How Is Your Lunar Eclipse Full Moon?

Wow. It’s been a while since a Full Moon or even an Eclipse has felt this tangibly batty.*

Am I right? Taurus-Scorpio Full Moons are always intense as the Scorp angle pushes for authentic emotional expression (price on application) and the Taurean side of it is ultra-aware of substance and security.

In this case, the Earth is as close to Uranus as it can get – aggravating existing agitation and frustration with stuffy status-quo energy. Hypothetically, it could play havoc with atmospherics and geomagnetism: Uranus has an unusual set-up and Earth is between it and the Sun.

Psychically Seismic

So we have the Earth, Moon and Uranus in Taurus opposite the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio. When Mercury is involved in a Full Moon or any astrological config, you get the message. You can’t ignore it and what’s more, you probably get it a million times over.

So the exquisite, infuriating clarity of Mercury in Scorpio, a psychological muck-raker at any time, with a Sun heading for Solar Maximum in 2023 or 2024 is locked into a high-tension polarity with the Taurean trio.

Cue physical restlessness, quirks and extreme sensitivity to environmental triggers and people. That’s quite enough but it occurs at precisely the same time that your ability to delineate normally indefinable emotions is peaking.

Mars Retro Is A Buzz Kill

But ‘oh that’s right, Mars is Retrograde so I shouldn’t send my eloquent vow of vengeance or pass-agg spreadsheet with the deficits (financial, emotional, spiritual) highlighted in venom green? Fuq that.’

It is maddening. Now the Horoscopes + Daily Mystic Updates have been all over this phenom and if you have Power Moons, you’ll know the sphere of influence and have some practical ideas for channeling it.

But if you’d like to share or vent in the comments here, the Lunar Eclipse Support Group is open!

Why Bats?

*The terms “batty” and “bats” apparently sprung from the ‘erratic’ flying behaviour of bats but these days their fancy zig-zag and spiral moves are seen more as an evolutionary aerodynamic advantage. They have also been incorrectly associated with witches and vampires for centuries but most bats are selenophobic – they hate the Full Moon.

Full Moon Eclipses In General

Every Full Moon is a Sun-Moon opposition, a polarity play and the time when lunar influence is most potent. In the olden days it was when anyone could travel by night without need of an attention-drawing torch to light the way.

They also illuminate inner realms and emotional zones – some are kept dimly lit for a reason! Full Moons traditionally make wolves and women more prone to howl at the Moon or be villainous and they exaggarate any contradiction that you may be (sort of) holding together.

Added: Full Moon Eclipses are (a) ultra-exact and (b) always linked into the Moon’s Nodes, aka longer term cycles and fate lines. They run in nine year cycles and often serve as a kind of secret calendar of the psyche. They eerily resonate with events that we don’t commemorate or if we do, it’s in private.

171 thoughts on “How Is Your Lunar Eclipse Full Moon?”

  1. This eclipse I am moving, have a new job, and I’m breaking up with my boyfriend of seven years (from age 23-31) he loves me a lot but keeps things light and surface level. Whenever I discuss deeper things or even thoughts and feelings he either misunderstands completely but thinks or pretends he does instead of asking questions, agrees simply and the convo falls flat. He is only able to communicate about music and daily events and plans up until about a week ahead. Never elaborates. We have tried countless times and avenues to overcome this to no avail.

    It’s done my head in. But he’s a sweet nice guy like I never had before. It’s tough but I feel so much better away from him. Went by the place to get my work clothes- 3-2-1- Cue melodramatic nostalgia and general heaviness. he doesn’t know when to be cool- won’t stop until I’m drained and can’t breathe.. smothering cancerian with Gemini moon and Leo rising. Yeah. It’s not the zodiac, it’s you babe.

    I’m happy to be done. It sucks to be the strong one. Yet plainly we are a bad match and he thinks I don’t care- but having more experience than him- I know we both will be happier. Thank you for reading. any response or anecdotes also helpful. Much love and cheers to the phoenix within

    1. Compatibility of the mind is a must for an endearing & enduring relationship, the rest is just fluff. Sex can be improved upon but curiousity about the world we are born with or develops early from nurture.
      Just personally I think you have had it good for the ages 23-31 to have had him by your side to prevent some really fleeting and unworthy persons cluttering your ‘inbox’ and goodbyes are sad.
      Get a dog?

      1. Thank you! You are right I made it through so can’t overanalyze every moment.. adventure is yet to come! I am blessed to have a beautiful familiar and so much curiosity for the future! You are right, ex was just content to watch documentaries .. I like to live my life out loud. Some people sip life daintily, some people chug it – let’s party 🎉 😌

        Thank you, things are looking up ❤️

    2. Wow, that is some life upheaval you’re experiencing! Not an easy transition, but some may say staying in a relationship that hasn’t evolved or isn’t stimulating you mentally may feel like more of a sentence then leaving.
      There is nothing wrong with evaluating your relationship, and understanding that you want deeper than a surface level connection. 
      My first boyfriend has attempted to win me back for over a decade, (he has been married for years!!) and cannot understand how I am not the same girl I was at 18 lol. I can relate to doing the most to restart your life or breathe new life into it, I had my nodal return in a foreign country after I excommunicated from anyone I’ve ever known to heal myself. 
      Today I’m thriving… this never would’ve happened if I remained in a lifeless cycle that did nothing to nurture my spirit and satisfy my thirst for life & everything in it! Find some new areas to expand your knowledge and take the time alone to understand who single you looks like, and go LIVE ‼️…. for me, all of Mystic’s Astral DNA & Seven year transit reports, opened the door of curiosity for a never ending quest for knowledge on my unique imprint in Astrology. Good luck lady! There’s a world of new experiences & connections waiting for you (when you’re ready of course!) x

        1. Love reading what MM’s people have to say, the longer the better because ALL are worth a read from this crew, so much wisdom & life experiences here NONE of which is blather. xx

        2. I really needed to hear that. Thank you for sharing. It’s been a real whirlwind going through this. Sometimes relationships can make one feel so alone.. it’s nice to share and be free! 🕉

          1. Awww you’re such a blessing Wish! 🧡 You know it’s the human condition to be sensitive when it comes to baring parts of your own journey, but this blog has such a warm & welcoming vibe where it’s part discovery / diary lol.

      1. Thank you so much!! Absolutely true my friend! I’m proud of you too for taking the leap into the dreamlike honesty of the heart. The world is way too big to stay still. And it is wide open! I am breathing deeper and seeing farther each day. I will definitely look into those Mystic readings! He is still thinks he knows best etc.. when will they learn? Once we are done, they’re old news to us! I am still healing but so Not confused. I have many travels to plan! I’m inspired by life, and by the encouragement of fellow brave souls! The song of truth and spirit will not quiet ❤️
        Cheers to meeting other eagles!
        Flying above the storm!
        Thank you for your message, it means a lot. Bless you!

        1. My absolute pleasure! I’m so glad it resonated with you, I thought it might since I’ve too been at the precipice of change, and it can be absolutely terrifying to jump into the unknown! Operating from fear can have us stuck for a lifetime….
          YES to all new experiences with travel (fingers crossed Covid doesn’t explode again) and opening up to the universe and seeking. Another avenue that may resonate is learning your placements of asteroids which represent the feminine energies and explain blockages in that area like Ceres & Vesta.
          Reclaim back all your power and shake off all the residual hurts & anxieties post breakup. Rebirth & transformation is all apart of the human cycle, we just become so heavily rooted into the societal expressions of humanity, we forget flow. Check back in & let us know how life is treating you 💜

          1. I went on a journey looking up my Ceres 24 Cancer 5th house, Pallas conjunct my Gemini Sun 4th house, Vesta in Scorpio conjunct my Neptune 9th house and I’m a Pisces Rising.

            Gee I read the description for Ceres in Cancer and it said I was oversensitive? I’m glad it’s in the 5th house then. Explains why I love children.

            Thanks for the suggestion. It is very helpful.

            1. So now I know why I relate to Kataka so much. I also have Venus and Mercury in Cancer. Thank Goodness my progressed Sun has moved into Leo now. It was overkill with the feels back then. And I wasn’t it a good place.

              But I am now. Me thinks I will nurture all this Kataka now.


              1. Ceres in Cancer definitely feels right for you! Moving into a space where you receive the emotional support you offer others, in a way that is nurturing to your spirit ✨ I LOVE ASTEROIDS! lol 😂

              1. Haha…. you know there is a lot of astrological info out there, a large majority uses an extremely outdated method & doesn’t speak to our modern conditions. When I research into asteroids especially (since it’s history speaks to when we revered Goddesses & High priestesses), I look until something clicks. Then I know I’ve found what I was meant to read ✨

  2. Absolutely Bats! My Taurean moon is tingling! Unfinished filter systems?? Yep! Centrelink found childcare debt for two years ago and the RFS just turned up on the doorstep to do a yard clean that was supposed to happen 4years go!

  3. Got a text from my erstwhile-person, enquiring after my safety, as a mild natural disaster hit the part of world I am currently visiting. 😐

    1. Cappy love, mild natural disasters are everywhere, she says as Thor is wielding his hammer hard.
      It’s like ‘thunder lighting the way you love me is frightening…….just knock on wood’.
      Who sang that?
      And of course stay safe.

      1. Thanks Pegs! 🙂 I love the nights of thunderstorms. I miss living in the tropics. Something so life affirming about sleeping on the floor, with the windows open, as a storm rages outside. ⛈️⚡️
        Getsomebalance, looking up the song(s) now. Thanks!

  4. blood moon strikes again… I had a menstrual period after 2 years of nothing today – after the eclipse (thought the menopause thang was done!) … a few years back I had an off schedule additional period right on the blood moon… googled but didn’t find refs… anyone else? Natal scorp moon if that helps with a link 🩸

    1. according to the phases of the moon and our lives there are white moon, purple moon, pink moon, and red moon witches .. you are a red moon witch due to full moon period. Embrace your outgoing sensual passionate nature! Feel free to search up red moon witch period ❤️🌟

      1. Thank you Sorceryina! I’d been googling but not finding the right searches / info… red moon definitely fits for me, will explore some more x 🧙‍♀️

      1. Strangely it is said indigenous women don’t experience it the way ‘western’ women do.
        Is it Me No Pause or Men a Pause.

        1. This is interesting Pegasus – and intersects with questions I have … re impacts of patriarchal north’s impact of female biological experiences…. do you have ay further info you would be willing to share?

          1. Bec the info i have is from living in South East Asia for many years then in Pacific Islands for 2 years & noticed it didn’t affect the women there as much as Australian & American ones.
            Then read something to that effect by Camila Paglia or Germaine Greer may have written about how indigenous are not affected in the same way.
            Obviously to do with the culture & pre-conditioning about peri & menopause we experience compared to them, that or they kept very quiet about it & not subject the advertising along with the fear of it.
            Agree about patriarchal input about it & the putdown’s they mouth.

            1. Don’t forget the impact of diet and background stressers of “modern life”. Also, physical labour balances out hormones way better than western medication. Even rural, non-indigeneous women have better reproductive health in my country-of-origin.

              1. Diet absolutely a big factor in symptoms, plus access to & knowledge of herbal remedies, and a simple adjustment to the shifts of the body & its needs instead of trying to act like machines of the capitalist patriarchy…

                Then there’s the impact of synthetic hormones, the pill, environmental hormones, added hormones in meat, nutrient depleted industrialised food, stress hormones, artificial light, & sleep disruption. On top of all that, not being educated about it, many women go to the doctor not knowing what’s ‘wrong’ with them & get prescribed anti-depressants & anti-anx meds… It’s a disaster.

                Am going through ‘the shift’ & dealing with it through diet, lifestyle, and plant-medicine ways. It isn’t easy but it’s working. No coincidence that peri-menopause typically starts at the second Saturn opposition – bookending the fertile period of a woman’s life. Feels like a double-whammy til you realise it’s actually a supportive transit, and you just gotta let go of some stuff you thought was you…

      2. Cool, figured there must be more…Gotta say menopause was going really well, felt more like myself, sweet🌟🌟🌟

  5. This has made me think about semi sextile. 30 degree incongruity. Related by being tempermentally incongruous. Can’t brain it fully but that’s part for the course

  6. Apparently Louis Theroux has natal Moon at 16 degrees of Scorpio with Mercury Saturn in Taurus opposite all getting a good eclipsing! It was a Louis Theroux eclipse!

  7. Thanx for all the sympatico on my firey experience.
    A bit red-faced about it but all was healed by seeing the eclipse as lucky to have the first clear night in eons.
    The shadow could be seen moving across the moon and afterward it glowed brighter than ever.
    Our magical moon

  8. Tell you what is weird. I have suddenly become Tiffany Aching when I post here instead of my old moniker Aqualeo. I tried to be Tiffany Aching when I first discovered this site but somehow couldn’t so became Aqualeo. Now identity crisis ensues and I am back to Tiffany again. Ghost in the machine or eclipse weirding?

  9. Hi fellow eclipse-trippers!! And the irreplaceable, inimitable MM.🌟 💗 Just popping on briefy to say hi, send special eclipse love, and also that I will hopefully re-activate my subscription soon as poss – this 2nd half of year been too. Busy. For. Words. (literally). (Mercury opp. Pluto exactly natally = sometimes silence All). Sending all the most powerful prayers I know, to everyone who needs them. Or just hi 👋. Love earthstar xx

    1. Hi Earthstar! There you are, have missed your presence ‘Chez Mystic’. Hope your being busy is a positive sign. Do visit once in while! All the best to you 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

      1. Hi Calcifer, Chez Mystic is the only place to be in these eclipse-batsy times!!! I have just been waiting to get my subscription (just accidentally wrote “prescription” – imagine if MM memberships were dispensed at the doctors!!😍) sorted because Mystic’s blog is already worth the membership fee on its own – so feel guilty commenting w/out one!! But have missed Art & Magic in my life with you goddesses, in this Saturnalian fest of a year!! XOO

      1. Hi you Gorgeous Thing.❤💖💗 Have missed our soul connection. Am always wishing you so, deeply well from afar – and I hope All the Most Wonderful things are manifesting around you!!! Your mind is a precious metal, and your heart a precious jewel, imho – be back soo ..ooon Xooxooxooxoo

      1. Heya Wish!! I hope you still looking at Qld skies on your back from your lawn. Say hi to the bats & kangaroos for me..😍 xx

  10. woke.ones.revolution

    1°♍☀️ 19°♈⬆️ 3°♒🌖 I am writing from my home in Kansas. Sipping my coffee and prepping to go cast my vote. I can’t help but feel this inner ‘eeeek’ 😬 feeling that ⚡hit is about to get real hairy. None-the-less, with razor in tow, I will make sure my ballot is cast.

    This eclipse is activating me in a way that is very hard to describe. Personal planets all nearing the end degrees of my 7th house (Placidius) conjunct my natal Part of Fortune & Uranus in ♏ opposite my Natal Chiron 18°r that’s been being sprayed all year from transiting Uranus & North Node. Matters of neverending healing myself & others. Freedom vs security in relationships, career, health, taxes & overall finances, coupled with insane mediumship upgrades all year has me feeling ZAPPED! It’s like a portal opened and all these spirits are surrounding me like flies on 💩⚡BLAAAAAAHHHHH! 😜🤣
    I’ve learned to trust the Universe albeit wasn’t without years of life shattering loss. I know there are still plenty of mind-blowing wins yet to encounter and I am ready to receive them. 😉 However, I’d be lying if I said I couldn’t use some advice. Unfortunately, I find myself falling short as my unorthodox belief system and Jungean way of thinking makes seeking counsel daunting. Especially when people always seem to seek me out for help. I am curious if any of you have any advice or recommendations for me. Personal readings I’ve had seem to always be very basic. I’ve read my chart and done years of shadow work and would like to find someone who offers readings that transcend the mundane if that makes sense. I am finding myself stuck in the muck in career, love & life in general. Thanks in advance for entertaining my rant. Hope everyone here gets only positive surprises from this eclipse. 💜

    A bit more about my natal, hope this isn’t frowned on here, if so I apologize :
    8/23/80 Wichita, Kansas 10:07pm
    Pluto sits conjunct my DC as well as conjunct my named astroid (Heather). My NN resides in 5th house 20°♌ conjunct my spouses named asteroid (Stevens). It is also conjunct the asteroid (messenger). Mercury 28°♌ conjunct my 1°♍☀️ in 5th.

  11. Zoned out and caught a wave of clear energy that helped me get to the words I needed to communicate with someone important to me. At the same time, a friend messaged to tell me to go look at the moon. So all to the minute, really, with the eclipse. Like a chiropractor making a tiny Click while adjusting a vertebra that was out of alignment. There’s a nerve that is getting its blood flow back somewhere within. Maybe this Pluto transit is starting to make sense . Then again
    Either way. Grateful. Thanks for the astro coaching through these days mystic

    1. I just came inside from getting some much needed moon beams. It’s been too long. And as I type the rain starts.

      How much joy can I get?


    2. In the peaceful/quiet moments where we drop out of the all consuming noise that our logical brain can create, is where we allow our true intuitions to come through ✨

  12. Scorp Sun at 17°. Wish me luck with my Family Law matter on Tuesday. I’m looking forward to the divorce party later 😅

      1. Thanks Tiffany, I think you’re right! I woke up this morning feeling better than I have for the last couple of years 💜

        1. Wonderful. Now you don’t have to be a secret Sag. You can be an out there do what you please Sag. Huzzah! Happy days ahead for you dear girl…

  13. On vacation at home but made sure to wake up to see it in my city. Still going on with the peak in 31 minutes. The Moon is beautiful and the eclipse feels magical to me.

    1. I have a father in law with a natal retrograde Mars in Aries He cannot raise his voice even if he tried. His thwarted anger however comes out in a pass agg way but he does it in such a charming way that you are not sure if you are being insulted,attacked, ridiculed or it is just a passing comment.That he has evaded having his lights punched out has always surprised me. Since my 30’s I have had my progressed Mars in Virgo retrograde and it is not to go direct until I am in my late 60’s. I am in my fifties. The retrograde has manifested as an internal journey about health which is a good thing. Retrograde planets, even Mars, have their uses. And I am sure my bugger of a father in law is raising a pint of ale to that.

  14. Reminded constantly during eclipse times, a sure-fire way to run with energy of magical wolves, is to ground. Adhd & personal astro consider this to be is boring af [the deeper we root, the higher we climb etc] Feeling a self-care chorefest & also, magic.

    Conversation yesterday with close scorps friend, threw sync’d psychic fun every other sentence & included a palm-held-up promise on the soul of a dead friend to call him when any shit was going down; funny, apt, intense & support aplenty but not in the straightest sense.

    Towards the end of our conversation, he made a request for a handmade cushion for his daughter, due to recent intense ED illness flare.This scary-godmother pulled divination cards, mapped out a design & was all over it. Earlier that day, realised there are no working or available sewing machines, (for another poverty self-care craft project) in my vicinity (despite trying harder than usual) so today I have to go to a rent-a-community machine in nearby town, all the while praying my clutch doesn’t conk out. It’s a curve ball for me & I am viewing it as part of a quest for change thinking.

    Everything is upside down & back to front however, I am feeling stretched & moments of growth. My Rheumatoid arthritis will be glad when it’s fucking over.

  15. The Lion & The Centaur

    I’m thanking my ‘early adapter’ placements/genes and sipping tea as the madness unravels. This action is happening in my 10th house. After the final contraction of Saturn-Uranus square I pivoted my career plans and felt an immediate calm. Now my applications are in and I’m free to dream and see what comes my way.

    I’ve been DEEP in the Love Zombie town the past year and this South Node action is not helping. So I’m definitely not cool though, I’m like a lovelorn cat in March. I’ve been trying to find the Traditional Chinese Love Zombie herbal antidote Mystic mentioned here a long time ago. I remember it had skullcap in it, but my searches find nothing. Does anyone remember this?

      1. The Lion & The Centaur

        Thank you so much 💗 I think it had something to do with having sex dreams about ghosts and there was a link for a site where all the herbs were translated in English. But I could be mixing things up or the herbs could have been recommended in the comnents section?

  16. Have been feeling this one hard… so much emotional chaos and relational disruption.

    Going to grab the bull by the horns though in a couple of hours and dream big.

    1. I thought I was right in the line of fire with this eclipse, with my natal Moon at 16’09” degrees Taurus. But your chart is so strongly affected by it, cat. Also by the whole Saturn-Uranus crunch of the past two years, by the way (nothing ‘by-the-wayish’ about it really!). Hats of to you for getting through this, hopefully Saturn slowly moving out of Aquarius will bring you some relief in the coming months 🌈

  17. this full moon in taurus is in my 8th house, sex and death, rebirth, and other people’s money. how apt and spooky and plain sad in this year of grieving the death of my sweetheart of a taurus. and so much magnesium right now.

  18. Has this got any potency because of the triple North alignment (true, magnetic and N node)
    Merc Ceres 15-16 deg in T 4th H. Near Neptune in 10th H 20deg Scorpio. My nodes are at 25 so ball park area as well.

  19. This full moon is in my 9th house & conjunct my Chiron…
    Energies are all over the place;lots of past memories are coming up ⚡️
    I had a 2 hour massage this morning which helped; I am feeling Inspired & Buzzy, but I am well versed in my own Unique Balance & Grounding these days…
    I’m in the middle of creating a Large Crystalline Grid for Earth & All her inhabitants.
    I will fully activate it during the Eclipse Window tonight…
    Ritual & Reverance
    Big Hugs All

  20. The most sedate of my friends are running round with huge startled eyes.
    I’m noticing others really affected but I’m calm, despite situational collapses around me. ♉️6th house.

  21. The full moon eclipse is in my 9th house conjunct my Venus with a loose opposition with my natal Uranus. In the last week especially, the amount of attraction towards other people like me – people who have moved away from their homeland too – has been sooo intense! It has all been ushered in after some stark realisations about what I have been allowing in my life. I clearly feel that my toleration for low quality anything has reached it’s expiration date. Raw, deep and candid conversations have ensued with my husband (Scorp Sun and Uranus both in loose orb with this Full Moon Eclipse) which has already created a lot of change in our relationship. So curious how all of this will unfold… It’s super intense but I’m up for it! 😀

    1. Also opted for a henna drawing on my left palm yday at a craft fair – for all the years I dyed my hair with henna, I never drew with it… and that palm has been tingling in such a great way inn the last 24 hours! AND I bought some handmade earrings which to me feel soooo Venusian and a full celebration of a woman – a silver pod with a pearl inside… So for me… this eclipse has awakened and has been holding space for me to fully step into and hold my Feminine Power – I love it!

  22. Everything is weird from last weekend including my internet on the blink so I’m lucky this old neighbours husband was always very zoned out on full moons due to tides and water affecting his brain it happens to a lot of people it’s just not something talked about..In my family we had issues regarding full moon so the person in question made a point of acknowledging it and dealing with it so it wasn’t noticeable.

  23. Set myself on fire!!
    God daughter texted just after to tell me it’s blood moon eclipse coming up, telling her grandma how to suck eggs…..
    This is what happened.

    Haven’t smoked for 10 years and found a half ciggie in the sewing box.
    Forgot i was wearing the cannula in my nose that carries oxygen and lit it.
    It exploded and set cannula on fire.
    Ugh the smell of burning plastic.
    The fire went up my nose up and burnt off it’s protective fine inner hair plus eyelashes and eyebrow on one side of my face.
    (The eyebrow-less look is in but think it needs to be both of them).
    Did it hurt? Did i feel a fool?
    It was excruciating pain for 60 minutes then eased to nothing.
    Is this a story of the heavens punishing me.
    Or just a case of complete thoughtlessness.
    Nobody’s nose knows?

    1. Oh my lawd Pegs, I hope you aren’t too jangled what a shock! I admit I bought a mini pack of ciggies today, just craving fire and smoke in general with this energy, but that is more than bargained for there. Holy Hecate and All the Hearth Goddesses bless you, lol, xxx

    2. Oh my gosh lady! Sounds like you’ve escaped deep into your consciousness and aren’t living in the present, ground yourself immediately. Too much air to your fire can cause flightiness… I’m a double Libran and it’s caused havoc on staying firmly planted to this earth, especially during this powerful eclipse!

    3. Heavens. Above. Pegasus…!!!!!!
      I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry – and I couldn’t like this post, because I soo hope you okay??? You literally in-spired (spirited) yourself – I think your guardian angels are taking no nonsense now. Be careful, go well and shave the other eyebrow off…. gently. Love E. Xoo


    Iam a Taurus born on the 8 th May. Iam having a weird day. I went to an appointment and it was the wrong day. I swear it was Tuesday. I was going to get the carpet cleaned and cancelled it because of my appointment. Was going to watch the eclipse but it’s a cloudy day. Feeling really skittish. Be glad when this eclipse is over

    1. The eclipse is over now, Alison. It is said the effects of a lunar eclipse can last for 3-6 months after the actual eclipse takes place. Personally I have felt it very strongly since a month before the eclipse of October 25th (also in Scorpio). I hope to be mostly done with it now as it has been so intense

  25. Taurus rules my 12th House, but occurs in my 11th, while the eclipse is loosely opp. my natal Moon in Scorpio. Dreamed I went to my old backpackers in Latin America. Russell Brand was staying there, watching the huge waves on the beach. Sagg Ex had left Sadhguru in charge in his absence. He was sitting watching the waves too. Sadhguru had killed a lot of people in a huge etheric-seeming, epic beach battle. I felt terrible, in effect I had left all responsibility for the innocent visitors in the hands of this psychopath. Russell encouraged me to confront Sadhguru. I asked him how he could continue given his actions, with so little obvious remorse. He said he lived “in the meditative vibration-state of the infinite realms of his Higher Self in Spirit”. Well now, that’s convenient, I thought sourly, wondering how to evict him.
    Am supposing this guru is my inner fear of developing spiritually, creating a self who has too much power for their ability level, who left unattended wreaks destruction. Russell, whom Jimmy Carr spoke of as being a person whose spiritual growth and trajectory has been public and integrated into his persona in his work and private life, seems to be the Yin to Sadhguru’s yang. The lunar eclipse in my 11th House has my healthy spiritual growth wanting better communication and tolerance of my uncontrolled spiritual power. Or to evict this belief system altogether. Will meditate tonight! The Moon tonight is sextile my Venus, then Saturn and Mercury exactly as the Moon reaches her fullest. Dressed in silver and black today, feels right. Desperately want a cigarette…

    1. I remember once hiking in the mountains 18 years ago and asking the power to come down. It was amazing. The physical exhilaration not to mention the physical strength was incredible. I could pole vault over steep rushing streams at speed. The power was suddenly taken away and I couldn’t move. It took hours to get my strength back and walk on. I tried it again several years later whilst walking through a mountain village. I called it down to really emotionally feel it this time and boy did I feel it. I could feel how easily it could turn dark in an instant. I quickly asked for it to be taken away. I have not tried it since. I will again when I know I can maintain balance with it. If I can give any helpful advice, it’s to know if you call it down or in, and find yourself struggling, you can ask for it to be taken away. Wishing you well on your journey.

      1. Thank you for that Brunnie! What a wonderful image of the rush of power! I love your story. I felt light and free meditating on this topic tonight. My feeling for this moon was the image of The Devil in the tarot but on the side of release from bondage. I released the pressure on myself; but it also felt without blame I had put fetters on, as it was out of love for my family. Feeling great! The house is filled with sandlewood incense and my crystals are cleansed and bright. Thank you for your well wishes, I hope it is a good moon for you too!!

  26. I am Virgo (Mercury ruled) with Taurus Rising… recently I’ve been thinking about writing a letter to my father to formalise an estrangement. I have a feeling this might be coming to a head because of this planetary activity. From Mystic’s outlay, I am getting the vibe that it’s a ‘write but don’t send’ job.

    1. Just checked my personal horoscope for today and this:
      If you find yourself thinking about drastic stunts or pop-up appearances to deliver an ultimatum, talk yourself down immediately.”

  27. I feel dumbed down at work with expressions to enquire and enhance knowledge bandaged over like a mummie…. It brings up ancient angst from a family dynamic even a cultural dynamic and being perpetrated by a woman!

  28. Treading water, same as it’s been for almost 3 years now. Work as much as I can, walk, worry about money, worry about health (teeth!), study, think about the past, attempt to let go of the past, attempt to paint. Yep, this is happening in my 6th house. I have a Scorpio stellium, Taurus rising, Pluto is now officially well off my midheaven, but seems like I’ll be utterly alone for the rest of my life. (Yes, I realize how dramatic that sounds, sorry!)

    1. Maybe you will feel better once Saturn moves out of Aquarius, VenusRules… Saturn is/has been squaring all of your Scorpio and Taurus placements (fixed signs) since early 2021. The effect could very well have been ‘ultra stuck’. Add Uranus in a square to that, for extra and sometimes unbearable tension. Tomorrow’s eclipse is the cherry on the cake. But… The square is moving apart as we speak, and Satun will leave Aquarius in March 2023 not to return for another 30 years.

      1. Hallelujah to that says the Taurus Ascendant opposite Saturn in the 7th. And don’t worry Venus Rules – I am probably older than you and have just met someone I know will be important for the rest of my life. I too thought I’d be living alone in a cheap rental so … it can happen 🙂 I am even painting! Best of vibes to you.

        1. Well, I’m 65! Your message gives me hope though @Aqualeo, thank you and best of vibes and love back to you. I know everything can change. @Calcifier, thank you for the encouragement … yes, Saturn in Aquarius has meant tough times before. I’ll hang in. Ultra stuck is exactly how it’s felt, and I can’t really blame the pandemic anymore.

          1. Hi Venus, I sometimes think that now is as difficult as it was during the height of the pandemic. But in a different way. People are really struggling to find a new normal, as far as that is even possible. It is important to be patient and kind, especially with ourselves. Take good care Venus 🌟

            1. Ah Calcifer. You are always soo tuned in. 🌼Have missed your wise counsel!
              Dreaming a new normal post-pandemic is so much bigger than I ever imagined – its like a big stretch-but-coming-home all at once. Am still parsing intel but so glad to be re-discovering handicrafts.😉💝 Hope everything calming down in neighbourhood…🙌

              1. Hello dear Earth, rediscovering handicrafts sounds really, really good! A gift of Uranus in Taurus maybe? 🎁
                In my neighborhood there have been many developments over the past few months. This has led to a lot of personal growth for me, even if things are far from resolved 🌝

                1. Hiya dearest C, have had a lot of time on my hands waiting for others, but unable to get my own stuff done, and accidentally discovered crochet, knitting, embroidery and weaving. an ancient magic..!😲💫 I had no. Idea.
                  Am so sorry the neighbourhood is still so fire-filled. Sending calming prayers, immediately – and you are already super-evolved Calcifer, you don’t need any more ‘growth’, from where I stand, you poor pet. Thinking of you. 🙏💗

    2. Venus you are never alone and painting is transcendent when you start.
      A beautiful canine is a must.
      My social life is the dog park & nature reserve. The best people own dogs and love to talk about them to each other, plus no obligation to ‘do lunch or coffee’ 🙂
      AND it’s all outside so safe from covid.

  29. Flapping my batwings here… one of my childhood friends is getting married saturday 19th (Saturn Wedding? on a waning Moon?!) with the morning ceremony starting right during the Void Moon of the day. My instincts are telling me to sleep it off but the messier aspects of my personality/birth chart are screaming at me to run there and see just how phenomenally strange things will get.
    One thing is sure though, no astrologer was harmed during the preparation of this wedding.

      1. It would make for an interesting relaxed (low-ebb?) vibe during a reception, but this Void Moon will be happening as they sign their marriage certificate! There’s already some stress around the wedding (the bride-to-be is heavily pregnant and the planning was rushed), so this choice of date and time has me… dubitative, to say the least. Smells like some Outer Planet transit to me.

  30. I’m still amidst a few outer planet transits, so the energy feels more like the relief of a migraine aura retreating, rather than anything chaotic or intense. Hopefully it will remain so

  31. Aqua sun/merc/venus over here, my venus is the focus of an exact mars/taurus and pluto/scorpio tsquare, all conjunct this eclipse–when I say I’m a different person than I was a couple days ago, I mean it. But for me it’s been an epic lightening of a load I’ve carried my whole life. Been working on a core, shadowy wound for three years, after living with it unacknowledged for 30 years. Nothing is easy, but it’s become simple. Finding a joy I haven’t felt in so, so long.

  32. I nearly replied to this at 3am, after night two of interrupted sleep. Got to love the pre-eclipse ‘batty’ vibes that keep you wired at night 🫠🥴
    The Scorpio influence is making everything intense, even the mundane but the Mercury feels like it’s opening the channels to the messages that have been backlogged & need attention! Be easy on yourself & others *sips second cup of coffee lol ☕️

      1. Is an eclipse pre & post sleep issue a thing? Or an eclipse hangover?
        I’m awake at like 3 (has to be the ‘witching hour’ for extra creep lol) and struggle to fall back asleep at all.
        Hope you get some rest tonight!

        1. I have had nights lying awake since before the October 25 eclipse…Also waking up at around 3 or 4 and not falling asleep again before 6 (and then having to get up at 8 at the latest)

          1. Ahh it’s been happening to you too Calcifer! Such a blessing 🙄🫠
            I wonder if it’s us perceiving the thinning of the veil during the eclipse window? This one I feel the energy in Scorpio has really been upheaving areas that need transformation relentlessly, the power player Pluto has been on display & has not disappointed!!
            My timeline has been shifting too, I’ve been getting inspiration all times of the night that I’m having to capture in the AM. It’s a beautiful, different life lol.

            1. Good to hear that you have received inspiration during the night, Cece. May it benefit your future transformation!
              For me, the energy for the past 2 months was mainly about ‘intense interpersonal tension’ and how to navigate it… The tension wouldn’t let up during the night, no wonder it made me wake up

              1. Thx my love! 💜 
                Oh no, are the neighborhood wars still raging? I definitely understand how that level of hostility can disrupt your peace & sleep. There is some fairly tense Astro in the next few days/week, so be easy on yourself!
                I’ve been working on my breathing & connecting more with my heart chakra, to move out of being trapped in my logical brain so much (which can lead to extreme burnout & imbalance!)… all the answers are in our body, we just haven’t been taught how to connect 😩

                1. Connecting to the body and getting out of the mind are so important! Thank you for reminding me, C. Seems like I need a lot of reminders as I did a workshop on exactly this subject only 2 weeks ago 😄

                2. You know this then! 🙂 Don’t feel bad though, I did years of alternative therapy workshops myself and it took for the traumas to clear first to be able to let the good messaging FINALLY sink in! Wish you all the luck Calcifer ✨

  33. finding it intense
    im crushing on a 70-something man who comes into my place of work
    we have intelligent conversation-im such a sapiosexual!
    i want to know more, i want him to ask me out…want to write old fashioned letters to him…
    this eclipse will fall in my first house, im 8 degrees toro rising ⚡️💕

      1. so do i!!!!
        what the hell is going on?
        the weird thing is, last time i saw him was 15 yrs ago-he was with a friend-who gave me a card with his number in.
        I was pregnant at the time-i called it but he didnt answer…such a weird eclipse time…⚡️

    1. Yaaaaas!🙈
      Ive had a crush on a much older (65) year old man for a year now. He was my tai chi teacher and I had to stop going cos’ I was just SO floored in class. Wiiiild visions.

      6 months ago I dreamt about him and woke up knowing I had to go to a particular cafe and I’d see him there. Within 10 minutes boom. Yet the whole interaction internally I was like ‘what is going on?!’

      Then today during an afternoon nap he’s popping into my half asleep dreams again.

      1. VERY understandable
        as a tai chi teacher i’m sure he’s fit
        keep us posted…i have to wait until thursday to see ‘my one’ lol

  34. The Fall Back time change! Sleep irks- so skipped a concert, with Tr Sun square 9th Uranus and conjunct Scorp Asc- crash waiting to happen- instead slept 8 hours- grateful!!!

  35. I was wondering earlier, just how many woman across the world are on this current cycle at the moment? Yes, I know its hardly a revelation every month, I almost didn’t write it, but its quite a thing to consider really, just by the numbers. It would be nice to think it could balance out all that ”male white corporate/ (government) oppression” globally at the moment. Or perhaps its merely contributing to our feelings of battiness? Pfffft. Who knows? I’m hungry.

    1. Replying to myself…. Relented. Had to make a sandwich. Walked into dark kitchen. Saw the oven light on. Silently berated myself for being so stupid, and thanked myself for honouring the hunger and not burning house down. Turned kitchen light on. Stove not on? Turn kitchen light off. Small light is still there. Its the moon. Reflecting off the saucepan lid. “Ha ha! What a lunatic!”, I say to myself. Then realised the sweet irony. Yes. Lunatic. I entertained myself anyway. What battiness?

    2. I think it does and can somehow. Like the Southern Oscillation Index or the gulf stream. literally drives the conditions that shape daily life but rarely makes the headlines unless something’s really hitting the fan #whoruntheworld

  36. This eclipse season has been LOUD, omg. And this weekend was wild. Went on a date with a Taurus man (with NN nearly on the eclipse point, btw), so much about it was great but ultimately we aren’t seeing each other again and I’m sad about it, but he’s definitely expanded my idea of the type of person I’m attracted to (a very good thing), and i definitely learned some things about myself I wasn’t aware of. So yeah. A few days before our date an old crush that I’m mostly over, who had days before told me he’s not interested in me like that, reached out wanted to see me. (So many red flags there). So yup! The solar eclipse was on my SN and while I have a Taurus moon, it’s 26*.

    1. Wow. This is all so profound!
      The South Node influence is showing you the realizations of the places/relationships you need to learn/heal from and potential past life connections (which aren’t always pleasant lol) and the North node is showing you the place you ultimately will navigate toward in this life. So much of our journey is experiences repeated until we tune into the themes and evolve from them!

      1. So true. I had things come up over the date that in retrospect, just wow, I had no idea I was still operating in that old pattern until after it was all said and done. Ugh! (Plus I currently have Chiron exactly conjunct my descendant). No shortage of material for my therapy session today lol.

        1. Hahaha well you know at least you’re ready to do the work to overcome all these patterns! That’s the whole life struggle right there…
          Chiron is always lurking round where trauma lives & breeds, and since this has come up during an eclipse you know the whole universe is sending you a msg that you’re ready to release the past ✨

  37. I am just checking mm calendar ( as I do when reading a blog), my natal plus transit charts and wonder what the third tab from last night was, “My personal daily horoscope”. Hat trick not bat trick. So Merc in T and Ceres are a degree apart and conjunct this moon. I’ll let you know how this goes, feeling bit excited. My dreams, which fluctuate between 6 pages long in my dream journal to whisps of incense- smelt, felt and gone, are really really strange. The best sort. I came across Merkaba light vessel yt clip 🤯 in a good way. Would it be too much to do the Merkaba guided meditation at the eclipse?

    1. Actual day is rather intense, my pre mandate dream job is being advertised for the masses tomorrow and I am feeling raw. I decided not to apply for it for a number of reasons but fate has me back as a casual, and I do love teaching VA. Do I let go and let God/ fate provide something else (better,closer, different)??? Or will I always regret losing this job twice? Fuqqed if I know. Would seriously love my March 2023 new exciting “me” event to sparkle a little as a prophetic inkling not this s bag of confusion. Rant over!

  38. Capricorn Sun and I have Moon 1-2 degrees and Jupiter 16-17 degrees both in Taurus. From the age of five both my Grandmother and Mother report that my response to histrionics played out in the family was to not react but to respond like a lighthouse allowing the waves to pound my walls. It has served me well and family members still speak as a result of my actions. I do not like conflict but I do not run from a fight. I don’t engage in fruitless battles but stand strong when required. For the first time ever, the lighthouse is asking,”Is there a better way?” These walls are tired.

    1. Does the better way involve something other than light-house-ing? Lighthouses aren’t seen until the ships are near the rocks.. their whole job is about preventing accidents. Maybe you’re more than that. Maybe if the captains haven’t figured out where the hazards are by now, it’s not your job to tell them where to steer any more. Crashing is a them problem

      Just a passing eclipse thought in the moment

      1. I think Sam is pointing out your blind spot Brunnie.

        So hard to see in complex, family matters hey?

        You’ll see it when you see it. Much like the light house.

        I hope this helps.


  39. Talk about batty… for the past fortnight I’ve been getting little static electricity zaps when I touch anyone or anything. Have been ruminating about it, wondering wtf is going on, convinced there was some weird elemental energy around my personhood/cosmic energy or something, and literally just as I was reading your post I realised it’s because I’ve been wearing Crocs!!!! A silly goose, but slightly relieved it’s nothing grander/weirder/spookier. Happy Lunar Eclipse to all; see you on the other side :~)

  40. I just found out that someone I am seeing FB friends with someone I was courting a few months ago that ghosted me. Hurt very much. I am anxiety incarnate.

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