Astrological Gift-Giving Technique

The astrology of gift-giving is really very simple.

We tend to buy gifts for other people according to our Moon Sign – that is, what we’d quite fancy. But if we can discover the recipient’s Moon Sign, it’s a natural guide to the most welcome and appropriate gift.

eg: My Moon in Libra will be insanely thrilled with either high-end or chic-simple scent – fragrance wins.

Moon in Aquarius loves cool new gadgets, breaking-news technology and if you can manage it, something they haven’t heard of.

Moon in Aries likes vouchers so that they are in charge of how your kind thought is spent. Cash in an envelope would not offend.

Feed the Moon in Taurus people. They adore gourmet food gifts and/or meals out. A hamper?

Moon in Cancer/Kataka will croon over antique/vintage gifts – something with provenance, whereas other Moons signs would freak at the ‘used’ factor.

Gemini Moon people like information, new media, gadgetry and things that enable them to stream the internet – all of it – straight into their mind.

The Moon in Leo contingent prefer official designer luxury like a bottle of brand-name champagne or timeless ‘investment’ accessories.

Scorp Moons can be psychologically weird around gifts – they’re highly aware of transactional undercurrents within relationships and dislike feeling in anyone’s debt. Tread carefully and listen between the lines. If in doubt, ask them flat-out what they want.

Moon in Sagittarius people like gifts of experiences and space – a voucher for hang-gliding, a flight to anywhere, concert tickets.

Capricorn Moons appreciate whatever helps them stay classic and cheat time or master mundanity; Peer-reviewed scientific skin serum, a fruit-bearing tree or well-chosen shares.

Moon in Pisces? Anything rare, magic and thoughtful enough to know you get their quirks. They won’t care about the cost but the ‘thought’ of sleuthing down the weird esoteric book they mentioned? Amazing.

And what of Moon in Virgo?  They often tell you, conveniently several months before the actual time you might have considered buying them a gift and only to help you out, because they would hate to think of you stressing out re what to get them when the Virgo has already got the details ready at hand.

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  1. A donation to a political party of your choice? A book, maybe on astrology or ancient megaliths or suppressed inventions. For 6th House Moon any healing kind of tool, crystals, quality incense, oils or herbs

  2. I am Cap Moon and I like jewels, period. Gold involved preferentially and stones.

    With real stones, I hate Swarovski, thats not real jewelry, is just glass that wont last.

  3. this moon in pisces always loves magical gifts, and recommendations for gifts are always something witchy, something for divining, transformation, or casting spells. They always seem to me to be a gift that goes on giving… One year my closest sister gifted me with rose absolute – more expensive than gold i believe… I kept the tiniest vial for years and years, and was able to use for very sacred rituals such as births and deaths…. Yesterday I was gifted with frankincense, cedarwood, and patchouli essential oils totally happy!

  4. I laughed when I finally saw my moon sign! “Scorp Moon? I’m too scared to say.”
    I’m 20 and I still make a long Christmas lists. (4 pages long) I of course don’t expect to get everything on it, I just like to give people lots of options. I’ve had hot tub on my christmas list since the 2nd grade. =p And oh yes some of the stuff I put on my list definetly disturbed my mom, like some of the CDs I want(Kotton Mouth Kings, Axe Murder Boyz, Metalica), and movies(silence of the lambs, rob zombie movies, the bad seed). She was like “I can’t show this list to the family”
    I agree food is nice to get, but not thrilling. The only food thing that would thrill me would be an edible creations fruit cut like flowers thingy, Or a fake ID to use for a few more months. (I have Mercury in Taurus)
    I get upset when people want to see my Christmas list but end up getting me something not on it. Thats a slap to my face.

  5. utterly true for me
    I like tix to performances, don’t need possessions as much as experiences
    My moon is in gemini
    That mum/moon post rang true as well

  6. Hah… love it!

    Scorp moon here in the 2nd house. Food, creature comforts, dinner out (more food!), good wine (there’s a theme here)… or money. ;p

  7. Scorp Moon: Good quality anything wrapped up beautifully!

    I am a sucker for anything papery and beautiful, though I haven’t used snail mail in an age – must be the Moon in the 6th!

    Food, wine etc. are nice but not thrilling – alcohol is always a give-way wrapped up… love the surprise. I don’t love gift vouchers however useful they are, shopping can seem like hard work.

  8. Hmmmm. I can vouch for the new experiences for Gem’s but with such divergent tatstes peeps have a high time keeping up with what I love. Concert tickets would be great but I also love books and stationery *drool* lol Have noticed a propensity for people to buy me things they would like to get as gifts – I have to be careful what I say about other peoples tastes (I usually end up with said item or similar as a gift at some stage when I was just saying how the item they had bought themselves suited them). I do not like money or gift vouchers (must be my Venus in Taurus). Screams tacky to me and that you don’t know me well enough to buy me what I like. Would sooner nothing. This only applies to those close to me (of course), when I have been gifted something from an aquaintance/boss/complete stranger I am happy with anything. Strange.

  9. Kataka Moon and not particularly into vintage or antiques. My decor is streamlined and while not quite minimalist, love modern clean lines but have always lived in queenslander or colonial homes (until now). What I love most is the thought behind it, and something top quality (Saturn conj Asc?). Love good books, book vouchers and friends making a fuss i.e. organising a dinner/lobng lunch (Leo Sun). Most fav gift of late from Toros, sis and bro-in-law – a tibetan bell, divine. And of course anything magic – like our Mystic (top quality magic)! (Fish Asc)

  10. OH and thanks Mystic

    will totally look at moon signs now when gift giving

    was looking asc but moon makes sense x

  11. For me – this is not true, Leo with a Cancer moon and I HATE anything vintage. I would much prefer a Leo-Style Gift.
    I think it is true for my Aqua partner though – he has Sag moon and loves getting sports equipment.

  12. Not sure about the food for Toro moon, unless it’s fine dining? I did give myself a slap up dinner for my phhrrm-tieth.

    The thing about gifting when it comes my way is that most folks are SO off that it saddens me deeply – sad because they have wasted their money and the world’s resources, sad because they have tried and failed, sad because they don’t really know me, and so very sad when it’s family because after knowing me for AN ENTIRE LIFETIME it is abundantly clear that they will never know me. It really is deeply upsetting.

    That said, some people get it SO right that my faith is restored and I love them even more for actually knowing me.

    Taurus moon/Virgo sun/Cap asc

  13. I am not so true to form here on saggesque presents bar tickets to see my darling wives dotted around the world.

    sporting equipment gifting will most likely be met with a “do you think I have put on weight” eyebrow

    don’t buy me clothes.
    unless you know me really really well.
    I would prefer candles to clothing
    family learned this early on when I cashed in anything I got at xmas for a packet of cigarettes and a coffee (which was about the cost, lol)

    tickets to shows and amazing dinner dates also favoured. that or something very practical.

  14. Birthday tommorrow and all to often people cater to the crab…cook books, homewares etc etc
    im fowarding this onto all potential gift my aqua moon is dying for high tech knick knacks with all the bells and whistles!!

    1. crabby crab, I have an aqua moon too and we share bdays! So Happy Day to you! I am down with the tech toys too and almost never use a cook book. Being Kataka usually means one rarely needs it..hello?

      1. Happy Birthday FA!!

        Thanks for the wishes…fingers crossed for a shiney new i-pad (as my other bday wish, being in a whole other country than the family today has already some true!!)

  15. Odette-in-Libra

    I was all prepared to disagree, for myself at least. Then I read your description of Moon in Aries: “likes vouchers so that they are in charge of how your kind thought is spent.”
    I’m embarrassed to admit this is true of me. I have such specific tastes that many gifts (shush, don’t tell anyone) disappoint me. Especially from my family, who have a tendency to give me stuff that represents who they *wish* I were. (Sigh.)

  16. Yep. I get gift cards every time, and I love it.
    I always assumed it was because no one knew what to get me, but I guess it could be a little bit of both…

  17. Me and my Virgo Moon are killing ourselves laughing, in between gnashing our teeth in frustration. The birthday looms next week and we know, just *know* that no one will pay attention to our carefully constructed wishlists and not-so-subtle “hints” AGAIN. And we will be forced to smile an say how much we like what you got us, but why can’t you just FOLLOW THE RULES?!


  18. Hiya, Snakey….
    Virgo 12th, Virgo rising, Taurus Moon – nothing scented unless I picked the scent. And yes, you’re right about persuasive gift details months ahead, but nobody ever listens/remembers cause they all know good ol Virg’s will just smile demurely and curse well under hearing range – but how bitter we be!

  19. Really Saggigal? I have Moon in Aqua and am into sleek gadgetry. Though I LOVE anyone topping off my frequent flyer miles and I do own a surfboard, massage vouchers always welcome, throw in a hot boy to do it and I shall pray on your temple I sort of straddle the Aqua/Saggo gift vibe.

    Cannot stand it when peeps give me perfume without prior pre-authorization, have Venus in Leo, V Rising so I do get control freakery about scent.. speaking of gadgetry, I just lost a load of work on a USB flash drive I had it saved on, yes, darling MM, THAT work. Thankfully wasn’t too far in to recreating right now.

    My friends and family must know me well, they gave me a Samsung pocket netbook and an HTC HD2 phone for my bday..gulp..which is tomorrow. Tech toys turn me on, but I am gratefully restrained by the virgo in me i.e. I do not want them if I cannot use them, like a lot. As I also begin to feel guilty about recycling issues..

    My ultimate gadget dream: Boy in a Box. You stagger home, you open up, you use…:)

    1. Ha, boy in a box … Yes a gadget that I may like! 🙂
      but no, gadgets leave me cold. The more complicated the less I like it. I’m very tactile and I like things that feel soft in my hands… My progressed chart is full of Taurus so maybe that explains it.
      I always prefer experience based pressies over belongings in general- anything my body/ mind can get into. I like colour, and movement- concert tickets, parties and travel!

      Dream fantasy gift? A suprise plane ticket to mystery exotic destination. Bliss!

    2. happy happy bday for tommorrow FA. love the boy ina box concept an ‘ahem ” extension of a vibrator per chance?

    3. Thanks babes.. right, regards le Boy in Le Box. Please don’t ask me how I know the following..and I realize this shall never replace the real thing, ergo ’tis truly meant as an “interim” measure, BUT science being wot it is nowadays, they’ve actually developed rubber mix substrates that have the feel and energy return of real skin.


      I’ll just let that sink in while you extrapolate the myriad ways that can apply to le boy in box. An extension, Leogroover? You betcha. Am thinking variety of detachable options. Language programs. Lingual dexterity. See, this is why science abandoned me early? I would’ve surely churned up a freak of nature for my own spurious reasons.

      Thanks for the bday wishes.. of course yes, surprise trip anywhere would be fantabulous.

  20. for me- moon in aqua- this is not true! i hate gadgets in general- my moon in aqua is more along the abstract thought/theories manifestation.

    my fave gifts are travel, books, and massage vouchers…

    actually no, i just thought of one gadget i LOVE and have received as birthday pressies- cameras (0bsessed with them).

    1. Libra sun/moon, Virgo asc

      Same for my aqua moon hubby. His swearing is proportionate to closeness of technology (eg, the closer it is, the louder and more profane he gets). Except where cameras are concerned. We have masses of them, from old box cameras through to latest digital.

      His ideal gifts are holidays, books on art or weird scientific theories, and old bicycles that he can do up.

  21. This Virgo Moon is guilty as charged. If people are going to insist on giving me a gift, then I will at least set them a practical task to achieve for me… And usually orchestrate a group ‘collection’ of sorts, so there is just one really useful gift that I actually want, everyone’s contributed, and we’re all happy.
    This year my friend’s all pitched in and bought me British Citizenship… See, practical and fabulous.

  22. Taurean Love Expert

    Ha, the Stealth Leo has his moon in Virgo. He loathes ‘fuss’, but yes, if I get him something that was carefully chosen & pre-negotiated, that’s fine.

  23. It is true, love tickets! (Gem Moon)

    Definitely cannot go wrong in buying music for Dr Aqua, it is the perfect gift (Leo Moon).

  24. Libra sun/moon, Virgo asc

    My moon in Libra recoils at most scented gifts … is that my Virgo asc taking over? I’ve always thought that Venus had a big impact on aesthetics – is there any truth to this? Mine’s in Scorp and I’ve always been drawn to things with a Scorpionic edge.

    1. my venus is in scorp too… although i don’t fancy secrecy or ‘edgy’ things necessarily…

      of course the gaga’s videos always repel and draw me…

      it does, however, make affairs of love a bit odd… to say the least. i am assuming it’s the dichotmy between libra sun and scorponic venus. but what do i know? i am here to learn.

      1. Libra sun/moon, Virgo asc

        No, I can’t do secrecy, either – not my own, anyway. But I love bold, dramatic, dark things. Hate anything pastel. Was into goth, vampires, occult in earlier days. Mellower these days though.

        Same with gaga.

        Yes, quite possibly. Though I understand Mars has lots to do with that, too. I have mars in aqua, which can add oddness or fun, depending on your pov : )

      1. Libra sun/moon, Virgo asc

        Haha, so true! And at last I know why I do that! I never wear scent, but love burning pure essential oils and breathing in the scents that come from the spice section of my pantry.

  25. My hubby has Scorp moon and 2 of the best gifts I’ve given him were expensive sunglasses and a swiss army knife. Secrecy and cutlery always does the trick!

    1. year of the fox

      OMG! You know what we adore! Paper Shredders… Faraday Wallets….Passes for local hot springs…. the women often have crappy periods so anything that would help that…..

      I have Scorp Moon in the 12th house.

  26. My moon in scorp means many people don’t get want i want ( and no its not a gift voucher from the local sex shop) so i do start giving hints months before just to help them out. However a massage voucher from my fav masseuse will do it everytime. Also my Leo jsut says bring the champagne and your witty selves ( no drudges).

    1. my scorp moon is similar. massage is bliss and the virgo rising ensures i mention this repeatedly months ahead…

    2. always find the scorp/sex thing bit sadly obvious, I mean imagine if everyone bought you a vibrator every year.

      scorp moon is serious indulgence as I know it.

    3. leonine librarian

      I too have my moon in scorp and no a sex shop voucher is not going to cut it. I’m not sure what dominates more here the leo sun or scorp moon or whether for different reasons they agree, but I’d be pissed off if someone went there. Alternating between sunny disdain and cold weariness at ignorance would be too distracting from celebrating me which would be a downer all round.

      I like thoughtful gifts…one’s that show the person has thought about what I am like…as someone has mentioned below, not what they want me to be, what I am…or least show myself to be.

  27. my moon in leo isn’t so name droppy…. unless it’s a name i like. oh. maybe that counts.

    so champagne is probably out, but essential oils (a brand i approve of.. and trust me, they know who that is) – yes.

    is it possible that my multiple stellum in libra can outweigh a moon in leo? my emotions are very leonic… my tastes are decidedly libran… but yes, even in that beauty and sensual delight… i had better approve of the company.

    lord. no wonder so many people forget my birthday. *LAUGH*

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