Rogue Pisces

Rogue Pisces is Mystic’s candid but upbeat rave for Pisceans and the people who love them. Covering the most vital astrological themes of the next few years, it’s super-informative. Featured: Mystic’s take on Saturn + Neptune in Pisces, the Galactic Center, Jupiter in Taurus + Gemini, the Saturn-Neptune conjunction in 2025, Neptune in Aries, the next Piscean Eclipse Season and the fishy temperament. It is a rave and it loops around in gigantic circles but Pisces people will get that and the intel is worthwhile.

Format: Mp3 – Download and/or stream from the site + PDF transcription.

Duration: 35 minutes.


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3 reviews for Rogue Pisces

  1. Hela

    My tails are spinning! Thank you for guiding me through some of the most turbulent, exciting and powerful years of my life! I feel a connection to my Soul and my energy more fully in the most unexplainable ways…thanks for vocalizing what I could not reach!

  2. baristagem

    This was brilliant, thanks MM!

  3. shazzzstarrr

    Perfect timing MM! Illuminating and upbeat as always!

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