Daily Mystic for Tuesday 28 March

Brilliant news: the astro-weather forecast for the next seven days is for smooth, temperate conditions. It will make acclimatizing to Pluto in Aquarius more of a breeze, albeit still weird.

A la yesterday’s Daily Mystic, Mars is productively aligned with Saturn from March 28 to April 2 and within that, Mercury is conjunct Jupiter from Tuesday to Thursday. The Mars-Saturn input supports wily commercial instincts and suave management of compliance or admin obligations.

It also completes a series of such alignments in play since late September – suggesting a deal finally being sealed, the convergence of two substantial people toward a well-defined end or clarifying a new biz/enterprise direction.

Mercury-Jupiter is in Aries and more brash – it’s a good offset to the sober gravitas of the Mars-Saturn. A huge, wild idea could be progressed or formalized more swiftly than normal but be aware that if you are tossing audacious concepts around, people are more likely to take you at your word.

Now till Friday is thus optimal for practically all styles of dialogue – ideas-generating or pitch meetings and the more structural conversations you could have been dreading. Wear red to activate/boost the audacious fortune of Mercury-Jupiter and for Mars-Saturn impetus, go deep – find/refind the core of your ambitions.

More on this in the next Daily Mystic but this Fri/Sat is fab for romance, fun and style innovations.


Image: Julio Larraz – Thoth’s Home At Undal

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  1. πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘ WOAH MM – your DM’s, and any accompanying art/artists are ALWAYS off the charts relevant, but this DM & painting takes the cake – the Greek islands//beaches are a favourite image around the house/meditation destination of mine; and the conch shell has been a personally relevant symbol for weeks…AND Saturn is about to conjunct my personal Mars/MC in Pisces (but will comment on that in blog post..) THANK YOU for the affirmation, and – well yeah. See you on the astral plane somewhere (‘cos we clearly fly in and out of the same scene – lol!!πŸ˜‚πŸ’–) Blessings to everyone on this amazing site. Xoo

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