Aries Sun With Cancer Moon

The Aries Sun Cancer Moon combination creates cognitive dissonance. Aries Sun wants a momentum play. Cancer Moon wants to talk about the emotional reality. Aries Sun feels fantastic by doing. Why? Because Aries is as Aries does.

If in doubt, Aries accelerates. Cancer is more strategic and too perceptive to rely overly on a ‘just charge at the obstacle‘ approach. But they’re both Cardinal signs. AKA big-time ‘boss’ energy. So this person is not undone by the conflict between their Sun and Moon. Like everything else in their life, they make it work.

At it’s best, the Aries Sun Cancer Moon combo is an alloy of audacity and emotional intelligence. The lunar intuition informs the Aries drive.

At worst? The person oscillates like mad between their different styles. They actualize everything in sight and blasting forward, scorching everything in sight with Ramzilla ego and then withdrawing into an over-emotional Cancerian neurosis. One moment they’re barking orders and the next doing big goo-goo eyes, to ask you how you feel.

The jagged switching between two modes gives them the worst of both signs. What to do? Zap away the Cancerian tendency to nurse their grudges with some Aries heat and ‘get over it’ energy.

And, temper the Aries ‘do it now’ mindset by making tactics and planning a kind of mindfulness practice. The Aries Sun Cancer Moon, when well managed, is an intuitive Warrior energy.

The author Erica Jong has this Sun-Moon aspect and she expresses it brilliantly here: “I stand in the mist and cry, thinking of myself standing in the mist and crying, and wondering if I will ever be able to use this experience in a book.” 

Image: Paolo Roversi – Shalom Harlow

8 thoughts on “Aries Sun With Cancer Moon”

  1. Woke up this morning after dreaming that I had been to see my ex-fiance, we had eaten a meal together, had sex, and then I confessed I still loved him. At that point his current fiance came home, I told her we had had sex, to which she shrugged and said ‘we are not really together at the moment anyway’.
    Is the neurosis allowed if it happened while you were sleeping?
    Ok I’m going to eat up my vita-wheats with avocado and tomato. Health.

  2. Looking forward to the leo moon, too. Always a good time for me, lots of fun. But mostly I’m feeling the crud of everything, occasionally immobilized, sleep-deprived, wanting to isolate and write and make art.

    But I had a question about timing: I read the horoscopes but Tuesday’s seemed so accurate for me today, here in the States where it’s Monday. Monday’s was so off. I mean, my Leo scope was so right on – we had a funny family convo with my 10-and-under daughters re cod pieces, fairy poop, and glittery suppositories. I mean, really funny and crazy and open and the stuff you remember when you’re old. Just another day with my Cancer and Pisces sun kids…

  3. too late – just ate some cream banana caramel pie. my sister is currently in hong kong (new territories) and has been telling me about the giant snails! can’t wait to visit her. she spends her days learning cantonese, reading poetry, walking, writing poetry. amaze.

    i usually feel pretty crap during cancer moons but this time i’m not feeling so bad. the weekend was worse!

  4. Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

    I LOVE Leo moons, I’m excited! For some reason I’m always extra hot/carefree/not psycho during Leo and Gemini moons. Never look forward to the moon being in Cancer moons or worse yet…Capricorn. *shudder* I feel bad for my Virgo sister, she has it natally. And opposing her Cancer rising.

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