New Moon Psychic Jet Lag

Do you have Psychic Jet Lag? After nine weeks of mind-warping nebulosity, the answer is almost certainly yes.

The symptoms are similar to the ennui and timelessness of the travel variety, but in this case you’re psychically not in the same place as your intellect.

Most of us have minds that have rapidly not only adjusted to pandemic-planet but acquired a database’s worth of new intel: molecular biology terms, mask manufacturing logistics, viral metrics, deurbanization and more.

We’re informed, stoic and resourceful. But our psyches are still in transit, half expecting the air to shimmer and reveal a portal to the world before. Or..after.

Nostalgia is natural because the psyche scans everything before settling on something that fits. Put a golden light filter over it and voila.

Did the New Moon give you Psychic Jet Lag? No. It simply sharpened your awareness of it. Feelings are the core focus of any Cancerian Moon, particularly if it’s flanked by the Sun, the way it is every New Moon.

Luna is also opposite Pluto, the chief enemy of saccharine sentiment and emotional entropy. Fakery generates fuqedness.

Send micro Moon-Pluto passions or apprehensions away because they’re not cool and what happens? They turn macro by next weekend’s Sun-Pluto opposition, rocking up in full psycho-goth regalia.

Keep them around – you may as well recruit them to do something or morph them into enterprise/an artistic statement. The astro is not only about to optimize, it’s theatrical and large-scale.

But the other contributing factor to Psychic Jet Lag is this weekend’s square between the Sun/New Moon and Hekate in Aries.

It’s conflicting because the Cancerian Sun/Moon defaults to security within tribal structures, family, food and familiarity. There are time-proven benefits to certain bonds and you’re re-appreciating some of them.

Hekate is a crossroads deity and a trickster whose name comes from the actual Ancient Kemetic word for magic itself – Heka. If you’re edging more this way, none of the current fuqery is that disturbing because you never believed the sell in the first place.

You’re furious, of course, but determining that the tribe vibe may not be your safety zone. Social media is a maelstrom and private life is back.

Mars and Venus conjunct in Leo are about to strengthen Hekate, while Jupiter and Neptune make the Cancerian vibe more potent. Differences between people’s attitude will become more apparent and you could even be experiencing this polarity within yourself.

The imminent dazzling astrological alignments will help but in the meantime, you can’t zen-out to fix Psychic Jet Lag.  What works: Maximal authenticity and channeling – rather than re-routing – the intensity.

So, how are you going with it?

Image: Guy Bourdin

50 thoughts on “New Moon Psychic Jet Lag”

  1. Oh, thank you for this! The new moon left me scattered, unsure, and emotionally fragile. I hadn’t made the “tribe is not safe” connection–that’s a pretty powerful insight.

  2. Strangely I felt incredibly at peace on the night of the dark moon. I took a moment to give thanks. The new moon was in my first house and mercury emerged from a long time in my 12th. I felt released from something.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      I felt like I had a reset. The moon was in my 4th house where my Gemini sun is.
      I became introverted and let those niggling, suppressed emotions come out. I can see where I lose energy just trying to fit in with other people. This is where frustration breeds.

  3. In the middle of my fertility treatment (Hello, Cancer Season!) and enjoying a well earned summer holiday in perfect synchronization. Could not do new moon rituals in the BnB I am at, and because it was too early in the morning for me. But had a massive relationship realization.

    My biggest lesson from this solo holiday/medical tourism is something very poignant. Never accept from someone else anything less than what you can already do for yourself. And in my case, its so bloody damn much! I will not/can not ever go back to the ideal wife stereotype. It leaves me a bonsai version of myself, in exchange for very little. So, hallelujah, tiring as it has been. 🙂

  4. NM conjunct my Sun; Mars/Venus on my Leo stellium/10th H; Uranus sq Uranus.
    FINALLY, the big art project finished in 2015 & which had a few false starts being launched due to a family drama, a political coup, and pandemic – FINALLY – was successfully launched this New Moon. The best thing was meeting wonderful people who are keen to cooperate. Not to mention REAL HUMAN CONTACT!!! after what seems years of isolation. Want to cry with relief but far too wired.

  5. Missteps have been my normal step of late. It has taken nearly two days to digest this post lol 🙃
    The lag effect has been real, but the timing of my understanding coincided with a reoccurring dream I had where I am preparing food for my late father and something is always amiss…. Very Cancerian.
    Now, I’m not sure if my psychic lag has just finally caught up to clarity or deep messaging from Sphinx conjunct my moon, but I had a realization that in my dreams I’m always feeling out of control and under pressure to impress him. Your very typical neglect/psychological abuse/narcissistic daddy issue story I’m afraid. The perspective shift I needed and it’s taken years of always putting others needs first… is that it’s less about controlling situations but more about impressing myself and tending to my own needs which have layers of dust all over them lol 😕. It’s been a theme this weekend too in reality. Seems so basic but my most reoccurring issue is allowing others to steal my light 💡 

  6. One of the easier new moons for a while. Cricked my back but I powered on. Deciding to go raw vegan due to this pad of fat around my waist. And feel like my house renovation project is about to lift off. But pretty chilled really. Then if you look out of the window via the media… yeah sure it’s still a mess, I’ll close the curtains !

  7. Oh wow. Cancer as in sore point. Seventh house as in significant relationships esp marriage ie mom and and all that went wrong. Trapped nerve with shooting pain from the butt and down the legs. An actual aha moment. Yes. Feeling slightly better today as I got at least a little sleep so things are going in the right direction. Stretching is literally all I’m doing now. And drinking broth / homemade stock for myelin recovery. Not actually sure what that means but I hear voices and I take them seriously. One of these days I’ll be able to sew and write again. Meanwhile I’m stretching and pray-crying If anyone asks they are orgasms.

  8. Trying to write school programs for year 10 Visual Arts, this is usually fun and engaging but I can’t decide or focus. Maybe the moon in Virgo might be better for organizing the next 22 weeks. My Hekate is 19 49′ Aqua and now nestled beside my natal Pythia and Moon (22 A) at 19 42′ Aries.

  9. Love this! definitely why does that magic portal just shimmer and not become substantial. It does when you’re writing it as a story, yesterday I was working on what was a short story but is now going to be the first chapter of a book. When your mother and your home (cancer moon) has been destroyed and there seems to be no way to find sanctuary. But there is. Sanctuary, a portal, Hekate, a choice. Venus is Conjunct my natal Sun/north node – as was Mars a couple of days ago, squaring Uranus. Also squaring my natal moon & Neptune, Uranus is opposite. A T-square or intersection (always choices at crossroad) its been a wild uranium kind of daze/days.

    1. Brilliant, MerMama – that’s just triggered a memory of a meditation insight I had during this whole 5th dimension Merc sq. Nept hologram. It was simply what you said “You have a choice” (how to feel, how to respond) i.e. the power is yours .. But of course, this is Hekate, Lady of the Crossroads and Keys – and of choices !! Thanks.😊🤗 (and ~~ hang in there with the t-square chess game -I have natal Saturn sq. Uranus and this years’ Sat/Ur. interplay forms an exact Grand cross (Hekate’s realm) with my natal square. Don’t know where Hekate is natally but will check. I need a lantern..)

      1. Corduroy jeans

        A-ha !! Natal Hekate 12 Aquarius, right at the point where much of the transitory action (and grand cross, for me personally) has been. Talk about Making Presence Felt. I better get some twin-lanterns in homage to the crossroads.. #chills 😄🗝🔥

      2. Yes earthstar you have Hekate in that very defined point conjunct Saturn Retrograding too. Keys and lanterns are def needed. And multi-dimensional cosmic questions and aquarian choices. My natal Hekate is conjunct my Mars in Gemini (5th house) so it has been constantly pinged by the magician Mercury these past few months. and very soon both Mars & Venus will be joining natal mercury/uranus – of course this will all be happening in the 8th house! And Ms Hekate will be trining them and the other Egyptian Asteroids, Anubis and Sekhmet who fatally – autocorrected haha was natally but its the same really – reside there. Lantern lights for the occult house and the underworld travellers and all of us seekers at the crossroads and T-sections as we create new realities.

      3. Corduroy jeans

        Thank you, MerMama – you & Mystic are both precious gems!! X Ok so, now, do you want to hear something spooky//that affirms your last sentence (if not everything you’ve said)?? Literally just after writing your message, and then a reply to Shazberry below, my (Very Logical, Totally Non-esoteric, Left-Brain, Mathematical science) husband came up to me and said “Alright, so I’m off to Bunnings. What lanterns did you want me to pick up??” Me *looking him straight in the eye despite feeling wobbly, without skipping a beat* “The $19.99 LED ones near the checkout area. And we might need torch batteries, too..” (We are going on a long-distance family car-trip to remote outback areas. I had told him about the lanterns (name on label) ages ago, and assumed he’d forgotten..)😵🗝🏮 Good luck at the crossroads, MerMama !!💗

      4. Corduroy jeans

        **also, I hope you’re keeping a journal with all that amazing 8th house action – and that the gleaned experiences work their way into your book !!😄X

      5. Wow I love that! is he a bit psychic – partners often are even when there are very logical! I’m constantly surprised at what comes out of my husband’s mouth – he is a musician so there is that creative side (Pisces rising) with a philosophy degree (double Sag sun & moon and very Jove-like) and works in IT. But he had come to accept mercury Retro partly due to the weird IT issues that he has faced over the years whenever Mercury goes Rx. He knows now. Yes shiver moment there for you. Interesting I find Mercury very in tune with that – being a psychopomp, I wish you all the best in your journey and think it will be pretty amazing – I know Mercury helped me find info about my Great Grandfather online – it was just weird how it happened. G Granddad was a very Mercurial character who had changed his name, a bit of a conman (trickster), passing himself off as a Count before making his fortune in Guatemala, he started a merchant bank that printed the first money of the new Republic which he signed. How mercurial! he is my mentor and he and his daughter my grandmother (my mums mother and who I’m named after) share the same birthday – and here is a weirdness one of the main characters in one of the books I have been working on for years – he and his daughter have that same birthday and I wrote that years ago before finding out this. And she was his youngest daughter like my grandmother was. many things appear in my writings, and possible vice versa. I think all the ancient spirits are connected regardless of their names, there are too many similarities between all countries and myths. very excited for you and your journey and what you may discover.

      6. Hey MerMamaDream, sorry to leave you mid-conversation!! Was in the middle of existentialist-packing-angst-which-probably-comes-from-who-knows-what-jungian-dimension..😶💗 Hitti ng the open road and white-line fever just now. Our opening car radio song playing on Triple J was a song called “Guided By Angels” (by Amyl and the Sniffers😆🤣). Happy Venus Mars Conjunction, am wearing Aries Mars red as directed (suggested) by Mystic, have got Hekate’s lanterns and am so looking forward to replying about your family, your writing and my Aries Sun/Cancer Rising/Piscean Moon very Unconsciously Psychic husband when the mobile signal re-engages at next regional town. Light & Magic 💖🌟⛈

      7. Hi MerMama, finally in a town with mobile reception!😄
        Firstly – what a weirdly synchronistic gift your msg and this conversation is. And yes, you are right about Mercury being the psychopomp !! You are literally breaking the riddle of the last couple weeks for me because you have been pretty much thinking of the same things I have been.😄 First – Mercury psychopomp-ery. This very journey was booked by my (aforementioned very left-brain, mathematical and – like your husband – very IT literate husband – he works with mathematical models all day) AS Mercury stationed retrograde??? (I KNOWW – despite me telling him for almost 20 years to let me book dates because of Merc Rx, AND telling him why, because he is such a “show me the data” character – but anyway🤣) Luckily (given we are on a road-trip), I feel any negative?? Merc rx juju was ‘spent’ by the fact our trip got delayed due to unforeseen Covid lockdowns that only finished 2 weeks ago, and yes, we had to rebook everything, and changed accomm. And I wonder if it is really a “negative” (albeit typically inconvenient) outcome of Merc Rx, because as I mentioned, he did it unconsciously (despite my warnings after the fact) and he is much more psychic than me (Cancer Rising, Pisces moon), and thus far the Merc Rx Psychopomp curveball is turning out beautifully (and is the sole reason why we are now heading so close to my Chironic astro-line, that I mentioned to ShazB below).. And who is this Chiron Mercury is delivering us to? I don’t know.
        But to your great-grandfather – do you think he is so totally telling you his story from the other side..? And wants you to discover it. Do you feel that?? Is there some kind of beautiful ancestral healing you are doing, just by being a storyteller?? I think so, and the coincidences you mentioned seem so apt. This work is so important and so personaI, please take care of yourself, too. X I have also been feeling guided by my (both Leo, passed away) grandparents on this journey, and one great-grandparent in particular (the mother of one of the Leo grandparents). I hope I carry out any generational healing, ok. Good luck MerMamaDream, keep me posted. X

      8. First off Amyl & the Sniffers Guided by Angels – Awesome. Wow love that song. So much energy! I do wonder about that Merc Rx changes and wether they are just a way to move us onto the direction we need to go, or to meet the people we need, & to be in the places at that time. Its a huge trust the process rather than rage against our “controlling tick the boxes this is the way it should be” mind frame and therefore yes the curveballs are a gift. I just popped down to read yr ShazB conversation and Spirit animals and healing of the land! Holy F*@k – this is basically the conversation I had tonight at the Sacred Goddess group I’m involved in but in relation to the last few weeks and my journey with my spirit animal which I connected with on the witchy winter solstice weekend at an amazing cave (A woman’s womb cave)with a group of gals, most of us didn’t know each other but it was an incredible weekend. So my animal is a Tasmanian Tiger (really unexpected but also not) I grew up in Tassie and for a psychic child (who didn’t understand what was going on) it was a really dark place for me, and although my childhood was not that easy, The darkness of its shocking genocide history was just so present and overwhelming at times. She is a female thylacine and its all about healing, she lies on me removing all the pain and not just from me but from the land. because its totally connected. both have to heal, me and the land, us and the land, and then she shows me the past and what the land was once like. And how it can be again. I’ve done quite a bit of ancestral healing of my ancestors but this was unexpectedly different and yet its the same, we are all working to heal the past. Love that the desert is opening up to you, and who you may meet or encounter or remember on this pilgrimage and Mercury is also the portal opener (like Hekate). I want to write more but its heading towards midnight but how interesting is all this Leo energy as well and your grandparents were Leo, my mercurial great grandfather and my Grandmother – both Leo Suns.

      9. Corduroy jeans

        Right with you, MerMama 🌟🌟Please don’t feel guilty for resting – and 💯% agree with Merc Rx replacing our Chronos plans with Kairos//Wyrd plans, and totally feel you re: the beautiful female Thylacine guide and protectress – how stunning. AND the Sacred Goddess group, AND the shared Leo Sun ancestry we have ??! Wyrd !😃❤ When I did a guided shamanic meditation years ago a large biscuit-coloured cat came to me, with prominent full cheeks. The word “puma” popped into my head. I looked up pumas, they are indigenous to the Andes (I literally had NO idea) – and both my parents are/ancestry is Chilean (I was born in Australia). (The Andes forms a natural eastern border to Chile). But as well as her beauty, I have found animals in waking life constantly communicating. At home, ravens, black cockatoos and pink galahs announce synchronicity. On this journey over land, countless wedge-tailed eagles circled, at times flying far above the car for km’s. I cried. And goats?? In the DESERT?? Then the first night in our current cabin holiday location, I dreamt of a young snowy white owl ,(??) flying in through the open window from the snow gums outside and landing on my chest. 3 times.The next day, our neighbours changed and a caravan pulled in with the label “Road owl”. We head 6 hours east into the desert tomorrow, and toward the Chironic line. Say hi to your tiger from my puma MerMama. Xx

      10. Sorry for the delay in getting back. Computer glitches people glitches. It feels like Mercury RX mayhem. Maybe it’s the Pluto vibes he’s very close to my asc. So love your snowy owl dream. How wonderful! How is the desert journey going. Loving the birds. I have a lot of connections with ravens & ibis (or Thoth as I always call them) yes synchronicity messengers. Kairos time how magical is that. I feel a bit stuck in chronos time at the moment need to unravel myself. I went for a long evening walk. Very cold & windy but I needed that elemental energy I was walking along the bay so there was the tang of salt in the air and the wind was buffeting me. It was good to get out & feel into me. My tiger greets yr Puma and may the snowy owl come visiting again. ✨🦉🦅🦇🐺🌟

  10. Hekate is conjunct my natal Chiron for the next 6 months – exact today on July 11th. Today happens to be my late Grandmother’s birthday and I feel comforted knowing this as she was every parental figure to me and steered me in my life as I know it. I also have Uranus opposite my Chiron, natally and I believe the combination is making me so ultra aware of all of the unsaid by those around me to the point that I wish it was not such a gift. And this new moon has magnified everything and those around me at almost unfathomable decimals. Ive decided to embrace Hekate and Uranus at play. Hopefully, with my thoughts to myself.

    1. Additionally, Mystic, I am so in love with the new formats – its sublime and thank you for my personal daily’s – Always my go to or clarity and magic.

    2. Corduroy jeans

      Hey Shazberry, my grandmother was everything to me, too. Hope you ok.. And yep, Chiron approaching exact conjunction with my natal Merc, which is direct opp. (in minutes) my natal Pluto, AND am just about to make a huge overland trip to a remote place that is (I just found out) very near a Chironic line for me (in astrocartography). I mean I love Chiron’s disco-punk associations (being same age as discovery), but not sure that will fly with the ancient land spirits, where I am going.. ?🤔

      1. Earthstar! Im very intrigued to how your astrocartography and Chiron go for you. Maybe a very healing time and place for you?

      2. Hi Shazberry, phew !! All I know is that am feeling super tense and wired – is it because of the recent solar flare?? Is it because I am walking on sacred and (I feel) geomagnetically intense earth, recently?? I don’t know, but I will take any healing and run with it !! 😄 (and report back!!💗) So far, have had some very moving spirit animal encounters, and of course the desert is where the veil seems to open (for me). I don’t know, I am always the apprentice and never the teacher, but will let you know what I find (if anything) closer to my Chiron line this weekend. Keep safe, wherever you are !! 🙏

  11. This was a nice, easy, flowing new moon for me. Only hard aspect being a square to Jupiter, and that’s not too challenging. I’m starting to feel like i’m landing on some soft ground after the repeated Mercury-Neptune squares of the past couple of months and the the mental fog & anxiety that came with that. Talk about uneasy! I feel like i just lost literal weeks of my life somewhere, somehow… Right now feels like a “return” – and a return to a better place even… Gotta celebrate the good when it happens!

  12. This is so true! The New Moon in my 12th has manifested as a bizarre sleep disruption. Sleeping 15 hours at a time, awake for 28, then asleep again for a whole day…. Hekate is currently bang on my natal Jupiter, and despite the weirdness of the last few days, I feel a sense of renewal and inner concentration.

  13. This must equate to massive mindset changes across the board, right? No one is off the hook. I’m doing this new moon in my 9th house right I presume, visiting the place my ancestors landed in North America in the 17th century. Then visiting their graves. Saturn is transiting my IC and with the moon making a t-square to my SN. That plus Mars and Venus on my 10th house Saturn. It’s a lot to process or just ride out.

  14. Crystallised future

    Abrupt life change expectations and circumstances bang on 5 May. The last 9 weeks has left me raw and shocked but excited about my future. I can finally focus on a different way of life. New moon is very close to my natal moon (5 degrees away) in the 1st house but trine my Neptune in the 4th and Sun and Chiron in the 8th, sextile my Mars in the 2nd and my Jupiter in the 10th. Several of my cusps are 19 degrees. Opposite my lilith. I’m relying on this moon to give what I seek and have been working toward for a long time now.

  15. This moon suits me down to terra firma. Conjunct my Venus Merc conjunction and trining Saturn in the 7th. So far lots of self love and acceptance. No messages of love or good news re money but feeling happy nesting and resting.

    1. Same, best New Moon i’ve felt in a long time. Just nice, easy, and yes, self-acceptance feels present for me also – a new feeling – and a good one..! Nothing “big” in terms of manifestations or occurrences for me either, but feeling good is the best achievement imo. “Nesting & Resting” – exactly 😊

  16. Thank you Mystic for interpreting so clearly the current astro climate. Especially welcome when clarity has been so hard to come by for so many weeks… I personally do appreciate the watery and fiery vibe of the moment though. It is both warmer and softer than the aridness of Earth and Air which we’ve been through in the past few years

  17. 💯 feeling this.
    I’m doing better than 12 hours ago and a lot better than 24 hours ago. That isn’t the first new moon I’ve felt like I was laboriously sweat breathing into existence but it’s the most intense in living memory for sure!
    TFW you’ve not slept for two nights because a random nerve pain won’t let you find a comfortable position and standing up hurts the least. Sitting is hell and lying down ow ow ow no forget it, standing it is.
    Dealt with. For now anyway. Was sciatica pain, possibly induced by a too tight piriformis muscle. Basically spending all day, every day on a tiny stool hunched over a sewing machine will do that to your hips. Incredible how tight all my formerly flexible bits have got. Not complaining because it’s a wonderful thing to find ones passion and I do love to sew more than anything I’ve ever done before. No idea why but making clothes is all I want to do, so it’s all I’ve been doing. There’s something truly magical about making your own bespoke suit of worldly armour and knowing, really knowing how deep the pockets are and having then exactly at the sweet spot where your hands like to burrow. Also long enough sleeves is a joy I can’t explain. But it’s the most important thing I’ve done in my life – besides therapy- maybe more so because it’s realer than real. Anyway I’ve had to deal with my body’s tantrums about being ignored for so long and it’s been a long arduous negotiation. I’m going to take time every day to stretch from now on because I did not enjoy being tortured from the inside via nerve pain. It feels like having a rusty old wire barb poking through your pelvis and you feel it all the way down to your feet. Like electric shocks and it’s constant, unrelenting hardcore pain. Fortunately there’s YouTube and I told my flat mate I’d been having orgasms for two days. Obviously that’s a joke and she knew it but she could hear me simultaneously crying and praying for two days so it’s the right kind of joke. 🤣. Yep. Jet lagged AF

    1. I feel as if I processed so much childhood trauma during this mercury retrograde just gone. But the processing was all cerebral and dry. Very Saturn and very Gemini and honestly quite painful and in a way that feels personal. I’ve had shingles from time to time since my twenties (nervous system is shot to hell and Virgo stellium with all the 🔥 hates to let me chill so I’ve had to really watch my tendency to push it till I burn out emotionally because it makes me very sick. Again, Saturn in the sixth house and in Gemini, what else would you expect? But this sciatic nerve and the weird sudden onset of tightness in my hips feels totally like an emotional processing mechanism. I have to get up every hour and do 20 minutes of pigeon pose. Obviously I realise the cause is physical- I’m not denying it but it’s also emotional processing. I’ve been doing timed writing exercises. Like just keeping the pen moving for ten minutes a few times a day, not trying to write but seeing what happens and ja. There’s no way it’s not connected.

      also I’m delusional from not sleeping for two and a half nights.🤫

      1. Invicta the downside of doing so much physically with your body is that when you stop it seriously impacts you in tensions & aches. Sitting is the worse position for the bod. Anyway of putting the machine higher so you can stand. Nerve pain alas doesn’t usually respond to normal pain killers. Stretching is the antidote, lots of it.
        How wonderful you have found your passion creating something truly unique. Now you can cook & sew & make flowers grow, sounds very 50’s but hey what else to do in a long lockdown.
        You seem to be removing layers & finding your soul-core. What an achievement! x

      2. Ah Pegasus thanks so much for this. I’m just sorry I didn’t see it earlier. Yes, hard agree with you on all fronts. Didn’t bother with painkillers at all because I’d have had to literally main lined heroin to chemically block out that pain. Also I didn’t happen to have any lying around. I waste all my money on organic ingredients at the farmers market and buy fabric with every other shekel I can muster. So that’s bad news for my potential future heroin dealers 🤣🤣🤣.
        ah Pegs. I’m so glad you’re in my life. You get me.
        How you feeling these days? Are you guys still in full on lockdown?

  18. Ouf–yes to all this. Last night a few hours after the new moon I had hard-driving insomnia. Dissonance between where my relationship is at and where my work is at (preparing to take the big leap with the later; ultimately had a dream about conciously uncoupling from the former). So, yes to mega-psychic volt rays: I also suspect that my mind-body prefer the solar minimum, which interestingly seems to have been coninciding with Jupiter in Aquarius, to the maximum.

    Sending love and solidarity, soothing for our savage systems, to all.

  19. New Moon square my 1H Libra Moon/Uran (exact in the case of Uran) conjunction. Have been binge-watching Sex in the City (never really watched it when it was on) and missing my old posses and the old lifestyle of eating out/drinks.

    Too rainy for a motorcycle ride, so this is paired with a cleaning / org spree. Once I remembered it’s a Cancer new moon and not a Leo as I’d been thinking (ohhh, time, time), I realized nesting was a more apt response than a rebel ride and blow out. Leaning into it, I suppose — mud bath after the post-clean smudge, then melancholy and carbs. ;-p

    1. Hi SheRat, I watched Sex and the City in its heyday… I get what you are saying about the old lifestyle of eating out/drinks and seeing lots of friends. Seems like a hundred years ago. Luckily you do also seem to appreciate nesting, as do I. It’s so cool by the way that you ride a motorcycle, I would never dare to myself. Must give such a feeling of freedom!

  20. Private life is back? Horrah. TMI is out? So through with the overexposure and micro detailed obsession of personal Minutia.

  21. Ah. So often, marvellous mystic, I feel you have written these posts directly for and to myself. I am feeling scattered, unsure, and exactly as you described; determining that the tribe vibe may not be my safety zone.

    Curiouser and curiouser, we shall see where this leads me.

  22. I am loving the new Moon in Cancer. It’s conjunct my Descendant and I’ve actually been able to get a few practical things done without constantly defaulting to my usual Sun / conjunct Neptune strangeness

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