Daily Mystic For Monday 13 March

Out of sorts? Sure you could blame weird space weather or the Silicon Valley Bank bust but astrologically, look to Mars.

It’s not only square Neptune till Friday and ‘out of bounds’ aka at the very edge of its usual path and thus extra maverick – Mars is also square Earth AKA us.

Square aspects can be extremely productive and this will be but it’s not a comfortable ride so listen up for the bullet-point protocol points.

*This energy is maddening because it’s difficult to relax and it’s hard to be productive. The result can be a counter-productive ‘do something – anything‘ move to regain the sense of momentum or peace of mind.

*To combat this, give yourself more time than you would usually need to chill out become inspired and find some sort of ‘safe’ adrenal outlet. eg: walking, weights, cleaning – no complexity.

*It’s more difficult to be aligned with instincts than it would usually be, raising the risk of faux-intuition or an over-thinking spiral. You now know all this so you’ll be cool and can build in some fail-safes -but others won’t. If you receive an annoying correspondence or piece of news and it’s possible to put off dealing with it until after the 18th, do.

*As I said in my initial alert about the next five days in the Feb 15 D.M., the days leading up the Equinox always feature stronger magnetic fields and Mars being part of the picture intensifies the phenom. Therefore, recommit to personal balance – whatever your optimal equilibrium is – and aim to not be sucked into hype vortexes.

Stay pragmatically magic and enjoy the ultra-lucid, action-packed dreams.


PS: If you’ve over all the Chat GPT chatter or want a more substantial take on the topic, this MIT professor’s testimony to US Congress may be of interest. Signal not noise will be increasingly important as we enter the Pluto in Aquarius era.

2 thoughts on “Daily Mystic For Monday 13 March”

  1. Thanks for this common sense article on Chat GPT, MM.
    Of interest is the observation how “human analytical skills will atrophy”.
    Lets hope the US Congress can gauge the use of AI to be of benefit to us long term, while we continue to use our own humankind intuition and perception.

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