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Serenity Signalling

The weird thing about Serenity Signalling is that the people who do it are usually so strung out. The higher the incidence of “live, laugh, love” posts, the more likely they are to be enraged at their friend forgetting the name of their cat. Or firing off “never mind, I knew you would not get it” snippy texts. They may not be Buddhist, but they’ll have the statue because it’s …

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Original Vampirella in black one piece swim suit at beach with umbrella. Fifties Goth girl pin-up.

What Is A Lower Neptunian?

I am re-posting this from a few years ago because it’s super-relevant now, with Jupiter square Neptune. These people are everywhere. What is a Lower Neptunian? They’re people with a strong 12th House, Neptune or Piscean influence who are misusing their magical charm and intuition. They’re grifters, Chaos Addicts, Future Fakers, Grifters, and Energy Vampires. And they are fantasy agents, dealing in desires and phantom fulfilments; buy dreams now – …

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Job Interviews During Mercury Retrograde?

Going for job interviews during Mercury Retrograde can have surprising benefits. And, as in this case below, sometimes it is unavoidable. Here’s a Hello from the center of the universe, a.k.a. New York!  I recently started a new fancy role but quickly realized that I was surrounded by real QI Vampires and began plotting the perfect escape. I tried to get all of the job hunt stuff done BEFORE Mercury …

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An Le portrait of Milla Jovovich flying through Blade Runner styled streetscape

Lunar Eclipse 2019 Astrology Alert

If you’re a Mega Mystic member, you won’t need a Lunar Eclipse 2019 Astrology Alert. I have been lecture-ranting about this piece of work for weeks now. And, the Saturn-Pluto 2020 mp3 is big on it also. Its sphere of spooky influence extends well beyond the few hours of the actual Full Moon Eclipse. Karma Cop Saturn on the South Node, flanked by Uncle Pluto overshadows the Eclipse & Mercury …

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