When You’re Leo Sun Scorpio Moon

When you’re Leo Sun Scorpio Moon, even your secrets are styled. Not that anyone believes you have anything to hide. But you do: lurid tabloid geisha secrets at that. And it’s not even that you protect them – it’s just that most people are too plebeian to ask.

Your secrets are like the “aha” moments in detective movies when everyone realizes the jewel was in the statue’s eye the whole time. They are in plain sight, but nobody looks. It’s helpful because nobody credits you with your next-level sleuthing abilities either.

You transmit rays of sunny simplicity, and everyone craves your elevating presence. But you sometimes feel like you’re in a reality television show, banned by the directors from the raw emotional scenes your character needs for growth.

You’re turned on by complexity and depth. Your thoughts on any single subject have multiple layers, but barely anyone perceives beyond the top two or three. You have legit witch legacy in your background and the nuanced rituals to go with them. You come across languid but conceal tenacity, like claws.

You’re a Performance Leo, scorning slackers, unprofessional people and anyone who lacks your genius at high-functioning under any circumstances. The blessing of this placement? Supernatural levels of composure. You stand firm in turbulence, a long-time adherent of morale over more waffly concepts.

Some Leos with this Moon are scared of their Water, seeing it more as a potentially spooky subliminal stream that leads fuq knows where. They over-compensate by emphasizing their Leo nature, obsessively creating or romanticizing in place of feeling.

It’s better to visualize the Moon in Scorpio as a temple pool, sacred, magic and guarded by Lions.

Image: Frank Kelly Freas

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  1. That was just incredible! I have never thought that someone else could read me to this depth but hats off! That was the most accurate and most detailed me i really want to know more could you give me a reading if possible.

  2. The Year of The Phoenix

    Oh Mystic, you have done it again!

    My Scorpio Moon conj Neptune loves the imagery of the Temple Pool guarded by lions. My 12th House Venus in Leo is square these two but this makes it more fathomable.

    My Virgoan sun is conj Pluto (V outerplantery) so intensity is a thing, Earth Goddess worshipping from a tender age and interested in the craft and all things witchy, told a co worker I live with one foot in the real world and the other in the magical realm

    No one sees the middle aged radical feminist rebel coming!

  3. Saturn in Pisces

    Love this! I attract a disproportionate # of Leos with water moons (last few degrees of Cancer on my 7th followed by intercepted Leo, haha) but none with Scorpio moons yet. Hmm!

    Going to put in a request for Aries Moon / Taurus Sun. I am first decan Taurus so when I was a kid I used to believe hardcore in the Aries-Taurus “Cusp of Power.” Now I know better than to believe in cusps but I do indeed have an equal # of personal planets in both Aries and Taurus so the description was genuinely apt.

  4. So Much Scorpio

    “scorning slackers, unprofessional people and anyone who lacks your genius at high-functioning under any circumstances.” Me to a T!

    I have this combo with added scorp rising and uranus in scorp, plus Saturn and Mercury in Leo, 10th house.

    My mother has always said if there were a nuclear holocaust and people wanted to survive, they should hang with me as I would get us all through. It also explains some of my career choices – major events management and political staffer are just two examples of where my ‘high-functioning under any circumstances’ has served my clients well 🙂

    1. Interesting. I have Scorp and Uranus rising, Saturn in Leo in the 10th house too. My career path has also steered toward big stressful projects where I become organised and pragmatic while others seem to falter in the face of uncertainty. High performance under pressure is a bit addictive though, l can get a bit belligerent when bored.

  5. Ooh, love the visual of a temple pool guarded by lions. Borrowing it to envision my Leo hiding away in the 12th house. My oldest friend is a Leo Sun Scorpio Moon witch. She is amazingly wise and deep and also hilarious and irreverent and definitely a performer. Will be sending this post to her.

  6. Leo Sun, Scorpio Moon (cnj Neptune) & a loaded 8th house. My Scorpio moon so resonates although I have a sunny happy persona (and Leo hair) and I’m authentic I am like that on one level, but I also have this dark deep intensity which is just below the surface and which shocks people when they only see or want to see the sun side. I was born smack bang in the middle of an eclipse season (NN Leo) and its like I have to let that dark shadow creep across the light so people have to acknowledge it, or close their eyes in denial. I have quite a few friends that say why do we always talk about these subjects when we are together (Death, secrets, the unseen, the hidden) I never talk about this with anyone else. I’m very equal fire and water so diving into sacred pools is a must do. I dream of having a large Moroccan stye bath house where I can do Lunar workshops at night and then a sunny walled garden to do solar energy rituals during the day. And with a few lions (statures or cats) guarding the perimeters. And steps leading down to a portal door that opens up to the ocean. Heaven.

  7. Leo sun 12 house Scorpio moon 4 house Leo rising, ain’t no sunshine till their gone and there always gone to long, any time they go away. Tail stings ones own heart for hallelujah, a low light sun shines on a pool to guide my family through this mortal coil.

  8. So nice to read this. I also have Scorpio Rising, and Neptune in Scorpio. Uranus and Venus in Leo (conjunct). I am in constant conflict on wanting to shine, and wanting to disappear. I feel more drawn to Scorpio things – occult, tarot, mysteries, secrets. As a child I was painfully withdrawn and shy. I became much more outgoing as a teenager, but never would I do everything and anything for attention. I am repelled by loud, look at me people, who talk endlessly about themselves. But I do love shiny, entertaining people, who stand out. I tend to really like Leo Suns, but not so much Leo Moons. Oh and I crazy love Scorpio Suns. Maybe my next reincarnation will not be so complex 🙂

    1. So Much Scorpio

      I identified with my Leo sun from a very early age. But when I learnt about astrology and my scorp rising, it explained so much about myself. I need equal amounts of Leo expression and scorp witchy, alone time.

    2. I can relate to much of this as an Aries Sun, Scorp moon/Neptune. I was extremely sensitive as a child, and preferred reading to playing with my cousins. Also became much more outgoing as a late teenager

    3. Leo-Scorp Grrrl

      Yes. it has taken me well into adulthood and Mystic’s site to understand the Leo sun Scorp rising dichotomy- and why I can scare people without trying. Too many people can drain me. Im Cap moon as well and need my alone time!

  9. Yep! This totally fits. I’m Leo sun w/Scorpio moon and I find large bodies of water to be very troubling but pools are okay.

  10. Ooh! *Shivers* that last sentence just sends me!! The image of the Scorpion on the Moon tarot card emerging from the pool is what I see? I need to draw my own Sun Leo, Moon Scorp Tarot card based on th Ryder-Waite set!
    As Asc Gem I cannot actually compose myself for more than an hour or two at a time, sadly. It would be quite a super power to be composed and calm! Mars in Virgo makes me a bit edgy and my Sixth House Moon makes for low energy resources physically. That implies highs and lows rather than steady glowing calm.
    I tend not to have secrets to style as the gharish combo of Leo, Gem, Scorp is too extrovert to enjoy the delicate, complex structure of a secret.. but I love the idea that it’s as simple as asking! It’s true that everything is in plain sight so if I don’t mention a thing, it means it is entirely up to the viewer to be aware of.
    A Sun Scorpio said to me the other day, “I like cooking but it doesn’t mean I am good at it”. I replied, “I don’t care for cooking but it doesn’t mean I am bad at it!”. Leo always has a tendency to show itself I guess.
    Anyway, I am water heavy and my passionate emotions have lead me on a rocky path to the temple fountain past the challenging lions of confidence. I have refreshed my chakras and blue pearl of histories submerged in time in the pools of endless abundance and felt the bliss of unity perfection. So I am grateful for the slight obsessive tendency that darkens my character, it brought me here by holding me to what is right and true for me.

  11. Bliss to visit the blog tonight and read about ME, Leo Sun, Scorp Moon and Aqua Rising. I have learned that nobody cares about the multiple layers and capacity of my sensing. That’s fine. Not here to impress.. I like stealth mode best as I can get away when people get too sticky. Wish I had a magic broomstick so that I could fly away sometimes and retreat in a Chez Leo lair, with my magic accoutrements and remain holed up for months … Thanks MM.

    1. I have the same! Leo sun scorpio moon aquarius rising 🙂 It’s tough with all three signs being fixed! Sending you light and love xo

  12. Have the flip of this. Scorp Sun Leo Moon. 8th house moon no less. The hidden in plain sight thing fits too, though in an inverted sense. I am unabashedly 100% authentic damn near 100% of the time but others perceive it as an act. And when something happens that provides them with proof, they are shocked. I’m like, I’ve been telling you this from the beginning.

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