How To Use Power Moons

Nothing is easier than freaking the fuq out over an upcoming Full Moon or Eclipse. I do, even though I know better.

Here, I’ll share the recipe. Just take something a little bit feisty – like next week’s Aries Full Moon – the unique pressures of the current era and your imagination. Blend with your choice of caffeine, dextrin roasted starch, Space Dust, Dream Weed, pink food coloring, and/or genetically modified oil.

Garnish with your go-to piquant paranoia or let the news media inspire with an on-trend seasoning. Consume fresh, stale, whatever.

It’s sub-optimal but completely understandable. So while I didn’t have a scenario like 2021 in mind when I created Power Moons, it is brilliant for it. I’m using a page from my report as an example, below. P.M doesn’t ‘predict’ as such – the personal Daily Horoscopes are probably the best for that purpose – it tells you exactly where each New and Full Moon for the next year will influence your birth chart* and makes suggestions for how to maximize it.

I’d blended up my personal dystopian freak-out just thinking about next week’s Full Moon but then I decided to look at Power Moons – as a viewer, not someone trying to solve a layout problem with it – and it helped. Now I feel more proactive about my expression/channeling of the Moon in question, which is the point of the reading.

Also, and I am going to do a proper rave re this Full Moon either in the Daily Mystic email or as an Mp3 on the MM members page, it is volatile but I’m sure we can all think of some circumstance or structure that could do with a wake-up call. The trick is to duck the fallout and focus on the elements that are within your control.


*To be clear, Power Moons has the ‘house’ that each New or Full Moon will be in + the conjunctions that the Moon will make – with a 5° orb. But from a practical point of view, the house influence is the most useful to work with, particularly for New Moons and quadruple so for Eclipses

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Holy poop that was a shocker even though it was so photogenic. Full moon on my natal moon. Now on my IC with Uranus almost on my Mercury in 4th. After 30 years of Dept Ed service no longer required. Lots of tears but maybe good things will come of this. Ceres is next inline for Uranus. Maybe growing veg and herbs, and talking to animals on a farm. Wonder if that is blog worthy? Couple of hits from my PM report


Which I just noticed is the one in pic above 🤔 lies, rage, digital detox (getting outed from my trusty work email system so I created a new email address and forwarded important items)

Mergoat Scorp

Yeah I felt this one too – was on my natal moon also. Not so dramatic as you’ve experienced but significant letting go was required. Sorry about your job loss, 30 years is no small shift. Growing veg, herbs and tending to animals is definitely blog worthy 👍


I feel like a corn husk in a “spoooooky halloweeen” window display complete with plastic footed stuffed crows and an arched back cat silhouette.

That was a a fuqin moon.


This one is on my 7H Aries in Mars, opposite Lillith. I’ve decided to arrange a pretty big creative deadline for that day. I suppose that means I’m leaning in.


I love PM. It’s my cult report among the always great that you offer in this site. I love the check list approach (yes Virgo rising here) and I often use it with the same pragmatism that I apply to my errands list, when I want things done.


I too am a Virgo rising, and treat it like a checklist! So funny!


My full moon reactions are extreme in either being inflating or deflating in energy. I’ve definitely dabbled in harnessing moon energies into my Neptunian lifestyles lol, which produced some unforgettable experiences. The impending full moon is in my 7th house which Juno inhabits, hello non contact love crush 👋🏼


Also is Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly the couple we actually need right now?


YES! I feel they just ooze Plutonian vibes and Lilith desirables. I love the fact they are being uniquely themselves with their connection ⚡️


YES I was thinking after looking at the GQ stuff how they are bonkers but somehow apt


Like, clunky and or glamorous power couples get divorced too. Why not be chaotic, open and passionate from the start? Nothing lasts anyway. (I’m facing an imminent Pluto transit if that helps)


Happiness is being able to SEE the moon and to call down her power of gentle guidance and mystical rays, alas so many grey skies which feel quite symbolic of the times. Maybe Mother Moon is hiding her face because she ain’t thrilled at various antics of humanity?
A book once read called ‘MoonChild’ about using the moon’s phases to bring in a particular soul from the ether that a woman wanted to conceive and for her to to be called Lisa.
Actually written by A Crowley and read around the time Cat Steven’s ‘Moon Shadow’ was released along with ‘Lisa’ coincidently.
Anyways it gave me my love of the moon 🙂


Great call Mystic..


looking forward to the new moon in my 7th next month….romance pleeeaaase universe….


I love Power Moons! I read a few times during the week leading up each moon, and the advice is always so doable. At some point in the last couple months I followed the house witchery advice and it was practical and magical all at once! This Aries moon is conjunct my midpoint in the 8th house, like the new moon in April. My love and I are back in each other’s lives, both transformed since then, building something different and not sure where we’re going. It’s been exciting. Curious to see what this full moon brings.


I love my power moons I bought one for my work wife too. My Moon is conjunct Pythia at 22 Aries looking ahead for power moon now

Wish Upon a Star

The last new Libra moon was in my 8th house conjunct my natal Mars. Mystic said to treat it like an eclipse. In retrospect it was. My mind just grinded to a halt. And what was I doing? Fighting it by replying to comments. I won’t do that again. It was like pushing a boulder up a hill.

Corduroy jeans

Ohh I am so getting this Report Xoo this FM is conjunct my natal Chiron in 12th house. It feels witchy (in a good way) but also just – exhausting. 😔 And I AM a solar Aries, with stellium etc – what should be old hat is still 😵. If there were a Cosmic Dark Matter button (CDM – tm lol) I cld press to Fast Forward to waning moon time cycle I would, but… *looks for MM’s Power Moons report*

Corduroy jeans

Love it. Thank you Thank you thank you MM.


Power Moons has helped me tremendously with navigating lunar cycles over the past two years. I love it. I consult it regularly. This full moon eclipse is in my 7th house, which is great to know that along with the ongoing Saturn-Uranus square vexations of this year (ARRRRRRGH), that I best handle myself with care in relation to others. Thanks mystic 🙂

Crystallised future

Thanks Mystic!! So much has gone down over the past 10 months I’d forgotten I’d bought mine a few months ago!! Printing it to staple into my diary TODAY!!!

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