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Maximizing The Indigo Moon


I’m calling this Lunar Eclipse in Cancer an Indigo Moon. Being a Full Moon and an Eclipse with this much going on around it warrants a new category of rarity. And I don’t rate Blue Moons because they’re only referring [ Read more…]

Happy Moon Day


A task list that feels like wrangling horses in a s-storm?  Me too. But a Monday (literally, day of the Moon) with the Moon in Cancer is amazing. Just engage your intuition before you hurl yourself into the task vortex. [ Read more…]

The Triple Aries Pirate

Filed in ARIES

Triple Aries Birgitta Jonsdottir is the head of the Icelandic Pirates party, currently creating the most sensational disrupt in the elections of that country.  A hacktivist and poet turned politician (she calls it “poetician”) she believes in direct democracy and [ Read more…]