The Uranian Rulebook

There’s a Uranian rulebook? Scoff if you want but with Mars opposite Uranus for the next several days,* some wacky operating procedures will allow us to cruise on through.

Uranian energy has “rules” – they’re just fascinating and inexplicable to most people. Think about how often the most tedious explanations for how something works – galaxies, the gut microbiome, black holes, microfossils, newsgathering, molecules, electricity, ethereal fling things – is suddenly overthrown to reveal a richer, far more intricate and weirder operating system.

(1) So the first Uranian ‘rule’ is that Dullards Are Dangerous. People who are easily comforted or even delighted by dull explanations/doing the expected thing are trouble.

Not just because they’d probably dob you in for divergent raving if we went full-tilt dystopian and it would get them some extra frequent flyer points/take care of their stupid parking demerits. That would be infuriating, of course, but even without that theatrical & unlikely prospect, this sort of person is deleterious to your soul health.

Everytime you dim your cognitive lights and murmur some inanity or somehow feign animation over an anachronism to avoid this character imploding, you’re stifling your psyche. So with Mars amping Uranus way up all week (intensifying over the weekend but loosely in play since Tuesday), it’s vital that you clear well away from these kinds of people.

What’s the bet that you’ve already undulated into a cloying exchange that illustrates all the above?

(2) Weird Is The New Wealth. At this point you’re probably hissing quietly or retrieving your phone from across the room where you threw it in a rage but hear me out. Yes, property is a deranged bubble inflated by lunatics who think Pluto will stay in Capricorn forever and that houses could technically cost ten trillion dollars while the average wage shrinks like crazy or is traded on the hypotheticals market.

Personally I think cash + coin is the new crypto and we all know that weirdness can be distinctly unprofitable. There is also always an idea at the back of people’s minds that if merde really hits the fan, they will need to conform to stay safe – stay with someone they don’t want to be with, move in with conformity/family, buy and sell normality to stay solvent etc.

This all makes (sort of) sense but I was recently doing some reading as part of the latest tech upgrade** and realized there is a whole genre of articles/opinions essentially saying that the search engine is dead – conversational chat bot is the future and that individual content creators (authors, artists, musicians, even just spontaneous people) are kind of passe.

I actually think that’s crap and that ‘weirdness’ really will be the new wealth – particularly if you can keep your thing from being ripped off and deployed by a big company with no credit to you or – worse – mashed up into a banal stew of drivel.

There is a use case for A.I. in scenarios like pattern recognition and mapping for the military/law enforcement or any number of quantifiable metrics BUT a lot of it is hype – some fabulous jargon – without necessarily a strong business model.

Sites like Hacker News and Dev Rants have some epic takedowns and anecdotes about the scene if you’re interested but aside from viability – I don’t think it can write/talk/sing etc as well as people. I find the A.I. art actually soul-less and can tell a mealy-mouthed Chat GPT response a mile away. In fact, the latter are clogging up social media and comments threads to the extent that they’re semi-unusable.

And I’m sorry but I can get an answer from the ether/internet/whatever SO much faster by typing in some weird keywords, grokking omens or just asking (guides and quintessence, not the Chatbot)than having an anodyne conversation with a bot. I bet you can too. So cultivate and cherish your weirdness; fuqing good luck to any system trying to emulate you lol.

The next four days are brilliant for figuring out your Peak Niche Weirdness To Wealth Ratio and how to get there/stay there. Pluto is just months away from being properly in Aquarius, the Uranian sign. Actually, weeks.

(3) Write everything down and with a metal pen – not your phone notes etc. Why? Because Mars hypes Uranus and if you’re at all out-there, you’re having – or are about to be having – non-stop ideas and realizations flow. It’s faster than normal consciousness and unless you’re in the unique position of having total leisure to think through everything at once with nothing else to do/zero obligations, you must write them down for later recall/analysis.

The metal pen is because it conducts electricity from you, into the page – right? I don’t know if that’s a thing or not but we are approaching Solar Maximum, the Space Weather is suitably wild and high-Uranian vibe amps electrical energy. Also, writing stuff in a physical book, paper etc is the ultimate security – especially if your handwriting is a maverick scrawl that most people would assume was another language. Do it!

(4) Become a genius gardener – not only because Uranus is still in earthy Taurus, plants are magic and you will be healthier – but because of phenoms like this. Yes, I know I keep banging on about it but fungus is the new nemesis.

And, it will be the excuse you need to get a little bee house for indigenous bees and tune into trees and bees more regularly. If you’re feeling more science-ish, you may enjoy this article about a breaking news discovery: Filaments of The Slime Mold Cosmic Web And How They Affect Galaxy Evolution.

*Please see the Daily Mystic alert re this if you haven’t yet.

** Important Tech Note: Over the last month, I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time rooting out artificial intel bots, spiders and crawlers whose intention is to scrape everything I’ve written and use it to ‘train’ their large language models aka conversational chatbots.

If you have any problems accessing the site or your member content, it will be because your Ip address has inadvertently been caught up in this security measure – it’s incredibly easy to fix so please just Contact Us and you will be white-listed.

There will also be a Captcha on the Contact form – which I don’t like doing – but a.i. has also allowed spammers to industrialize their production and milder measures haven’t worked. Even just deleting 1000 spam messages an hour is time-consuming.

74 thoughts on “The Uranian Rulebook”

  1. Question. If someone has Sun/Venus conjunct Pluto, Moon conjunct Uranus and Aquarius asc.conj Mars, and Neptune in sag conj Jupiter and MC sextile Sun/Venus/Pluto, would they be considered a Neptunian, a Plutonian, or a Uranian? Or is there an umbrella term for that? All of the conjunctions are 0 to 4 degree orbs.

  2. “I can get an answer from the ether/internet/whatever SO much faster by typing in some weird keywords, grokking omens or just asking (guides and quintessence”. I look forward to attending the masterclass Mystic x

    1. wow, i have a new moon and Venusian return on my birthday.
      AND mars conj sun

  3. This is my kind of astro. Uranus Sun Mars Jupiter opp Pluto. Finally sighing in relief. The eclipse season has brought a lot to light as well. Good to be back!

  4. Lucius Tarquinius Superbus

    Perhaps this is just me, but does Uranus in Earthly Taurus feel like I should be living a Hobbit in the Shire lifestyle?

    Concerning Hobbits: “Hobbits have been living and farming in the four Farthings of the Shire for many hundreds of years. Quite content to ignore and be ignored by the world of the Big Folk — Middle-Earth being, after all, full of strange creatures beyond count. Hobbits must seem of little importance, being neither renowned as great warriors, nor counted among the very wise.”

    “In fact, it has been remarked by some that the Hobbits’ only real passion is for food.”

    “A rather unfair observation, as we have also developed a keen interest in the brewing of ales, and the smoking of pipe-weed. But where our hearts truly lie is in peace and quiet, and good tilled earth. For all Hobbits share a love of things that grow.”

    Regardless, love you Mystic and all the commentors! This website has changed my life and what a wonderful journey it has been! Thank you all!

    1. Funny you say this, Lucius Tarquinius Superbus, coz I unintentionally moved to an area much like The Shire after the first lockdown in 2020. I’ve always considered this place to be hobbit land, but unlike the Tolkien Hobbits, the hobbit-like people in these parts are not afraid of the sea & make a living by fishing as well as tending the land in the hills & valleys which are protected from Mordor (i.e., rest of the country & modern world) by a high mountain range much like the Misty Mountains. People have lived here for thousands of years, weathering incursions from all sorts of invaders & fashions, yet retaining a lifestyle much the same as they always have – all centred around growing & enjoying Food & Cider (pipe-weed needs to be reintroduced & i’m doing my bit). I love being here & feel it’s been v grounding & restorative after the Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn shitshow. Forrays into the outside world for infusions of modern urban culture and fashion is great too, but i love coming back to the hobbitses & the hills by the sea.
      Regards & good luck in finding the right Shire for you, if that’s what you decide to do.

  5. Where AI is not obviously beneficial to humans (search engines, calculations etc.,) but potentially ripping us off, stealing our material, someone suggested we call it Plagiarism Software instead. Love it.

  6. I’ve become too Weird for search engines.
    For some reason, I recently retrieved the souvenir of Mystic’s Venus-Uranus woman article in my memory banks (btw, yay, it’s back up!!) and promptly googled “mystic medusa venus uranus elizabeth taylor middle finger”. Google said: ¿…umm, wtf?This insanity is my type of aspirational and no weak web crawler is going to stand in my way! 🤪 (Venus in Leo opp Uranus in Aqua)

    1. As someone obsolete (as told by headlines and media white noise), I am loving being subversively promoted by rickety AI/ML visual mush generators. All those images pullulate online search and frankly, they have no J.U.I.C.E. (creative and spiritual potency) — were they all trained on soulless mobile game ad art?
      This Pluto in Cap fin d’ère is unhinged, man. Who cares, follow the J.U.I.C.E. !

      (Personal rec: Venusian copper or brass (copper + zinc) fountain pens to w!tch your life and your ideas UP ⚡️)

  7. If there are any planets i really pay attention to it’s Uranus & Saturn. Waterman’s fountain pen being cleaned as of last night. Had to googled what to do as flow erratic. Or was it the quality of paper.
    Mercury in Sagg just as i have to write out why i bought a total lemon of a car when my brain was fogged by infection percolating for 3 weeks before manifesting as toxic shock. There are ‘rules’ second hand car dealers need to abide by and #1 is that the car is registered so it can be taken for a test drive.That rule broken for starters and it must be ‘driveable when leaving’. It wasn’t resulting in a very scary drive home.
    Took it back after calling RAA to start it and applying the 2 business day cooling off rule as it was long weekend. Six weeks later no refund. No money. No car.
    My Bank to the rescue but amount paperwork doing my head in.Luckily am a documenting fiend. Photos.. screen shots.. down load.. up load.. the error email address ‘needs a domain’. YIKES.
    Meanwhile this flying horse is down to 44.50 kilos and trying to remember to eat every 3 hours, while the IV antibiotics is playing havoc with gut. Another 6 days attached to PIC line. A PIC line is inserted by ultra sound to find deep vein to place thread so antibiotic can go direct into bloodstream and nurse comes daily to change the bag that lives in a bum bag around waist. Sleeping. on back necessary when all one wants to do is curl into foetal position! Another heart scan Monday, then bloods, then Doctor talk. She beautiful soft spoken Indian love sponge.
    Guess this is a ‘Send Money Guns & Lawyers’ as journalists would say quoting Warren Zevon song :-).
    Now i am envying 60 year olds…hahaha. But hey can’t keep a triple Sagg down or not for long anyway.
    You are all special.xxxx

    1. Pegs, I would love to be there at the hospital, right sitting by your bed and listening to your stories. Sending you a huge bunch of virtual flowers, some strawberries and blueberries and some Spanish nougat.

      Much love to you xxxx

  8. Omg I love this I’ve been working with Pluto last couple of years, transformation has landed, life is good. Now onto my Uranus which is conjunct my moon in Libra 10th house and exactly square Mercury and my AC exactly conjunct in Capricorn. Love my weird, and now I’ve got an opportunity to fully utilize it in new work I am doing. The Pluto transit was trining my MC and Pluto natal conjunction at 29⁰ Virgo, which squares my sun at 29⁰ Sagittarius.

    Working out how the neurobiology of my brain worked a couple of years ago was a massive upgrade for me. Id always seen it in that Uranus moon cluster but now I’ve got the science of how it translates. One things for certain I was born weird, wired this way. The stars and the neuroscience both reinforce this.

    1. Whoa! I have Moon / Uranus Conj in Libra also (and Juno!)! But Rising. Trine my Aqua Sun/NN/Merc/Hekate/Persephone. I would *very* interested to hear what you found out!

    2. I like the concept of “working with” planets. Dare I say it appeals to my Libra node, collaborate not compete (or fight). If we are working with someone, we need to understand where they are coming from, what their motivations are for being there, their strengths, and rough edges, and not lose the essence of the communication if we are sometimes speaking different languages . Ohh yes. Thank you Missnaani. Breakthrough

  9. Love the Uranian rulebook, need more weird in this world and much less conform theories. Will stick to doing it my way even if it still raises eyebrows lol lol. For some reason i still use a pen to write things down and stick notes on the ridge, find using a mobile slow and clumsy. And my pens have a metal tips, ha I’m way ahead of the game it seems.
    Have tried to use bots but they don’t make sense or give me the right answer, rather use the old fashion search engine and i still carry small amounts of cash around. A good habit it seems after this week, could still get coffee and a muffin on my way to work even if i could listen to the news 🙂
    Thanks for the rules and making me laugh

  10. Fascinating! And yes the AI stuff is infuriating and also useful in some contexts.
    So, any astrological idea when the property bubble is likely to burst? 🤪

    1. Property bubble? How about Pluto in Taurus 🙂
      Or that may also mean a return to serfdoms etc, since Pluto has a way of polarising issues into their ‘best’ and ‘worst’ elements

  11. This makes so much sense. Thanks Mystic! I have been feeling a lot of these vibes. I always prefer writing with a metal pen, but have had to use my phone for convenience lately. I’ll have to make sure that pen and paper are handy.

    I LOVE this piece, YES! “So cultivate and cherish your weirdness; fuqing good luck to any system trying to emulate you lol.”

    Also, I am generally good at avoiding the abovementioned type of Dullards, but some have been pushed on me this weekend and it is unavoidable… unless I want to deal with more + their drama (and I don’t). So what’s my best strategy for that? Salt the doorways, vibe control, broom upside down behind the front door, stay weird… all of the above..

  12. Ahhh, no wonder like I feel I’ve sunk into an electrical bath jolting with soap particles that resemble my own personal magnetic field. Just bought a new laptop on a complete whim, and a new wallet, too. If weird is the new wealth, I’ve got a great new wallet to stash the space cash in!

    I’ve suddenly become allergic to a hobby group I’ve been a part of since 2010 (!), and can’t wait to jettison out of there. That’ll free up so much time in my week. Thanks to so much Saturnian nonsense in October with everything trawling over or squaring my natal Saturn in Libra, if it looks like work, I don’t want to do it anymore. Work is out and weird is in!

  13. manyhandsofglamour

    Thankyou Duse
    I feel like I’m walking amongst corpses at the moment. Or trapped in the scene in the first Alien movie where we find the room of Alien eggs and have to be careful not to upset them or the eggs will regurgitate a diatribe of trash/mass-media slime.

  14. Omg, love this so much. The slime mold filaments! Holy wow. NK Jemisin’s “the city we became” <3 my current read-in-progress (books! because let's face it: you nailed it with the already-stumbled-into-crap-exchange point #1)

  15. I have a wonderful feral garden with fruit trees and edible weeds & passionfruit vines that climb & wander where they will, and I do no mow September for the bees when the clover is flowering, I just love having an excuse to not mow, it goes on for months … my neighbors think I’m weird but o well, it gives me shiloads of joy & fresh food 🙂

      1. In my hemisphere, it’s past No Mow season and well into Leave The Leaves Season.
        If you search “leave the leaves,” there’s a lot of great information about how important fallen leaves are as invertebrate habitat etc.

    1. Your garden sounds wonderful.
      We tend to mow ours because snakes and ticks can both be an issue… but I do let the clover and dandelions grow when I can. It’s so wonderful to have them.

  16. Love this piece of writing! Very, very useful. I think my natal Mars in Aquarius will finally be coming into its own in the coming years. And I especially love Mystic’s advice to start writing down ideas with a metal pen. I have had a penchant for slim metal ballpoints all my life and I currently own and treasure two of those. I have never, however, thought of them as ‘conductors of my energy’! Thank you Mystic, for this idea. NOW I know my beloved pens are truly magic wands!

    1. Hi Calli cleaning my Waterman’s fountain pen hasn’t helped, a pen loved so much even bought the correct ink capsules for it. Have you tried a fountain pen? You will never go back to rolling balls.
      BTW Uranus is coming close to earth this week, apparently close enough to see the ‘rings’ on it…. my queendom for a telescope! Promised myself when tired of reading books shall buy one and spend time choosing which star will welcome my return. ‘ A Star Return’ vis a vis a Saturn Return 🙂

      1. This is lovely, Pegasus, ‘a star return’, something to look forward to ⭐️
        Yes, fountain pens have a satiny, soft way of writing, but I still prefer a slim metal Parker ballpoint and the way it ‘imprints’ itself on paper.
        Hope your solar return will bring you a year of healing and peace, Pegasus… this past one hasn’t been easy on you 🍀

    1. Don’t you love this new layout? Her devotion to protecting us is truly appreciated, espesh in these times of digital piracy. Wonder what really happened at Optus??

      1. Yes pegs 100%! (Sending you health and strength also)
        I’ve also been googling the Optus outcomes but as of last search didn’t see any outcomes… I wonder if they’ll keep it under wraps lest it reveal a vulnerability that’s a tad national-security-ish..

  17. yay!
    im doing a part time horticulture course along with meeting my Gem gardener partner in May (thankyou jupiter in solar 7th!)
    Love my fountainpen, will get a fresh new notebook and get back into writing ✒️✒️✒️
    oh! the new moon is conjunct my sun….epic fresh start????

  18. Fascinating because Uranus is smack bang on my natal Mars 4th H. I just bought some ink and quill pens (to add to a collection of art supplies) to write/draw with. Today a book on Human Design arrived, lots of number synchronicities popping up for me today, and a message about a flat tyre that wasn’t flat just squishy, TG! The moon will sweep through this alignment and then onto my South Node 10th H. I have been scanning the deeper messages in my MM calendar, my DNA and two year ahead report cause this alignment is also trine my Uranus/Pluto. Neptune is Sextile U/P. I always seem to have multiple planets transiting at once or none at all, no middle ground. Have a superlative weekend (not a Chatbot way to describe a weekend) Peace to all! x

    1. PS books also bought and arrived this week “natural beekeeping” (new interest bc bees in my brick bedroom wall, they are welcome to stay but a flow hive seems a likely xmas gift to self and bees) and ” New Naturalism…ecological, vibrant home garden.” Its the current vibe or buzz ; XD

  19. yes to becoming a genius gardener – I’ve had a garden for just over a year (garden beds, pots, trees and a very small lawn) and I can’t begin to describe how much I benefit from this hobby. Not just the supply of salad greens but also learning how I can live in harmony with the seasons, to cultivate from seed, to think about water use, sun directions etc. And Bees.Are.Back in my garden after the varroa mite and the killing of hives took them all way. I’ve a row of pink syzgium/ lilly pillys along my front fence and the bees just love the flowers. I took a lot of care of the trees since I moved in and this year they are flowering beautifully.

    Not every planting has been successful but I’ve also learned from those experiences.

    It’s probably been the highlight of the last 15 months tbh.

    1. A garden is very special, yes sun & water awareness, carrying precious laundry & bathroom water out to the garden, learning with the plants what they like …
      I’m glad the bees came back

  20. “whole genre of articles/opinions essentially saying that the search engine is dead – conversational chat bot is the future and that individual content creators (authors, artists, musicians, even just spontaneous people) are kind of passe.” — nah yeah I agree this is bullsh*t: people who say this kind of thing are never the creators – they are the ideas equivalent of people who are bodysurfing trash-strewn waves on beleaguered tourist-strip beaches… That kind of thinking imo reflects a glassy-eyed commitment to reinforcing whatever headline is getting clicks that month, rather than just making an effort to seek out and argue for the literally millions of examples of the opposite that are available if they’d just exercise some independent thinking and look for them – have human beings ever stopped writing, drawing, singing, fomenting dissent? Since we grew hands and a common language? No. Are we as a species so lazy that we’ll probably stop doing it? probably lol. Is that a reason to just throw in the towel and let some leviathan living amongst the server farms assume dominance for everything? C’mon we know the answer to that. That sh*t sh*w is run by chads. Again, in my opinion.

    Also writing (drawing etc) by hand is actually good for the mind – i read it engages different neural pathways and helps us to consider the information differently – good for problem solving, different ways of memory making, idea connecting etc

      1. Wait holy sh*t (sorry for all the swearing not sorry). Uranus in Gemini will also be about alternative information systems. Like, the Information Résistance.

    1. the kookaburra has been hanging out in my garden hunting the stink bugs in the lime tree … we need a digital kookaburra for the web crawlers

  21. Love this, MM.

    AI is so overrated & even all the new apps the big tech companies are developing feel so out of date.
    I like intuitive stuff, it’s got to make sense & it’s got none of that. Most gen xers I know who grew up figuring out computers and programs as kids feel the same.

    I heard some academics talking about using AI for writing papers. ‘It’s my own work’ they chanted in unison. As though they were pleading their case in front of an audience of accusatory eyes that they weren’t plagiarising. Which to be fair, most of us were alarmed by this.

    I couldn’t imagine using it myself, it’s my work, my lines of inquiry & my argument to defend. Unless AI zombie wants to go deep into chats on the topic or research methods etc over shots of coffee, then maybe I’d consider letting the zombie be 2nd author on my papers. Until then, I’ll figure it out like most scholars have done for centuries.

  22. Dearest Mystic, this post was such a delight to wake up to and the daily mystic. I already do much of what you suggest and it is heartening to have such a site as this to know that their are other uranian “weirdos” out there. Dulling down sometimes feels like a thousand cuts. I do have to laugh though about the description of maverick scrawl. My writing has often been referred to as hieroglyphics and the only person to successfully decipher it was a Piscean. And cash being king or queen, well the Optus fail is proof enough that going cashless is delusional idea. I look forward to weirdness being profitable!!! About time too!

      1. And had me at the bank withdrawing a wad of cash. Though it wasn’t about Optus, read where not all banks were going to hold cash for customers.

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