Uranian House-Moving Tips

I moved house with Mars conjunct Uranus…in my 4th house – aka the ‘home sector.’ Would I have advised you to do it? Maybe not but for me, the logic seemed clear.

Moving is change and Change is Uranian: this particular opportunity alighted via cosmic providence – out-there synchronicity and it’s liberating.

And as an Aquarius Rising with the Mars-Uranus loosely in trine to my Mars in Virgo, it felt energetically like I’d be turning up to a club with wow-factor boots and my name at the door.

It was a bit more complex than that and while I could blame Saturn (who doesn’t?) as it’s square Uranus, I’m sick of Saturn studies.

In case they are helpful or for future reference, here are my Uranian House Moving Tips: you will not see the like of these anywhere else, they work AND apply whether or not you are moving house in a time of intensified Uranus vibe.


Moving house riles up your Moon: remember that your Moon represents your daily rhythm and doing things ‘your way.’ It’s also memory but not the variety that stores your pin numbers or the recollection that your friend is sensitive to MSG, the merest mention of politics, ley lines, whatever.

Moon memory taps straight into some primal index so let’s pull this together. Your lunar self is freaked by the combination of not knowing where familiar talismans are, change, strangers handling your things and the terse dialogue that can come with even the best-planned move.

Moving everything around is also a Qi stir-up that is usually sensed with your lunar (intuitive) receptors and you are leaving a place where you’ve most likely become acquainted with the genius loci and any resident ghosts. I had a Virgo ghost, a story I’ll tell elsewhere.

Anyway, all this can reawaken pre-verbal emotions and ultra-potent abandonment fears, security concerns and apprehensions around time or even  mortality. This barely ever happens but an ideal move would feature a distinct space reserved for ‘mooning.’


This doesn’t mean crash a space ship into them to see what happens; more that when it comes to details, go micro and confirm everything with militant precision. Without wishing to offend male readers, this goes 1000x if you’re female and the removalist taking your details is male. “She’ll be right” is not a confirmation.

Also, increasingly companies employ ‘global solutions strategists’ or ‘international logistics experts’ to handle bookings. AKA poorly paid call center staff in the lowest cost labor country the global solvers can source – they have shared spreadsheets, google maps and English as a second or third language.

So you might feel like a berk asking someone to triple confirm that they mean X street in Y city AND the state but you’d avoid my super-Uranian predicament of being on a street with boxes + furniture on the phone to removalists insisting they and their truck were there in front of me.

Cue a ridiculous conversation along the lines of: “are you the lady with the green top on carrying something out of her balcony…”  Me: No, I’m on the street. Movers: Are you sure you’re not her? Me: You are not here. Describe to me what you see right now. Movers: Trees, sky, buildings, the lady…

I began to think I was in a parallel dimension, especially when a Twitter news notification about something Dick Cheney had said popped up on my phone. “I thought he’d died,” I said exclaimed, confusing the movers even more. They were in another state, which would not have happened if I’d gone full adrenal harpie on confirmations thrice over, verbal and in writing etc.


Everyone is a minimalist until they move house. Ideally, you would do a massive declutter and detritus purge pre-move or even attempt the 100 Things Challenge.

It is insane how things accumulate and when the atmosphere is Uranian, every skerrick of ‘stuff’ feels like ballast: they may not eat into your time under normal circumstances but if you’re trying to reassemble something or gazing at vaguely greasy suss keys for doors that don’t exist, it’s ennervating.

Yes, optimally everyone would be brilliant at packing. They’d have label zappers, a plethora of stylish packaging material and an abundance of time. If this were you, you’d be like the people depicted in moving house stock art, the sunlight streaming in on your euphoric smile as you waved keys around.

Perhaps you’d be in stylish normcore separates – not wondering if you were wearing the underpants you’d used to wipe off the mystery gunk around the tap base – and carrying a suspiciously light pot plant under one arm. If a partner or children are in the picture, the moving experience has clearly made them more affectionate.

In real life, packing is a pain and I think you have to go to extremes with it: Either throw everything into laundry bags or weird improvised container-like things and hope for the best or hire professional packers. I’ve only done this once and the hourly cost for two of them was more than some lawyers but they were brilliant.

It is, however, odd to see someone noting things like “one vial of artisan pepper with use-by-date not apparent” on an ipad. This sort of situation is also a reminder that a robust toolbox containing everything the home assembler may need is an excellent investment.


I know, I know…flaunt your fabulosity, be You etc. But being ‘out’ with your magical interests can be a risk factor. I can lucidly recall several moments when tradespeople or removalists – unknown quantities that would not normally be in one’s intimate sphere – pulled weird stunts after spying something esoteric chez moi.

The latest example was with a plumber who, shortly after he clocked my large-poster-sized picture of the Waite Tarot Magician, tore up the entire front garden looking for, apparently, a water meter.

It’s not an exaggaration; he ripped out 20 plants – large and small- and left a gigantic pile of dirt plus trashed plants. Some even looked like he’d torn the plants up and he did it all in the approx two minutes I’d spent inside trying to find water company data.

Of course it is minor in the scheme of things but the energy around it was so vile – particularly as he acted like his conduct was normal and kept eying off the Magician.

While I have not developed anything clear to a theory around this, there is wisdom to the idea of self-protection, especially as the Saturn-Uranus square can make some people more ideological or partisan.


Try to reach out – psychically – to the new place before you move. It can be weirdly helpful and it often occurs organically without you realizing it. Eg: I only just now found out that my new house was a Buddhist Center in the Seventies and early Eighties, complete with a visiting Lama and all.

They presumably would have laid down some sort of energy, right? I don’t know that much about Buddhism besides the obvious – although I am fascinated by the Dakini – but a few months before I moved here, I found a laminated mandala in the street that nobody could decipher, although it was definitely Sanskrit and Buddhist.

And shortly after I decided to move here, I became newly interested in Bhutan and Tibet. Then even though I hadn’t played them for six years or more, I started playing the classic chants – Green Tara etc – shortly after I moved. It was as if the house itself – or the genius loci  needed it.

So if you believe that you’re meant to be where you end up or want to be, tune in before you move and see what you pick up. The real estate market is most places now is such a merde-fest that it is easy to stop perceiving the matrix of fate, geo-magic and history that underlies everything.

But it’s still there and it always will be.

Image: Amy Lincoln

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  1. Love this. I bought a Nightingale housing apartment (if you don’t know them, look them up. Disrupting the development industry) and I already feel so connected to it and it’s not even completely built. Sometimes when I meditate I feel like I’m already there. I never imagined owning my own home but now I feel like we have been waiting for each other my whole life.
    Last time I moved I was shocked at how much stuff I had. This time I’m only taking what I truly love. And taking my magic things over there myself!!!

    1. Oh and my astro decor report said I should live high and dry and the apartment I got is on the top floor. Perfect.

      1. I love this and hadn’t heard of Nightingale but it’s so visionary & the places look gorgeous – this is Uranus in Taurus innovation and also the future – their philosophy really shows up what’s so out of whack with the conventional real estate market.

  2. Thank you Ms MM

    ive just given notice to break my lease in Adelaide due to DV…
    MM I’m your unofficial “proof reader”
    virgo bloody everywhere and Only Leo in fire
    fire deficient apart from my WARRIOR SOUL

    going “CUNTRY” he he he

    farmhouse with sea views, on a big fn mountain/hill for strategic purposes

    digging a big moat and filling it with either piranha or crocodiles

    so bloody excited about it…
    chickens called “Korma, Butter, Sunday lunch, Lemon

    wish me well please and thank you for the house moving tips

    nearly wet my pants at ya plumber

    note to self: pack my esoterica myself…

    live long and prosper

  3. This post is brilliant. I’m moving very soon. Have formally handed in notice and gotten a reference from my landlady. Now to find the right place….

  4. So timely for me! Me and my Gemini son are moving house. Just decided yesterday. We are going to live in the Blue Mountains. Such a very big change for both of us. Timely with this article as well as the one after it for my GEM GEM at least. There are lots of genius loci in the mountains.

  5. Myst, I am still in temporary accommodation. F*me

    This article is mega helpful, thank you. Virgo ghost story aside (yes please) I found the reaching out to home-yet-to-come very helpful. I have been calling it in like a mega siren for months now. Honestly I believe I am waiting for someone to die or move the hell on but in my ♡ of cancerian hearts, that doesn’t sit well for me.

    How about this for mooning, sturgeon moon skinny swim, phosphorescents, on a silent moon lit beach. Bliss. Recharged my ultra crab. If I am being honest, its first aid for the shit fest of present times.

    Come on forever home!

  6. Mystic, am dying for you to do a post on your house!!! Photos etc. I am fascinated that it was a Buddhist Centre and am wondering how you found it in this merde-fest of a market and how it found you! Also do you love it?! What inspired the shift? I am a little house-obsessed with Pluto, Uranus in the 4th & Sun in the 2nd too. Do tell! Don’t be shy, lol. Love all your house witchery related posts so much.

  7. I love this article so much, I have just re-read it for the 3rd time!
    I love the concept of a genius loci. In my former apartment – built in the late 1920’s – I felt at home and safe right from the first day I arrived… At the time Uranus in late Aquarius had finally well and truly moved on from a squaring aspect my natal Moon (late April 2002), so it was time to settle. Here in my new home – which is a newly built house – it is a very different story. As you would expect with Uranus smack bang on my natal Moon at the moment

  8. Lovely advice. Hope the new house and you are settling in well together. 🙂

    I moved in late 2020 and subconsciously followed most of this advice. Secretly bought the place 2 days before filing for divorce, Jupiter conj my moon in 5th, along with transit Pluto and Saturn going over it like like a demolition truck.

    I took posession on a favourable day, came in the apartment, lit candles, saged it, and moved 2 days later. Big burly moving men who made me feel unsafe were dealt with. I would pay extra for an all-women moving company!

    1. Well done 5thhouseCap!
      Hope you have a safe and lovely place where you are now.
      Also hope the Pluto demolition truck is well past your Moon by now

      1. Thank you so much, Calcifer. I am safe and in a very, very lovely home. Pluto inched back in close proximity to my Moon but will never go exact again in this lifetime, thank goddess!

        I now only have Pluto on my Aqua Sun and Uranus conj my Gemini midheaven to look forward to. I predict I will leave my s(t)olid corporate job and end up doing full time divination. 😆

        1. Ah, good that you are in a very lovely home! It is what I wish for everyone ⭐️
          And no more Pluto exact is very good too, though the way experience will probably be of value to you forever!

          1. I see that I wrote a strange sentence there. I meant to say: ‘… though the experience will probably be of value to you forever!’

            1. Pluto is dredging the last bit of venom from my loaded 5th house. I am very grateful indeed. Such a strange sentiment for a Pluto transit, but I am very, very thankful for the bulldozing indeed. I remember you had some Cap placements too, right?

              1. Hi 5thHouse Cap, I am reading your post only now, 4 days after you posted.
                It’s good to hear that you are grateful for the bulldozing, even if it’s been tough. I personally don’t have any Capricorn placements save Vesta (home and hearth) at 19 degrees. Pluto transit meant building my own small house…

  9. Wish Upon a Star

    I got a really good feeling when you mentioned that your new abode used to be a Buddhist centre and you found a mandala that no on could decipher.

    I shared a house with a Buddhist guy who was running meditation classes. We had a visiting lama for 2 weeks. He was a very grounded man. He gave me a blessing. Words can’t describe what I felt.

    Who knows maybe you will find a lama who can decipher the mandala. Or maybe it will remain a beautiful mystery blessing your new home.

    Good Vibes for your new home Mystic !


    1. I had exactly the same sensation when I read that Mystic’s new home used to be a Buddhist centre, Wish!
      And @Mystic Wishing you the very best of luck in your new home! 🪷

  10. I can’t find the reply button either but I too would LOVE LOVE to hear about the Virgo ghost. How do you know they are a Virge? I have had 2 powerful experiences in the last 3 weeks with ghosts and I am all ears…

  11. Where has the ‘reply’ gone?
    i too moved on Halloween next to the DVN (demented virgo neighbour)
    and that was 20 years ago.
    The last 12 years have experienced a low grade but constant stress that’s almost PTS.
    It won’t go away as i hear his boots up & down the passage
    surrounding my apartment. It’s a large house divided by wall with high ceilings and wood floors. THE ECHO!
    Have booked for a Myo Fascial Release session as it is said memory resides there. Those memories need to go or be transformed.
    Have tried to visualise him as an Ant Eater as it’s the silliest looking animal i can imagine.
    Need to change the ‘narrative’ as they say, like turn him from the boogey man into something harmless.

    1. Yes, it’s not easy Pegasus…
      You write ‘I need a new narrative’ which I think is true. By repeating the same stories over and over to ourselves – no matter how justified – the accompanying emotions become locked in our bodies. Writer Tara Brach has interesting ways to work with entrenched feelings of fear and resentment.
      I realize that when I write ‘my nightmare of a Leo neighbor’, I enforce my negative feelings about him. So maybe I shouldn’t if my aim is to free myself from him.
      I don’t know, haven’t found the perfect solution yet. Anyway I would like to wish you the very best of luck with the Myo fascial release session, Pegasus! Take good care 💛

      1. Recently got into Tara Brach too and have been doing similar detachment aiming exercises around the landlady here. Something Carolyn Mays recommended was to picture the person in a nun’s habit or the clothing of a monk – whatever your version of religious robes are. The idea is to impose the symbol over the story. The symbol seems simple but speaks more words than the story you’ve been hearing or telling. So by putting them in a habit you’re seeing them as being as God filled as you and asking “what is it you’re here to teach me?”
        It prevents you from a breach of your spiritual contract with them.

        1. Thank you, Invicta, that is beautiful and fascinating advice!
          I will contemplate it and hopefully it will give a new perspective 🕊

    2. Yeah. It’s awful isn’t it?
      Holding thumbs for the myofacial release
      I finally found the courage to call and apply to be on the housing register here. That’s just the first step of of many in the process but it was a good use of the anger and pent up Mars energy I couldn’t repress or turn inward anymore.
      it felt huge. And a sign of my nascent ability to advocate for myself post narcissistic abuse from parents and repetition compulsively recreating in all following intimate relationships.
      I don’t fully qualify yet as I haven’t been in this horrific house and the borough for three years but I cited the fact of being vulnerable due to autism ADHD- never having had a job besides being a sex worker which obviously wasn’t an optimal career choice but a coping strategy based on skills learned from again- childhood abuse. So that was good. I’ve been terrified of making this call because I feared it would bring up such a volcano of traumatic memories and ultimately be pointless and then I’d be rejected anyway. I’ve come to understand that even if I am rejected by the housing association it wouldn’t be a pointless experience because the process of striving and telling my story, aiming for security and shelter will reveal undiscovered strengths and show me whatever the next step is to be on my journey.

    3. Hi Pegasus, I just wanted to add to my comment below that when I referred to ‘needing a new narrative’, I meant that I personally maybe need a new narrative. Or that in cases like these – with very difficult neighbors – in general a ‘new narrative’ can be useful. I don’t know if it is the case for you, of course. So I hope I did not seem presumptuous…

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Hi Calcifer, thanks for the Tara Brach reference. I will look into it.

        Hope you are well. Have a great night.


        1. Hi dear Wish, yes, I would really recommend Tara Brach… I bought her book ‘True Refuge’ because I felt like I was in need of refuge when I moved house last year and it has been very valuable to me 💛

          1. I have True Refuge as an audiobook and it is like EVERYTHING dude. I’m back and forth on the equanimity front with the landlady and self advocacy for my safety and security. I’m a lot less rage filled now I’m putting in daily action on my own behalf and then letting it go. Not expecting to solve it all today is kinda revolutionary for me but it’s way more effective as I don’t get burned out and act like a conquest driven narcissist as much.

            1. Great to hear, Invicta. Doing what you can for yourself to efficiently stand up for your self and then letting it go. Glad you found True Refuge as an audiobook

  12. Only getting around to reading this (another!) brilliant piece now, on August the 17th… So funny and so relevant, though I wish I would have read it when I moved house during Halloween 2021 😄
    My move took place during Uranus transiting my Moon… The transit is ongoing until next Spring and I don’t feel settled AT ALL. The house is lovely, but I have shared here already about my nightmare of a Leo neighbor already ( with hindsight it was very appropriate that I moved in at Halloween). Apart from that, a tsunami of weeds has overtaken my garden and 4 to 5 hours of weeding per week is not sufficient. Also I am not succeeding in getting curtains and blinds sorted – apart from some old, I’ll-fitting curtains I have some windows covered in rice paper – which results in me feeling extremely exposed. I suppose it is all very appropriate for Uranus transiting the natal Moon, but I often feel like I have landed on a strange planet 😬 🌍

    1. It’ll come Cal! I moved in 2021 around Christmas time and it’s taking forever for me to feel in anyway identified with my house but it was partly because I needed to focus deeply on the house and really do a deep release for it and I needed to be a moment that felt natural for me. Anyway, house is all realigned along some completely different energy matrix, in fact the original house spirit left like a bad wind and has a new entity/energy entirely. No wonder I felt like I was in a stranger’s house before! So roaringly different now. Good luck!

      1. Thank you Sphinx, your words are very encouraging! Happy to hear you have succeeded in ‘re-aligning your house to new energy matrix’, it may sound abstract to some, but I completely understand what you mean on an intuitive level! Best of luck to you too 🍀

  13. I have moved 52 times in my 55 years. Almost all initiated by (a wide range of) circumstances – not me. I don’t have any significant Sag in my chart. Moving doesn’t suit my personality. All I can say is that after about 48 times, you get quite good at it. Also, my friends reckon I could make a welcoming home in a shoebox or a bucket if I had to.

  14. This is so perfect. I’m moving across State lines now that my Uranus is conjunct my IC. I’ve certainly wrestled with pissing off my family of origin, since I’m dealing with another conjunction with Uranus conjunct my natal chiron. Thanks Mystic for always giving some great tips at the near exact moment I need it!

  15. not wondering if you were wearing the underpants you’d used to wipe off the mystery gunk around the tap base’ – absolutely hilarious!!!! 😀 And please, do tell about the Virgo ghost!

    1. I also laughed out loud at this passage! Also the rest of it: ‘… and carrying a suspiciously light pot plant under one arm. If a partner or children are in the picture, the moving experience has clearly made them more affectionate.’ My partner and I were most certainly NOT made more affectionate by our ‘moving experience’, on the contrary

  16. My virgo stellium in the 4th lends itself to me gearing into full ‘adrenal harpie’ mode before, during and after a house move. Love this term, might add it to my bio on the socials! I have my own virgoesque boxing system – not the colour coded one below which is fabulous – but some codes and symbols that suit me.

    When I am choosing a place I do like a good wander around it alone to pick up on the energy of it, and the surrounds. It is definitely part of the process. During 2020 and one of Victoria’s many lockdowns I had to pick a house through short video alone and gave up my usual preference of modern and new (see white, clean and not too many previous inhabitants) and chose a 70’s brown brick number with smoked orange glass features, stained carpets, bad insulation and a strange layout, surprising my partner and myself.
    But I tuned in and got my answer.

  17. Moved houses every year it feels the last few years. I manage to accumulate things like a magnet, despite a thrifty Virgo ruled 4th H. My favourite book on the topic is Sacred Space by Denise Linn whose intent is to make the home a beacon of light in the universe. Also it taught me to anthropomorphise the nature of the house and talk to it like a person. I kind of love this, I do it with everything, it is the shamanic way in general from what I have learned, it works so well. If your home is a conscious evolving being, it can be asked what it needs and it can be conscious of your needs.
    Last move was with Mars around 5th/6th and by moving day around my Moon. It was actually fun, we had a funny young group of men helping out, a Vietnamese kickboxer, a Samoan giggle machine and an Italian DJ who spoke of himself in the third person (eg. “Mario will never get-a married, Mario is-a for everyone!!”).

    1. Yes, am a fan of Denise Linn. You are reminding me of the books I gave away in my last two moves. And yes, the house is a conscious evolving being. I lovingly cleaned, honoured and thanked my last house for looking after us. Nearly everyone my partner included thought I was silly/ stupid to do so as it was going to be demolished. The house, however, appreciated it and loved me so much back that it was like parting from a loved one knowing it had to end.

      1. That’s so beautiful, I get a little emo seeing some houses wrecked AND gratitude is a powerful anti-inflammatory! Tell your partner that, lol. I feel like my current house spirit or genius loci likes to inhabit no more than a few dimensions at once like as a crystal or an animal might. But he feels like a wonderful youthful male energy, a cobalt blue ray of beingness, it’s so good to feel purposeful protection from a house. Now I am feeling for a profiterole after reading your description! Sounds like you have nostalgic relationship to the house.

        1. Gratitude is a powerful anti-inflammatory. ❤️‍🔥
          I love this.
          Have developed health problems that landlady has and they are hella troublesome. The recent post about grey gardens reminded me so much of her and my current living situation that I couldn’t bear more than 10 minutes of the documentary itself. A scan of media links about mould toxicity confirmed my intuitive sense that the chaos is contagious and dangerous. I’ve felt myself having to defend constantly against her and the lack of any order around her. Her inability to respect any boundaries /personal space or be accountable or reliable in any way is probably due to cognitive decline more than malice. I don’t know. But it’s helpful to remember that gratitude is a powerful anti-inflammatory. 🙏🏻

  18. Penelope Darling

    I’ve moved house over 20 times and I have a ritual I follow religiously. As soon as I decide to move (or realise I have no choice) I sit down and have a chat with the spirits that have accumulated at my current locale and ask if they want to come with me. I get access to the new house before any of my stuff is moved and I do a clearing, and then bring some light (mostly candles) and my own perfume into each room as an offering to the new house. The next stage is to move the house spirits from the old place to the new, and finally a full energy clearing of the place I have left (post all my stuff being gone and a thorough clean conducted.)

    1. Goodness, 20 house moves. I have done 12 or so and thought that was a lot. Interesting what you mention about the house spirits. My current move this time around was forced due to a demolition order. The genius loci of this house was a big Shrek like fellow. He slowly moved on of his own accord as though relieved of a burden. The genius loci of my new home just took one look at us and said ,” Yay people.” It was so excited to have new tenants. And I am in a house and suburb I never expected to be in. Normally attracted to older, drafty homes with magical gardens and a fireplace. This home is cute, almost hermetically sealed, no fireplace and efficient garden. Of all of the homes, gardens and trees that called to us we were rejected by the landlords. The home that just wanted people in it we got. Go figure.

      1. Penelope Darling

        That sounds lovely. I love your genius loci feeling like “And my job here is done!” Following my protocol I’ve never been bothered by ghosts or any nasties, my theory is they just like to be acknowledged and respected. Your new place sounds so cozy!

        1. Yes, Italian Mamma cosy. But with white tiles and cream carpets, don’t even ask how much I am cleaning. It takes me back to my childhood where the Italian mothers of the neighbourhood made you take off your shoes and slide on rags to come in when you played with their kids. Profiteroles, biscotti and all sorts of goodies did await us in the kitchen though. 🌞

            1. MoonstoneMagnolia

              yes, indeed. Bought fresh profiteroles (chocolate oozing with real custard) other day to honour what would have been my Uber Leo mother’s 98th birthday today. Scoffed the lot (filled with wheat, colouring and many nasty additives) without guilt, just the way she would have…. could hear her saying “while you’re up darling” meaning, “something wet” when asked if she’d prefer tea or coffee.
              As a 4th house moon in Gemini (house ruled by Taurus according to Mystic’s illuminating home decor report) hate moving anything, let alone house … filled with family memorabilia (50 table napkins) and predominately wood… both times the big moves were Saturn return years (year I turned 29 and 60). Best thing I ever did, but the Bull part of me DID NOT enjoy … till I was settled … and old fashioned sound system installed and turntable playing Van Morrison’s “astral weeks”.
              Mystic’s home decor report so succinct when I read it … even describes moonstone being my talisman and a tiny silver moon best for good luck … as a “do it once do it right” gal, the particular asteroid and mix of Gemini – tech and bored easily and Taurus – stuckness, spot on, especially sensitivity to visitors. And loves colour, friend calls my home the gypsy caravan.

              1. Wish Upon a Star

                Gee MM we have alot in common. My Gemini Sun is in my 4th house. I asked Mystic if I could get a sidereal astro report but no cigar . I think she said I could by changing dates but it was too hard for me. But she sent me a Taurus statement. Basically set in nature and close to the ground. My current abode is set in nature. So perfect. Interesting about sensitivity to visitors. I have that. I love colour too. Gypsy Caravan sounds divine.

                Your Leo mum sounds like a lot of fun. Happy Birthday to her.
                I am sure she is looking down on you and beaming.
                I’m glad you scoffed that oozing choc and custard down. Remember the 70’s when no one gave a shit about wheat, etc, LOL!

                While you are up MM make mum a cup of tea.



                1. MoonstoneMagnolia

                  Thank you Wish. I’ve been particularly homesick today and last few weeks as last man standing …. everyone loved my mum, as she was audacious and hated talk of health or complaints, unless they were hers. An old school astrologer friend, who met her, reckons she had a strong Capricorn theme as ambitious and unemotional … like Doc Martin without the blood thing… coming from a successful on the outside, medical family with a cancer stellium and Pisces ascendant, was seen as emotional and “like a terrier with a bone” with eye for detail (7th house Venus in Virgo) … but I miss her, cos she was my Mum and I was Saffy in AbFab to her Eddie.
                  Oh Wish, yes to the 70’s when we ate everything and worked hard, played hard … cos tomorrow never came (in a haze of forbidden fruit and wistfulness)… when it did, there was a new pair of flares, movie or band to greet the day. As a teen/young adult I was very selfish in retrospect… I wore a lot of red then … perhaps an Aries phase.

                  When I ordered sidereal and home decor chart, used my stored birth details … my birth time rectified after years of incorrect charts (Mum had no idea of birth time, (I also have Pandora conjunct Pisces on 0degrees ascendant) hospital had burnt down and Pisces Dad, who would have remembered as old fashioned, attended my birth, and Dr had died by time I was on the trail ) but you could use 12pm or midnight if you’re feeling reckless?
                  Taurus not reckless, unless like the bull has back against the wall and about to charge, likes to get it right … yes?
                  Sounds like you’ve got a good handle on your chart anyway… I just enjoyed having softer elements of fire and air for the many squares instead of fire and water … but really it doesn’t change anything … but moons in Gemini like a fresh perspective and options eh?

                2. Wish Upon a Star

                  Saffy to her Eddie. Now I’ve got a visual. I’m sorry you have been homesick. And last man standing. That saddens me deeply. Yes I am also a Pisces Rising as you probably already know. Emotional. It is acceptable in a Maltese family along with all the passion and Gemini hand gesticulation and expressive face. But Aussie society: not so much.

                  Queensland even less so to this Melbourne born and bred girl. Anyway enough about me.

                  I can really feel your moon in Gemini. Your birth hospital burnt down? Wow.

                  No this Taurus Moon is not reckless. That usually ends up hurting me.

                  Yes the sidereal chart. With the Astro decor the sidereal really hits the nail on the head. But the normal? one feels airier. With all those lilacs.

                  I think I will invest in getting the sidereal astro decor report.

                3. Wish Upon a Star

                  Oh and you have a cancer stellium. Where and how.

                  I have Mercury in Cancer 4th House and Venus in Cancer 29 degrees conjunct Jupiter in Leo 5th house.
                  Not a stellium per se but I feel like it is. Gee I really felt the progressed Sun in Cancer years ago. Much prefer the current progressed Sun in Leo: ROAR! Lol!.

                1. Wish Upon a Star

                  I love Vera. Do you remember that episode where Vera is sitting with a teenager and sharing some packaged food. The teenager comments that the food is past its use by date. And Vera states “Used by dates are just a suggestion !” Hilarious and so apt to your profiteroles.

                2. Wish Upon a Star

                  I actually googled Vera to make sure that it was an Irish accent as I thought. And it was. Geordie? Then I saw all the comments about how people thought her accent was crap. Ignorance is bliss if you ask me.

                  Vera actress stated that the accent wasn’t top notch but got better when she wasn’t nervous.

              1. MoonstoneMagnolia

                They were in a packet with a long use by date… I live in a small country town and used my imagination … they tasted yummy … I needed to taste test all six to be sure … like chocolate eclairs … but halved… used to scoff with a fresh donut at school canteen as newcomer with wrong shoes, accent and inability to play netball or anything with hand eye coordination. An absolute failure but good at maths and English.

  19. Hahahaha yes!
    I’m a week away from a move. I was 80% packed by aug 5.
    I was psychically packed since April.
    This has been the slowest end of a chapter and the weirdest.

    First time getting movers cos I deserve it. And leaving it only a hellish living environment, but it is the end of an era that has certainly, on the domestic front, been an agitating bonanza since 2020.

    Moving house, moving realms, moving narratives, moving perspectives. All towards a renewed emergence from the past 7 years.

    It’ll stay weird once I move for a bit. My stuff gets moved in but I can’t officially move in til sept 1 so will be couch surfing for a week.
    Not even close to my favourite MO, but August itself has been transition life central. Decluttering…creates clutter😭. Everything, while slow and weird, has been eerily steady and fruitful.

  20. I once helped a friend move who not only organized everything flawlessly, she also color-coded her boxes. She taped letter-size pieces of colored paper on the top of each box, and she taped a piece of paper in the same color to the door of the room the box was supposed to go in. It was brilliant and super effective. She is the most Virgo Virgo ever to Virgo. I can only hope to get her advice on planning my next move.

    Anyway, I hope the new place works out splendidly, Mystic!

    1. Penelope Darling

      I do this too! It’s so helpful! But I did disguise my esoteric belongings under labels like “art books” hahaha

  21. Ha so no need to bend the energy to your will, it’s influencing you!
    Love a Green Tara spesh for the start of Spring.

  22. So you had loads of fun moving then Myst……
    Agree with ‘throw everything into laundry bags or pay professional movers that cost the earth’.
    As another that (used) to work from home, it will take a while to re arrange the energy of new abode but so exciting to bend a place to your will.
    Happy Landings.

    How does a minimalist accumulate so much stuff????
    Makes me yearn for days lived in a Pareo/Sarong or 3.

  23. I moved during the Mars Uranus node line up too – whew! “I thought he died@ lmao.. hope you are starting to feel more settled in!!

  24. Hahaha! Ridiculously true about *hiding your magic*??!…I haven’t just loved house..but last week had an electrician come to do some maintenance..and when he had finished, he left..then 5 minutes later returned & stride back into my bedroom, where my amazing altar is set up. I swear he was trying to figure out exactly what it all meant??…and he is not the first tradesman to tentatively question. *my profession*??..”are you a healer??”…X

  25. LOL! Did all the follow-up consults reveal a preponderance of us Uraniacs moving? What happens when yer moon is conjunct Uranus? LOL.

  26. Bookmarking this post for forever! I have Uranus in Leo in my 4th (with Cancer on the IC) so moving is (a) emotionally traumatic and (b) frequent and sometimes unexpected. So many moves. As an artist/craftsperson/book person I can’t even pretend to minimalism (though I was mesmerized by Mystic’s IG post on Georgia O’Keeffe’s aspirational pantry this morning). Mystic, thank you for distilling your move into guidelines for the rest of us, and happy, happy home to you.

  27. ha ha ha! i said exactly those words last yr when i moved ‘i thought i was a minimalist!’
    packing is horrendous
    i moved twice in the pandemic, did most of it myself #ariesmoon
    if i ever moved again i would have packers, but i really dont have much ‘stuff’ anymore

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