Dark Moon Fuqery

Well I don’t know about you but this Dark Moon in Capricorn is quite something.

(As I write, the New Moon – which always ends the Dark Moon – is just under 12 hours away: See the Moon Calendar for the time it occurs in your realm but FYI, it’s exact on Thursday 11th at 11:57 AM Universal Time.)

The reason it’s so ultra-rad yet vexatious? Capricorn Moons can induce Status Angst and Phantom Deficit Syndrome but the current funk is mostly because Mercury is yet to emerge from the shadow of its recent retro-bats phase.

Until January 21, when it returns to the degree of Capricorn it was at when it turned Retro, Mercury is making several alignments for the third time in a row. And yes, the New Moon is conjunct the degree Mercury turned Retrograde on – we’re solving a million mysteries in real time but we don’t know what time it is. Or we know who we are but can’t find any clean, dry non-naff underpants.

The third Mercury-Neptune square (Jan 8 to 11) is the zaniest. Brilliant for surreal insights, paranormal anything, strange conversations and the erudite research of shadows, it’s a time warp with sensurround.

If your shamanic skills are more honed than usual or you’ve secretly become incredibly wise but are outwardly clumsy, vague and not altogether there, voila the Merc-Neptune weirding.

I read thisCatherine de’ Medici took her perfume specialist, Renato Bianco, with her to Paris when she married Henri II in 1533 (it was said that a secret passageway connected her apartments to his laboratory) – and thought for about 30 seconds that it was a brilliant concept and that town planning needs to become more visionary.

She was a triple Taurus – Sun, Venus + Uranus – but I love the concept that scents were worn not so much for seduction but to send a specific signal that would take an intuitive ‘nose’ to decode: Suddenly reeking of Oud? “Tunisian courtiers or merchants, please approach.” A new top note of Florentine Iris – “yes, the back-channels to certain childhood connections are open again – wouldn’t you like to know who?”

But my Mercury-Neptune went beyond hypothetical perfume intrigue and the incredible discovery of Lucrecia the Dreamer, a kind of Joan of Arc who got away:  Someone in my street said they had a ghost in their living room…

What I Wanted To Say: I’m not surprised, on my last local history research bender I learned through the classified ads that 120 years ago, your house was Seance Central: three times a week and presumably in the front room.

Pluto and Neptune were conjunct in Gemini in the early 1890s so everyone wanted to talk to everyone, why should an alternative dimension be a barrier? This is when electricity inventor Thomas Edison started working on the Spirit Telephone.

But still, you could have all sorts of seance guests and invitees who didn’t get a chance to connect still hanging around, not to mention the gatecrashers.

I once lived in a house with a similar address to the ‘speciality’ brothel around the corner – we were the lane, they were the street. Misdirected clients would turn up practically every Mercury Retrograde and I was always impressed at their politeness as I answered the door scowling, not the sleek dominatrix of their dreams but a scold clad in the standard at-home creative’s   trackies and it-passed-the-smell-test t-shirt.

So these gentlemen were alive, not ghosts but perhaps you could make artwork that suggests the channel is shut-down now? Ask them all to fuq off but with good humor? Do whatever Victorian era seance entertainers did to say time’s up? Like last drinks? Do one last seance to contact the woman who started the whole enterprise and get her to deal with it?

What I said: Oh wow. She said she doesn’t believe in anything wuwu and I refrained from pointing out that the term is denigrating the Wu – aka the female shamans of Ancient China.

Pre-pandemic, I probably would have launched the rave and what’s more, felt that I was somehow destined to help her and the house. These days everyone has feelers out before a share, probing for indicators of a simpatico temperament or knowledge base.

Other than the nearly-over Mercury-Neptune square, this Dark Moon is in sync with Lilith and Uranus which helps to balance the heavy saturnine ambience.

I don’t have Status Anxiety but I’m wearing a posture corrector to discourage slouching over the computer and have just discovered that the sound I thought to be a screechy-alien-effect car alarm is a rare tree frog!

As I was pouring Evian water into the base of my handmade frog habitat, because frogs cannot tolerate tap water, I did briefly wonder if I was a complete tosser.

Still, the Mercury-Neptune square is nearly over, the New Moon is fantastic and the third friendly trine to jolly Jupiter – also now direct – is from Jan 19 to 20.

It’s expansive in it’s own right but ultra-pertinent if you see it in context of events or conversations between Dec 7-10 and Dec 17-20.

So how is your Dark Moon/Mercury square Neptune/shadowzone going?

*When Mercury, Venus or Mars aspect another planet or a point in your birth chart within the entire retrograde period – shadow inclusive – it means the alignment repeats three times, accentuating that particular phenom but often encrypting the middle phase. The final alignment in the series is usually when you’re able to decipher something/someone or gauge a particular trend.

Lord Snowdon – Maria Felix – Cartier
Vintage telecommunications advertisement  – please advise if you know the source.

43 thoughts on “Dark Moon Fuqery”

  1. Just wanted to duck in and say how perfect the photo that accompanies this post is–and totally dig the New Moon post too, all of this super-apt. Sending warm wishes into everyone’s lunar month as the tide comes back in . . . .

  2. That makes me wonder if the 1980s goth banger “Lucretia, My Reflection” was based on Lucretia from 1500s Spain??? And yes, town planning SHOULD be more inventive. Love the idea of hidden, underground tunnels. One day, I’d love to have a house with one of those bookcases where you pull the candlestick and it slides aside revealing a hidden room.

    1. Just yesterday, I watched a video of David Bramwell talking about (among other amazing things) his experience visiting Damanhur, and it does have secret panels and passages and tunnels within the tunnels! Damanhur is one of the most mind-blowing places on Earth.

  3. Today was a horrible day for me. Home alone thank god, otherwise it would have been unbearable. I just went to bed and had a nap. Felt better when I woke up.
    I was guided to look up my natal Saturn and challenging aspects. I am a natal Pisces Rising. Mars in Libra 8th house opposite Saturn in Aries/Lilith Aries 2nd house. So my instincts for buying a punching bag and gloves were correct: excorcise that anger. Martial arts (always wanted to try). long work outs which I love, and swimming. Muscular strength and self confidence deter negative people, wow, I always knew that was innate for me now I know why.

    And Saturn square Mercury in Cancer 4th house is a different kettle of fish. They say Saturn challenges get better as you get older. So Pluto in Aquarius will have me kick boxing and building those muscles. I feel blessed to express myself in this community. Thank you. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

    1. Many benefits to that kind of muscle use Wish. Take your time to build strength and stability and consistency.. and finding the joy in it (ok or the thrill) is key. Your Aries Saturn will love the regime.

      You’re a spicy 8th house mars too hey?

      I can imagine you running a centre for watery women seeking ‘outer’ strength and on a discipline journey:)

      A few people were feeling a bit ground down this week. Wise call to look up where the sharp edges were.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Thanks Sam. Yes spicy I am. I think outer strength can house a watery innner sanctum quite well. Thanks for your thoughts.

  4. “or you’ve secretly become incredibly wise but are outwardly clumsy, vague and not altogether there, voila the Merc-Neptune weirding.”

    Thanks for summarising the last 2 years for me mystic

  5. Thank you Pegagsus, Alkem, & Kayo,

    Good to know it not *just* my imagination! The question is, shirt of moving, what can I do about it?

    I’m fine and have dealt with these QiVamp-energies intuitively. Now I’ve read a few old Mystic posts on the Dark Moon protocol and seem to have been following this protocol without being consciously aware of it:

    clearing and organizing my cupboards in the kitchen, bathroom, and hallway, stripping down the Christmas decorations early and neatly packing and storing them but keeping all the fairy lights (I have many), cleaning my oven and fridge, going through the freezer, cleaning the floors, new pillowcases and bathroom rugs (great sales after the New Year) and staying in bed if I haven’t slept, reading The Secret Lives of Colour by Kassia St. Clair (I adore that book) and watching movies.

    I found my pumpkin pie filling in the freezer and made some pumpkin Spice Walnut ice cream. Going to serve this with Contreau and pralines.

    Have shifted from fear and negativity to blessings and gratitude: This house, my neighbors, my home and everything in it, my family, my relationships, my food, anything I do. There’s no space in my life for anything else.

    1. Thanx for the recco I just ordered the Lives of Colour… I’m an artist, painter and it is perfect timing.. painting a huge 6’x10′ painting all bright colors!XO

      1. My eldest daughter gave me the book for Christmas, not knowing that I’m planning on learning how to paint. I’ve been accumulating painting materials for awhile and have decided that this Summer will be the time to start. The author also wrote a book on the history of fabrics, which I’m going to get. I’m fashion-intetested and love this stuff!

  6. Gosh. The status anxiety is to the max! Felt like it peaked yesterday for me, but Monday was also fairly rough in my inner world in terms of self-talk. Was having a bit of FOMO about a big tech event currently happening in my industry — when weeks ago I’d decided that it wasn’t worth it to go. Glad some of it was external pressure from this dark moon! 😉

    Will see how it feels tomorrow after the New Moon.

  7. Can I please have your posture corrector recommendation Mystic?

    As a fellow Pisces, old Saturn really has been all about bones, joints and teeth for me and I was quite literally hunched over my laptop reading this masterpiece.

    I snapped upright however when I got the posture but so thanks for that 😀

  8. This is the Mystic writing that has had me here for 20 years, the laugh out loud jeez she is a genius writer ‘wearing trackies & pass the smell test t-shirt’. Glorious tit bits of unusual esoteric information. A perfume laboratory?I’m there!

      1. YES! Giving the frog Evian water….whatta champion. Tap water & frogs a no no that’s useful to know, shall keep some bottled water on hand in case of a frog visit.

  9. I thought it was Tesler who invented electricity,
    and Edison who was the business man who took that idea and sold the product.

    Taurus Taurus here. thanks for the tip on scent. Have been wanting to acquire a new bottle of my fav so I think I shall and enable what come forthwith..

    1. I also heard that Tesla was the inventor of the alternating current, which was far more effective than Westinghouse’s DC: (The Current War, from 2017). Edison worked with Westinghouse’s DC. Also read that Edison was more of a businessman.

  10. I have had the weirdest dreams. Over the weekend I dreamt that the lawn in front of our house was overgrown with immense tree roots that made walking around nearly impossible. Then I dreamt I was standing in the second floor of the house looking out the window and I felt the floor become soft so I moved over and a trap door into the first floor swung open right as I stepped off the area. It felt quite matter-of-fact in the dream. More dreams last night involved wading in toxic slime green flood water while trying to get ready for our wedding vow renewal. We’ve only been married a year. Can someone please just turn my brain off.

    1. Your post wasn’t asking for advice but may I suggest that you consider some deep meditation on these dream images, or some psychotherapy sessions ? All of this imagery is about roots, foundations, origins, influencing your progress / ability to move freely. Check in with any quashed misgivings or perceptions of (even if resolved), past emotional situations with a bearing on the current times, etc.

      1. Wanted to also add that it could also simply be some personal anxieties arising for attention and pats / soothing. Not nec a problem to address

  11. I just loved this read. I detect a nuance that is the tiniest bit different in your delivery.
    Having encountered many of those hangers on from seances, just loved 😍 those references.

  12. I did not know how much I needed THIS until I read it, thank you Mystic!!!!!! And Damndspot I have the compliance challenge also, only without tuberose or the power of suave cited in my horoscope. But the Mercury Jupiter dates have gotten my Virgo cognition going…

    1. Not sure how I missed this but my natal Neptune in Sagg is bang on the Galactic Center. This Mercury Rx has been some shamanic intergalactic healing experience and I’ve still got two days left of this square, now on my Neptune again lol 😵‍💫 Paranormal is the new normal and what I’m living these days, has themes of what was seen glitching in the Miami mall lol. Is this also an echo of the Aquarian age incoming??

  13. Ah, talking to all the ghosts! They’ve kept me company for a long time. Also I love these fragrance discussions, Mystic! New moon is just past conjunct my natal moon at 19 Cap, in the 9th house. Here in Colorado the wind is howling today, and temperatures plummeting tonight and for days to come.

    1. I thought the phone image seemed Peter Max’s style, and typed in PM phone ad, do you know he made the cover for Manhattan etc NY yellow pages? No luck and stopped myself doom scrolling when I hit the Hilton girls posing for a ‘candid’ shot.
      My neighbours were about to war over a car alarm noise before realising it was The Frog. I seem to prefer dreaming to anything else at the moment, wildly bizarre in reoccurring locations from much earlier dreamscapes.

      1. In the 1980s, people living on houseboats in Sausalito, an upscale but funky hippie town just across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco, were disturbed by a mystery hum that kept them awake at night. It sounded like some kind of machinery running. Usually laid-back people were really angry about. It kept being talked about in the news. Eventually, it turned out to be the seasonal mating call of the Toadfish, which was evidently having a more spectacular than usual mating season that year!

  14. Oh I loved this Mystic–so funny and magical as usual. So intrigued by Lucretia the Dreamer, as I am in a new therapy modality and she is analyzing my dreams with me. Sometimes I think they would get me locked up too. My dark moon is not so good, with Saturn finally coming to get me on compliance/registration business–but I do feel a new way to handle it in the mix (less tantrum, more acceptance), and gratitude that I was alerted that some things were not cleared up with my car before getting pulled over. Your horoscope said I could “deal suavely with authority” (!) right now so that’s the vibe. Threw on a sweet and girly tuberose perfume over the leather jacket so that I’m not all sharp edges. Thank you for your wisdom!

    1. This post put me in a tail spin. The other night, I woke up with abdominal pain, after several nights of disturbed sleep. I am one of those dreamers and can really relate to the reference to Lucrecia the Dreamer, who I first heard about tonight in this post.

      The past couple of weeks have been the feeling of nausea and light or diffusely muscle aches. Another day, like a clamp on my brain, squeezing it, lethagy and disorientation. When I woke up at night, I felt the need to defacate.

      Initially, I thought about dark energies that needed to be disappated and placed sea salt around my apartment, as well as glasses of water with vingar and sea salt in each corner of each room, including the hallway and bathroom, speaking my will. Then I opened the windows in the middle of the night and smudged everywhere. In the morning (it is cold here), I opened the windows for several hours and used sound waves, which actually annoyed me and made me feel on high alert. I burned incense, as well after cleaning away all dust, especially underneath my bed.

      But when I clicked on your article, before reading it, I thought about the weird dreams I had been having and also thought about the inaudible sound frequencies that make people sick (embassy incident, weapon that police have to disburse demonstration in China, alleged weapon in ww2 to make people go crazy).

      Then I read what you wrote about sensurround, which is a kind of infrasound – and infrasound makes people feel nausea and disoriented. It’s at 17-18 Hz, the frequency if the human eye which can cause a person to hallucinate both visually and audibly.

      The Schumann frequecies (3 – 60 Hz) are the low frequencies of the earth. Here are some other low frequencies:

      Wifi:2.5 – 5 Hz
      Covid : 5.5 Hz
      Hospital, jails, Assistance centers, the Underground: 20 Hz
      Pain: 0.1-2 Hz
      Fear: 0.2-2.2 Hz
      Irritation: 0.9 – 6.8 Hz
      Noise: 0.6 – 2.2 Hz

      Possibly, there is a source of infrared sound nearby (I live in the city), and I am overly sensitive to it. I don’t have Covid and never had it. Have a healthy heart, too.

      Anyway, I became aware of this increased vibe a couple of weeks ago, which kept increasing, as if someone was turning up the volume a bit each day. I do feel that the energy cleansing help remove my own fears, but I feel there is an incarnate and physical aspect to this.

      I am perhaps too receptive to others’ thoughts and feeling direct ed towards me and since publishing my last book (have not launched or promoted it yet, but it is distributed) this has increased. I obviously need to learn to set boundaries. This is the bane of the Neptunian side of personality: I actually hear and feel these things.

      Checking my chart for square and quincunxes, there are many, but there are also Netunian trine, so I guess it all balance out.

      More info and insights are welcome.

      1. Re:Mercury square Neptune and solving mysteries: never thought that I would write a mystery crime story, but it was “dictated” to me.

      2. Me for the last month also, especially the last few days. Got neptune natally on the galactic center degree bunched up with mars and jupiter in the first couple degrees of capricorn. I guess it’s a extra fuc*y dark moon. Hope we feel normal-ish in the next few days.

      3. A close friend has been experiencing some similar infrasound issues as you Tetrahedron & my first thought being the foreign embassy sickness same as yu. Also telling me of ‘vapes’ coming into her house via the vents & her car as well that cause tummy upset & strange thoughts.
        Have no idea what can be causing this but it is tres concerning.

      4. There is a Schumann Resonance site on FaceBook & some people writing there are also experiencing strange sensory issues.

      5. Thank you for the tips, Mystic!

        Will get the Flare earplugs & a Choline supplement. I eat foods with Choline in them but maybe not enough. Not a big eater so supplements it is.

        I checked to see if the supplement I take produce Choline. Q10 can produce it but maybe not enough. I take breaks from certain supplements to avoid side effects.

        Have read about the diffusers and only have real fire and real essential oils.

        I never thought that I was alone in hearing or feeling these vibes. I can hear a low humming sound as well as some really high sounds. It’s never really quiet here. I suppose that speak for me to live differently, but I noticed that the humming sounds are lider here, in comparison to a house, or even apartments with better insulation.

        I know that people with mild autism wear earphones to block out loud noises, but not these very low frequency noises.

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