Waiting For Saturn

Keeping a wary eye out for Saturn Direct? You don’t need to be Pisces or even a Mutable sign* to have figured out it’s probably a good policy. Saturn turns are tangible and hardly ever subtle, let alone tantalizing metaphysical mysteries.

Late Eighties Liz Taylor is the perfect Saturn Direct Muse – if that fuqer shows his face in the club again I’ll…I’ll look at my tax bill/go back to the dentist. 

But seriously, while Saturn Direct can manifest as an annoying mundanity intrusion it’s just as likely to present as an affirmation of your recent gains in worldly wisdom. Yes, really.

Saturn is Direct on Saturday 4 @0° at 7:02 AM Universal Time and it’s been Retrograde since June 18. Assess the full measure of what you’ve achieved or learned in that time and you could amaze yourself.


*Saturn is in Pisces until May 2025 (see Rogue Pisces for more) and thus most influential in the lives of Pisceans, Geminis, Saggos and Virgos or the Moon/Ascendant/Node, any planet in those signs.

Image: Gary Bernstein – Liz Taylor 1987

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43 thoughts on “Waiting For Saturn”

  1. Saturn turned direct in my third house, and a few days before it did so I got a pretty ‘in yer face’ message from my dear departed Dad (whose Sun was at 2deg Pisces, as I’ve only just rediscovered on sleuthing this).

    I’ve been inwardly wrestling with the nuances of managing things for my mother, truly my best friend, who’s life is slowly but surely being sapped by dementia.

    I’ve felt terrible guilt and shame, a feeling that curiously echoes a situation when I was about 8, when Saturn was similarly positioned, and I’d accidentally broken an ear off a marble owl bookend. I thought I was going to be in so much trouble and carried the terrible secret for a few weeks before it finally burst forth in floods of tears one day in the car after school. There was none of the retribution I’d feared, just a calm gluing of the ear back onto the owl – it was all in my head – the more I’d thought about it, the worse it got. I think this latest iteration of the feeling is probably a mental beat up too.

    Anyway, I asked my guides, one of whom I’m sure is my father, to give me an absolutely ‘in yer face’ sign that everything was going to be OK, and then promptly forgot I’d done so.

    On 2nd Nov, I went to get some legal papers signed by a JP. One of the documents certified by the lovely woman who assisted me was a copy of my passport. She looked at it and said ‘you were born on the day I arrived in Australia’. I was gobsmacked. It also turned out her birthday is the day after mine (different year). Her story really piqued my interest – she and her family arrived in Australia in the 60s as refugees from the Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia. I was particularly intrigued to hear that they had gone to Vienna, where they’d sought refugee status with the Australia Embassy.

    As a young man my farther had worked for the Australian Department Of Immigration in Vienna helping to resettle post-war migrants. He had left by the time the JP’s family went to Vienna, but had been there just a few years earlier.

    I was left awed by the synchronicity.

    As if that wasn’t enough, the whole episode had a post-script. A week later I spotted the JP leaving the local Woolies just as I walked in. A few hours after that a young man came to my door collecting for charity. Though the course of our conversation it came to light that his birthday is the day after mine…

    I think I got my sign 🙂

  2. My October was so Saturnian between Saturn going direct and Pluto in Capricorn that it was Capricorn season two months early. Nothing but work, time, karma, insomnia, debt, history, obligations, structure, rules, responsibility, back skeletal problems with one doggie (a lovely Libra lady), difficulty with another doggie’s dementia (and he is a Capricorn), and the realization that every hobby of mine turned into a job. I have natal Saturn in Libra conjunct both Mars in Libra and Pluto in Libra (yep, the 1982 Saturn/Pluto conjunct transit), and Saturn just turned my life into a stagnating mudball. Ick.

  3. 11H Virgo Sun-Cap 0 deg
    9H Gem Moon opp 3H Saggo Neptune 0 deg
    NN Virgo 12th/SN Pisces 6th
    10H Cancer DML-Jupiter opp Juno 4H Cap 0 deg

    My Moon trines/Neptune sextiles my 1H Venus-Mars-Pluto

    I love change and ease. I do not handle Saturn happily or productively, despite it heavy throughout my chart. I’m trying to see the planet as less an eater of my soul and more a wise stateswoman, but the relentless, morose energy is, I realize, dragging me towards my father’s death, my last-minute scramble to get his affairs in order and other grim realities I’d gladly put off for another decade.

    Saturn is currently in my 5H tightly opposing my natal Sun-Saturn and 11H Mercury, and forming annoying sesquiquadrates, quincunxes and biquintiles to all my lucky, breezy, natal safe spaces.

    The only upside, I see it trining my MC. I’ve had an idea languishing in development, I finally spent all day Sunday plotting it to prototype. But I won’t lie, regret, sadness and inevitability have taken hold of my everyday and I’m just going through the motions.

    1. Hi there love – the time god (Saturn) can be a very opposing force when you work against his influence (and for good reasons), because the direct nature is bringing back themes from the whole transit in whatever house he is stationed in. It’s his final sweep. The opposition to your natal Saturn & Sun is making his influence that much more intense on a personal and transformative level. That’s why the influence feels so imposing and intense. Any emotions you are feeling are valid and need acknowledgment and release. Sometimes confronting our past seems daunting, but this is your chance to find the closure you need. I said goodbye to my father on my Saturn return, (I very much sympathize!) so it was like worlds were collapsing and colliding in my natal 1st house. Be whatever you need to be, but honor yourself and your emotions ✨

  4. It was bootcamp! I was promoted (10th house transit) but with lots of heavy lifting due to restructuring and I facilitate a lot of changes to the areas where I have responsibility. Others slacked off at first, but not me!

    It also opposed my natal Virgo/ Mercury. I had a relationship that was a mixed blessing. I could had taken it further but the partner came with many serious limitations. I also felt it was hard to express myself. Since this also squared my natal Neptune, a lot of subtle illusions in my life began to expire.

    Tough time, but necessary. Now I’m about to see if I was barking up the right trees and if not, I’ll know for sure because that is how Saturn works for me.

  5. Fuq I need to do my tax, well two years worth, but I have been procrastinating since July 2022. Saturn at 27 Pisces so I usually do it ASAP like in August when all the paperwork is available. Times up, no time like the present! A cashier said, “what’s on for this weekend?” I said, “laundry and… tax.” He said, “ Fark, I thought couldn’t get worse than laundry then you said tax.” He had a point, but that was last weekend.
    Saturn says Giddy yup! So does my accountant!

  6. I’m Capricorn rising, I went to the dentist last week & did my tax 🙂 also had a haircut with venus onside, kinda nice but a bit severe lol, it’ll grow out …
    Last days of Pluto bringing much needed endings, the paving job that’s taken forever the most satisfying, it has lovely curves & beautiful natural stones & engaging with it has helped greatly with the layers of emotional processing progressing, a man I loved a long time & forgave many times finally gone, now I’m forgiving myself …

  7. The Lion & The Centaur

    I was married in 2011-2013. We did have a good pre-nup but today the issue rose up again so I had to check – but it was all good, those Saturnine issues were thoroughly handled back then (thanks to my Libra ex mother-in-law).
    Yesterday was heavy – obgyn took a biopsy and I had a rare lupus flare up (or rather I realised that the strange symptoms had been lupus because I got butterfly rash.) Today we had a lovely dinner with the new in-laws, family time & a good relationship needs/boundaries talk.

    1. Lupus is supposed to be a bit of a mystery as far as treatment goes i believe, can be quite insidious.
      My compassion quota has increased 100 fold since my health scare so wishing you astoundingly good health.

  8. I just did a tarot (irl) , a little “what’s today have in store ” reading and it gave me the Taurus sun Pisces Venus signature cards. And cups here and there. Oh really. I’m casting around for a second opinion; have worked quite hard to liberate myself from the grip of that dynamic that I saw coming from a mile off even before I was lifted into it like a sheet metal roof in a cyclone. And then ended up in a paddock 50 miles from home with only the galahs for company. Have always admired their colour scheme though
    (Quite the word salad today, mercury is busy i assume)
    Anyway it’s nice to have some cups around.

    Oh and Saturn. That’s ok see what happens and in the meantime I’m checking all the usual suspects (mail, money, situations, transport, check day job pulse)

    1. Sam have yu tried the I Ching. There is an I Ching of the Goddess but have found the classic one to be astoundingly accurate.

      1. Hi Pegasus. Thank you. Yes indeed. It has been very helpful over the years. For both big and small questions. I’ve found that writing down the reading and then responses from different interpretations is good to get enough perspective to answer. The I Ching is well familiar with my Toro situation… Amidst a particularly tormented eve (with related questions) a couple of years ago I asked it, ‘how should I regard you?’ and the answer was, like a big sister. It was just the nicest answer I needed..

      2. Also a big fan of the I Ching, have been working in dialogue with it for a while now and find it to be a fascinating guide.

    2. Hi Sam, it is my experience that when I get caught up in a very strong dynamic, which I can see coming and which I want to avoid at all costs, it is usually to do with painful patterns which were formed in my youth… It is really such a challenge. Meditation teacher Tara Brach has some advice for how to take care of yourself when this happens, you can find talks on Spotify which are titled ‘Learning to respond, not react’. Maybe you can find it elsewhere too (YouTube?). The main key to changing these patterns is to become aware of them and learning how to pause before reacting. In the meantime staying with the breath and telling yourself that ‘it is not your fault’ and that you love yourself (or thinking of someone who loves you, telling you that they love you or hugging you) can carry you through the worst. It may sound simple, but it takes practice. Wishing you the best with these challenges, take care! PS Galahs are beautiful! Pink and blue!

      1. Tara brach is just great. Thanks for the reminder. the whole experience really showed me a lot about myself, things I thought were long settled and in my past. It was more than a romantic situation.. the Pluto compulsion drawing us to experiences of self discovery is real. Oof though. Whatta mirror

      2. Over 100 times have i said the the Multi Aries Ramzilla the same thing Respond don’t react.
        Fell on deaf ears. How does one live life if it is just reaction, how easy to push the buttons.
        If you want to explore deeper the Candace Pert ‘ The molecules of emotion’. She is the medico that discovered the opiate receptor. All about peptides. Makes you wonder just how much control we do have about our body’s workings. Sometimes i get overwhelmed thinking how busy it is supporting us 🙂
        A kiss on the forehead to you Calli.

  9. I met a fab Sun Pisces yesterday and I fell into total simpatico. Instant besties and soul sis all wrapped into one. Our similar lives and struggles so same and just so proud of her. Bloodlines and timelines so very true. It was so great to be there and to vibe was all that brilliance. We were with our women and it was a high of being together. So much love and I felt safe and I was outside. We had both grown up in the area and it was safe for us to be together, knowing the landscape as it was and now as it is.

    Then the ultimate sadistic hellscape with my Gem Mum…I remain nicotine free, alcohol free and Diet Coke fee. I saw the assaults coming and the game plan failed but the truthful intel be lit. Apparently because I’m the only one that cares about her or asks after her, that’s why I get trauma upon trauma exposure and re-exposure. Well fuq me sideways.

    The truth bombs were epic and gnarly AF. My Mum’s had more marriages than Liz Taylor. I was close to the Plutonic edge and no matter what I did to try and survive the psychological fallout, no medal or chocolates for the fact I survived either. I was a crying mess for hours and hours afterward and this morning too.

    The identity of my new stalker has been revealed also. Spot fires be everywhere and I’m trying my very best to keep sane, as so many of us are. I even left the house with my usual bra full of blue bird protection eye, crystal gems and other magical items.

    MM you do know my Mum calls herself the Oracle, for shame it’s true. I’m sure if anyone could destroy AI it’s my Mum, it would self destruct and say “I’m sorry Mr Musk, this task is impossible to complete.” Daily MM, Tarot and real deal Oracle are salves to me, thank you so very much xoxo

    1. ‘My Mother-Myself’ huh. Yes it was a book. How lovely you have found a new friend, our true friends are treasures to be polished and proud of. A beautiful energy exchange that can lighten everything around us.

  10. This tread-lightly-as-you-go person is ruled by Saturn. ‘O crap ANOTHER lesson on the horizon’ she thinks.
    Hoping this is a good time to sort bank lawyers and home help. It’s a bit ‘send money guns and lawyers’ at the moment, trying to obtain Maremma’s owners number without telling council she chomped on me as they could be fined.
    Prefer the money go to me. Seems the AVERAGE payout is $85K. They count the teeth marks so it’s level 3-4-5 more payout if the canine ‘dog teeth’ puncture you, as they did me on thigh. It also covers aftercare and much more.
    The blood infection is called Capnocytophaga-cani morsus with 30% mortality rate espesh if immuno compromised, COPD makes that so plus age. Damn. Pity Luna didn’t bite a 30 year old instead of me but at least the compensation is covered by their home insurance which i know they have, so not out of pocket perhaps increase in premiums.
    Bought a bomb of a car before infection manifested and not lucid, took it back and now hassling for return of money.
    Have had to give my Darling Daisy Dog to friend who resides at beach, whom she adores, to look after for a few weeks til stronger……….what doesn’t kill you.
    Saturn be my friend. I love you.

    1. Oh my lovely Pegasus,

      I feel you on the bite wound and Saturn aspect too. We are either the explicit elixir or the one they seek out.

      Be sure to check in with Community Legal Centres in your area for some free or gold coin donation information. They have been most helpful throughout my various legal issues over the decades.

      Daisy Dog will love the beach vacation and I’m sure as I say these words you too will find so much more strength. We have it and much love to you, as we are Saturn strong.

      1. Hey S, could kick myself as deleted the texts they sent me to inquire of my wellbeing. The bacteria took 3 weeks percolating in my body before manifesting in toxic shock.
        It seems legal aid might be my only option if Council don’t cooperate.
        Medically have a PIC line in my arm Peripherally Inserted Catheter that drip penicillin into my arm 24/7 for the next 2 weeks. Nurse comes daily to change the bum bag around my waist that holds the bottle.
        O MY GUT! A fortune in probiotics coming up after had spent small fortune on them just 2 weeks previously.
        Was that Saturn’s timing…lol.
        The upside is that friends have gathered around and that makes me feel very humble and grateful.

    2. Hi Pegasus,

      I’m often told know your local council, State or Federal politicians. Perhaps an email to their office with the particulars and advice on how to proceed.

      When it comes to technology it’s never really gone, see if you have had your mobile device installed onto another device, say paired with a computer etc. I would encourage you to make a Police Statement so that you have an incident number, all of this counts and it doesn’t need to proceed unless it’s necessary. Also they can get the Telco provide to release your information – call records of SMS received etc.

      Keep your receipts, records and names of contacts made. No wonder your tummy is going through it. Nervous system, healing, emotional and financial stresses too. I’m too old for this BS, sort it out and do the right thing and let’s all move on peacefully.

      Geez I’d be on Ginger Ale, Ginger Bear lollies and Gingernut biscuits (QLD because they are the best). Whenever my tummy does this and it has over the last for weeks, green apples (cooked) like baby food helps reset and soft white bread.

      Check out a great legal resource called Caxton Legal Service, yes it’s Brisbane QLD but it might have some options there to assist. I’d check out the State Gov in South Australia (Attorney General) for valuable resources and victim compensation avenues etc. Knowledge is power and may the necessary resources find you and heal these obstacles from your path. Much love ❤️

      1. Hey there Ess, thanx for the head’s up.
        Trying Local Council first to try to obtain their number, the Ranger who liaises with lost dogs & reunites them.
        Tricky as there can be a $2500 fine from council to dog owner. Don’t want that. Just contact number.
        Looked up how to retrieve texts & must be joined to The Cloud which i am not.
        FOund Pro Bono local lawyers. Going to go big. Want a Hilux to drive…lol. Or a similar MF so to tell everyone else ‘out of my way’, as those mother’s do to others.
        A Jimney. Anything that you step up to instead squeezing down low 🙂
        Hey we strong as, nothing phases us for long riight x

  11. I’m Pisces Sun/Saturn in Aries unexpectedly moving back to the same suburb, one street over from where I lived (for two years) with my new born baby thirty years ago. It was a brutal post natal time. Moving back with different partner and two stepteens, creative business thriving against all odds. The big wheel of time turns! Interested to see what it brings…

  12. Hello Mystic, thanks a lot for the heads up as always 😊
    Also TYSM for the Daily Mystics, they are so helpful these days, as a Virgo Moon + AC…I can confirm that Saturn in Pisces is pretty tough on my nerves. 🙃
    All the best, xoxo

    1. I know three Virgo moon people. They do indeed tend to anxiousness, but only when the cats are not obeying the herding instructions that have been perfectly designed, save for the fact that one is dealing with cats. I propose that any Virgo moon in charge of some kind of system is assigned an ambassador with Aries or Capricorn placements to advance the cause (and advise on necessary field-informed tweaks)

      1. I love the idea of assigning ambassadors to the sun signs to help them with their particular responsibilities and vulnerabilities!
        A whole article could be done on this subject. Aries in leading positions could use a Pisces ambassador for instance, to help them with dealing in a more sensitive way with other people and Taurus to keep them grounded and to think of practicalities… etc

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