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Every New Moon is a chance to start over, to renew depleted psychic energies and reset your attitude. They’re a good time to initiate a new enterprise, relationship, dialogue or image.

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Happy New Moon In Gemini 2019

Happy New Moon in Gemini 2019! May the mutability begin. If you’ve read your Monthly Horoscopes, you’ll recall that the Hyper Flux (Jupiter square Neptune) is back. And this New Moon marks the start of it. So it is not a “normal” Gemini New Moon. It’s amped. Turns out changing your mind/plans every day on the basis of new intel is a genius strategy.  More in the Daily Mystic email …

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New Moon in Taurus. Black and white photographic montage of a woman holding a Moon.

The New Moon In Taurus Is Witchier Than It Looks

Any New Moon in Taurus is a foundation stone for new values or affiliations. It feels self-accepting. Solidarity counts more than showy gestures. And, it’s an auspicious Moon to establish new money habits. But this one is weirder and witchier than that. Saturn methodically dredges up past dynamics, recrafting what you thought of as your narrative. It’s not like the Chiron South Node Swamp vibe of a few years ago. …

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Power Moons

Epic Validation From My Fave Harry Potter Actor

I am so thrilled to see this from Evanna Lynch!  I loved her Luna Lovegood character in Harry Potter, follow her on Instagram and admire her animal rights activism. In that light, it’s nice to think that she – along with her kindred fantastic Mega Mystic members are supporting our rescued racehorse, Pluto. The fact she likes Power Moons and the Horoscopes is a fabulous Mercury Retro surprise. I can’t …

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The New Multi Time Zone Moon Calendar

  The new Multi Time Zone Moon Calendar is here! It features everything you liked in the Scheduler but with three fabulous improvements. (1) You can set it to whatever time zone you like. Your time zone now, your time zone with daylight savings, your friend’s zone, whatever. (2) It has the Void Moons, Moon Signs, Retrogrades and more ahead until 2050. It goes until Pluto is in Pisces and Uranus in …

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The New Moon Of Substance

Happy New Moon In Capricorn; a Solar Eclipse, augmented by power-players Saturn and Pluto. It is a Moon of Substance, a magical moment for worldly people. Give thanks to the people who let you down, disregarded your feelings or belittled your talents. Yes, that’s right. Honor the Fuqwits. They scrambled your signal but unintentionally made you strong. You took their crap and turned it into fuel. Give thanks that you’re …

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Finesse The Solar Eclipse New Moon In Capricorn

The Solar Eclipse New Moon in Capricorn sounds savage, like a shitty diagnosis or a humbling day in the arena. But you can finesse this. It is a major theme in the current Horoscopes, of course. (If you want my take on it in your individual natal energies, check out Power Moons). Eclipses evoke subliminal anxiety and our imagination. The sign of Capricorn is associated with worldly goods, leadership or …

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