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*Part 3 – Pragmatic Magic & Astro For Turbulent Times

This is the Mindset & Astro 1 + Astro 2 installment of my Turbulent Times series. Astro 1 is to do with your astro-energies and Astro 2 is more about the near future and its timeline. Part 1 – Threats, Opportunities, Health & Wealth is here. And Part Two – Magic – is here. Part 4 is Ancestors and the Great Conjunction – Age of Aquarius. Mindset If you are interested in how we got here, zip back to Part One and the posts that I link to in there. Otherwise, our starting point is that we’re at the beginning of a new epoch and while none of the people reading this will be that surprised, the velocity is breath-taking. If you remember the Saturn Time/Uranus Time post, you will recognize this as Uranus time, also known as Einstein time. Normal time, with all its orderly rhythms, is suspended and not just because of the lock-down/viral mitigation measures. The Ancient Greeks and Romans had two Time Gods – Chronos (like Saturn) and Kairos (Uranian.) I’m not mentioning this because I want to waffle on about mythology: grokking this concept is now key to your competitive edge. Muse on this line from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar for a moment: There is a tide in the affairs of men, Which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune. Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries. On such a full sea are we now afloat. And we must take the current when it serves, or lose our ventures. It’s easy to crap on about being extraordinary when the times are ordinary. But in extraordinary times, most people scale back the artistry and inventiveness, because it doesn’t feel ‘safe.’ Or they become utterly unmoored and drift into dark-water Neptune pursuits; cults & addictions. They think they can fend off Kairos and Uranian energy by doubling down on old-era values: the races, traditional celebrations or foods, the monotheistic religion they were raised in, class barriers or traditional politics. At the moment, conditions prevent this becoming obvious but when we’re allowed out again, you’ll notice it everywhere. Yet the coming energy is Pluto in Aquarius, from 2023 until 2044. That is not a typo. Pluto, usually in a sign for approximately 12 years, is spending 20 years in Aquarius. That’s what this is heading toward. Jupiter and Saturn are in Aquarius from December, to light the way. I don’t care who thought the Age of Aquarius was in the Sixties – this is it. So here are 11 mindset tips – the health/money ones are in part One, though these may touch on them. Some may be annoying –  take what resonates! (1) Morph your attitude from being a person who adapts to change into someone who creates change. You summon it up from the aether. Inventing new ways to make things happen is your new chill. You are formulaic but it’s a magic formula and you adjust it every 2nd Moon. Jessica Snow’s Lightning Rod meditation is fantastic for enhancing this aspect of your mind. (2) You can successfully live in a society that’s behind the times if you don’t merge your consciousness with it. Select your company and data wisely. (3) The political representation movement as you know it is dying – direct democracy enabled by rapid digital tech dev is the future. Defining yourself as ‘a Liberal’ or a ‘whatever’ is passe, lazy and an energy suck. Yes, vote but think beyond that. (4) Don’t be weirded about by solitude or people you know/friends segueing into naive passivity, conservative social attitudes or accelerated drifting apart. Turbulent times are like a psychic version of the factory reset. I expect to see a new kind of a Scientology-like religion emerge and take off. It will have elements of rightness but also be fully whack and controlling. If your friends and family succumb, they’ll dismiss you as a lower density being. Start now caring about this sort of thing now. Don’t Cast Change As ‘Something Big’ You’ll Do Later (5) Don’t cast change as the ‘something big’ you’ll do later. The only way to future-proof is to alter things all the time. If you’re Uranian (strong in Aquarius or Uranus energy), you know this dance: you’re existentially anxious and stifled right before the change cue. Then you zap into whatever the morph is. It only looks irrational from the outside. But really, it’s like an earth-lightning symbiosis. Lightning strikes are never random – it looks for matching energy in the ground. (6) Micro changes generate Macro energy shifts and awareness. Even if it is just changing your brand of vacuum cleaner or certain social media follows, you’re repatterning your brain. Neuroplasticity is everything. (7) Give up on the signaling and guilting. Telling someone they can’t talk about how they feel or where they’re at with something because others are worse off is just a modern version of puritan shut-down. Your job is to stay healthy, wealthy, magic and safe – not prove your ‘goodness’ to unappointed moral police people. Everyone has their struggles, we all have compassionate causes we care about and contribute to when we can, nobody is perfect. (8) Magic is real and the Uranian era is going to be excellent for it. There is always value to be gleaned from ancient texts or a well-defined philosophy but create your own practice. It’s a style of awareness, not a liturgy that you need to know by rote. (9) The only competitive edge now is in speed-learning and that includes not slowing your mind down by pretending to conform. If someone wants to play ‘back to normal’ by November games, they can get their own sandpit. Hang out with them and before you know it, you’ll hear yourself rambling on about some job, partner, social status or event that you apparently now want. It’s Phantom Deficit Syndrome and the virus should have cured it. Your voice will sound strangely

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