Ancient Moon Rules For Timing

As my answer for Curious Gemini proves, there are not only ultra-ancient rules for timing things by the Moon – haircuts, getting cats, planting seeds, turning your mattress –  they still work.

Hi Mystic,

This Moon in Virgo has me going mad over perfecting my life. I have been adding new sections to my diary ALL DAY. I think your previous post about Moon in Cancer as the best time to buy a bra inspired me to do EVERYTHING possible at the best possible time — is this normal?

I’ve added pages on the best timing for hair removal and hair growth/coloring/treatments. I’ve even looked over the spreadsheets of my business and taken track of what was going on astrologically to my natal chart when the $$$ was best. From this, I have tried to create a new schedule of best times of work during the month. Why would I want to waste time when I can have the BEST times?

I read a quote of Hippocrates saying, “Do not touch with iron these parts of the body that are governed by the sign through which the moon is passing.” Does this apply only to surgeries? I was wondering when would be the best time for manicures and pedicures, although the instruments used aren’t iron, it’s the same kind of thing. 

There needs to be one big website, with all the info on everything beauty according to lunar phases.

I’m just concerned about the validity of my information. I would hate to apply this new routine for myself if what I thought was best, is worst?

From, Curious Gemini. 

My Dear Curious Gemini,

Okay, there IS validity in what you say – definitely – but thinking like this is also a short cut to going bats. Astrology is a practice. So yes, there are rules, but it is also essential to note your reactions to various Moons.

Keep a journal where you note dreams, hunches, horoscopes that resonated and Tarot reads. It will very quickly become like a psychic goldmine.

I become skincare or scent-obsessive with Moons in Libra and tend to be more herbal/sprout/seed Zen Hippie with Cancerian Moons. I get incredibly emotional about historical scenarios like the witch burnings and inquisitions when the Moon is in Scorpio.

But enough about me. The indicators marked on the Moon Calendar are helpful and here, FYI, are some of the more ancient Moon Rules.

Get a new broom to effect sudden remarkable change and put it outside your house, three hours before the New Moon.

Only do beauty maintenance or therapy on a Friday, because it is the day of Venus but not if the Moon is in Aries or Scorpio.

If You Want Your Hair To Grow Longer, Trim It On A Waxing Moon

If you want your hair to grow longer, trim it on a waxing Moon. But discourage hair growth by cutting it (or getting your legs waxed) on a waning Moon.

A bird that comes to you on a Scorpio Moon is someone you know, perhaps passed over.

Don’t pick up scissors or broken glass during the Moon in Aries or Scorpio.

Don’t gaze in mirrors too long when the Moon is in Pisces.

If you ask someone a question when the Moon is conjunct Saturn, they will have to tell you the truth.

Prayers and wishes are more likely to be answered when the Moon is conjunct Jupiter.

As for the iron instruction from Hippocrates, that’s fascinating. I think it only applies to surgery and timing for operations far more complicated than mere Moon rules.

You look at Neptune (for anesthesia), Mars-Saturn for surgical skill and many other factors.

What does everyone else think?

Image: Gian Paolo Barbieri

26 thoughts on “Ancient Moon Rules For Timing”

  1. 12th house virgo

    I totally get the desire to know, predict, and plan everything. But at some point, you have to accept the Unknown. Excuse my zen.

  2. I’m still waiting for an app that will tell me when the moon is in each sign (and phases) and link to my calendar. I would like to be able to schedule hair/massage/doctors’ appts and know that I was in tune with the Universe.

    Preferably it will be Mystic Medusa branded, but I’ll take it from anywhere.

    The info exists, it’s just not easy to integrate.

  3. electric eel libran

    i love today’s picture of the owl and taking an aerial crap. perfect for virgo moon!

    i do think what sign the moon is in makes a difference but different people may have sl. different results. i haven’t sussed out all of my personal ones but this is what I’ve come up with so far:

    moon in cancer: stay the fuq home and be psycho in private. the psycho part is worse if moon is new or full. forget diet.
    moon in scorpio: a lot like moon in cancer but more paranoia and less carbs.
    moon in aqua or gem: great time to do tarot readings. not terribly psychic for me but the answers are usually very clear and defined.
    moon in leo: go be social and talk to strangers whether or not they give free candy. im more likely to leave a good lasting 1st impression. good for marketing biz stuff.
    moon in virgo: nest and clean. time to take extra long baths.
    moon in pisces: remarkably not psycho…more long baths and vegging. can be good to read tarot for others but not myself.
    moon in taurus: usually get good sleep and good massages. also a good time to get out and market myself but on a personal scale instead of the grand scale that moon in leo was in.

  4. I have to say, Mystic’s tip of using Virgo moon to get housecleaning ERK and administrivia done, is great… 100 x more effective and motivational at this time.

    I used to always cut my nails on a waxing moon (fingernails). It’s apt I’m reading this, as I’ve just been to cut them though I had to think about it because it is the wrong time. They were too long and driving me nuts. Over the years they have got so strong and fast growing that I need to cut them every 2 weeks. I don’t actually like long nails, I just like strong ones.

  5. We have always been told to look at where the moon is in the body due to the gravitational pull. For example if the moon is in the knees do not have knee surgery for the blood flow will be more do to the gravitational pull to that area. My family and I have always followed this not only for ourselves but our pets as well and swelling minimal as well as speedy recovery especially with the pets!

  6. I really feel some dark moons, I often feel very bleak like I am turning inside out and facing the world with my raw self. I have to do major magnesium/hydration/lavender oil etc to avoid being a completely batshit headcase. Virgo moons opp my Pisces 7th house sun often result in a ruthless forensic analysis of my failures in love, along with an obsessive need to document it all in my journal, blog, emails to friends, wherever.

    I am so buying a broom this weekend. All the bogan neighbours’ kids think I’m a witch anyway, because I don’t like football and my TV is the size of a postage stamp:)

  7. I think Linda Goodman touched on that Hippocrates/iron thing in her ‘starsigns’ book. She said something about how surgeries done on parts of body whilst the moon was in its corresponding sign were more likely to result in fatalities. So i.e going to get tonsils removed while the moon was in Taurus would more likely bung up ( As Taurus rules neck/ throat)

    1. hey, re your lincraft spotlight dillema are you familiar with tessuti in surry hills? The fabric store in Surry hills is also good. They both have websites which i won’t bother linking to because for unknown reasons the response to you with the link keeps disappearing on the other post.

  8. i love tauras moon as its the time to eat really nice food and indulge your senses. Gemini/sag moon squares most of my chart so i lay low then
    no matter what the moon the planets are very intense right now. But i am learning to cope better with situations . I realized that where i live must change and then i can leave it all behind me. i am inventing a new me for the scorpio new moon eclipse. transforming and not caring about shit anymore. i got my boundaries on now and i want to live…….

  9. One of my earliest interests in astrology were the different ways I’d feel and react when the moon travelled through the is in different signs; it’s so consistent it’s scary. And Mystic is right. Figure out what works for you, and what feels right for you. Don’t feel like you have to adhere to a specific schedule. You could wait too long and miss out on something, or rush into something too quickly. Sure Cancer might be a good time to buy a bra, but if you need one and the Moon just got into Virgo, it’s not like it’s going to make your boobs magically turn into bags of sand.

    When you pay close attention to the moon cycles, it’s great for knowing when you need to rest, when you KNOW you’ll actually do something you’re supposed to, when you feel fab or like a pos.

    One moon sign might be great for you and awful for another. My worst time is definitely when the Moon is in Taurus; I am an unbearable person, especially to myself, during a Taurus Moon (don’t even get me started on that long void FULL moon last week, HORRIBLE! Thank god I was shut away from the world because of the storm). I’m willing to bet there’s a lot of people who DON’T feel that way during a Taurus moon. And much as I feel fab during a Leo Moon, without a doubt, someone probably hates it too (which sign? haha).

    1. hiddendragonqueen

      me! hates leo moon. squares all my fixed stuff and conjuncts saturn. 2 days of angst always… though it really, really makes me appreciate the magic that is a virgo moon. i mope about thinking of everything i should be doing and then the moon hits virgo and it’s go time. brilliant. actually i think i just adore the mutable moons- especially sag. fixed ones i’m just depressed, (moon-mars) then REALLY depressed (chiron), then happy for a few hours (venus), then REALLY happy and inspired (uranus), then depressed again (saturn). i don’t know if it was always so clear, or if i make it clear by paying attention. scorp moons lately though are all about murderous fantasies, literally. scary!

  10. Whoa, that is a bit mad.. the $$$ times I get, but I think the best times for certain beauty routines should be more conceptual than prescriptive non? All I can think reading this letter is how cool it would be to have a mental health/wellness spa offering services by Moon sign. You know, there’d be a Lavender Libran Room, light, airy and scented.. the Scorp-o-Cell would be passionate blood red with dim lighting, secret doors and sweat would be mandatory (bleeding optional) sort of thing..

    All I know is that as a Kataka Sun I feel absolutely FED by moonlit walks. Is like plugging myself into a charger. I have Aqua Moon so I love the stars, and the idea of some kind of electricity connecting everything, ohms for words etc. Seems to me every aspect of my chart explains certain really it is tres tres personal.

  11. Cut hair on a waxing Moon if you want to grow but get it waxed on a waning Moon – to disinhibit growth.
    Surely you mean ‘inhibit’ growth ?

  12. There is a very cool astro phenomenon for mothers & their babes that apparently occurs a fair bit …if there is a trine or sextile from transiting Mars or Jupiter (which will be the babe’s natal Mars or Jupiter) to the mother’s natal Jupiter or Mars…the combination supports muscle action & assists with a harmonious natural birth.
    I remember reading about it Years ago & then, when my daughter was born, in a very healthy natural birth, so it came to be that her Jupiter trines my Mars…cool I say.

  13. Anony_Aus/Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

    I don’t really get why you’re so concerned about getting a manicure/pedicure at the right time—I mean it’s some nail polish and a bit of filing right? What’s the worst that could occur? Extra chipping? The beautician loses it a chops off a finger?

    1. Yep, there are conservative men all over the world just longing for someone to create a website with beauty directions according to lunar phases and for the world’s 1.5 plus billion women to give up their days jobs (except looking after the children) and follow it.

  14. Anony_Aus/Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

    Well I totally picked the Melbourne Cup winner Green Moon, just by intuition and I hear Neptune is in Pisces on my ascendant (sp?) so more likely to be psychic?

    I think different moons affect different people in different ways, so keeping track of it for a while might be a good idea. A moon in sagg makes me restless and a moon in Leo makes me bust out the leopard print and fake lashes.

    But don’t send yourself bats! I mean it’s ALWAYS a bad time to drunk dial an ex or do stupid stuff, whatever the moon is doing.

    All this spreadsheeting is a bit daunting, and sounds tedious…. how about trying to cultivate your instincts around astro? Like…oooh this (insert moon) feels good, my instinct tell me it’d be good for X. Don’t forget the Oracle is always useful when stumped.

    I think being aware of the big caveats (e.g. don’t get a drastic new look during a void moon in leo or whatever it is, be careful with communication during Merc retro) should be enough.

    I think the reason there isn’t a site that spreadsheets all the “right/wrong” times is because it’s a lot more complicated than that, which is why we have our dear Mystic to decipher it all for us. Worth every cent!!

    I like those ye olde rules, defo gonna try out the cut hair during a waxing moon, coz I’ve got the remnants of chopped-offf dreads to grow out and it’s been painfully slow!

  15. theres this concept in economics, about marginal analysis, marginal analysis is looking at basically how much one more of something would cost you/ benefit you, it gets slightly complicated and you can deduce the best amount to produce or consume or what have you, one of the effects is diminishing returns, getting less and less out of something for making one more or consuming one more, well there is a point in analysis that there is diminishing returns as well, a 3rd dimension of diminishing returns if you will, where the time spent analyzing after a certain point defeats the purpose of benefiting from analysis, a point finding the perfect course of action gets kind of not worth it, I would say astrology is too infitinite to get too crazy about, take a peek when you need it, but humuorously enough you will find that weather you know the astro or not you end up living out the astrology anyways

    1. like seriously, think of all the aspects major and minor in your chart, now think of all the aspects major and minor going on transit wise, now all the aspects between transiting and natal, then add the whole chart progression in to it, then theres mid points, rulership, preference of orbs, and thats all before you even decide to mess with synastry, dont do it, growing as a person is not a competition or something you can get much better at, it takes time, after you first few years of working out you cant get much more muscular without getting really complicated with workouts all to get the tiniest of ganes, most improvement is like I said stuff of diminishing returns, benefit from the juicy 80 percent from getting pretty good at it, and ditch that mother for some other kind of improvement, or youll be going crazy for the smallest of percents, dont do it

      1. also nothings wrong with fighting your way up that exponentially steep curve upwards, but if your doing it purely to get something out of it, then its never worth it, as in this case of trying to be more astrologically aligned, if its not like a thing you enjoy like music or working out then dont do it, so unless you would go crazy super analyzing things anyway and enjoy doing that on some level, then by all means go pro, but if you really are trying to get something out of it, its not worth it

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