the screenshot of the poem and why do I feel myself twitching to text it to her saying all innocently “Hey, how weird, I saw this on the internet today”. I am so fake to her out of self-protection when I see her, randomly, in the city. I am snarky as fuq though, usually over exaggerating how epic work is just to see her eyes go flinty. I know she is a full blown qi vamp. Something in me wants her to know I know.

Why, when shaming someone is bad and I know this, why do I fantasise about it? Is it just a fantasy? What would you do? Or in a broader and more long-term sense, how do I get over feeling the need to be a bit of a bastard right back? I want to fight all the wars. However, I would also like to get on with my knitting and whatever.

Love to you and the culture you are fostering online.
The Plutonically Afflicted One

Dear Plutonically Afflicted One,

This is a really interesting dilemma on a number of levels. Because you know, you are correct. Why NOT let her crap values, her current co-workers and the Cherokee spirits or whatever deal with her?  But I can also see why this is grabbing you. Plagiarism infuriates the fuq out of me – usually when it is my work being stolen, but still.

In fact, I once spent a solid week obsessing over some ripped-off material I found attributed to an extremely well-known author whom I admire. It was a text that I knew to be super-ancient and yet there it was, professing to be hers.  I don’t know if your example being from someone you have no regard for anyway makes it easier or more difficult.

So I get it. I have Mercury in Aries and a loaded 8th house. But do you really want to send cortisol coursing through your lovely system over this? No.  You have to do two things. First: sit down and write a not-to-be-sent letter to her, releasing how you feel about her management style, the petty injustices, all of the Everything.

Then burn and release. Say a prayer of thanksgiving for your present happy workplace and colleagues. And for your ability to craft original work or at least, not be a content thief.

Then, it may be politically incorrect but I would turn on the Triple Libra with this and send a lovely, scented passive-aggressive note to her.

Say something along the lines of “Dear X, I was just thinking of you as (something flattering) and wondering how you are getting along at X-Corp.  They are so fortunate to have you and your expertise.  Oh and by the way, I saw (the poem) you put up/posted and while it is so beautiful and such a fabulous thought, I thought you might want to know that you did not attribute it correctly.

It is actually by (Cherokee chief dude) and was written on the occasion of (you will have done your research.)  Knowing what a stickler for detail you are, I asked everyone here at the office and they all agree that it is definitely the work of X….”

Or is Step Two not necessary? Should there just be a thorough workplace sage session and compulsory aura cleanse? Am I now being too Plutonic?   Thoughts?

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  1. VenusInCancerMarsInScorpio

    I would just be telling this story as an anecdote to random people in the industry until i’m tired of it. Or bored. Yeah, I worked with such and such and guess what etc.
    I don’t even think it’s vile to do this. It’s gossip. Gossip is interesting. Gossiping about ex-bosses is normal. You’re not accusing her of theft in a legal sense, it’s just a funny detail that helps describe her character very effectively. It’s cool that she did that thing, now everyone you talk to can remember her as that pompous person who attributed a well-known verse to herself. She did a service to you making a joke out of herself!
    Also, I don’t think she’s ashamed of doing what she did, some people are just not ashamed of such acts. There’s nothing one can do about it. At least not directly. Shaming is not going to change a person. Confrontation (even in pass-agg form) is going to make matters worse.

  2. Hmm. Thievery. She’s already punished on some level, because 1.) you uncovered that she’s a fraud, and 2.) your awesome office mates also see the fraud. 3.) There are many ways to communicate (this little forum being of them) and now WE all know out there, there lives a very sad, scared person who is a fraud, picking through the works of a Native author. Bad baaaaaaaaad juju.

    I would immediately take down the poem attributed to her, and right the writing wrongs in office. You’ll feel so much better. It’s power. It’s rightfully someone else’s work, and now it’s YOUR work space.

    As a Scorp who is very fond of the idea of revenge as opposed to carrying it out…the long game is that eventually, the real author will be uncovered. The truth will out.

    This brings me to another quote I found right here on Mystic – I believe an amazing Libran writer who wrote in to Ask Mystic – (and I don’t want to be meta and claim these words as my own, I just can’t find the particular post!): but she called the particular limbo stance as ‘fondling the pin on a grenade.’ HA! Oh man, you have so much power.

    I’d do the letter and burn it. Fix the wall space. Smudge the office if need be. Enjoy the hilarity and laughter of superior co-workers and a lighter work environment. Forgive yourself for not having the quips in response to bad boss in the moment. (Maybe all good and decent people at some point suffer from this, as we shouldn’t have to go through life like it’s a goddamn battlefield??)

    If after all this, you still find some part of your brain/stomach curdling at the thought of THE POEM, then I like – nay – LOVE – Mystics part 2. You’re just helping her with a totally innocent mistake she made, see? There’s no malice there.

    And then, you’ll be done with it. Qi restored, and safe in the long game. Wash your hands of it all after.

  3. My former Qi-Vamp boss ALWAYS took credit for my work when she thought she could get away with it, and I always had to bite my tongue. I say yes, go full passive aggressive and THEN cleansing ritual. I would do it AFTER sending her the letter, because then you will really feel free. Best of luck burning through this anger!!!

  4. Replace her framed poem with the original and correct author at the bottom, smudge the office, and let it go. As much as the boss lady sounds awful, I wouldn’t waste any more energy on her. In these situations I usually imagine what the person’s life outside of work must be like – lonely and unhappy – makes it hard to stay pissed off.

  5. As others have said, it becomes a multiplied injustice because of who the poem was stolen from.
    You need to get that thing off the wall before a client sees it, recognizes it, and assumes YOUR present business would be so sloppy about research and attribution. Go as high up as you need to, with the motivation that you need to protect your company.
    In fact, sharing and laughing could really backfire–you all saw this and did nothing? But standing up for your company’s reputation will leave you looking great–and I’d lay odds that the story will get back to her without your having to do a thing. Do it strongly, but quietly and without drama, but get that thing off the wall, otherwise your workplace is complicit in plagiarism. Voila: a story that makes you look good, and gets the injustice righted where it needs to be. Win win (except for the plagiarist).

  6. The stolen poem was beautiful enough to be put on the wall. Not being all goobly but… I’m wondering whether your answer lies within it? Somehow the truth made its way to you. Thats the amazing thing in this story. So why not leave the poem where it is with the story of how it got there added as a context? You dont need to mention names if you are worried about that, but the original creator should be attributed. Maybe go back to the poem then, and look for meanings.

  7. If I had to send the note in order to be able to sleep at night, I’d send the proof to her anonymously. Othewise, I would not send it. Don’t burn the bridge and be gald she’s out of your office! Your officemates know the truth. I agree with others, if you can, remove the damned thing from the wall! Maybe it has lasting bad juju that is irking you.

  8. I agree with the peeps who are saying let it go, avoid passive aggression, &c.

    In “The Red Shoes,” a gorgeous, wild technicolor film from the 1940s, an old music professor rips off a composition from his most gifted student. The student sends a furious letter to the Russian ballet impresario who runs the company (played by ur-Scorp Anton Walbrook) who believes him but tells him, “It is worth remembering that it is much more disheartening to have to steal than to be stolen from.” And hires the student for his company.

    1. Yes. Plagiarism is so much more grimy for the person who did it. Get that thing off the wall, though. No reason for it to be up there reminding you.

  9. Call her on her shit, but not in a vindictive way. Doesn’t matter how it affects her, its all about you and what you require to feel complete. Make sure you’re not coming from vengeance but from a place of truth and honesty.
    Obviously this is something that’s happened in the past and is up for grabs again. Good luck!

  10. Idk. I have mercury in Leo in the 12th, so I think:
    She’s no longer in your life, just break the connection, thank her for what she teached you and bye. Because this expierence is a lesson for you to be clear and honest. I know deep inside it feels unfair but i guess there is no worse thing than living knowing you are living a lie.
    We dont know the reasons she behaves like this, spreading fear, she maybe is really hurt inside.
    I know thats not an excuse but i am sure life will teach her.

    Other thing you can do is just wait for someone else to do it.
    And if you still want to say something my mean side tells me to send the message mystic suggested but just the 1st part, letting her know your admiration towards her and her poem. She will get the sarcasm and if she doesnt, she will feel guilty inside? Idk…i honestly would feel bad sending her the message.
    Its not my job to make people feel bad but i also dont like it when people is not honest.

    I honestly advice you to just letting it go, dont get involve in drama and just send her light and your best wishes, hopefully she one day will understand.

  11. So! You have already (telepathically) let her know – you and everyone else know her lie – as this email to Medusa will be in her dream tonight. 😉

    Consider that reality is an exploding mirrorball of emotions and intent. Perhaps explore all the actions and responses to this situation across all time lines possible and their ramifications for you and your co-workers…
    What do you do and feel in each envisioning?
    What is your and her reaction? How does each possible action deepen your relationship with her in the etheric? Is it worth acting on this from that broader perspective? Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t!

    Like a Cherokee Poem butterfly effect, embrace the concept that all these possibilities are genuinely being brought to life and feel some satisfaction in THIS timeline .. even if you don’t end up doing anything at all?

    1. I love your responses, Sphinx. They always bring me back up to a higher level.

      I’m dealing with a narcissistic person, and have been for several years. She is a woman of truly evil intent and unfortunately I’m in a position where I’m stuck with her.

      I was so frustrated and angry with her a few years ago that I summoned all my power, went into meditation, and sent her a tremendous psychic scream. Well. That was a valuable lesson. Don’t do that. It’s not loving, wise or mature. She felt it, and retaliated.

      These days, I use legal channels to hold her responsible for her actions, and remain centred in my own core of loving power. If I stay there and keep myself energetically clean and clear I’m untouchable.

      I wear labradorite if I know I’m going to be near her because she seeks me out in the shadow realms.

      Having said all of that, this woman has been my greatest teacher. She has mirrored to me all of my shadows, forced my fears out into exposure, and catapulted me into a cycle of growth that I never anticipated.

      She’s the fire, I’m the steel.

      My most powerful tool is the Ho’Oponopono. It’s magical!

      1. The Ho’Oponopono is the Shamanic Haiku of life! The Everything. I teach my Kataka boy this system.
        Thank you Ali, honoured by yr comment. It takes a special strength to recognise our true teachers and friends in wolf’s clothing! And to live the relationship with a modicum of grace. Truly, much respect and love to you!

      2. Lots of wisdom in your post, Ali. I went through a similar situation. I am grateful to my tormentor, as she pushed me out of a toxic job that in retrospect, was a living nightmare.

        Fire and steel, yes!

  12. Putting in my 2(000) cents here… ex boss bitch lady sounds like a narcissist, and having recently divorced a raging sociopathic one, I can tell you one thing for certain: she will not let #2 lie quietly, she will have her revenge, and it may come in the form of ruining your career. It may take a while and you may be completely caught off guard with her brazenness and gall, but be assured that she will not let your attempt to knock her ego down a notch go unanswered. Think Donald Trump on this one (ew, I know) – he can’t just lose and slink away to quietly lick his wounds. He always has to have a very loud and obnoxious payback and he must always “win,” at all costs. You may get some points on the board, but personalities like this will ruin your reputation, with blatant lies and distortions, make you look like the villain and themselves the victim, burn your house down and flatten your car tires and put sugar in your tank all as payback for your one humiliation that you cause them — and in their mind, it is fair and equal treatment. So, maybe take that snake in the grass Scorpio mindset and elevate it up to eagle status (both animal archetypes of Scorpio) and take the higher road here and don’t strike back. I know it’s tempting, I really do and I understand as a multiple Libra/Scorpio/Plutonic as fuq person myself. But take the longer and higher view here and consider, is this unevolved, disordered bitch worth your beautiful, wise, deep Scorpionic pervasive energy? Hell no, she isn’t. Do #1 with gusto. Envision her knowing you have done #1, send her a dream of it, banish her from your boundaries. And if she comes around again, go full on eagle on her and let her have a taste of that talon so she knows that YOU KNOW.

    1. I hear this. I do. Yes it’s risky to call out a power tripping bulldozer; it may be interpeted as an Act of War by the perp, justifying (to themself) any twisted retaliation maybe taken in the future. And still, like you said, they need to know that we know lol so true!

      So what about this: Scorpio stealth & stamina? We can stand resolved forever. Born with eyes in the backs of our heads, so it’s no sweat. Resting easy with the knowledge that in the event of any future retaliation from said offender, that person is only hanging herself because With Time, the people who matter Scorpio will get their Eagle Vision too. There’s that, right? 😉 Power on, LWhitfield.

  13. step 2 all the way! Bullies, liars and their kind have to be called to account. It’s too easy to sit back and do nothing. How else did the likes of Hitler, Stalin and Putin gain such power?

    1. I was bullied in five different jobs in the past 8 years. Meek and mild Libra, put up with s**t. Now, I call out bullying the minute it happens. Bullies, frauds and liars need to be stopped

  14. Ok so I have 4 planets in Libra & 3 in Scorpio; my Mercury-Uranus at 29° Libra falls into my 8th h along with my 3 Scorp placements (Mars, Sun-Venus). Plagerism is vile yes, but the fact that this woman ripped off words of a Native American really, really has me fired up: have Native Americans not been ripped off enough?!

    I’d write her a note without the pass/agg & snark, just direct, like, “Greetings. I found ‘your’ poem online: it was written by Cherokee Chief X in 1816. I shared this info with the office, & we decided to reprint his words with his name & hang it on our wall where ‘your’ poem used to be. Wanted you to know. Goodbye.” Then, if I still had angst to exorcise I’d pen a bitched up, snarky rant– & burn it. Because that exorcism would be for me, not her. No energy to her. She’s cut off.

    I promise that Cherokee ancestors will be pleased to see their words properly cited on your office wall. Another wrong righted. Mad blessings.

  15. I’d do the writing and burning ritual, but wouldn’t engage in any passive-aggressive behavior. Anger, resentment only harm yourself. When we spend so much time with these feelings, we’re afraid that if we let them go we’re going to lose something, feel empty. That’s an illusion. Wish her happiness, because her behavior certainly shows she is suffering with her distorted view of the world/herself. Liberate yourself.

    If anyone is interested in this topic, Robert Thurman and Sharon Salzberg wrote “Love Your Enemies. How to Break the Anger Habit & Be a Whole Lot Happier.”

  16. First, why is this poem still up on the wall if everyone knows? Bin it. Put the original one up. Or put a byline of the original author on it, for a start.

    And then, let’s face it – Merc in Scorp & your Tripple Libra ain’t gonna let you rest till you put it to rest the way you REALLY want to. I see this as the signature of a whistle blower in the making. LOL! Ok, joshing. But personally, I see it almost as a DUTY to let her know that what she did is wrong – and it’s not like you’d have to invest too much energy in doing so anyway. You received the info about the original poem when Merc was directly opposite Uranus-Eris. Think about this & what Eris represents – telling it how it is & exposing the lie. I don’t understand why this should be shameful. At All.

    If you can’t face her directly – then I like AsAbove_SoBelow’s suggestion & send the original poem to her anonymously & mess with her mind a little…. Why can’t you have a little fun via The Joker & not give this too much importance. Like you say, it ain’t Moby Dick. But she needs to know that she can’t get away with theft. Consider this to be a reminder to her – you might even be doing her a favour in the long run.

    And then i would definitely do the letting go ritual that Mystic says (if you still need to, that is) & get on with your knitting. :-).

  17. Unicorn Sparkles

    It’s eating you inside because of everything else she did. After an accumulation of nasty acts it’ll usually be one thing that triggers our anger.

    I wouldn’t waste energy on contacting her in any way. She won’t care. And you’ll never really know what her reaction was on being called out.

    As others above have said either reprint the poem with the correct attribution as a symbol of the change of status quo or get rid of it to usher in the new.

  18. Very nice. Sometimes it’s nice to take an experience for what it is and not try to figure it all out. Your subconscious gets it and there’s a seed in there so just go with it. It’ll grow.

    My thoughts on Uranus are that it takes a while to grow into the energy, has been in my experience anyway (Uranus rising). I’ve been wondering if mine is getting stronger the closer I get to my natal opposition. Open yourself up, shit just happens, you tune in & ride on. Personally I dig magic but I’m very anti ritual by nature. I try to integrate without forcing it on myself.

    1. Lol, I’ve been having trouble with my comments not going through, so I copy and paste them first. This is a comment for the food moon post. I’m having different Mercury problems, obviously.

  19. despite my idea above of gifting same poem, a Katakan advised me years ago after a rubbish breakup to ‘be the better person’, so that is something that might apply here too.

  20. Gonna buck the trend and say – release it, replace the poem on the wall with the original attribution/date etc and don’t contact. She’s taken up enough of your headspace. The time for direct action has passed. All that’s left is passive aggression. Drop it, drop her, move on.

  21. Yes, make it gone from current workplace and move your beautiful self on. Maybe create something of yours and replace hers?!

    I have been white-anted and ostracised for years at my work, only realising the extent of it this year (I work remotely and alone so I had no idea the extent of people’s ability to collude and lie and denigrate people, it has been a very bitter pill to swallow). I stayed for my own clear reasons, and I am now leaving on my own terms also. If I could have my time again I would have left in 2010 when I got this horrible boss who extracted every last bit of self confidence out of me before I knew what was happening. This was a valuable life lesson. I will leave quietly and politely as it is now my past and not my present. I hope, PAO, that you can transmute the feelings towards this person into nothingness so they vanish from you, as I am with the people I encountered in my past. All the very best to you.

  22. Pisces rising here says live and let live. But my Pisces rising trine Pluto in scorp says you have the power right now – save it in case you really need it. Especially because you’re in the same industry and could possibly use her for your own purposes in the future.

  23. What Mystic said. Write the note!
    I’m a Libra with scorp mercury too. I had someone plagarise work from me 20 yrs ago, a scorp colleague. I chose to do the Pisces thing and let it go because she was from another country and looking to get a green card and escape her homeland. Did she get punished? Hell no! She is working a swanky $80k cush job, sometimes life is not fucking fair. I should have said sonething to her then, but i was so meek dont rock the boat in those days,
    Also this is not about revenge. What if the poem becomes famous or a viral hit? If you say nothing it will be harder to prove later.

  24. Buckle (Aries Sun; Pisces Asc; Gem Moon.)

    Sorry if I’m missing something… So, if colleagues at the workplace know it is not her poem, and the lady has left, why can’t you all just take the poem off the wall and put it in the bin?

    1. yes it seems like a qi-vamping device left on the wall.
      she knows she’s a fraud.

      when evil boss eventually leaves new place, give her a farewell gift which is a beautifully printed copy of the original poem correctly attributed to the Cherokee chief. ohmygoodness what an astounding coincidence who could possibly have known

  25. Plagiarism, urg. A particularly lazy way of being a narcissist. I wouldn’t consider it to be shaming her when you’re merely pointing out the facts, particularly if you do as Mystic suggests and put it in a letter / email (rather than taking to eg Twitter / a billboard / walking the streets with a sandwich board!). Perhaps also take the ‘work’ down off the wall in the workplace too? (Assuming it’s not framed and bolted on?!) Might help to get rid of her lingering energy! Good luck 🙂 x

  26. Oooh dear. I’m going through something VERY similar myself; snarky bully Queen Bee ex-manager of mine made my life HELL during the Saturn Neptune square… She’s no longer my manager but still talking sh!t about me from afar. What am I doing about it? Keeping in mind what Mystic said recently about the ghost transit – I’m letting her say her final ‘boo’ and I’m moving on. In my experience with bullies, if you engage with them you’re still “playing the game” and the abuse will continue. In other words, bullies live in the dirt; play in the dirt and you get dirty.

    For me, forgiving people really helps (it’s hard, but worth actually working at because it makes you feel happier, I promise) and if they’re continuing to throw barbs, stamp your foot and set a boundary – but don’t retaliate. Positive vibes only.

    Good luck!!

    1. Oh and I must add; I feel like this is happening to you due to some “unfinished business” – (as too I suspect for me) – these people come into our lives – and torture us so unfairly – for a REASON – I think there is a lesson for you here? And the fact that this poem is bugging you so much is trying to draw your attention to it again? (take a look at recent astro maybe around this?).

      For me, the BIG lesson from Queen Bee was basically that some people are actually just awful and a) Awful people do awful things to anyone (aka this isn’t my fault) and b) You must learn to assert yourself and c) When someone is awful their opinion is rendered completely meaningless.

      The situation with her literally would not let up until I learned these things. Maybe you’re still mad at this Plagiariser person because you never asserted yourself when she was picking on you? Maybe you need to tell her (or maybe not her, just YOURSELF) that Hey, she picked in you and it wasn’t ok!!

      Ok hopefully that wasn’t all too tangential lol – this post was a great opportunity for my own self-reflection perhaps!

  27. You don’t even need to expose yourself.

    Send her the original chieftains poem back annonimously (on the company letterhead/envelope perhaps?). It’ll mess with her more for not knowing which one of you did it.

    And then… let go.

      1. Hmm, maybe incognitio your friend in the new workplace to hang the poem attributed correctly in a very prominent place – yes in secret.. That would mess with only one head and then you are free of any blow back. I wouldn’t out her with a letter as you may have to work with this person again in the future. She sounds like a person who has had a lot of hurt to treat people the way she does. Personally I’d try to be the better person and not go down the path of step two.

    1. This mercury in scorpio sun in Libra says this….keeping it anonymous will needle her more.

      However great that would feel, personally i would skip step two. Maybe i would print the poem from the internet source and tape it up next to the posted poem and take a photo of it and share with office friends perhaps someone else would send it to the woman…which is totally Libran revenge bwahaha….

      Actually my thoughts are to skip step two entirely. You are competitors in a business that relies on pleasing clients. The best revenge and last word is always success and massive professionalism and focus. Remember that Scorpio Mercury is a surgical sting and Mercury is commerce. The best sting is hitting her back in the Commerce/tycoonery zone. Its Haute and you up your game simultaneously…and since your peers and some clients also see-through her crap nothing really needs more.to be said. Burn the sage and do a cord cutting and i bet things shift fast very positively in your direction.

    2. Ooooh! Great idea! I think that way of doing it would have much more impact and keep her on her toes wondering who sent it, and make her reckon with herself over it, because she’ll have no one to fixate on outwardly to be upset with for exposing her plagiarism.
      I say go even more anonymous and not send with company letterhead but just on a plain piece of paper, typed out of course so no handwriting could be identified.

  28. This made my skin crawl! Yes to sage, even an epic burning ceremony- your intent to uncover her with letter written to her, the poem itself and her picture. All in a pot off it goes! As smoke relieses – everything goes where it belongs – poem to the rightfull owner and all cords of energy between you and her are gone.

  29. I reckon just sidestep it – if you step into the poo goo of unethical others you will be scraping to remove the consequences of your shared insights…

    Even Deepak Chopra has written about this in the seven laws of success…which is fundamentally about peace and happiness

    Not inner turmoil…

  30. Moon in Aries (10th) trine merc in Leo (1st) — I would have blurted it out literally the second I discovered, lol–loud mouth. I admire the restraint!

    Mystic gives good advice–I’d take it. Def on cleansing and releasing.

  31. This Triple Libra says Stage 2 is not only necessary but compulsory. Karma is a bitch, but sometimes even Karma needs a nudge.

    1. Yes to step two- after step one.

      My late sister had similar a Qi vamp boss who changed jobs. I advise her to give a gift card and she enclosed a short note dictated by me a Quad Libra with Scorp Asc , “Your tenure here has been unforgettable and you have impacted so many lives beyond measure. Thank you for all that you have taught me. Your passion informs all that you do–/”

      It was all true and sincere, non? Don’t you know- as I predicted that woman came back as a consultant- and did a 180. Left my sister alone! Always had her back. At my sister’s funeral, that woman gushed about that card-

      We may not be the agents of karma but we don’t have to be doormats either-

      I’m a big fan of showing the way- you can show Qi vamps the path of decency and imply that you see their foot hovering over it. Then they know that they aren’t anonymous if that foot finds itself on someone’s neck- again.

      So glad that Qi vamp moved on!!

  32. Oh geez! I so feel you on this matter as I too have been blatantly “bitten.” It sucks. Especially when you know the other person knows full and well that they are biting off of you, you confront them and they play dumb and in denial and then immediately afterwards go blasting on social media with their newly stolen “work.”
    For me, I have had to turn it all around and have a good look at myself in the mirror and ask what does my creativity need, how does my creativity want to be protected, be seen in the world etc, do I take ownership and value myself and my work enough?
    Then off I go on a protection and binding spell.
    I can relate to your Astro too btw as I am Libra sun, stellium in Scorpio and this incident happened also on the Mars Pluto conjunction.
    That precious Scorpio moon ? I am sending so much love and fierce knowing that you shall rise like the Phoenix and soar to an even higher dimension than you thought possible.
    Signing out- ????

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