Daily Mystic For Monday 13 June

The revelatory Venus-Uranus alignment that was exact over the weekend is still influential and it merges beautifully into Tuesday’s Saggo Full Moon.

Whatever ingenuity, interpersonal chemistry or breakthrough realization you experienced in the last 72 hours, it was – is – substantial.

If nothing occurred, perhaps it is a delayed perception? As for the Moon, it’s got two major facets to it: (1) A distinct flashpoint potential in terms of geopolitical security and discoveries + (2) The possibility of a genuinely fabulous artistic or spiritual development.

It’s good for dreamers, seekers and idealists who’ve painstakingly kept their magical zing alive through wearying challenges or material demands. And speaking of dreams, yes – keep a dream diary. It’s a big Moon for instincts and inspo from elsewhere.


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