Daily Mystic For Tuesday 7 February

Even setting aside some of the more profound or dramatic manifestations of the Uranian Full Moon, there is currently SO much to process. Saturn and Pluto are both on the verge of changing signs – March 7/8 and March 25 respectively.

Recall that their conjunction in the momentous January 2020 coincided with the start of the pandemic era and all that went with it. Now, with Saturn about to move into Pisces and Pluto to Aquarius, everyone is speed-processing unexamined or non-resolved elements of the past.

The experience varies per person but it’s fair to say that however you experienced the past three years, this is when you’re really taking stock of the changes. Note that it’s particularly tricky to sift through internal emotions and psyche while also trying to parse complex economic and cultural changes but guess what? You’re doing it.

And Mercury out of the shadowzone on Feb 7 will help. This means that while Mercury has been in Capricorn since December and was Retrograde over Xmas/the New Year, it’s now back to the degree it was at when it turned Retrograde.

You’ll really feel the lift if you’ve been enmired in heavy saturnine dealings and dialogue for what feels like centuries – security concerns, status angst, time concerns, dental merde etc. Mercury moves out of shadowzone, meets Pluto (think wisdom, transformation and resolution) and then arrives in airy Aquarius on Feb 11.

You can’t halt the heavy-duty speed-processing of practically everything and, as you’ve probably noticed, society is already evolving ahead of Pluto in Aquarius but from today, expect the information, timing and communications part of it to become smoother.

Journal your findings, pay homage to retiring aspects of yourself and know that you’re better equipped than your current assessment suggests.


Image: Earl Keleny

8 thoughts on “Daily Mystic For Tuesday 7 February”

  1. Wow. How prescient. These were my musings upon waking this morning. Lo and be-hold then I read this gem. And the accompanying pic? 👌

  2. I’d also like to chime in and say how totally awesome it is to have Mystic’s guidance in the daily mystic. It’s not just the astro-intel and wisdom – there’s something deeply nurturing about them. I’m one of those who often wakes up with some anxiety but the first thing I read is my daily mystic and it’s like these rewire me and set me on a positive track. I’d even say it’s the best part of the Mega Mystic membership for me. I love the “pay homage to retired aspects of yourself” in today’s. Amen to that. Thanks so much always, Mystic. xo

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