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The Moon of Truth, Beauty and the Whim of Steel. Their composure only falters if they’re asked to take sides or if something smells bad. Browse posts about this Moon as it occurs every month, what it means to be born with it and featuring people who have Moon in Libra.

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When You’re An Aries Sun Libra Moon Person

When you’re an Aries Sun Libra Moon person, it’s always Full Moon. You don’t need that time of the month to illuminate the contradictions within your psyche. You’re not at war with yourself – it’s more like a series of border skirmishes. Or guerilla warfare. How so? Aries is a person of the arena, skilled at stripping away fluff and nuance to render themselves hyper-relevant. How else to stay in mission …

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How Can A Multiple Scorpio Understand Her Libra Man?

A Libra Man Perplexes His Multiple Scorpio Girlfriend Hi Mystic,     I hope you can shine a light on my little dilemma here. I am a quintuple Scorpio – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Pluto trying to enjoy a relationship with a Libra man. By the way, I say “trying” because he drives me crazy.    For the past five years, I have taken the road of self-care. I’ve …

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Electro-House-Witching On The Dark Moon

Electrical sensitivity is not just some random thing that weird people get. It’s legit and growing. Uranian people may be more prone to it. Aquarius, Aquarius Rising, and Moon in Aquarius people routinely, after all, kill watches and scramble the read-outs from electrical equipment. If you are Uranian, lights flicker or surge when you’re around and high vibe. If you’ve been reading your Horoscopes or the Daily Mystic emails, you’ll …

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Ask Mystic: How Do You Know When A Libra Likes You?

Dear Mystic, I’m hoping the Librans out there in your blog world might be able to help with this one….  How do you know when a Libran genuinely likes you – is attracted to you – as opposed to you just being citizen X and the Mask Of Politesse is simply doing its job? And particularly when that Libran is already very socially active and always seems to be surrounded by …

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Happy New Plutonic Moon

Happy New Plutonic Moon! “WHY Plutonic?” you may be asking, a slight edge in your voice as you tighten your grip on the rose quartz dagger or other New Age accessory of the moment. Okay, it’s Plutonic as Pluto squares this New Moon at the Zap Zone degree of the Uranus/Pluto squares of 2015 and 2016.  And it’s a New Moon in Libra with Venus, the ruler of Libra, recently …

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