This Full Moon Eclipse Frequency

Are you tuned into this Full Moon Eclipse frequency? Actually, it’s kind of hard not to be. There’s no need to seek the ‘signal in the static noise’ because this is all signal.

As you may know, eclipses are the deluxe version of the standard Full Moon, maxing out nuanced socio-psychic perception and self-realization even as they crank up the meta-themes and  mundane pressure factors.

Can you make personal breakthroughs in the midst of such weirding? You already are. If you don’t believe me, think for a moment. The Eclipse has an extended orb and so it’s been building momentum since at least last Friday. You’ve probably been too literally or mentally busy managing the merde-storm to appeciate your gains.

Today’s Daily Mystic has more and as the D.M. for Friday said, this is polarity central: an organic flashpoint for relationship fuqery, whether it’s your current partner, a hypothetical someone, past-loves, self-love/loathing, alliances for pleasure or profit, friendships and/or family.

Illuminating the differences or distance between people, this lunar light is too merciless for an ‘accentuating the positive’  workaround.  The Moon is also conjunct asteroid Magdalena and trine Pluto in Aquarius – the optimal astral setting for (another) Churchie-Royal revelation.

And guess what? We’re also in a major geomagnetic storm. At the time of writing, the Solar Wind speed – usually about 300 kilometers a second – is 832 kilometers per second.

(Shout out to all the Aries people figuring out if they can outpace this). It’s to be expected as we’re approaching Solar Maximum, but it adds cosmo-biological atmospheric tensions to the config. The Earth strengthens its magnetic field in response to the Sun’s stronger impetus and it can make people inspired yet skittish.

Are you fluctuating between feeling formidable or finally in command of yourself and awkwardly apprehensive? Craving change in practically every metric but also not wanting to budge in any regard? Questioning everything and then interrupting the answer because you’ve suddenly hatched a fresh hypothesis?

Radically detached yet monitoring everything? This is very Libran Eclipse in the the middle of a Geomagnetic Storm. Remember that in extreme astro-weirding like this, you cavorting around the place switching tactics every five seconds is the least weird thing. Ditto if you’ve powered down for the duration and appeared to have  somehow paired with your television.

I know I often say this but it’s worth the reminder today: if you were completely oblivious and operating on your normal protocols today, that would be strange.

So how are you going?

Image: Max Bertolini – Neverending Years

78 thoughts on “This Full Moon Eclipse Frequency”

  1. Unrelated to anything, I am now thoroughly convinced that cancer sun/venus men are absolutely the opposite of my type. Particularly with Leo influence. Crikey

    1. Sorry, the above was meant to reply to a post below.
      By the way, Mystic, it is a pity we cannot delete posts anymore… would it be possible for that option to return?

  2. Quite the interesting photo choice to highlight this energy…the curved bridge. As of 1:26am today, the Key Bridge in Baltimore, USA was struck by a cargo ship and completely collapsed 🙁 This is a major component on I-695, aka the Beltway in the NE Corridor…

  3. I am currently gearing up for my third Uranus opposition hit and everything is crawling out from the cracks to smack me in the face at gale-force speeds. So that’s nice.

  4. The eclipse was smack bang on my natal Saturn in Aries and it feels uncomfortable. Anxious and worried about difficult relationship with colleague, and particularly low on energy (‘drained’ is the best word for it). The weekend was cold, windy and rainy, though it is technically Spring here in the Northern Hemisphere. Today it is sunny and warmer and I feel the eclipse energy is waning, so things are a bit better…

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Sorry to hear that Calcifer. I too have Saturn in Aries but the eclipse was in my 8th house. I wish you would stop worrying , you are a thoughtful and intelligent person and it feels like the issue is with your colleague. You look after you please. You can’t control what other people do.
      Wishing you more healing solar rays.
      p,s. I just bought a solar sad lamp as we have had unseasonably overcast days for a very long spell and in Australia am heading into winter. Having no sun depresses me too.
      Chin up baby xox.

      1. Hello dear Wish, thank you for the reminder that worrying won’t change anything (I read somewhere that worrying can be compared to sitting on a rocking horse; you are not getting anywhere). You are very right too about not being able to control what other people do.
        Hope your solar sad lamp will pull you through the Australian winter and sending love! 🌞 🌞 🌞 🌞 🌞

      1. Ooh. It’s in my 11th, conjunct my Moon, Jupiter and Saturn. Thankfully it’s waning, but ditto on the eye rolls. Lol.

  5. As an 8th house Libra stellium I’m zooming around the place like a roadrunner from the future, ranting about fractals and metaphysics. I can’t shut up for the life of me. Yet yesterday felt like the longest day ever – we didn’t do much but by the end of the day it felt like the morning’s events happened 50 years prior. We’re spending the rest of this week at a monastery as it’s Holy Week. Wish me luck/wish the monks patience please!

  6. Yesterday felt like a dream….. I did a practice run for the Total Solar Eclipse at Niagara Falls and there’s something about the power of the water that really makes you remember your place on this beautiful Earth. This eclipse full moon is in my 12th house Libra moon and I’ve been really cracking the door open to ancient spiritual knowledge/ practices and living a life more aware of my connection to every living organism. Cue every living organism with life force now having an open line to me lol. I mean I was weird before but now I’m really living it, cultivating and allowing my true self out and I love it 💜

      1. Hello love! Long time no speak, I hope your 2024 has been magical and you’re not feeling too overwhelmed by the intense cosmic energy ✨

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Well things are finally moving forward for me in a good way. And I’m hanging 🙂 in there.
      Thanks for asking.

  7. It is applying to my ASC-DSC. Pluto sits on my DSC.

    It all kicked off for me two Fridays ago when I got kickback from the post-trauma romance I am writing. I’m no stranger to writing trauma but this is the first time a character’s trauma is rubbing up very close to mine.

    Wednesday’s equinox pulled all the disparate threads together around the “bad person” narrative I am trying to shed and heal from — that it has roots all the way back in trauma from when I was 15. The role that unavailable men play in my life. The way “I want what I want,” regardless of the consequences of that (but at least as I’ve got older I’ve been less able or willing to directly act on it).

    Then today I ended up in a vulnerable email exchange with a client — directly related to 1st house/7th house issues of how one is seen in the world. And the way one is in intimate relationship with others. (I quite like the idea of the 7th house also being clients, when you work in very intimate and vulnerable spaces with people). i’ve just finished delivering a 28 program that reframes self-care as replenishment. It was another lead-by-example moment.

    My summer year is about to end tomorrow and I am emptied all the way out.

    I will be glad for more sleep tonight.

  8. Omg yes???? Stop reading my mind

    I wandered down to the nearest horizon to see if I could catch the actual moon rise with the eclipse but it’s just a tad too early. Either way I will wait until sunset to watch La Luna emerge from the Pacific.

    Also, Aries: I imagine them making eye contact with the solar wind at the traffic lights while revving their engine as a challenge for a drag race

  9. Glued to TV, yes. Just finished my first ever Korean drama.

    As you said, I am clueless and anxious, trying to do the basics well – day job, taking care of dog, cleaning home, making meals. I feel very detached from my spiritual and creative life recently. Spent a lot of time this eclipse thinking about that.

    Romantically, if things were any more snooze-y, they will have to be cryogenically frozen. I don’t anticipate any change to my peaceful hermit existence – eclipse or no eclipse.

    Although, have been encouraging my Libra Sun, Aries Moon mother to formally separate from my abusive father, whom she has been married to for 45 years. They are both deeply psychologically malformed people, but she needs more protection.

  10. im practically homeless so i feel practically psychotic right now
    anxiety is up
    it’s bleeding into my work
    just wanna run
    my friend has offered to share his place
    i am grateful but my overriding emotion is self pity if i’m honest
    this eclipse is exact on my venus
    my son is ok
    my tabby cat Princess can come with me
    gonna hold on to those things
    dont need people saying to me ‘just once it would be great if you say im fine when i ask you how you are’ thanku, fellow aa member
    i will pray for you, BITCH lol
    i gotta get thru this
    the father of my child is getting a divirce-not his choice
    we both feel like we need valium
    i dont want to get back with him but i would share a place with him
    incredible turn of events
    having a family meal together easter day, hopefully it will ground me some
    take care folks ⚡️⚡️⚡️💕

  11. This eclipse is bang on my Sun – I’m still waiting to find out what’s coming in here. Meanwhile, I’m just home from attending the F1 Grand Prix in Melbourne with my eldest son and we’re still buzzing. I really fell in love with Melbs this trip, vaguely contemplating that being my next home city.

  12. How am I doing?
    I sat on my couch for most of the day. I absolutely loved it. My television and I were besties today (Sunday).

  13. Have Covid – it’s my second time. Say no more. It’s like a solar storm on steroids, with about the same seismic pressure on my ears. Definitely synced to the telly, but keeping the quality high (going with some HBO classics), rather than morphing down some delirious online hole of no conspiratorial return.

  14. Two words – frazzled and exhausted! A day of high anxiety yesterday verging on panic attack (for no reason in particular) went to bed exhausted only to lie awake all night thinking about my mum, who sadly passed away last September and what do I want to do with my life etc changing my mind all the time about my situation, only to fall asleep at 5am an hour before alarm went off at 6am. Libra rising, Mercury and Pluto. Finding like minded folk on this page a comfort X

    1. Your account of the past few days resonates with me… I had the anxiety on Friday and was in bed all Saturday fighting off a cold… Have cancelled three important appointments from my agenda this week, because I feel too low on energy to tackle them. Courage and energy are what I need 🔥

      1. May the courage and energy you need lift you up and effortlessly carry you forward in the moment, Calcifer <3
        & For G.S. Balance, my sincere sympathies, and wishing you some sparkling, illuminating sunshine and a soothing of the white noise and sharp edges so that clear thoughts arrive peacefully to show you the next steps in safety xxo

    2. Same same sames, but different. Similar then 😏 Definitely feeling the frazzled & depleted energy, and panicky the past few days. Think it has a lot to do with this space weather tbh. Grateful to MM for highlighting that – and the link to past blog on it. I used to follow it, but it’s been quiet for some years so i stopped tracking it. But we’re entering a new phase. Upside is auroras! Have noticed a lot of bird activity – including a daily visitor into the house for chats! That’s a highlight. And temperamental winds (not a highlight). Energy and mood-wise, not being able to cope with much is putting a dampener on my plans and making me question everything… And grief too… seems to be amplified when atmospheric energy is high and the body’s energy is low.😔 It’s all a lot… But my hope is this will pass with the storm and we will be able to see straight again. Libra Sun, Mercury, Pluto; Aries Jupiter & Chiron. Scorpio Rising 👋🏻💗

    1. Hi Coach – there’s a few ways to view eclipses but with a Libra natal moon it really reveals the shadow work we still need to uncover, parts of our life / self that remain imbalanced or unacknowledged. Look to the house your natal moon is in for more answers. You would’ve been getting glimpses of a particular issue or scenario over the weekend 🔱✨

  15. Epic energy purges from the shadows to be let go – all relationship and sacral chakra related with accompanying lower back pain. Preparing ritual for tonight for releasing it all through the 5 hours of the full moon lunar eclipse. Aquarius Sun – Taurus Rising and Pluto on my midheaven right now ahead of Jupiter-Uranus alignment in my first house conjunct Saturn . . . faaaaark it is all going on LOL. Happy transmutations all.

  16. haha how am i doing?

    (cue clip of bruce willis in die hard walking barefoot on broken glass and laughing psychotically)

  17. Yeah, spaced, frazzled, frantic (in mind). Also contributing factors: Jupiter closing in to conjunct Uranus, and Mercury in Aries (casting pre-Rx shade). And just general Aries energy i guess (for this Libran, often a challenge). It feels harder than usual to just get some very basic things (like going to the supermarket for essentials) done. And yet, when you just do it, it isn’t that hard at all. Go figure 🤷🏻‍♀️ But it’s the *focusing* enough on what you need to do in order to do the thing that makes it hard… Make sense? As a 12th houser, i have trouble with that anyway, but right now it seems amplified to the point that i might end up surviving on black tea and whatever’s left in the garden..!

      1. Happy to report i made it to the supermarket after all, despite missing a bus (but finding a large feijoa tree 😋), so am back to surviving on Earl Grey with almond milk, and a daily coffee to help me elevate to the frequencies of this space weather. I’m still way too soft for black tea. That’s for harder generations than mine. We’re only living through a cost-of-living-crisis (aka late-stage capitalism) and climate change – not the depression and a world war!

  18. Eeeeek! Resigned from my job on my bday – 20 March – 0 degrees Aries Sun – because I must have autonomy and was promised it when they asked me to join. Nerves have been on hyperdrive trying my best to keep the relationships I’ve built and my reputation in tact – feels like I’ve just realised the culture I dove head first into – startups – is actually quite binary and I’m only now really seeing it.

    Def feeling ALL sorts of feels. With the job I feel like I was in some kind of love bombing turned gaslighting relationship that I’m now reemerging from but still gave a proper two week notice while clearly stating my boundaries.

    Separately- Did some making over the weekend with lead light/stained glass and my professionally drawn pattern got routed to Melbourne vs Tasmania and had to choose something else – but it felt great to be making things with my hands. When the pattern arrives the design is of the golden ratio in quadrants representing my family all set with the colours of the rainbow and will be the window above my kitchen sink. At least I had a creative outlet and my nerves were calmed and with the beauty and problem solving. However when I went to pay for my work it was much more expensive than I had anticipated which I promptly paid in full. Now I have pushed back the big window until I fill my coffers more so I can pay for it! Full Moon in my 2nd house.

      1. Yes, my love. You MUST hire yourself.

        The stained glass window sounds divine and a beautiful place for it.

  19. “ mundane pressure factors” ha hubby had a shoulder dislocation at a remote surf spot with our 15 yo son (may have been his initiation into manhood). 3.5 hrs later he pushed against the doctors gentle manipulations because he didn’t want to be x-rayed and put under, or the pain any longer. We figured out we have been living together for 40 years this Easter just after is whistle high epiphany I love you moment. Eclipses work in mysterious ways, hey?

  20. I am a pisces sun libra rising, this full moon is in my 12th house and restless and sleepy and subject to cosmic skittishness/mania when the solar winds blow at high speeds. For this reason, I receive solar weather alerts from the space weather agency so I can plan accordingly! I have a long held policy of not getting behind the wheel of a vehicle on full moon days. I like to meditate to mark celestial events. Its soothing to read peoples thoughts today, thanks peoples

  21. Oh yay, have been invited to lunch at my sister’s place on weekend and already not looking forward to it. She’s always been the dominant one in our relationship and does things on her terms rather than sharing hers/mine, including waiting a full 24 hours to wish me happy birthday despite her always texting me to remind me to wish her moody/socially awkward Aquarian spouse a happy birthday each year. I’m anticipating coming home exhausted from the lunch after using every bit of willpower to detach and not bite at one of her usual many snitchy comments.

    1. This! And it echoes what i wrote in my journal today too. Or more like scrawled trying to keep up with my thoughts… Certainly busy in there. Busy doin’ nothing!

  22. Aries Sun, nothing in Libra. Very sleepy yet insomnia. Have a brain MRI in the morning, maybe I can catch some while lying in the tube

    1. Ah, good luck! I had one of those a couple of years ago to rule out a tumor as the cause of my tinnitus. It did. I hope yours goes well. I was anxious about mine but it was fine.

  23. I just completed an intuition development workshop this weekend online. Came out of the room and expanded and playful to my boyfriend who was hangry and I can know see is possessed when like that. All new sensation in my body. Yuk. But then relief to know it wasn’t him.
    But hello, get that being gone please!

  24. I was wondering why my circadian rhythms are so erratic. Was about to try and find a sleep tracker app but decided it would make me neurotic. Is anyone else insomniac at the moment? Are there any Libra people here?

    1. I fell asleep last night at 11:30, woke up at 1:30 am, got up and worked on my computer til 7, then slept til 10:30, so, yeah.

    2. libra sun aries full moon. i have been up all night several nights due to delayed onset muscle soreness from just generally going too hard lately. i have to be up and about and well distracted to avoid screaming/panic from the pain. i did a double workout today on no sleep and didn’t screw up my diet.

  25. I had just put up a blog that had 3 quick likes and one wonderful comment. That’s when I saw this… Yes, SAG sun, Gemini Moon, ARIES RISING. Tried to find where 318 was on astrodienst… but I gave up, couldn’t figure it out. I prepare as much as I can for eclipses. Had a lunch date with my 26 year relationship yesterday and it was a bit testy. He’s 80 now and said, “So have we come to the end?” He’s about to get a stent and has realized he can use 100 mg and not just 25 mg of the good old you know which pill. Even though he devalues what he doesn’t know about, and is pretty narcissistic, the hours of orgasms have been worth sticking around for. He comes by his emotional discomfort pretty easily as a Virgo, born two days before my dad’s birth. Emotional discomfort I’ve grown accustomed to and learned it has nothing to do with me.

  26. Let’s see,today I’ve been on my ass watching tv all day stoned but also in the process of filing for a divorce with my partner who still lives here, figuring out possibly moving across the country AGAIN and trying to put energy into my business🤪Virgo sun, rising, mercury and mars. All these planets in pisces!😭

  27. My daughter and I have been feeling since Friday. So skittish we could jump out of our skin. We booked an indoor water park 😂😂

  28. Stuck- debating whether to jump into a new shop space with my business, different suburb , signing a 2 year lease, saying fuck it , I’m going for it, then waking up in the middle of night sick with anxiety
    Cancer- Leo rising

  29. Total chaos!!!! And I have a headache and brain fog at same time, although it could be caused by chocolate macadamias 300g, coffee and covid..
    . Help!!!

  30. 7th house libra sun and mars. aries rising. saturn transiting 12th squaring moon and venus. SO FAR. SO GOOD✊🏽✊🏽
    if anything goes down,i certainly won’t be sharing it with ANYONE aloud.

    1. Oh, this is awesome. I’m not a conservator but am studying collections management for textiles and costume, so – related. More important, I’m so sorry for your loss and I hope you have time and space to grieve and rest.

      1. Thank you @VenusRules, I think I’m not getting the time to grieve properly (wailing in a cave for a month or so would be good), just trying not to implode. Walking every morning helps move it through my body.
        Isn’t that page amazing? Such a melancholic and beautiful list. I’m studying librarianship, and love the aspect of conservation – tending and care – and sustainability.
        Pisces sun, Virgo moon, cancer rising, Taurus mid-heaven here :).

  31. Had an anxiety attack today. Very out of character for this Sagittarius, but I am Libra Rising and Aries Moon. I was on the phone with a guy that I’ve only recently started dating and he was giving me a really hard time about my kid’s dad and using the example of his and his baby mama and I lost it. I was like “cool, good job, sounds like you guys did it all right” but I was totally melted down.

    I am the eternal optimist but I found myself praying that the CMEs from the solar storm today take out the whole power grid and take down this whole rotten civilization. Throwing myself back into work to stop dissociating and connect with something meaningful.

    So as far as how I’m going, it’s out of character and intense.

  32. This eclipse is happening a couple degrees conjunct on the Saturn side of my 8H Jupiter-Saturn conjunction! I just started a new job at the new moon (good money, AI software product, sketchy on long term viability but given the current job hunting environment in tech I’ll take what I can get) and spent the last couple of days perfecting my savings-debt paydown-tax spreadsheet. One minute I am planning the next 5 years to the month, the next I am wondering if I should ditch tech entirely and go back to school for fine art. Glad to know I’m in tune with the current vibe!

  33. Hi Mystic
    Iam bloody awful Iam so sick of these changes Iam constantly going through. Being a Taurus I hate change.

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