Dark Moon Formula Perfected

Here are the Dark Moon Rules. Do you have to follow them? No. But they work. You can see the Dark Moons for your timezone on the Moon Calendar here.

The Dark Moon is a couple of days in a Moon cycle right before the Moon is New. The New Moon is a conjunction of the Sun and Moon that represents a fresh cycle, it’s when you get extra galactic oomph and chutzpah behind your goals. It often feels like a revitalized sensibility.

But the Dark Moon can be a real low. Some are stronger than others and some people are more Moon sensitive. Dark Moons anywhere near Saturn or Chiron can be gloom pits. But they are also a time when intuition is stronger and any restorative action is far more potent.

Dark Moon Rules Are Effective

Ideally, we’d all be able to take Dark Moon leave and just chill, meditate, wander the wilderness, binge-watch television or read in bed. But Pluto is in Capricorn and we all have crowded agendas. If you think about it, we all worked less ferociously when Pluto was in Sagittarius.

So here are the Dark Moon Rules and if in the Horoscopes or Daily Mystic email, it says to follow them, now you know what it means!

Don’t try to make yourself go out and be fabulous on a Dark Moon unless you are really feeling it.

Unless it is your job to be absolutely abreast with breaking news/current affairs, go on a news fast during the Dark Moon.

Schedule decluttering benders in for the Dark Moon – the act of literally discarding objects no longer required at this time seems to clear one’s mind and inspire new concepts. Plus it’s just the best time to let go of anything.

Intuition Is High – Resolve Is Low

If you want to reduce something – fat, debt, mooning over a person you don’t even want to think about – start the reduction plan ON the Dark Moon. It’s all about the decrease.

Eat well but not junk food – yes comfort sustenance and chill but make it gourmet & sensual, not something that could make you feel crappy after.

If you’re going to go full Cat Lady (or Dog Lady, Man, whatever) do it properly – honor your familiar – they get the gourmet Dark Moon comfort vibe also.

It’s generally a more Yin and nurturing time so brilliant for low-key connecting with anyone vulnerable or who needs your wisdom and strength.

Rejuvenation is 10x More Potent Now

The general restorative energy of the Dark Moon means it is the best time of the month to up your sleep hygiene and recommit to it as – like the ancients said – your best medicine.

Journal writing, the quieter forms of yoga, podcasts that soothe rather than send you into a Mars-Yang crescendo fuq it escalation of just-do-it and therapy are all super potent during the Dark Moon

The More you chill at this time, the more what you need to know or feel floats up to you.

Be on extra high alert against Qi Vampires during a Dark Moon as you could unintentionally be more open to them.

Some Dark Moons are more spooky than others but the veils between realms are absolutely gossamer thing at these times…remember that if you’re a sixth sensory or strongly Neptunian type. It’s not a good idea to do alcohol or drugs on a Dark Moon.


41 thoughts on “Dark Moon Formula Perfected”

  1. Digestive issues sorted.
    Been doing gaps intro stage one for a few weeks now.
    It’s not for everyone I know but it’s helped me so so so much.
    It’s different for people who can digest raw vegetables and so on but having been on it for a week or two, after the dreadful detox die off symptoms lifted I began experiencing digestion maybe for the first time in my life.
    I honestly have never experienced it that way before. It’s brilliant and I don’t want to lose it now. The calmness of having the B vitamins and all the good stuff in my brain too is just incredible. Really grateful.
    So much caca – money stuff, legal, accommodation issues, studies, all manner of nonsense coming at me this week and yet I’m serene.
    Not like meditating and blessing them what smiteth me or anything but just not letting any of it steal my focus the way it usually would. It’s definitely progress, not perfection but the right general direction for sho

  2. I was born on a dark moon in Taurus and have been having the best day today. Relaxed and alert, tasks going smoothly and quickly.. I think I always love dark moons but this one feels especially natural. Is that common to be at your best with your natal moon phase (not to mention when it’s in the same sign?)

  3. I had a strange sort of feeling yesterday, like I wanted to shut myself in a cabinet. (This is something I did as a child a few times, not for any negative reason but because I was a bit of a claustrophile.) It came with what I can only describe as a pleasant melancholy, the inexpressible desire to just be surrounded by dark and quiet. Something I’ve felt before, but never had a word for.

    Also, my nutrition situation – which was SO GOOD last week and Monday – collapsed entirely. God, to think not even three months ago, I didn’t even understand what a dark moon was. Could just be the human brain’s tendency toward pattern recognition, but I’m starting to realize I’m a lot more sensitive to planetary whatnot than I ever thought. If I can get a handle on how these things affect me, this could really help.

    1. A pleasant melancholy.
      I like that, brings Kurt Cobain to mind and some of his lyrics.
      I may be thinking of him more with Chris Cornell’s passing.
      There’s something soothing about the locking myself in a cupboard idea. The image just resonated. Maybe it’s my moon and mars square Saturn or something…it sounds odd even to me when I think about it logically but perhaps because being able to shut the door, having that sense of control and the boundaries around me was something I wanted badly as a kid I tend to luxuriate in solitude now.

    2. Not sure if this will sound weird but if you’re into philosophy, there is a book called ‘the poetics of space’ by Gaston bachelard – a Katakan of course 🙂 – mid 20th c writer… I am fairly sure one of the chapters is about drawers or cupboards.. could be interesting 🙂

  4. Dark Moon Muse

    Just thinking about Chronos associations ref prestige and time. Links to

    ‘ crown ‘ and the reverence accorded to the wise .and the old. Those who

    wear crowns have power. . Also the word ‘ krone ‘ as in a currency or

    something that is valued.. Alchemy of time / Saturn into gold.

  5. love the protocol! i’m usually super chill with dark moons. this one made me SUPER grrrrrrrrrrrrr …. no tolerance for any phuquery. everyone on my last nerve. i’ll be glad to be past this before i alienate everyone i hold near and dear.

  6. I woke up feeling sad. Walked my dog and decided to go back to sleep hoping I would wake up more vibrant. Forced myself up 2 hours later because of a crazy nightmare. Still felt sad, teared up a little and literally did nothing until I had to get ready for work. I just wanted to be so far away from everything today. Hopefully this will change tomorrow…noticed the New Moon is sitting on my progressed Sun, so Im currently at work googling that to pass the time.

  7. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    OMG yes yes yes to all of these!

    Totally feeling the chill/restore vibe.

    Dark moons are also good for mending and fixing things I think!

    And Ceres=digestion hell yes! Totally feeling that re: today’s Daily Mystic.

  8. Ah, thanks for the reminders, MM!

    Yeah, like others have said, I wasn’t expecting this past week to be so ‘dark side’, what with the unexpected passing of Chris Cornell and the massacre in Manchester. Where in hell did those awful events come from, astrologically? I felt broadsided… 🙁

    I received some healing body work today, which felt very self-care for the dark moon, and I also FINALLY got to hang out in person with ‘third time is a charm’ Katakan/Sagg rising millennial guy who has come and gone and come back… it was a good re-group, and we really got to talk and connect……and fooled around a bit for the first time.. *ahem*
    Weird, because right after that when I got home, I then saw my ex-lover walk down my street, who I hadn’t seen around in a LONG time. It took me ages and ages to get over that guy…..It felt like a coincidence to see him today, now that I might finally be embarking on something with someone new. (Luckily he was walking down the opposite side of the street and didn’t see me, so it was just my own little private ‘hmmm….’ moment.)

  9. This Cancerian usually loves a Dark Moon, but whoa! This current one really feels like a punish. Qi Vampires abound and I’m tired and fuzzy in my thoughts and my resolve. I got up to get ready for work this morning and by the time I got out of the shower I decided that I was going to stay home today. I called work, then I made tea and got back into my pajamas and I’ll be napping and relaxing all day.

    My usual meditation routine has been out of whack too – and I’m looking around at my already de-cluttered home, seeing a heap of stuff that I’m ready to send to the charity shop – stuff that I previously would have hung on to. I’m thinking – rest today, then in the next couple of days, do another de-cluttering sweep. I just know it will be just the boost I need. In the meantime, I’m surrendering to this current vibe and laying low.

  10. Cleaning my oven this evening was incredibly satisfying
    I laughed because I used to hate cleaning and its become a hobby
    There something so satisfying about a sparkling floor, more so on a dark moon perhaps but either way its a great excuse to honour the much maligned Virgo energy.

  11. Does being born on a dark moon make you more inclined to do all of this all the time? I’m definitely more chill, yin, and lol sure “spooky” regardless of the moon’s daily position.

  12. Mystic, Thank you so much for this! I know about the dark moon, but don’t know what to do during this time. Now I know!


  13. Love this whole protocol – and I can tell its a Dark Moon. My whole physical/mental/emotion vibe today feels….exhausted & disconnected. I definitely need to take some of this protocol to heart the next few days and regenerate and recharge. The past few weeks have been insanely busy at work with big projects, late hours and stress from election year shenanigans (I work for the Municipal government in my City – talk about muggles!!!) and the passing of Chris Cornell, one of my favorite musical artists, the tragedy in Manchester…whew!

    Time to turn phones off in the evening, immerse in music/literature/movies of choice, snuggle in bed with cats and eat something that doesn’t come out of a paper bag. Maybe get back in touch with Mother Earth this weekend maybe with a drive in the mountains & take a along a dear friend who’s been feeling depressed and get some sunlight therapy.

    My Libra sun & moon need some restorative balance, and my Sag ascendant needs a little jaunt somewhere outside the 4 walls not connected to work.

  14. Unicorn Sparkles

    I’m finding this one hitting hard. Strange feeling like the kind you get when you’re moving house… a mix of melancholy and deep sadness. It’s almost like the end of an era. People at work have been really low energy. Headaches and migraines were being endured everywhere.

    I’m going with respecting the energy.
    So chilling and taking time to reflect.

    Virgo rising will do a meditative clean up and de clutter in the laundry tomorrow. But tonight, rest.

  15. My dreams seem to be getting more intense as this dark moon approaches. I’m going to try and be better about recording them and trying to understand what messages they might be bringing.

  16. Isabella Gaspardo

    I find that now that I’m in menopause dark moons keep me in synch with some sort of natural body rhythms, so it’s really helpful for me to try & plan in advance activities.

    1. It is one of the few joys of being post-menopausal – the freedom to roam the psychic world & flow with its rhythms without bodily discomfort.

      Perhaps the reason older women were called crones (caroigne in old N.French, meaning cantankerous old woman or carrion) was to discredit the wisdom that such women can bring to society – so dangerous to the Patriarchy)

        1. Well yes, there is that but i was always taught that “crone” comes from Chronos – the God of Time, another name for Saturn.

          1. Nothing is certain about this, and according to Barbara Walker, the “Crone” may have descended from the Cretan Rhea or Rhea Kronia the Aegean archetypal Triple Goddess & Mother of Time. “Though the title has been linked with Coronis, the carrion crow, since crows and other black creatures were sacred to the Death Goddess.”

            “She devoured her children and consumed all that she brought forth, or as Earth, who does the same.”

            It was the Hellenics later on that gave her a consort – Chronos (Saturn) Father Time who in imitation of Rhea’s earlier activity, also castrated & ate his children.”

              1. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

                Let’s just pick the most empowering theory eh?


                1. For me it’s as important to understand the “negative” aspects related to the Goddess or given to her by the patriarchs for a fuller and more rounded meaning. Crone/Kronia/Coronis even N.European Krake seem to be enmeshed as being symbolic of the 3rd aspect of the Goddess. Walker also says that what was important in the East with the Crone – was that one should not only worship the Goddess in her young or bountiful guise but also love & accept her “ugly” or destroyer images.
                  2 sides: one coin.
                  Perhaps it’s just my Venus conjunct Pluto aspect that needs to understand.
                  Also, once you get into the etymology of words & esp those of ancient gods/esses you realise that nothing is certain at all & is a minefield of conjecture & prejudices.
                  For a real mind-fuq check out Chronos, Cronus, Saturn & Saturnalia. All different & originating from different myths yet all somehow got lumped together through the ages.
                  In the end everyone is free to chose what is empowering to them.

  17. I like them all but what usually feels stronger for me is the “not going out on a Dark Moon night”. I just cannot bring myself to wear nice outfits and make up.
    I’ll go aqua gym tonite, which is not very Yin but to me it is because I get to stay in the water and after that plus hot shower, I get that fantastic tiredness, like every tension has left my body and I usually get good sleep.

  18. Love MM’s dark moon protocol, such a good way to sync with cosmic rhythms. Here’s my add ons

    Be kind to yourself and others.
    Clear the noise in all comms – so you can hear your soul speak.
    If alcohol/carbs are needed use like medicine – small dose, high quality
    Listen to music that makes you feel good.

  19. Need a Moon calendar with this printed on every monthly page!
    Actually it’s been a funny old moon, lots of synchronicity, answered wishes, darknesses gently surfacing and being successfully released.

    A cautious vibe, like you are aware of all the issues, triggers, shadows but picking your way around them in conversation and getting through it all.

    1. YES to your last sentence.
      I often don’t have the luxury of lying low during the New Moon because of work commitments, so dealing with people during this time can be a little like walking through emotional minefields. We seem to be emotionally & psychically bruised around this time. So i’ve learnt that the best thing to do is to simply just “listen” with both empathy and boundaries, reining in any knee-jerking desires.

      Personally i love Dark Moon time & just like clearing one’s house of clutter is a good thing to do, I find this time is when i am better able to dive into the recesses of my inner chambers to clean out bad habits & recalibrate my inner compass.

  20. I’ve noticed that Dark Moons let me know if I’m on point with my self-care in general. If I’ve designed a routine or schedule or daily work/creative practice that simply doesn’t respect my needs on any level, Dark Moons smash me. However, the more I’ve learnt to listen to my inner guidance as to what to do, what not to do, and how to do it, the less horrific Dark Moons have become.

    I’ve been examining my expectations of self lots these past few months and as I’ve learnt to drop more and more unrealistic (unhealthy for my needs, boundaries and authentic self) expectations and goals, the more sustainable and self-respecting my lifestyle in general has become and the less I’ve actually even noticed Dark Moons coming and going.

    I launched a daily authenticity exploration+expression experiment video challenge for myself in late April pretty much on the Dark Moon, which is something that would have been impossible for me just last year. I would have been flat on my back, dead with fatigue and depression. Now, I can create *despite* all that, and happily at that.

    And this upcoming Dark Moon? Seeing as it’s coinciding with my monthly PMS, it’s amazing I’ve managed to even launch a small community beta without fatigue, depression, anxiety, existential dumps, morbid thinking etc.

    I agree with scheduling and expecting and pushing less on Dark Moons anyway, on all levels, and upping the self-care for sure, and tuning into the depths of body, mind, heart, soul, whichever level calls the most in the now. It’s a great time to practice listening within, an aptly Yin skill.

  21. I always love Dark Moon posts! We really need a Dark Moon protocol that covers how the hell you cope when you have to work as well, though. Like ideally I’d just get under my doona or into a hammock somewhere and sleep this time away. But unfortunately I have to go to work and pretend to be productive. So here are my coping mechanisms for when the Dark Moon period rudely falls on weekdays.

    – Schedule as few meetings as possible, cancel or slide out of them if you can’t control your schedule that way. ‘I’m just really busy with this report’ is an excuse that will be accepted, ‘the dark moon is playing havoc with my chronic fatigue’ won’t, learn from my experience.
    – Get into the straightforward work – it’s a good time to tick things off, make that phone call you were putting off, do a bunch of simple admin tasks that are boringly soothing (or calming if you have a lot of Virgo or Capricorn in your chart, ha).
    – Now is a great time to practice streamlining/screening phone calls. No one except maybe immediate team should not be able to reach you on the first phone call, anyway. Make them work for it, 90% of the people who call you are looking for an excuse to chitty chat anyway.
    – Redouble efforts to remain cool, calm and collected. Mystic’s horoscopes and blog posts are one of my best tools in life for remembering to embody Bridget Jones’ mantra, ‘Aloof, unavailable ice queen’, which is applicable to so many areas of life, including work. Did she manage it, do I manage it, questionable, but it’s the thought that counts, and also stops you going off at your coworker when they email you for the fifth time in an hour about that report.
    – Make an extra effort to pack the healthy snacks for work, drink herbal tea, feel smug in your healthy bliss and whistle innocently when 2pm hits and you break into the chocolate stash. Oh well, you tried.

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