Can Eclipses Worsen Headaches?

Can Eclipses cause headaches? It sounds irrational but many people report that Full Moons amplify aches and pains. And an Eclipse is just a super-amped New or Full Moon.

Dear Mystic!

I’m a newbie subscriber (last year) from the Philippines. Thanks to my friend Anjeline de Dios who introduced me to, I’m now a full-fledged Scorpio-Taurus healer-housewitch running a healing space here in our hometown! 

Anyway, the reason why I’m writing to you is connected to Eclipses and lunar transitions. As a brief background, I grew up with open channels of intuition, which scared my mom to the point of shunning it. It resulted in me developing migraines, like really bad ones (headbanging and throwing up was my childhood habit). Finally, I embraced the “gift” about four years ago, quit my corporate job, and went full-time healer. In less than 6 months, the migraines decreased to a bare minimum. In a year, I hardly had one.

Then the migraines started coming back. I don’t have any idea of the cause (believe me, I tried). It’s just that I notice that I would get the worst of it during eclipses or nearing lunar transitions (new moon and full moon). Doctors can find no cause for them. So I’m taking my chances on an astro explanation of some sort. I am Scorpio Sun, Gemini Moon and Taurus rising (if this helps). I just want to know if there is anything astro could give to help me with this “lunacy”. 🙂

Thank you in advance!


Dear Moonache,

Thank you for such a fascinating question. Now, obviously, with anything of this nature, get a total work-up from a scientific naturopath/integrative physician to really get to the core of what is going on. Could there have been a dietary change in 2015 – sulfites or more gluten than usual? Medically, it is apparently not a single disorder as such but definitely indicative of increased electrical activity in the brain, with varying consequences.

But there is a huge body of lore around the Moon and certain ailments, particularly the epilepsy spectrum.  In olden times, people having epileptic fits were said to be “moonstruck.”  This association crosses so many different cultures, from the Old Testament Bible and the Ancient Greek philosopher healers through to Hindu/Ayurvedic medicine. I know there are some T.C.M. people lurking in the comments here – is there a Traditional Chinese theory around it?

And if you scroll down the list of famous people with epilepsy here, there is a fascinating precis it being linked to ‘cosmic consciousness’ and mystical experiences.

Astrologically, I can’t see it being just “the Moon.” If you have a highly wired Moon, a Full Moon or Eclipse could set off more energy and this could be a trigger.

However, I had a year of both migraines and seizures with no apparent cause. It was the year that Neptune squared my Sun exact.  So there is another suspect. I was told as a teenager that my Aquarius Rising/Mars-Uranus in the 8th House combo would make me extra electrical. And it’s true, I get shocks off anything metal and can sometimes even just give off little sparks. I feel little buzzes in my brain on occasion and get out of body experiences during acupuncture.

But it was the major Neptune transit that coincided with my year of neuro-hell. The whole thing died down as soon as Neptune left “town.”  And I have to say, the feeling right before a seizure or a migraine occurs is uncanny as fuq – can anyone else relate to it?  I believe they call it an “aura” and it absolutely feels intensely spiritual – albeit spooky. Or is that just symptomatic of increased brain activity?

So based on my own experience and with the absolute recommendation that if doctors are not able to explain/fix this thus far, you branch out to a gifted T.C.M. practitioner, osteopath and/or naturopath, i would suspect Neptune as the key astral culprit here. Perhaps it is doing something funky with your Gemini Moon?

Taurus Rising folk seem to do best with a solid food routine -they mediate life via their gut. As much as your Gemini Moon may enjoy gallivanting around trying different restaurants and all, Taurus Rising thrives off Regime. So yes to eclipses and headaches but also to Neptune and neurological quirks.

But what does everyone else think?

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  1. Hello everyone! Sorry it took me a while to respond since this week, the Jupiter opp Uranus manifested through analysis paralysis (work) and Venus Retro just got me pre-occupied with relationship/intimacy issues (venus-libra natal). Anyway! Thank you Mystic for posting this! Although, I can’t remember the exact dates of my migraines, but I will look into Neptune squaring my Sun directly. I am now booking myself with a TCM practitioner for an acupuncture session! The Medical Astro post in Astro Hacks resonated so much with me as well! The bit about the head is Aries, and that having headaches (or migraines) could be a sign that you have an aspect in your life you’re supposed to be taking in charge. 2015 was a year of taking charge for me! It was the year wherein I was taken out of my comfort zone, cut my dilettante attitude and settle on an advocacy. Three months after, I opened Healing Space here in the Philippines. Astrology just solved a major mystery in my life!

    Thank you to all the beautiful hearts who commented on this post as well, sharing amazing insights and references I would be looking at! It’s so interesting how some of you attribute it to hormones (I am biologically male btw) and I’ve always felt that there’s a divine masculine/feminine restructuring in my physical brain in some migraine episodes. I also resonate so much with the water being affected by the moon bit.

    Surely, will be applying house-witch remedies from now on and fortifying a solid food routine! Thank you everyone! From the bottom of my Moon-y heart! 😀

  2. maybe Saturn transitioning from Scorp into Sagittarius on your Scorp Sun, transiting your Gemini Moon?

    Saturn being structure/spine have you had your cervical spine alignment checked?
    Also, how’s your diaphragm function. Breathing deeply and relaxed to get blood to your brain?

  3. This is very interesting as have read most of Oliver Sachs writings on migraines and neurology because i get ‘auric migraines’. Electrical visual patterns but no pain or ache, just have to stop for 5-10 mins till it’s over. It seems to be set off by a particular lights, like fluorescence, a kinda ‘blinded by the light’ experience.
    Or aliens are trying to contact me…..

  4. Colleen O'Brien

    The Japanese have some very interesting theories regarding Blood Types and chronic illnesses for example Type A blood types are more inclined to suffer from stomach related illnesses, I am wondering if any of those who have written testimonies here know their Blood Types and if so what the percentage of Type A people is?

  5. I second the opinion that it most probably is hormonal. I discovered my migraines were related to my menstral cycle after getting involved in a migraine study which forced me to keep a diary. This is highly recommended. I do feel pretty silly now not seeing the correlation but because it was happening several days before my cycle began and also certain foods and stress would trigger them too.
    I have never been able to get rid of mine entirely but have come close to managing them. The book by Gluck is very helpful. I stumbled across a mix of herbs online made up of blessed thistle, fenergreek, fennel and dong quai that worked wonders – a complete reset. Also recommend taking a general something like pregnatude or conceive well gold as it has all the essentials to even out the hormone spikes.

  6. The gravitational pull of Luna and the Sun pulsh and pull water causing the high and low tides. This also pulls on the water of the body which affects the body electric. If you are genetically wired for migraines (your electric current is affected) you will feel the pull of the moon, especially when she is strong. You will also feel weather changes…my head is a barometer.

  7. Hey hey I had two years of getting lunar related migraines (day two of every menses). I had acupuncture, did yoga, went vegan, lay in dark rooms and navel gazed wondering what self sabotaging pattern I was coming up against…I even blamed Pluto transiting my natal sun when the migraines got really bad. Cancer rising here so at one point I fully expected that this was just going to be part of my monthly mood cycle where I tapped into the collective pain consciousness of all women who’d ever lived on planet earth ever, each time I bled, nomsayin.

    Anyway long story short I eventually stumbled into a rolfing practitioner’s office and got my spine aligned, my neck cracked and my jaw re arranged. This all sounds a bit brutal but did it felt amazing, results were instant and did I mention my migraines haven’t returned?

    1. I’m mucking around with a book called the MELT Method how do use a soft foam roller to simulate some of the work Rolfing does on the fascia system, and it’s definitely improved some chronic upper back stress and attendant sleep issues – so yes I totally believe in exploring that alignment/fascia part of things in addition to all the great naturopath/TCM recommendations here.

  8. Louise Hay’s book, You Can Heal Your Life might help. It was recommended at a class on stress management through my health insurance of all things. It has helped me many times unravel what’s really bothering me. It led me to start working on the issues behind an illness. Especially something that’s recurring and doctors can’t really cure. For migraines my doc had me take 800 mg ibuprofen as soon as it struck or conversely one very strong cup of coffee also asap. It did indeed help.

    1. …or a much more thorough metaphysical book by Lise Bourbeau “your body’s telling you….” Amazing reference book which kindly expands on LH

  9. not a health expert, but agree on the hormonal theme. depends on how old Moonache is, but if she’s doing pluto square pluto that does bring about hormonal imbalances, in view to pre-menopause about 10 years later. pluto always has to do with the body. also, being taurus asc she might have uranus in the 12th, which might cause 6th house health problems. in my astro practice, in fact, I find more and more that really when an outer planet transits a house, something related to the opposite house definitely happens as well, like our teacher used to insist on. don’t mean to scare anyone, but more than one person I know who are going through uranus in the 12th (regardless of their sun and/or moon) are coming down with strong migraines, encephalites and electricity/head-releated issues, or it might be just a generic effect of uranus in aries, enhanced by her being very psychic. wish her well. headaches are sooo impairing 🙁 .

    1. This is very interesting. I am just in Pluto square Pluto and have just started having crazy cramps and headaches monthly just like when I was 14/15 and it all started. Cycle is also shorter out of nowhere and the emotional roller coaster is out of control! I have Uranus in the 8th but am Taurus rising. Will get those crazy-making hormones checked 😉

  10. Migraines are often hormonally related. As women our menstrual cycles are affected by the moon.i would recommend homeopathy, to bring your energy back into balance.the migraines suggest an energetic block. Homeopathy has some amazing remedies including Luna made from moonlight. Also when combined with shiatsu can really work on every level, spirit, mind, emotional and body. Good luck with it

    1. Agree. I get very unwell on the full moon. Migraines and full blown menstrual cramps. I find getting on my shakti mat really helps.

  11. I used to dread my monthly cycle as I had to endure 3 day stomach migraines with 12 hours of serious vomiting and awful pain behind my eyes and in my temples. I could not move for 3 days, just slept and vomited. The episodes came on in my early thirties and continued until my menopause . I found the only way to cope,and hold down a job, was to starve myself of all food and drink no water for 24 hours, and then take pain killers on an empty stomach. I tried acupuncture that worked on my liver and gall bladder mostly, and it worked some of the time. I had a healthy diet with no cigarettes, hardly any alcohol, and good sleep. I exercised, did yoga, but really dreaded the menstrual cycle. My Moon is in my 6th house and I was not happy with my work as it was often boring, stressful, and an endurance test. My only real dietary change that I can think of was I had a love of sugary foods and became an aficianado of filter coffee. . I am clairvoyant and extremely sensitive to energies and sometimes think the real trigger was my head/soul screaming for a change and wanting to throw up! My acupuncturist told me that all the time we do what we don’t want to, we put huge strain on the liver . Perhaps a purging herb would work for you ? Wishing you all the best, and as my moon is my chart ruler, I think your intuition could be right. .

  12. saturnplutoflux

    That’s interesting about the Toro rising and solid, regular diet – I’m continually fighting off well meaning but nutty friends trying to recruit me to the latest detox/diet/whatever…now i have an astrologically backed argument as to why they should just let me alone to chew my cud 🙂

    Id agree with Mystic’s TCM suggestion. Recently I strained my ham string at kung fu and the master of the school happened to wander in while i was hobbling around on the sidelines. He sat me down and gave me a lecture on the balancing of yin/yang channels and maintaining the free flow of chi, dug a couple of thumbs into some excruciatingly painful spots, did a bit of friction on a couple of other spots and sent me on my way. By lunch time the next day I was walking freely. ( I know from previous experience this would normally have taken weeks of expensive physio and time off to get to the same point….) I’m sure a TCM practitioner could find some way to free up whatever is causing your migraines.

    Or is there some kind of indigenous Filipino equivalent you could look into?

    1. Hello! Thank you for sharing your experience! There is, it’s called Hilot, it is a form of Filipino Massage. I tried it, alleviates the pain for a long time!

  13. Hi!

    I’m a fourth year student of naturopathy and have suffered a period of these type of headaches in 2014, so I can offer my limited perspective.

    Astrology wise I can’t link any specific transit to the phenomenon. Naptune opposed to my mars for the previous several years but it was out of orb when the headaches began. Jupiter transited my first house, that may have something to do with it, as aries correlates with the head, so the first may as well, and Jupiter indicates an overabundance of something.

    From a naturopathic perspective the liver is closely correlated with migraines. When the liver is overloaded with either processing excess hormones, or environmental toxins it can manifest in migraines. This can present along with nausea, reduced appetite, maldigestion of fatty foods and generally feeling hung over for no particular reason. In my case I had just come off contraception and my system was flooded with a huge amount of hormones and my cycle was attempting to come into balance.

    There are foods which contribute to headaches and these are foods containing vasoactive amines. Preserved meats, aged cheeses, citrus fruits, chocolate, coffee, alcohol, very ripe fruit, nuts of any kind are the worst offenders. Alcohol wise, red wine is the worst. Vinegar can be a trigger as can MSG and aspartame. There are more specific foods to condsider, and a naturopath would be able to provide you with a more detailed list.

    I completely agree with Mystic that TCM (traditional chinese medicine) would be extremely helpful as they analyse this from an energetic perspective, and acupuncture was most effective for me.

    As for the eclipses, my theory is that their heightened spiritual and psychological energy is the precipitating factor, and in effect triggers the underlying physical imbalance. In my case I only had the migraines after a particularly difficult lecture every Wednesday night! The lecture was triggering some very deep internal doubts and core beliefs, and this conflict is what brought the headache to the surface. Transits and lunations can play the same role!

    Definately agree with mystic, see a integrative naturopath/GP and TCM

    Best of luck!

    1. As for the eclipses, my theory is that their heightened spiritual and psychological energy is the precipitating factor, and in effect triggers the underlying physical imbalance.

      -Thank you for this! Means a lot to me! 🙂

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