Pure Venusian Super Powers

I don’t do Valentine’s Day but if you do, you might like to know that this year’s Valentine’s Day features Venus conjunct Neptune.

In dreamy Pisces, this alignment is the ultimate astral atmosphere for casting glamors, sensuality, style and romantic intrigue. Simply set your scene, know your lines and ensure you’re in the right narrative before proceeding. It’s potent and you don’t want to become entranced in the wrong timeline.

Venusian super-powers are easy to underestimate, especially when Saturn input has been as intensive as it was for 2020-2022. But they’re incredibly effective. Think about how the appreciation for scent or a burst of vanity often marks recovery from a slump, not to mention the elation from a certain kind of smile exchange, compliment or crazy crush.

I was reminded of Venusian Super Powers (VSP) when I was messaging with a Virgo about her new fitness regime and she mentioned working up to the often reviled burpees.*

This is how the conversation went and yes, it’s an example of VSP.

MM: I hate burpees but once had really Mars-Venus affair thing with former army guy who ran fitness class and did a LOT of them. He was actually douchecore and I would scream the house down if my daughter dated anyone like him for even five minutes but I got sensationally fit and perfected a kind of sensual burpee style.

VIRGO: I don’t think I’ve ever read anything better than this in my whole life. I’m sure you were like a f**king tank and wish your sensual burpee was memorialized on film!!

MM: You need to flick your hair at the end and not sink your boobs down. (Wonders if over-shared)

VIRGO: Hey!!! Been thinking about it and your download about hair flick and boob sink is a polite way of my guides transmitting through you the cheeky message of basically “get your t*ts out and strut your stuff”. It’s VERY relevant for me. Thank you.

The thing is, there is no way that even understanding the myriad benefits of burpees would have motivated me to get as fit as I did that Summer. It was lust and a Venusian appreciation of this guy’s appearance.

VSP has helped me break speed records, learn topics in a tenth of the time I would usually need to allocate and take a room from grunge-noire ‘what is that weird smell?‘ to dazzling, sensual sandalwood incense scented lair in mere minutes.

Venusian Super Powers have inspired people I know to become dawn-risers, overcome phobias and become experts in subjects as diverse as lingerie to the underarm bowl in cricket.

Lust is not the only facet – think of those times when a particular aesthetic element seems to encapsulate an aspiration or desire – it becomes talismanic. Or you might adopt a fresh scent/signature color to signal that a new era is impending.

VSP are as potent whether you’re deploying them within a relationship context or enveloped in a substantial, self-loving scent. They’re also an antidote to excessive Saturn influence – aesthetically pleasing stationery, flash crystalline fingernails or zany flirtatious messaging can lighten the load of an onerous task or auto-extending to-do list.

What was your last feat accomplished via a Venusian Super Power rather than logic?

*If you’re not sure what burpees are, visualize a squat where you place your hands on the floor, jump into plank position, leap back into the squat position, return to standing position and repeat.

There are a thousand variations but that’s the basic version and it never goes out of fashion. Invented by a Sun conjunct Pluto in Gemini guy named Royal Huddleston Burpee in 1939, they were originally fitness tests, not intended to be done at high repetition to Darude’s Sandstorm.

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  1. Ok. Gillian Anderson is all kinds of awesome (just from X-Files alone) but surely, surely this latest article in the Guardian, “Gillian Anderson on why she is collecting sexual fantasies…” (published today), proves that either
    a) GA is a massive astrology fan, too; and/or
    b) She is merely coincidentally completely in tune with upcoming Venus in Pisces-trine-Scorpio-SN and sextile-Taurus-NN action (not to mention, subsequent hot square with Mars-in-Gem and THEN cj Neptune) with this latest research project she is doing at deargillian dot com.
    Venusian Super Powers, indeed !

    1. she’s become one of my favourites. naturally since X files, she just merges so fantastically into her roles – which never fall into the tired, over-cooked arena of bland-female-support-role. She has kind of Aqua vibes. Detached, independent, loopy in a cool way but also v clever. But surely she has scorpi things given the characters she plays

      1. Multi Leo (Sun,Asc,Merc,Mars) … and yes, Aqua Moon.
        I always thought she had a regal aloofness/detachment about her.

  2. Had no idea burpees were invented by someone name Burpee! I thought the name had something to do with the pressure the movement put on your upper digestive system. Refused to do them after I barfed a small amount during PT.

  3. Having watched ‘King Richard’ about the tennis legends Venus & Serena Williams rise, I found it interesting to note that Venus Williams is indeed Venusian with Libra Rising and Serena Taurus Rising and a Libra. Both beautiful and dutiful with Venusian Super Powers abundant. Their father seems almost a schizoid shaman type able to manifest situations, people and reality itself. He is a multiple Aqua with everything in his chart in a fixed sign, rigid to the point of breaking, powerful with energy to burn, which I have found common in schizoid friends. He is the logic I guess.

  4. Love this.
    Nothing will get you fitter than burpees. They hurt so much but the more you do them the easier it is. Never stop !

  5. I am at loss. I haven’t been feeling attractive in ages. Venus + Neptune will be squaring my Mercury in Gemini. I don’t know if I should be happy about it as it might impair my judgment, which, being a Gemini with Virgo rising, is probably partly stopping me from enjoying my Venus Super power.

  6. Rumi wrote:
    Today, like every other day,
    we wake up empty and frightened.
    Don’t open the door to the study and begin reading.
    Take down a musical instrument.
    Let the beauty we love be what we do.
    There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.

    That last line is what I think of when I do burpees…

    1. Ah! Stunning. Thanks 5⬆️s 💛
      (Also – while falling down that beautiful mountain/kissing dirt, etc – there are thousands of “musical instruments” to play, too.)

    2. I’m really into the idea (and also strangely validated by the possibility) that Rumi’s poetry allows for burpees as a means of connection with spirit / life . I mean of course he would, nothing was off limits to the guy. Except for grinchy soullessness obvs.

      1. Hey Sam, am up at midnight Western Australian time on this very strange, very warm, dry storm eve (there is sheet lightning in the very few patches of sky with cloud cover, which competes with the growing moon in illuminating everything – weird-but-beautiful), becauae:
        a. I literally just recalled that not everybody on this site is Aussie, and thus wouldn’t immediately get my INXS reference in my previous comment to their song “Kiss the Dirt (Falling down the mountain)”, co-written by the late great Michael Hutchence and M. Fariss; and acc. to Astrodienst data Pluto is currently cj Hutchences’ Capricorn Ascendant, and will cj. his Aqua sun in late March/early April (draws breath), so that is a reference I had to make, AND
        b. I can’t believe you referenced Rumi because aside from me loving his poetry, one of my.goals this year is to study up on Sufi mysticism (he usually being called one of the great Sufi mystic poets. Also disregard my amateur study claims – am an avid amateur student of many traditions but am nowhere near knowledgable on ANY! But I do love them.😂💖)
        Anyway, had to get that off my chest!!😀Going to have a cup of tea and then try to go back to sleep.. And yes, totally agree that Rumi’s talent was in seeing the universal (connection to spirit/life) in the particular (burpees!!) (A bit like the other poet, Michael Hutchence, and falling down mountains/kissing dirt. Wow. I sound crazy!😆 G’nite!)

      2. hey it was five arrows who added Rumi to the equation..
        Did not know Michael Hutchence had a late cap asc. He was my first ever human crush. I’m sure the Asc-Moon synastry had something to do with it. thank you for that nice insight:)
        Enjoy your Sufi travels. remember the words up there, let the beauty we love be what we do~

      3. Thanks Sam (and Wish) – and yes – forgot original reference in focus on getting Michael Hutchence reference out, and my interest in Sufi mysticism!
        Michael Hutchence was gorgeous, wasn’t he?? My first crush was David Bowie in Labyrinth – so was everybody’s, I hear? (He was another Cap – but earlier). Let the beauty we love be what we do – so, so true. Xoo

  7. Saturn was conjunct my Venus during all of that Saturn/Uranus STRUGGLE in 2021/last year and now Saturn is about to be upon my Sun. This post filled me with so much longing. My Venus needs to be freed! Maybe it’s time to fake it til I make it. Tits out lmao!

  8. Ended up with a couple of martial arts belts cause I was obsessed with one of my friends who also went to training sessions.

  9. i love this and can totally relate – although mine is the opposite. Virgo Sun, marathon running fitness loving burpees queen here. Fell in love with long haired Pisces hippy god, throwing in my city job, moving north to a shack with no electricity or running water. I lasted 3 months in a dream weed love making fog, woke up one morning and actually properly smelt myself. I was on the next Greyhound bus outta there, scratching my (dirty) head wondering what the hell happened. Now I know .. VSP ❤️

  10. Venus moving into my $econd today, I only have Vesta in Cancer – 6th H. I imagine being fit and flexible like in my, ride my bike to yoga twice a week, hot 20’s era. But now its just an affirmation. I do like walking sideways 🦀

  11. Also hate burpees. I don’t do well in HIIT type classes or group fitness situations that include stuff like this. I actually get so activated that instead of mastering myself I wanna go body check the person next to me and call it a high five🙈


    Why/what is the attendant guilt fear tied to unleashing or flowing with super Venusian powers such as this?!

    Finally getting to work out with a new friend this week in a small, private/hip gym she works at(otherwise could NOT afford to) and today see that a physiotherapist I saw once last year and totally crushed hard on so didn’t feel right going back, is now working at this place too!

    Cue the raging torrent of cinematic scenes in my head and simultaneously having a panic attack because somehow I still feel shaky wielding flirtation, pheromonal dance steps without falling out of my own spell stuttering and revealing my anxiety ridden old self ghosts.

    Truly unrelated to this/him, that recent Jupiter/Juno conjunction in Aries was on natal Venus and signified my Juno return.

    ….and the Venus Neptune conjunction will be on my natal north node for my solar return.

    Maybe if these themes are tied into upcoming relationships – or just plain relating, it all being in 3rd house – I need to switch out of cinematic movie Arian chase mode and tap into slow build episodes and giant seasons for a slower, long term approach/hope of success?

    1. re attendant fear (why guilt btw?) – I really do relate to your experience – the only person I’ve been able to astro-check this with, we had (have) super strong conjunctions in our composite chart, and node / Venus cross connections in our natal charts. Basically it was Pluto all the way. all I can suggest, if you were looking for a suggestion at least, is to stay in your power (I know that sounds so instagram and tacky but it’s real), and literally just breathe, and send peace-untangle-freedom energy to your connection with him (and yourself). Remind yourself always that you’re all good. the connection might be showing you new levels of self connection and awareness and you’re feeling like a wobbly newborn foal as a result. I might be way off base so grain of salt.
      that venus node Neptune looks nice:)

      1. Thank you Sam:) That peace-untangle-freedom energy i’m going to keep close at hand.
        Defo new foal wobbliness!

  12. although. I’ll be watching (or not) Venus with interest (This comment heavily edited to remove an extended grizzle)

    I’ve had Pluto on my moon, Saturn in my 8th/ on my mars and Neptune on my sun mercury since 2020. I feel like the paint water jar that’s had so many beautiful colours rinsed in – i.e. the individual potential for consciousness-raising in each of those transits – that in combination has turned murky tertiary brown. Even Jupiter crossing my sun, mercury and trans. Neptune couldn’t get through that. I’ve been wondering if I actually need medication to help throw off this musty, mouldy post-transit blanket… Or is it a skin shedding like a snake. I miss progressed mars on my sun, ha. Looking forward to the sign shifts and mars’s forward progress. But off the back of all this, I don’t think the flash in the pan of Venus will make much of a dent (especially after cancelling Venus in Pisces men in my life For Ever)

    I’ve developed an aversion to wearing grey, and (unrelated) I did get a sudden arrival of a fresh style inspiration when Venus joined in my grand air trine for a few days so thats been fun to explore.

      1. mystic wrote a long time ago somewhere about snakes acting all gross and sluggish before they’re able to start releasing the layer that was once an integral part of their bodies. I think I understand how they feel right now. thanks wish xx. I found a fantastic art work that includes a snake that I want to have a full body tattoo of.

      2. Wish Upon a Star

        So what I do when feeling all sluggish is shower or preferably bath with beautiful body wash, essential oils. It does Wonders. Like night and day.

        What is it that you do?

    1. Pluto fiiiiinally passed my moon last year. I tell ya it does feel distinctly different on the other aid, but I’m still waking up. Defo go slow to help start clocking the new sight, wisdom, power and magic you have (re)gained.💚

    2. Pluto is finally done with my moon and midheaven in Cap! And yet I still feel exhausted and utterly depleted – I understand. I’m also extremely alone. Pluto wiped me out the last few years and left me with pretty much no safety net. I’m also finally between Saturn transits but the entropy is real – neck and teeth!

      1. midheaven too, that’s some work there. thank you for sharing your experience VenusRules. May Venus Rule your world once again xx p.s. hugs

    3. Hi “Murky Tertiary Brown”, please don’t delete your Serpentine Muses. They are the best bits!🙏💗
      (Also – do you know how many beautiful art nudes/landscapes (same thing – all a matter of relativity) have been depicted in variations on (scorched earth) charcoal, or (m.t.b.) sepia..? Just saying !! Xx)
      Hope you feel less brown, and more Grand Air Trine, soon, luvvie… X
      (Side note: my 11 year old daughter is due to have Plutes cj her Aqua Moon when she reaches 17/18, so am super interested to hear everybody’s reviews. It sounds grim? And 15 year old son will have Pluto cj his Merc, Neptune, Chiron and NN in Aqua in his 20s/30s..😬)
      Getting the body pump Spotify list out now, to prep myself…💪💞

      1. I dont think it’s actually grim if that helps. and I’m sure it would be different for a teenage aqua moon with a cool, connected mother with her own Pluto insights to share, compared to a midlife Capricorn moon.. being the covid era and caught in a love cobweb also certainly didn’t help in my case. I do know that having a sh++load of headspace and safe/simpatico connection/s or scene can help. And lots of movies

      2. Oh Sam. You are a gem to reassure me, thank YOU. Xoo Honestly it is a coco-nuts world, and connection (and lots of headspace, too) are our way through.. 😘 Oh and good cinema, laughter, and art. And this place!! How cool is MM’s site, here??
        (And don’t forget your magic, Sam. Pluto always gifts that!! (And yr poetry – that is my selfish request!!x))

  13. God, this is good.

    I’m a Mars conjunct Saturn in Virgo in 6th house & I have never done a burpee in my life. I have done other things. In having this placement I have an extreme attraction to endurance without an ‘off’ switch. I refer to others & ask ‘is this too much?’ I’m fascinated with burpees but I fear if I start I will end up marrying an extreme burpee enthusiast with an addiction for eating butter sticks.

    1. Do you know of an exercise called Turkish Get-Ups? They’re like burpees in that it’s a full body exercise, and completely unlike burpees b/c slower and more deliberate w less of the explosive movement. P.s. I would love that mars Saturn placement

      P.s. burpees and butter sticks is a perfectly okay contradiction imo

  14. Penelope Darling

    It’s been a long dry time for me between VSP (either as the receiver or generator)… I would love a return visit!

    1. Penelope Darling

      This article prompted me to check whether my favourite perfume was back in stock and it is! Ordered immediately.

  15. This is absolutely BRILLIANT 🤣 just the Sandstorm allusion alone. Have totally been there re: the burpee example — and love that kind of Venusian inspiration. Was wondering, for those of us trying to call in love/abundance/etc, if any particular rituals or glamours are extra potent at this time?

    1. Thank you! The Love Warp astro report has natal Venus suggestions and Astral Magic delineates the Venus zone of your house + the Daily Mystic Update will for Feb 2 will have some suggestions for the Venus-Neptune alignment mid-Feb! xx

  16. My VSP are peak atm. I’ve been doing a lot of work on my energetic layers (I’ve just undertaken a Spiritual Healing course which is so 🔥) and I’ve noticed people reacting even more obviously to my presence in public. Men dropping items if I look at them, or opening up lanes to check me out at the store just so they can talk non stop even after I’ve paid up, and as I’m leaving there co-workers can be heard saying “did you just open that lane to talk to that girl? lol. I’ve also been doing a lot in the essential oils space, especially working more with Venusian oils which make you feel sensual & attractive just by being immersed in the scents. I’m really leaning into my chart ruler Venus 🌹
    Ps – death to burpees lol

    1. Oh, this is the most wonderful little story !!🌷 Go Cece, I love hearing these real-life VSP tales!!Xx
      (Thanks for reminding me of a time I remember I could do that, too – make (mostly men) stare, stammer, or just lose concentration, even if brief.🤣❤ And the funny thing is, it only happens (like you said) when YOU feel sensual & attractive (irrespective of outcomes). Magical VSPs..)

      1. *Meaning, in each of these times – that I recall – I never set out to produce interrupting effects!! (And would never).
        Also there was an intellectual bond already established with most of these people – maybe symmetry of all kinds (incl. mental) are covered under Venusian elementals?? Xoo
        (Sorry for my.Merc in Aries over-thinking this..!)

      2. Awww hello love & thank you!!
        No I totally understand this… my Mercury in Virgo lives in over analysis lol! And the mental has to play its part, after energy has made its presence known ✨….. beauty most definitely lies within, I’ve always believed it but now I’m beginning to trust it.

  17. was not immediately familiar with Darude’s Sandstorm so I looked it up on Spotify and it lead me to a playlist of 2000-era dance floor bangers. Thank you for the inspiration. It’s excellent if slightly goofy fodder for a weekend workout.

    1. My pleasure! Sandstorm is personally memorable because it was my the lunges track for my 1st Body Pump class and I remember wondering if the teacher was literally insane/high/possessed.

      If you really want authenticity for an era, check out this list of BodyPump tracks since last century!


      My actual burpee track was mostly the Calvin Harris version of Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat and for legit burpee culture, check out the Marines (and co) doing burpees to Bring Sally Up.

      1. Oh lorde, bring Sally up use to start one woman’s yoga Asana flow classes where we’d do forearm to high planks and hold on the quiet intervals.

  18. I’ve read strange books cover to cover, listenined to music in genres I know nothing about, have run two half marathons, took up long distance cycling etc etc all in the grips of VSP.

    Can you elaborate on ‘casting’ glamour though, MM? Can we stage this somehow and not let it happen to us?

  19. Oh yes am familiar. I’ll consider this fair warning to deal with Mt. Laundry, make sure the ice cube tray is filled, and remind myself that Venus is short term only.. oh and to actually leave the house😶‍🌫️

  20. MY 12th house Capricornian Venus don’t do burpees.
    Whatta loser in VSP am i.
    Can’t get Saturn off my back so to speak?

    ****what we do for lust & curiousity***** when we throw pearls before swine & unable to make silk purse out of sow’s ears….lol

  21. Hi MM, think you’ve outdone yourself with this article!! Firstly:
    a. Where was this piece of brilliance (VSP!! Love it) when i was 16, and
    b. Imagine going to an MM apothecary and asking for an antidote to Saturn vibes. And then a space age pod descends from the ceiling, opening to reveal a bottle labelled “VSP” & surrounded in dry ice mist..🎊
    c. (this is member previously known as earthstar. Changed my name twice to make room for new tarot! Thought a name after my fave clothing since 5 years old was better than a Latin star reference!!
    d. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Xx

  22. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    I always thought Burpees were called that because you’ll do that and more if attempting them after a large meal!

  23. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    “experts in subjects as diverse as lingerie to the underarm bowl in cricket.”😁🤣
    It’s true though.

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