New Uranus Cycle – New Place?

Is Uranus In Taurus Good For Radically Regrounding?

Dear Mystic,

Okay, so I just spent the last week at a witchy art retreat in the desert two hours away from Los Angeles. I was staying at an AirBnB with a fellow witch near the retreat location. Two days into the retreat, I woke up with the epiphany that I can buy a house in the desert and give birth to my science fiction self-help graphic memoir about Asian American daughters in space.  And get a nice chunk of change with the book proposal that I know will sell to a major publishing house. 

FUNNY ENOUGH, the witchy art retreat focuses every session on a new major arcana archetype in sequential order, and the pattern we were immersing ourselves in was THE CHARIOT. 

Though I love everything Los Angeles has given me and the connections I have made there, I am suddenly more than ready to leave it all behind. My vision: To live in a desert house I buy with my own money and mostly work in solitude.

It would be interspersed with occasionally opening the home for workshops and retreats or informal artist residencies for friends who need an escape.  It would be while making guided meditation soundscapes, iPhone stickers, a Patreon about living the magical, mystical creative artist life, and collaborating on rituals with other artists in the desert landscape. 

Suddenly I am energetically repelled by the idea of giving my hard-earned money to my landlord who has always given me weird energetic vibes. I know nothing about home ownership and DIY home projects.

Usually, I do not consider myself a mainly domestic person – hello, North Node in 4th house Taurus discomfort zone! But suddenly I feel a primal need to learn basic woodworking, home maintenance, gardening, traditional clay pot cooking, etc.!!!! 

Anyhow, I would LOVE to hear whatever astro insights come to mind for you, specifically if there are any particular months where home buying would be especially auspicious!! 

(Funny enough, my friend Z who introduced me to your blog also recently had an epiphany last week about investing in property in the desert as well. Uranus in Taurus incoming vibes is INTENSE!) 

XOXO The Sagittarius Artist With Aquarius Rising. 

Integrate The Future Into Your Psyche

Dear Sagittarius Artist With Aquarius Rising,

Yes! As an Aqua Rising, you are particularly Uranus sensitive. So, of course, you are feeling Uranus in Taurus as it approaches. And sudden energetic repulsions or – conversely pulls as you experiencing with the desert vibe – are extremely Uranian. Uranus Vibe operates in fits and bursts.

Any of the good $$$ dates on the Moon Calendar are brilliant for home buying.  I will also be alerting people to particularly useful Uranus in Taurus times via the Horoscopes. But recall that April-May is the Transition Zone. That’s when you scheme and observe. As you let go of past identities or values, working out what has currency in this new era as you go, you integrate the future into your psyche.

Decisions in every day all draw on this concept of folding the future into your present. Such as?  Your nutrition and how you talk. What you deem leisure and what feels burdensome. Your clothes and your creative flow.

Uranus in Taurus is totally about a re-grounding. Whether it’s as in you’re moving or putting down roots or emotionally as in more stability – Uranus will help us hatch innovative ways to be doing this. It also feels as if very LAND is calling you. Georgia O’Keeffe’s Ghost Ranch in the desert could be inspirational?!

Is anyone else getting a whiff of Uranus in Taurus yet? It’s the optimal astrology for house purchase energy if you’re in touch with your true needs and aware of global financial fuqery trends.

I also see your desert home as going with turquoise – the Sagittarius talisman stone.

Image: Yumi Sakugawa – the Saggo Artist posting the question!

38 thoughts on “New Uranus Cycle – New Place?”

  1. twinfishrising


    I have downgraded to a dumb phone and the grounding after just 4 days is phenomenal.

    Also getting into cow-watching as a form of life coaching inspiration ( lucky to live where I do ) instead of screen-grazing.

    Creating space, physically, mentally, energetically is my new solid.

  2. Wow, I’m so feeling this vibe but in the opposite direction. I’ve been in the desert for years, made yearly pilgrimages to Ghost Ranch, so beautiful, loved the land, FELT the land, and now I am sick to death of the desert. I can’t even go hiking anymore without feeling like everything around me is just brown and dead.

    I am dreaming of a wind swept cliff, ocean in the distance, green green green, and trees.

  3. Wow. Too strange. Neptune and Chiron have been going through my fourth house long enough that the issue of “home” has been a long and painful one. However, it is only these last few months that I have become dead set on purchasing my own home. Possibly away from the city (I live in New Orleans) where I can work on art in solitude and spend more time with my first loves- animals and plants. I am extremely worried about being socially isolated but the thought persists…

  4. I have recently become impatient with money.
    I want to be able to pay myself a nice holiday, buy nice grown up clothes instead of that crappy produced by under paid people stuff they sell at H&M or Zara.
    I want to sell the car that I have – my father bought it for me many years ago and it’s in his name – and buy one myself and actually have the money for it.

    I don’t want bosses over me anymore.
    To do so I’d have to make an offer to a less stable but more adventurous job place, become a firm myself and not being the moderately paid, but with a stable position employee that I am, and make a 360 degree change of perspective.
    At 45.

    Does that sound like Uranus is pushing is sextile to my Venus in X house already?


    It was a billion threads ago, and I finally have it. I’ve done a test on shoes, and will examine the effect. I’m told i can use it on the bod, and i have more experimental ideas ( my body is not a temple, it’s a living science experiment 🙂 )

    Wasn’t sure where to put this, but i figure it’s kind of Taurean enough and new-Uranus into old-earth-Taurus to go here. And i wanted the kind person to see it. Thank you xxxx

    1. i’ll be sure to pass on the message to… Herb … or was it alexi? … 😉 xx

      And yes, you can use it on the body to clear up any fungal condition, also for red-eye. You can spray it on a band-aid for wound healing too. I think that there are band aids & bandages already infused with c. silver.

      Silver is a powerful disinfectant (antibacterial & antiviral)

      There’s a true story about an Indian maharaja from Jaipur who had a couple of enormous sterling silver urns especially made up for him so that when he travelled to England for some coronation, he had them filled with water from the Ganges (!!) for his personal use as he didn’t think European water was fit to drink. If that isn’t proof that silver kills bacteria, i don’t know what is.

  6. Love this go for it!!!! Desert house art making scifi sounds so great and the novel sounds rad. I’ve been getting pings about a wilderness Mn cabin that I want to own…with Uranus anything is possible. + my nnode in 4h.

    Georgia o Keefe was my first art love. As a 4-5 yr old I was obsessed with her (vagina) florals lol. That Scorpio life.

    1. Had the pleasure of seeing an O’Keefe up close and personal at the Whitney the other day. Her florals certainly do stir the soul (as per my Scorpio moon).

  7. Aquarius sun and rising -I would prefer to not even leave the house/deal with people if it can be avoided lately, though not in a depressive way and once I’m out it’s fine. But literally, this may be the first time in years (if ever) that I’ve been disappointed by the lengthening days, I want it dark, cold, and rainy so I can hibernate and just focus on my energy shift. (Though I strongly suspect much of these feelings is due to Pluto transiting my 12th.)

    1. also the market is highest it’s ever been “in the desert 2 hours from LA”

      i’m one of those saturn-leaning aquarius types I guess

  8. how strange…we had a vacation few weeks ago ..included friends and their new friends from the desert …it got my husband and I looking into where they live in desert. But we can’t retire for a bit..but interesting just the same 🙂

  9. Artist turned entrpreneur here and I have been weirdly doggedly depressed unless I am doing creative work. I haven’t been able to get out of bed unless it’s to go to the gym or prepare myself raw smoothies and paint. 6 years of repression, just bam right in the middle of my materialist dream in a huge American city. Just got my dream job, ready to quit and move on to studying plants and my own psychic witchiness in the woods. Also taking care of and adopting all the things? took on a case of twin brothers with autism, got them jobs and pets and out of the house. My house is a conservatory now. Just wow. And timely. thanks for all the tools to get ahead of this. xo Aqua rising Cap stellium with 2nd,3rd as well as Jupiter in Taurus.

  10. I have felt sudden urges towards high fashion in the last month. Taurus is my north node in the 8th. Conversely, I am also finding financial planning relaxing, even as the market dips. Trying to find the link between my art career and a new materialism. Carrying second hand designer bags is totally upping my abundance vibe

  11. Marvellous, yes yes yes I’m feeling it! Practically everyone I know has moved away, and my own family moved houses on the same property. I’ve totally been feeling the Ghost Ranch, high desert, natural beauty vibe. Netflix uploaded a new show called Money for Nothing and I’ve been so inspired to start revamping old furniture and I’ve decided to build a deck over the summer and put the carpentry skills I teach myself to work afterwards to build Christmas gifts for everyone! It’s a real waste-not, recycle everything vibe! I’ve already been updating my beauty regime with all-natural additions and I’ve added new vitamins and hair oils, which have never been my thing but I’m suddenly obsessed with growing my hair long. I’m not particularly Uranian (NN Aquarius in my 8th, and Uranus part of a small stellium in Capricorn- which is suppose has been being activated by transits a ton lately…) but I am definitely tapping into the Earth Mother vibe, and I love realising how in tune with the stars I am through your informative writings!

  12. Uranus is conjunct my late Aries IC (and opposing my MC where my natal Pluto, Saturn, and the moon hang out), so my home and work life have already been shaken up and I’m expecting some more changes.

    On the home front I moved in with my boyfriend, my landlord was doing a lot of renovating and if I had stayed it would be an improvement but it was time to go, it stopped feeling like home. We are both decluttering and fixing things up and making changes that will lead to a more grounded lifestyle. My boyfriend has the same thing happening to him but with uranus opposing his sun, jupiter, and saturn at the MC. His uncle just passed away and so his family has had a big shake up too and it involves what to do with inherited property.

    At work I’m working on a very uranian project (science and online communication is involved).

    I’ve read that uranus brings out of the blue changes that lead to improvements even if you can’t see it at the time, time will tell. Moving in with my boyfriend feels good so far, we both have the path of fortune in our 4th house in taurus so even though we’re not typical relationship types (we both have venus-uranus aspects natally) we are happy as clams buying home appliances and planning to build a deck and plant gardens together.

  13. Mid May Mercury will be conjunct Uranus on your MC, yes? (& my DC)…interesting, can’t wait….I have been singing this over & over lately

    And I think it’s gonna be a long long time
    ‘Till touch down brings me round again to find
    I’m not the man they think I am at home
    Oh no no no I’m a rocket man
    Rocket man burning out his fuse up here alone

    1. Could be. Run your chart for May 12-13th – & look at “additional tables” Maybe get a consult?… or just tie up loose ends, relax, get in your T3 & ride into the desert .. i hear Coober Pedy is lovely that time of year… 🙂

    2. & Saturn ON your DC?… Chiron sq your Saturn, exact? .. maybe i got it wrong?

      VDubaru hahaha!
      … very jealous, actually. Miss the Joker every day :/

  14. That’s interesting!
    My Uranus career kicked in early too. I was 10 yrs old and Uranus was bang on my NN when i was expelled from an awful Catholic school run by demented child-hating nuns.

  15. sounds fun!

    I too have recently been looking at arid-zone real estate, not just because of the strikingly beautiful landscapes and prevalence of snakes in the top-10 most venomous list as neighbours, but also because house prices are 10% of what they are in the nearest capital city, a 4-hour twin-engine flight away.
    maybe my urban cynicism is in fact a precursor to uranus and my 11th house.

    1. “Prevalence of snakes in the top-10 most venomous list as neighbours.”

      If that isn’t brilliant I don’t know what is.

  16. MutatisMutandis

    aqua rising and yes! however my 4H taurus IC is near the end of the transit and uranus is still 4 degrees from entering my 3H. it’s a ways off but i’m already obsessively gaming out different living and resettling options and plans to get there. also thinking way simpler, rural, permaculture and art-centric, but in a forest area near where i spent time as a child. interesting the comment about the landlord – i’m really happy in my current rental because the landladies live next door and are very respectful and chill and the vibe is extremely positive.

  17. Omg, yes!!! And I am loving it. Uranus is transiting my second house and I came to an abrupt, screeching halt with my spending in February. I spent two weeks ridden with anxiety, before realizing that just by paying a little attention and a modest amount of simplifying, I will be just fine financially. Instead of taking out another loan or refinancing myself out of this, like I would have in the years since 2011, I am buckling down a bit. By October, I will be golden.

  18. Yes, wow definitely! After many long years of Uranus in Aries productively kicking my butt (transiting my rising and squaring my midheaven), with the help of Saturn in sag, it literally feels as though it’s finally paying off. A shock job offer landed in my lap last week like an unexploded bomb, which required a complete rejig of my life, is terrifying/exciting/ but incredibly lucrative. Sun and Venus conj jupiter in Taurus – was I born for this?

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