Saturn in Aquarius 2021 dance party

The Saturn In Aquarius Extended Play Dance Mix – Featuring Deepfaked

Longevity. Legacy. Resilience. When it comes to such factors, everyone knows that D.J. Saturn reigns supreme. At four billion years old, you'd think the wily scenester would give it away, but no, he's still showing the young up and comers how it's done. Cool under any circumstances, Saturn is always timely. If you can't catch this global superstar in one of his exclusive gigs at Chronopolis, or you didn't relate …

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Is It The Age Of Aquarius Yet?

When is the Age of Aquarius? Nobody knows because nobody really knows what it is. If you go off the song made famous by the Sixties Musical Hair, it's several times a year, when the Moon is the seventh house' and there is a Jupiter-Mars alignment. The most precise definition is that it is when the March Equinox point occurs in Aquarius - that is, anytime between the 1400s and …

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Leo Preview For The Year Ahead*

Leo, it's time to rediscover your magical dimensions. Your zodiac sign is invariably associated with the Sun, AKA Apollo, the cosmic ruler of Leo. Its dazzling role as the source of heat, light, and life can shadow the Sun's mystical elements. But think about this: If you noted the position of the Sun at the same time every day, over the course of the year, it makes a gigantic figure …

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The “Bombshell’ Oprah Interview Astrology

God, I want this interview to be amazing: a 'Made During Mercury Retrograde In Aquarius' production that takes television into a new dimension. A peak Oprah moment. The takedown of hypocrisy, multiple exposes, and radical agendas. Revelations of ghosts and/or aliens if possible. Corruption, obviously and then some sugary gossip for humor amid the paradigm-shifting. Is William still seeing Rose? Is it true Camilla smokes while she skis? Imagine a …

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Generation Z – The Pluto In Saggo People

Who Are The Pluto In Sagittarius Generation? Also known as Generation Z, they were born between 1995 and 2008*, when Pluto was in Sagittarius. Collectively, they're truth-tellers in a fake-news era and the bane of marketers trying to target them with 'authentic engagement.' They have inbuilt bullshit detectors, a short attention span and a penchant for making mercilessly hilarious viral memes. Vine, the short-video-creation-app turned them onto peer-to-peer content creation …

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Vintage Pisces constellation with rocket ship reflecting the sparkle of Pisceans

Is Pisces A Parallel Universe? Probably.

Pisces Characteristics Revealed The amount of misinformation around Pisces characteristics is staggering and Pisceans themselves contribute to most of it. They can't explain anything, least of all themselves and even if they could, they wouldn't. So here is the most current, need-to-know summary of their traits. FABULOUS When Pisces swims into a scene they create psychic ripples. They’re a glamor-casting, good-gossip-bearing enlivener of the ordinary. If part of the performance …

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