Vintage Pisces constellation with rocket ship reflecting the sparkle of Pisceans

Is Pisces A Parallel Universe? Probably.

Pisces Characteristics Revealed The amount of misinformation around Pisces characteristics is staggering and Pisceans themselves contribute to most of it. They can't explain anything, least of all themselves and even if they could, they wouldn't. So here is the most current, need-to-know summary of their traits. FABULOUS When Pisces swims into a scene they create psychic ripples. They’re a glamor-casting, good-gossip-bearing enlivener of the ordinary. If part of the performance …

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The Twelfth House People

When You Have Three Or More Planets (plus Sun/Moon) In The Twelfth House Twelfth house people discover how the world works early in life - mapping it out and knowing all the rules. It's just not the world everyone else lives in. Paranormality is their norm. They move through life as if it was a shamanic journey, and they're sleeping somewhere else. Their cosmic consciousness is innate, an organic awareness …

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You Are On Planet Aquarius

It’s February 2021, Aquarius Central. The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Hekate, and Saturn are all in the 11th sign. Uranus square it all doesn’t antidote it, not one little bit. So how are you doing with it? I’ll tell you one hilarious multi-Aquarius “symptom” – you’re super-inspired, uncluttered by legacy concepts or your expired assumptions. But the material world around you is in disarray, at least compared to the everything-in-Earth …

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How To Dispose Of A Problematic Ancient Artifact?

How do you dispose of an obviously problematic ancient artifact? These are not trinkets that happen to be centuries old: they’re created by someone who made them at an astrologically appropriate time to draw down a particular energy and then charged the talisman or icon with intent. You can’t just leave them out in the council recycling bin. If you need answers now, I immediately referred this woman to my …

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A Surrealists Astrological Notes

This beautiful little astrological portrait was found amongst the private notes of the surrealist writer Charles Duit: I was born in Paris on October 30, 1925. I am, therefore, a Scorpio. I should immediately add that I attach a certain value to this sign. It is my portrait that makes the natives of this sign, astrologers. My reason tells me that it is the work of chance. But I do …

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