Are We More Like Our Moon Over Time?

I can’t recall where I first heard – or read – that we express our Moon sign more than our Sun sign as we become older but it seems sort of legit. The Moon – Luna – represents our inner realm and psyche, which develops over time. 

Additionally, people erupting into early youth usually want cultural cred, to connect with others and/or make an impact. Broadly speaking, the Ascendant dazzles while the Sun self-actualizes and Mercury gathers or transmits intel.

It’s easy and natural to set aside one’s Moon persona in the pursuit of pheromonal Mars-Venus ventures and figuring out how to play the worldly game – aka Jupiter + Saturn.

Anyway, the top picture is the 1995 dressing table of musician Marianne Faithfull, while the bottom pic is her backstage dresser in 1974. The Nineties dresser seems super-Neptunian, as if she was embodying her Pisces Moon by then.

Saturn was in Pisces, she was living “reclusively” in a house called Shell Cottage and was about to launch an album of her own material called A Secret Life. The dressing table is altar-like, with shells, pearls, a coral vase, Tara or Lakshmi statuette (?), crystal letter opener and – in juxtaposition – a little studded punk bracelet.

The 1995 scent is apparently Roger and Gallet’s Jean-Marie Farina cologne – a multi-citrus banger of a scent originally concocted in the 17th Century and adored by Napoleon Bonaparte, amongst others.

A penchant for old-era fragrance is super-Piscean – Sun, Moon, Venus – Pisces anything loves the story and deep time connection. If there was a focus group, fuq it.

Even though the shells came with the house and allowing for the fact she may have foo-fooed her dresser for the photo-shoot, it’s all very Moon in Pisces.

In contrast Faithfull’s 1974 dressing table reflects her multi-Capricorn* – she’s working, starring in a theatre production after a few years of homelessness and drug addiction, a year off her first Saturn Return and newly engaged.

The dresser has sheets of paper with presumably notes or ‘things to do’ scribbled on them and the scent is the iconic, heavy-duty seductress Shalimar, one of the go-tos for Seventies sexpots.

Maybe it wasn’t “safe” to show the Pisces Moon until her mid-90s so it ran beneath everything like a transcendental stream seeking the ocean in vain. You could imagine she’d previously been running on Aries Rising oomph and her hyper-alluring Venus-Jupiter in Scorpio.

Then the crash, burn and multi-Capricorn powered career/life/everything rebirth. She wore Fracas in the Sixties and early Seventies – peak chaos- then Shalimar and her Eighties fragrance was apparently Chanel Gardenia.

So by the time she was doing Saturn over her Pisces Moon, holed up at Shell Cottage and preparing for another comeback, she didn’t need to seduce or signal status.

It all fits! Your birth Moon is sanctuary and inner space, a non-contender in worldly contests and the epitome of self-assurance.


*She has a survivalist stellium of the Sun, Mars and Lilith flanking the Midheaven in the sign of the Sea-Goat.  Midheaven represents vocation and your reputation – she has enjoyed career longevity far beyond what many would have predicted when she first entered the public scene.

Images: 1974 – Phillip Hoare 
1995 – Mark Arbeit

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  1. Wish Upon a Star

    Wow there is a lot going on in the Universe ATM.

    Folks down in Tasmania could see the aureus lights. They showed it on the ABC.


  2. I definitely was more outré, living in my mind, and needing stimulation as an Aquarius in my teens and 20s! The pandemic changed me… without being able to chase after excitement and whims as much I realized my true needs as totally Taurus. Stability, peace of mind, grounding, being around animals…

  3. Wish Upon a Star

    RIP Dame Edna Everage.

    There was nothing average about him. He made me 😂 laugh. A Melbourne and Australian icon

    I wonder what his astro is.


    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Born: Saturday, February 17, 1934, 6:30 AM
      In: Camberwell, Melbourne (Australia)
      Sun: 27°30′ Aquarius AS: 4°35′ Pisces
      Moon: 5°07′ Aries MC: 0°51′ Sagittarius
      Dominants: Pisces, Aquarius, Aries
      Mars, Neptune, Jupiter
      Houses 12, 1, 2 / Water, Air / Mutable
      Chinese Astrology: Wood Dog
      Numerology: Birth Path 9
      Pageviews: 14,619

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Currently watching the Drum and have just realised that he wasn’t kind to transgender people.

        That generation of comedians obviously out of touch with today.

      2. Mostly the aqua shock tactics and gender bending, Pisces rising louche/perceptive fluidity, Aries moon “try me” dgaf mentality x

      3. Wish Upon a Star

        So I had to google louche and dgaf.
        Thanks for the vocab lesson.

        Oh I really need to own my Pisces Rising louche. I did so as a child.
        It may keep they fuqwits at bay and put that smile back on my face.

        Thanks again Sam.

      4. Wish Upon a Star

        My mother was an Aquarius. I think you absorb part of your mother’s psyche. Me a Gemini Sun.

        Probably my saving Grace.


    2. Ooh, I have read other stories too beyond his transgender attitude that has completely given me the ick. One is a very detailed blog post of a woman who thinks she may have encountered him as a 10yr at a wild and star studded Melbourne party. It was completely reminiscent of the claims of Dorothy Hewett’s daughters in Sydney too after their Mum died. That story included names such as Bob Ellis and Martin Sharp. Both stories from the free and fun 70s, with both hinting at the darker side of that piece by Mystic ‘The 1970s were Neptune in Sagittarius’.

      PS I already have been pulled into line by Mystic for a Murdoch lecture rant on a Jerry Hall post on IG. Barry went to their wedding, which is ‘statement’ to any of us still alive and dealing with Murdoch’s unfolding legacy.

    3. Unfortunately I worked with him once and he wasn’t a kind man. Very egotistical and self important. He was a prima donna. I couldn’t enjoy his performances after that.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Oh ok. My bubble has been burst but also curious about his behaviour.

  4. Browsing the catalog of modular houses and ‘a bit of land out in the nature’, I suddenly realise I am epitomising my Cap moon. Material security. Quiet, understated, steadily built abundance. Steady durable frames of a home I can hopefully pass on to my future generations.

    The thing is, I live alone. I have no family save the one I was born into, who live on another continent. I have no apparent business browsing land or 200 sq m houses with 3 bedrooms. But, Cap moon hankerth, Cap moon shall receiveth.

    1. Also Cap moon! Older, live alone, and feeling enormous regret about not doing better financially and not securing a home earlier in life. When I lost my job in the early pandemic and then was forced to find a new rental, I had to process so much regret and shame that came from nowhere and everywhere about this. I think a home (the literal building, not a place) that didn’t feel temporary at any point in my life would have made such a difference in everything else. But I didn’t recognize it until I was in my 50s.

      1. VR yes it does. Saggo is in such contrast (or conflict perhaps?) to my earth elements but the stable base has been so important along the way even when it hasn’t felt true. Hindsight would agree. Uranus 4 has seen me moving more than the average person. Stability was willingly upended as I do and I’m now done with the gypsy life again. Need some roots in the ground and my stable base again.

        All that would have coincided with end of era Pluto Cap and I can feel your words. 50s is not the end game some would have all believe but I believe it to be a time where one distills what holds value and what can be discarded. Hold dreams that have value. You never know how life may take its next turn x

      2. “Hold dreams that have value.”
        I am going to write it down in my new company’s manifesto. Thank you!

      3. I’m beginning to wonder if Capricorn moons have more early difficulty than the average moon in being comfortable with the concept of a house that is also a home.

      4. Oh, but 50 is the new 20, some such thing. It is never too late. In fact, if we are talking about Cap moons, the later the better, because we tend to Benjamin Button through life. 🙂

        VR, come on! We are cheering you on! Mystic has egged us all on to make the most of Pluto in Aquarius era, not the least because god almighty..we are (almost) done with the era of peak fucked-uppedness of Pluto in Capricorn. We can finally check out of the metaphorical Gitmo and learn to live again. Let’s do it!

    2. Cap moon – my view is the exact opposite of your second last sentence unless you mean that to be a view from others about your desires. You go get that home.

      1. Thank you! I do have a lot of self censoring and a never-ending ache of loneliness. Who will live in those 3 bedrooms? That’s what nags at me.

        But I have it in my sights and I will actively work to get it. Not the least because, “Build it and they will come.”

      2. Yep that’s a couple of things I would call Cap moon terrain. The feeling landscape can be brutal and desolate at times. Insurmountable even but once navigated and understood become a stoic and reliable compass I think. Less abrasive when contacted as long as false narrative doesn’t become a soothing truth or justification for holding a position or not building the dream etc.

        Just thinking about the 3 bedroom home. It’s been an achievement to aim for in many societies for a number of decades. Yes some want bigger and some will settle for less. There are many factors that don’t need listing. I think that amount of space works for singles through to families depending on need and maybe people think more about adaptable space rather than bedrooms today. I’m aware you are not in Au but here they are still quite sought after.

        Yes build and go for your dream x

      3. Thank you. Will take a long, meandering while, but I will.

        I understood what you mean so clearly. I live in a 75 sqm apartment currently and never have to worry about having too much space. :)) I am just hankering for a bit of land to call my own. I can’t help the stoiceness and loneliness. An out of bounds Capricorn moon will never fit in. I need to cherish that fact.

      4. Yes, those out of bounds Capricorn moons… this I understand.

        I am also looking to change up my living sitch and wany my own space. You have a big apartment!

        Meandering may well be the wise move for now.

    3. I support your research. Cap moons have plenty of business browsing land and or 3BR houses, solitary creatures or not. Maybe your subconscious knows something that you don’t. What is a mountain hike without a base camp? A perfectly executed strategy without an HQ? A safe space? Also, only you get to decide what is and isn’t in your wheelhouse. If you don’t ask (and manoeuvre and cogitate and plan and really want it) then you don’t get. And I don’t mean to sound blunt, I can’t seem to escape that at the moment.

      1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You do know how to motivate corporate-y mountain goats with climbing and boardroom analogies. 🙂 I loved your words a lot. They don’t just feel like any other motivational dribble, but affirmations I should say aloud in front of a mirror every day. I am truly grateful. 🙏

      2. Love this Sam.

        To your comment above – I think Cap moons who have experiences with unsafe or unreliable ideas of home when young may need time to grow into their voice. Consider even an environment where the undeveloped Cap moon will be made responsible for something that isn’t theirs or made to earn love or look after adults emitions etc. Many different expressions and paths. These will all be personal and unique of course. For the Cap moon important to note – valid.
        I think this moons voice contracts easily and if it can speak speaks as something other than its true voice. I think a person grows into trusting their moon (all moons really) to accurately inform them and when the evidence on the table the moon can be given an external voice, perhaps still selectively….it is still a Cap moon afterall 🙂

      3. This is such a great read everyone. As a fellow Cap Moon, I have felt it’s important throughout my life. Perhaps it’s a case of providing comfort for that place in which the Moon will thrive and shine its brightest light.
        I think the space for Moon clearance is vital for this Cap Moon, solitary recharging and expression for self sufficiency is key. Too much self isolation can lead to loneliness, so I try and reach out to others or into my creative life for resilience during these times.
        The scent journey is very much on point with me at the moment too.

      4. Solitary recharging is essential. It does need to be genuine in it’s function where it hasn’t tipped into a type of isolation that can perhaps seep in too easily for this Moon and become part of some Capricorn stoicism mantra. All things can require less effort to say rather than do eh.

        I will always agree with scent as therapy being Taurus rising. Grounds, clears, conjures, lifts and shifts etc.

      5. Totally true. For me, the Cap Moon is anti social, anti people, trust no one and the Kataka Sun just wants true connection yet is shy and suspicious. In walks the Aqua ascendant and drags out Cap and Kataka and off they go into another dimensional bizarre adventure. “Fuq my life” is their mantra.

      6. The Cap/Kataka axis and natural houses are potent at the best of times and have lots of depth and layers beyond family in real time and career to be really base (or lazy) in description.

        Is 2023 the year you put them to work to rewrite the mantra?

  5. Wish Upon a Star

    To answer the question I think I have become more like my Taurus Moon as a 55 year old. I love gardening. Want to start a yoga practice as I love it. Need to be in nature.

    I think I read somewhere that if you are born at night, me 13 minutes to midnight, it makes you more yin and more like your moon sign. I emailed Mystic but I can’t remember the answer.

  6. I have an idea… what if moon signs become more prominent in later life if a person hasn’t explored them earlier? I think my Sag moon ruled me more than my Pisces sun in my tweens+, but now I’m getting fishier by the day… a possibility?

    1. I can relate to this. Aries moon childhood, Scorpio rising twenties (and thirties), Capricorn sun forties, now rediscovering and delighting in getting to know my Aries moon again.

    2. That’s interesting. Yeah, why not. There are no absolutes and it’s your chart but for the last few years there is Neptune in Pisces…. fish would get fishier I reckon. Jupiter is also the old ruler of Pisces. Progressions can weigh in with some influence as well.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Pisces Ascendant here. Fish get fishier mmmmm. Need to swim away from things that no longer serve me. Saturn in Pisces helps. Negative things are losing their previous emotional charge. Thank you.


      2. I can see how that would happen. You would be more tuned into your station – but your station is every station – so there is Saturn helping with boundaries and distilling data into simple yes or no language with a time’s up approach 💫

    3. I can relate. I want to feel my Sag Moon more again 😭
      Even though I love my Pisces sun and Venus. I simply hate my Cap stelium tho.

  7. Well the drastic difference between her very early hit “As Tears Go By”, to “Broken English” in the late 70’s is astounding. Big fan.

  8. Overcast in South Australia but an unusual colour, a strange grey.
    The eclipse could be felt as in something different happening in the heavens according to colour or a lack thereof.
    Found atmosphere to be intense to the point of sleepiness at noon, and time before and after.
    The Sun going into sensual Toro may bring about the earthiness of Autumn, and listing the joys of coming winter.
    (The list may remain blank).
    Yes and out of the Aries head space into the feeling body.

    1. The eclipse felt SUPER intense here. I had a combination of boundaries being compromised (which I handled immediately!), spiritual development and creative tangents. Fire energy isn’t peaceful, the ram is forcing change and action.
      You almost have to just get out of its way lol. The Taurean change can be felt now…a calling to come back to earth & earthly sensibilities 🌱

      1. Hi beautiful ladies, I can vouch for the eeriness and beauty – my children & I followed the live broadcast from a town that saw eclipse “totality” (darkness), 8 hours north of where I live in Western Australia. Languages from all over the world, all moved to tears as the earth went dark and the stars reappeared, apparently. A NASA scientist did a little jig on camera immediately after seeing it. My city (Perth) only dimmed a little bit, but it was surreal. Conjunct my Chiron in 12th. Hope you all okay… Xoo xoo

      2. Helloooo you gorgeous pair of pants👖 lol! Oh wow! That must’ve been quite a watch!! The magnificence of the universe really is something 🥰
        How did you manage all of that fire energy lighting up your Chiron??
        I loved the fire 🔥 says my Leo sun ☀️

      3. Hi Beautiful Cecemesee, glad to hear you imbibing Divine space in your comments below 🤗❤
        The Aries ra ra sun lighting up Cheiron …Well. I admit i don’t have much of a strategy for aspects per se, (apart from good old moon gardening & house witchery according to moon phases – very important). I kind of like watching what “flies in”. (Laziness, also pure fear at not messing with karmic dues.) So what did wing in? Well, as eclipses can take a while, thus far i’ve taken some key, but invisible, steps to childhood-healing. Definitely feel ancestors and their arts and crafts around. A call to return to that..? Chiron feels much like a healer in my experience, l also noticed revived music appreciation.. or general gratitude overall. And lots of synchronicity…! 💗 x

      4. This period definitely had a tense feeling stirring up the past, to allow it to bubble to the surface and be released. The Sun – Pluto aspect straight after the eclipse did not disappoint lol, and made its power and intensity known 😵‍💫…
        Thats beautiful you feel supported by your ancestors, if anyone knows how to survive these times, it’s our ancestors!
        Our childhood shapes all of our foundations, sometimes we need to go back to the past to free the inner child within 🐣✨
        I definitely feel a very huge push currently to return to ancient wisdom too, but somehow integrate it and market it in the era of ChatGPT lol.
        Chiron is the ultimate healer, and anyone that can integrate the past and evolve through the pain will receive the karmic backfill needed! Synchronicity is the universe giving you a silent nod, that you’re moving in the right direction! Much love 💕

      5. You are so right on all of this, Cece – as always. Thank You.🙏❤💝 Yeah, the Sun-Pluto square is one annual? aspect I always seek to ride out with minimal social interaction – but if I have the energy to “interface”, then the interpersonal power plays that surface are always important to note – as MM says, clarity is everything (to paraphrase her super-essential wisdom!) Another non-astro take I’ve heard over the years “It’s all data”.
        Love your line “Integrating the past, evolving through pain” – you are a gem 💎. Integrating is tough. I often have this thought that the life unfolding is the answer, no pre-thought required, at least, all the time – which makes this Moon in Gem, Merc in Aries uncomfortable!
        Follow your ancestral and ancient wisdom clues on the path, Cece.💖 They may not ever make a (visible) market, but they will ALWAYS keep you safe. Xooxooxooxoo

      6. Oooo you know I believe it to be annual, but I DO know if you’re natal has this aspect you’ll be in perpetual inner world crisis because the sun is illuminating your darkness.
        Well you’re definitely right, staying present is staying in the blessings lane however we are constantly being bombarded with cosmic shifts, heavy planetary influence then our own energetic journey & whatever existence we are living through PHEW… I’d say we are entitled to be knocked off our axis once in a while lol. I like you just bring my inner world closer and retreat, I think that’s the lesson you learn later in life. Thank you for the note on leaning on my ancestors! I had such a beautiful confirmation overnight and are so grateful for my place in this universe 💛✨⚡️

      7. “living in the question” is also how I’ve heard that described. Fwiw it helps this Capricorn moon release anxiety and accept the flow of things

      8. Hi Wish, that is so kind, thank you. XOO I struggle to get apt words out, sometimes – especially then. But I believe Sam came to my rescue and said it much more beautifully, that of “living in the question”. Much love to all. xx

      9. Hello there Wish! Hope you’ve been navigating this intense eclipse season with grace, and now also Mercury retro! Universally we are all going through it lol 🩶

      10. Wish Upon a Star

        To be honest my brain was not working. Any stimulation was too much and communication was difficult.

        In retrospect the cogs were turning over, processing, downloading I feel.
        All good.

        Yet still feeling compelled to read this site and comments and wanting to reply. A bit like a toddler needing a 😴 nap but staying awake.

        Oh well at least I am aware of it, so next time I will know what to do.

        Consolidation is the word for this Taurus Moon during this Merc retro.

        Slow, steady and quiet.

        Thanks for asking CeCe.


      11. Hhmmm…. I can totally relate and you seem very in sync with the energies in the air that support being more inner-world focused rather than the action Aries push of last week! Sometimes the brain needs to take a backseat to our other senses, you may be needing to reconnect with your heart space 💚
        You know we are programmed to think we have to always be moving, when growth requires the quieter space to assimilate all the lessons and blessings we are receiving.
        And how great is it that we have a place to be seen & understood?! 💓🪷
        And Anytimes Wish! 🔱✨

      12. Wish Upon a Star

        Oh CeCe your timing regarding heart space is amazing.

        I felt compelled to follow an ad on YouTube while listening to music.
        It was about the flute. I discovered that the flute is like Birdsong and helps you connect to your ❤️.

        So I will be doing a free heart meditation with a lovely lady playing the flute.



      13. Wish Upon a Star

        Wow 😲 I just reread my monthly Gemini scope and it said the Eros/Pluto conjugate is significant so support anything 🎵 musical.

        I will.

      14. YAYE! That sounds so magical and you know I could relate through my own journey of being too trapped in my own head, it’s a defense mechanism to not ‘feel’ but this causes MUCH pain!
        Everything we need is contained in our heart and the more we move away from this space, the more disconnect we feel…..I could feel your heart from here!! ❤️‍🩹
        Music must be how you reconnect! 🎵
        You want to know another synchronicity to prove we are onto something? lol My Eros is in the sign of Gemini! Full circle ⭕️

      15. Wish Upon a Star

        Mine is in Aries conjunct Saturn 2nd house?

        I listened to the flute and drum meditation at dusk. It was healing. Maybe that’s why you could feel my heart.

        Sweet Dreams 🌜

      16. Potentially my lovely! That sounds very powerful at dusk…….
        I meant because you are a Gem sun and my Eros is in the same sign!
        Mine is in the 9th house which is SO me, traveling & falling in love with anything foreign lol 😂

    2. I didn’t feel it in any way at the exact time but the difference between yesterday and today is already noticable.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Oh dear I misread the calendar and thought it was 2 am. I was busy at home doing something else when it actually happened. But I do recall the room getting a bit darker. And I had a nice feeling at the time. Surreal.

        Oh you have got to 😂 laugh. I think it’s for the best. I may have worked myself up otherwise.

        “”Life happens when you are busy doing something else.” Today the moon is near my North Node and natal moon.

        I had a dream that was full on last night. One for the dream diary, I am still processing it.

      2. No worries at all. I am one of the weirdos who love hearibg about dreams and just about to create a community offering around it. 🙂 Please don’t mind.

      3. Wish Upon a Star

        All good. If you read my reply to CeCe above you will probably understand my headspace.


      4. Eclipse energy has a 6 month window either before or after and then a bigger cycle. I am doing a bit more reading and they are one of the most difficult things to apply any sort of prediction to. They also don’t affect everyone or the solar eclipse may not but the lunar will etc. No wonder they get regarded with superstition and suspicion. Anything that can’t be easily explained is not easily trusted.

        So you may not have any effects from this one. It definitely happens. I trust those moments as personal markers. Or – that dream is the signal to interpret perhaps? Or it is yet to reveal given the degrees. NN and Moon conjunction? Are they already conjunct? Taurus Moon yes?

        My dreams are staying in the subconscious realm of late. I don’t mind the reprieve if journalling them as it can be disruptive to sleep.

        And yes – laughing is super good medicine. Everything has been so full on we need to intentionally bring lightness in and laughter is lightning fast for that 😁

      5. I slept through it. (6ish am for me) But the build up to it was intense. I felt completely drained. The Taurus vibe arrived in a noticeable way today as I rearranged the balcony for the spring and repotted some plants.

  9. Went looking to reconnect with her music and that era for me recently.

    The guitar watch piece caught my eye near the (presumably) square piece od selenite. Fender and Gibson do novelty time pieces but the long flame shape and all silver doesn’t look like any Ive’ seen.

    My moon conjunct my chart ruler and they absolutely work in tandem. I think I have cultivated more awareness of both with time.

    I have has all manner of Aries symptoms erupting eg migraine and head related.

    Eclipse blessings to all x

    1. Agree, the Aries energy was overwhelming at times.
      Time for the massage mat, the one that sits over a chair.
      I swear after 2 set time rounds with heat button on, it feels like a real live person.
      Maybe there is an genii in the electrix that thinks ‘i’m here to sooth you
      and take away any & all of your anxiety’.
      Blessings backatcha Lovely. x

      1. Thank you lovely. Ironically enougj pain has mived from the head to the bod with the Sun i to Taurus. Still 12th for me but the vibe change is balm for my asc.

        I might need to check them out as an alternative to humans. I saw an alternative human for a massge in Monday and was great at the time but then surprised it really exacerbated injuries.


      2. Hope you have recovered a bit since the pre-eclipse massage, Centaurus!
        I was off the air for a few days due to eclipse turbulence, but responded to your DM posts(20/4) yesterday. Best of luck with the injuries 🌿

      3. Thank you Calcifer! Definitely in the functional realm but things are lingering. Hoping your eclipse turbulance has settled and will go read x

    2. You’re not alone, C. My multi Libra partner has been having a rough time too lately. But today was a doozy. About 2 hrs before Sol’s ingress in Taurus, he was doing his morning yoga routine, lost his balance (not good for a Libra) & hit his head on a book shelf & then passed out. He’s ok, but obvs shaken.
      I know you’ve mentioned stuff about your bod recently and I truly hope that Sol in the realm of Venus brings you soothing times ahead, C. xx

      1. Thank you Scarab. It’s at a new level these days and I am perservering and catching rays of sunshine when I can. Stoic Cap planets have their purpose I guess but simultaneously I’m aware of how much I just push through.

        Sol into the Asc zone has shone a light literally and things are amped and/or illuminated but I do hope the dust settles. Things are back from so acute I cant see a typo in front of me lol. They still bug me… lol.

        Oh your poor partner! I hope he’s ok now!! That sounds awful. The passing out bit would have felt frightening no doubt.

        TY xxx

  10. Makes sense – Scorpio sun, Cap moon in the 9th (and both Venus and Saturn in Sag). Only when I got older did I begin to process a tough relationship with my mother and come to terms with unrealized ambitions for both post-grad education that I’d run away from when younger — I love learning and want those degrees — and my work as a writer and editor. And also how much I always needed and wanted a solid, stable Cap-level home. Still looking!

  11. Yes! I’m definitely running everything through my scorpio moon lens in the past 10-15 years ( just turned 50 ). My virgo sun, rising, mercury and mars are still very present but my moon has taken the reins because every stupid thing is intense now😂

  12. I wonder about this when sun & moon signs are same. I find I express different parts of mine. More acceptance vs differing needs. .. so very interesting..

  13. I have set about getting to know my Aries Moon in my early 50s. It is just energy that I haven’t integrated very well to date, but there is also a potential adhd diagnosis waiting for me if I care to pursue it. In my mind, there is a synergy between these 2 things. But it’s like my Moon and Neptune (on Sun in late Scorp and Merc at start of Sag) have finally conspired in the positive and I am 3 yrs into an art course after showing no talent or aptitude for most kinds of visual art other than photography for much of my life.

  14. I do love this Mystic and I just happen to randomly put her music on the other night and then go on a (Mars in Virgo) research bender about her! I found an amazing photo of her and Keith Richard’s laughing together with Mick looking a bit jealous 😊
    I am Moon in Pisces in 6th house with sun in Virgo 12th house. I love classic perfume from the French houses and will never buy anything else. My favourite book is Perfume. Anyone else like it? Highly recommend it xx

    1. Ah, Perfume, that dark sensual tale of olfactory depravity has had a strange & lingering presence in my life. The book came out not long before i was studying aromatherapy & so of course it was a “must read”.
      Then, about a year later, when i was travelling by tube in London for my very first job as an aromatherapist at a clinic, a man with walking disabilities & speech impediment came into the carriage and sat opposite me.
      He showed me a small placard indicating that for a couple of quid he would massage my hands. So i said why not (like, how spookily apt was this!) & got a nice 10 min massage with rosemary oil which made my hands tingle with energy.
      In his bag i noticed a copy of Perfume, & for a moment i thought “uh-oh, twilight zone – will he turn on me like the character in the book?” Plus there was no one else in the carriage. But instead i got a lovely big smile & a thumbs up for my new job. It felt like i’d been blessed by a daimon.
      Then 20 yrs later while living in Barcelona, they shot a large chunk of the movie based on the same book in our street! So i contacted Production & offered my services as an aromatherapist & got to work on the crew for a few weeks. I was paid handsomely, and blew it all on a perfume & essential oil safari through Southern Europe.

      I think i pretty much have lived by my Moon, Sun & Asc equally throughout. Luna & Sol are in mutual reception so it’s hard to know which is the dominant one; but Luna aspects my Libra Ascendant, which may be why i’m a slave to my nose.

      1. That is a wonderful story! So much synchronicity. I love that you spent your olfactory earnings on more perfumes and oils.

      2. Wow this just blew my mind! How awesome. I am Libra Ascendant too and my nose rules ❤️

      3. Thank you all, lovelies, so glad you enjoyed. Sometimes it’s those small & seemingly random details which are the magic threads that guide our lives to the bigger tapestry …. or sumfink.

        (Lol CJ, my book would have to be titled Tales of Olfactory Madness)

      4. Definitely those small or seemingly less important/significant moments!

        The broad astro-scape of that time could be revealling.

        It is the type of tale that reminds us all of the magic threads of life that are always there 💫

      5. Skarab, your story validates that aromatherapy is ‘magic’.
        Libran Rising to Libran Moon:
        1978 on sojourn in Belgium saw a small ad in English Vogue for ‘Madam Micheline Arcier Aromatherapy Knightsbridge’.
        Wrote to her about wanting to study it, and she sent me Margurite Maury & Robert Tisserand’s books plus pages for meditation from The Great White Brotherhood.
        The English & French took their aromatherapy very seriously.
        No eating diary or meat for 10 days before treatment was advised.
        My thoughts were that one needed chemistry and phyto-therapy and massage skills. Such a science it seemed.
        She invited me to join her salon as an apprentice after my year of theory.
        An invitation not taken up as was overwhelmed with the logistics instead of trusting the universe to take care of lodgings, fees and wardrobe.
        She said there was just one aromatherapist in Australia in Canberra at the time and it was very costly.
        Years later when incorporating ess oils in bodywork, called it Aromacology as there was no accreditation in it.
        In 1986 one had to have a massage certificate or diploma to import essential oils from Tisserand, then head of the Aromatherapists Federation, but were freely available in India Asia & Middle East.
        By 1996 ‘weekend workshops’ in Aromatherapy were on offer much to my amazement.
        How far it’s come from the 70’s. The re-discovery of plant power. Someone’s sure growing a mass of flowers…lol
        Love your story, wonderful things can happen in England when yo open to the adventure.
        You must have found some exotic essential oils in your travels, you did my dream journey.
        Going to play ‘Barcelona’ now. x

      6. Wish Upon a Star

        What an amazing story Pegusus. And an amazing opening to an era in time that I have an affinity for. The purity, the ritual, seriousness and dedication.

        I think there was a good reason why you didn’t take it up and only one you can answer.

        Personally I would have felt frustrated with the change. I would have been an aromatherapy snob.

        But so glad that aromatherapy is open to all. You can just grow basil on the window sill, crush between your fingers and wake yourself up. Oh the simplicity. My Taurus Moon adores it.


      7. Pegasus, i wrote you a mammoth response days ago which somehow i managed to get zapped when edited it.😖

        Of course there’s magic in aromatherapy – how can there not be when you are working with the essence & spirit of living entities – the plants, our cousins.

        And yes, aromatherapy has gone from being an in-depth, clinical study of pure essential oils for medicinal purposes, to being about artificially scented candles.

        I think I’m a decade behind you. By the time i got to London, there were already a few schools teaching aromatherapy & bodywork & a couple of associations to choose from. 

        It would have been interesting for you to have worked in Micheline Arcier’s salon, but i can’t say i blame you for heeding your sensible Cap Asc. London is a great city & i loved my time there, but it can be a hard & miserable place if you can’t cover your basics & don’t fancy living in squats, like so many people i knew did back then to survive …. & the weather really does suck. I was lucky to be working & to be able to cover my costs, but it was a struggle for the first few yrs.

        And sure, the universe does provide like you say, but other times it likes to fuq test you – which might be one of the reasons we are here on La Medusa’s site – to find out when, or at least be prepped by one of the best. 🙂

    2. Re Faithful & Keef – whenever i’ve seen fotos of the two together i always thought there was genuine love (platonic or otherwise) & respect between them.
      For a hoot look up Faithful, Jagger & Alain Delon together. It’s hilarious to see Mick so utterly pissed off, especially since he’s prob one of the biggest players that’s walked the planet.

  15. Libran moon in the 12th, and being ruled by Venus has taken awhile to realize!
    My inner realm always had scented wings but it was a song I only played to myself. Of late, I’ve started sharing…..the more I’ve tuned into myself, the closer my relationship has grown to the moon 🌙
    Feeling comfortable letting others into that private space without minimizing myself has been my reoccurring life theme. Being fulfilled starts with allowing your divinity the space to breathe ✨

  16. Delicioso! My Moon in the 6th House is certainly a sensitive one health-wise, which as I mature means an increase in autoimmune issues, including reacting to perfumes, teas, fermented things, ach! Instead am amping up the plants, passion-fruit vine in and next star jasmine & frangipani, and lavender in large white pots around my pool. Always dreamed of a Moon Garden with fragrant white, violet and blue flowers. As a lunar Scorpio, a garden to be enjoyed at night seems Goth-appropriate

    1. This is literally my dream. Unfortunately, the climate I live in, does not allow any plants beyond around 180 days of growing season. 😔

      1. That’s a pity! My 4th House is Virgo so my home is meant to be a healing haven of whites and duck egg blues.. which astro tragic that I am, is true. Sadly I don’t have a big garden due to the pool, but I am finding that I am enjoying the plants I do have very much. Because it is subtropical where I am, it only has to rain a few days running and you have uncontrollable growth, which has its own perils.

      2. I grew up in the tropics, so your words hit the nostalgia vein extra hard. The monsoon is a blessing directly from gods above. In true heavy earth-energy-chart-person’s fashion, I would pay a ransom for any perfume that replicates the smell of wet earth of first rains after a scorching summer in the tropics.
        Love the vision of your Virgo abode with a secret night garden. 🌺🌸

      3. Have you ever tried the Indian perfume Mitti Attar? It’s famous for replicating “petrichor” that sumptuous earthy smell of first rain. The word is from the Ancient Greek of “petra” rock & “ichor” the etherial fluid that is the blood of the gods. The process involves distilling clay – just like they distill leaves, petals, roots, etc. The steam from the cauldron lifts the fragrance into the condenser to cool down where a paraffin base catches the fragrance of the mud/earth and then infused with sandalwood & other earthy oils. I just want to pack my bags & go to the tropics just writing about it!

      4. I love this, Skarab, this is truly a magic thing! Distilling clay to capture the sumptuous earthy smell of rain… Imagine that… 🪄

      5. I hadn’t and will look it up now! Thank you for the tip! I use a rose attar, so its amazing I’ve never heard of it. Serendipity. 🙂

      6. Sphinx, i too grew up in subtropicana S E Queensland & the sound of your lovely Moon garden by the pool makes my Crabby self swoon. Small gardens can be such a delight, whether you keep them zen or lush & overgrown. You get to be very intimate with every plant. I’m so used to keeping small gardens & terraces that now that i have a paddock i feel a bit overwhelmed by all the possibilities, but very excited.

      7. An aromatically-inclined kataka should swoon occasionally! Perhaps my Merc/Venus/Sat in kataka might swoon, but Leo Sun sort of obliterates the vibe. A paddock! What do the locals call a paddock where you are?! I feel paddocks can only occur in Australia, or somehow in Idaho, to which I have never been. Does England have paddocks? Or just pastures? It’s quite impressive how a plant and some earth change a space. Maybe small gardens are their own world, like a tiny jungle of intensity. I do crave vistas of which my house is bereft, but I live near the river which helps. What are you going to do with your paddock? Permaculture, mini-golf, or just acreage of blossoms?

      8. I just went on the Macquary Dictionary blog (i’m sure you would love) re the word paddock:

        At the very most we could argue that paddock has high frequency when the reference is to open areas, fenced in, with cows, sheep and horses in them. On the other hand field may have greater frequency when the reference is to an area in which crops are grown. 

        So in my world, i figure that a paddock is a field used for grazing livestock – which is precisely what our patch of land was used for until recently. Here the locals call it a “prado”. 

        Mini-golf, eh? Luvv it! 😂
        We’ll just raze the wildflowers, uproot the fruit trees & ancient yew, knock down the stone cabin & build an 18 holer! Stuff the permaculture plan! … & so bloody what if this is in a biosphere reserve? X

      9. Well you are right as always Skarab! Strangely I own a Prado car, which I will now think of as ‘The Paddock’. Ancient Yew, fruit trees and wildflowers in a reserve sounds… heavenly. Not in the same way as the Nirvana that is Mini-Golf, but maybe you should keep it afterall, lol.

      10. All copacetic in your world dear Sphinx. SUBTROPICAL….swoon. Still crave the flora of French Polynesia, where a seed placed in the volcanic earth sprouted in 48 hours.
        As i’m sure you miss South America….sigh….didn’t we have fun when we were babes. x

      11. All is relatively copacetic in the subtropics! I thought you were in Sydney which I think counts as somewhat tropical? I used to grow tomatoes in the sand in latin American near the beach. It was a stark reminder of the soil quality in Australia, how hungry our land is for nutrients, I always felt the bush would love to eat me alive, dry as it was. So I prefer the subtropical lands, yes! I love my family life today, but I did have fun as a girl. For me you are still a girl Pegasus! Saggitarians don’t age or lose their appetite for philosophy, travel and the curious.

      12. Moon garden does sound pretty. Think of all those lovely winter scapes though…? Earth’s bone structure. A seasonal sub zero zen garden. One could arrange a garden bed based on how the plants look with no leaves, or build a rockery for its sculptural appeal with a coating of snow.

      13. Oooh, yes! We have absolutely divine snowscapes. Had one as recently as last month. 15 cm of snow atop frozen lakes is my neighbourhood divine playground. And on full moon winter nights, it seems the whole world just slips away. Pure magic. Thank you for reminding me. 🙂
        I live in an apartment, so no sculptural garden of my own, just the one in wilderness.

      14. Sorry to hear that, 5th house Cap…
        Are you in the desert or in a very cold climate? In any case, it must be frustrating not to have the right circumstances if you long to grow things 🌱 Maybe having some potted plants in your house can bring some consolation…

      15. I live in the Nordics, so you can imagine. 🙂 I do have around 40 house plants hugging every single window in the apartment for light, especially in winter months. Hankering for a proper garden to grow things in the ground. One day. A soon to come day. 🙂

      16. Ah, that’s great you have all those – undoubtedly beautiful – plants in your house! Good energy! Rooting for you to find a nice house with a lovely garden around it 🍀🌿🌱🏡

  17. Low on energy and self esteem in Dark Moon pre-eclipse. Came here to find solace and was not disappointed.

    Virgo Rising and shit tonnes of Cap, including moon and Venus. I am not yet 40 and I have had the same perfume for over a decade – a locally produced rose scented orientalist flowery scent that reminds me always of Spring. I doubt I would ever stray from the natural scent palette towards sex sirenish complex ones.

  18. The Lion & The Centaur

    I have Sagg Moon, ascendant & NN all almost conjunct. I just went trough first Saturn return but I feel I have forgotten all about my Leo Sun years ago…

    Love this article at the perfect time to lighten up all the Aries everything in the troposphere.
    Sweet aromatic relief. Aroma’s are so healing, so ritualistic, light the candle, allow the memories to flame.
    For you it was Shalimar.
    For me Mitsouko named after a Japanese artist Mitsuko.
    Wasn’t Shalimar the name of the fountain of youth?
    Shalimar Gardens in Kashmir?
    Guerlain had exquisite perfumes back in the day, the ones we don’t wear anymore :-).
    Chanel made a Gardenia? In the 80’s…missed that one, but found a Perfumer’s Workshop pure essential oil in Singers, a precious 10ml
    The empty bottle held its smell for 15 years.
    Capricorn lover, blame my Venus, said it reminded him of his grandmother’s drawers.
    Some people, men get weird around Jasmine, Gardenia & Tea Rose.

    Absolutely… as one ages sensitivity increases. Un-harmony is felt more acutely and anything jarring is unpleasant for the senses and the heart.
    Consciousness increases as well as awareness, so one needs a retreat spot
    close by to re-balance.
    Senses seem 20 times stronger.
    Downside is spending too much time wondering what that malodour is, only to find it walking around with you on the bottom of your sneakers.

    Marianne sure found her voice in Broken English.
    Her dresser is so English, like she shopped at Antiquarius on Kings Road & Pimlico for relics of the exotic empire.
    Is that The Blue Bird of Happiness on her hand or Pisces on steroids.

    Grokked much about the subtleness of sun rising merc & moon, and it fits like an Italian leather driving glove. Thank you x

      1. Cappy what a beautiful thing to say! Writing and having someone read it is a privilege and honour.
        To have the time and space to do so a rare blessing.
        Under Mystic wees champions.

      2. You are blessed, we all are blessed. This site is such an oasis for like minded souls. 💗💗💗

  20. Yep, love this. Gemini moon, always had too much of a problem “living in my head”. Totally happy swimming in 100-tabs-open info gluttony. Gem moon 2nd house is directly square my Mars-MC in Pisces 11th house (and IC Virgo), so yes; in middle age I definitely feel it has spurred me onto finding communities I “vibe” (Pisces) with and to learn from (and yep, I value/hold close certain information/intel like the treasures they are… like this site!!) Xx

    1. Found my local Council offers interesting free or low cost classes, in halls & churches. Feel like mingling now after my years of solitude aka stopping work.
      Its confidence i believe? Must get over my fear of muggles asking me anything too personal.
      Like trust everyone here but face to face is seriousity..hahaha.

      1. If I could describe just how much I could relate to your comments, Pegs, I would… But I have saved it for therapy sessions, lol. Xoo I have 2 close friends, maybe 3, in “real life” – and even then, only see them once a month or 2/still have boundaries.
        Working on my trust issues/it takes me 5 years to “let people in” sadly … love the idea of you going to classes!! Xx

      2. (Also i replied to your great comment on medieval music the other day. Me too. Jordi Savall’s “La Folias” in his Lachramae Carravagio masterpiece got me through quite a few uni exams. XOO)

      3. Promise I will now go into solar eclipse hibernation mode to be grateful for all my blessings in a tick – but just briefly/lastly, look up this on YouTube Pegs for some aural beauty: Jordi Savall Üsküdara with Montserrat Figueras;;
        Also MEmories of Alhambra by Francisco Tarrega. Bon nuit// buenas noches!

      4. Oh you found some, Sister of the Travelling Pants!
        Going to add that suggestion of Jordi Savall to playlist.
        Music is like perfume, both have notes, changing the ambience, activating memories and both put on with deliberation.
        Many of my conversations are with books, no book that really interests is safe from pencils and notes.
        Perhaps like me, small talk or gossip doesn’t attract but neither does in depth tell-alls?
        Perhaps protecting ourselves, is not selfishness, but self care.
        Trust? Trust yourself profoundly.x

      5. Sister of the Have Pants, Will Travel tribe, copying that!🌻⚘
        Small talk can be heavenly or exhausting, with not much in between. Don’t know why. but I can have a profound ten minute exchange with a young person who is sleeping rough, and share genuine (even instant), connection; or I can have a circular conversation that means nothing and goes nowhere with somebody my own age and gender because #life. That is as much on me as anybody else – in fact, all on me. But, people get uncomfortable if I get quiet and just observe them (in finding meaning/shared.connection), so I am forced to say nonsense, or maintain space. Which is how it is for everyone, I guess – but I have seen others much more skilled than I at making strangers comfortable, sans words. Yes, pencils and paper (and animals) my fave travelling companions. And this site, obviously.🤗xx🦄

      6. You must watch the movie ‘Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants’ as it’s where i got your name from It reminded me of a pair of black velvet pants friends often wanted to borrow.

      7. Jordi Savall THANK YOU. Love his music. And his Spotify page led me to more baroque music.
        It’s gentle.

      8. Wish Upon a Star

        I hate muggles asking me anything too personal : yuk. Gotta have boundaries !

        It is not a fear it is gut instinct in my opinion.

      9. Star honey, self protection isn’t it. Besides we need our energy for healing ourselves.
        Being social takes practise, being a good hostess, knowing who needs introducing and how much to tell the other person when doing so.
        Conversation is like a game of tennis, sometimes squash!

      10. Wish Upon a Star

        You sound better at being social than me. It’s a Libra thing.

        Flashback to me as a teenager at a wedding. My lovely Libra Auntie coaxing me to smile and not look so serious. I have never been good at small talk. My auntie was charming and she always smelt lovely.


      1. I hope/know you will include all those magic, un-bottle-able scents, dearest MM – e.g. the smell of pheromones and seawater on a lover (Mars in Pisces?), or a dab of amber/musk on a special person’s suprasternal notch on a hot day (kinda borrowed that idea from Pegasus’ comments on another post, and the dab of patchouli under the arms of some of her favourite people from the 70’s..?) (suprasternal notch -Taurean? Musk – surely Pluto..?)
        That and the smell of home cooking or herbs from a book or garden your beloved, witchy grandmother used. Anyway. Am in love with this idea.💖

      2. Love the idea! Please do! Can I also ask for a boon? A summer version of Venusian 9? I made it twice and its my favourite autumn equinox ritual now. 🙂 What is the equivalent of vanilla for the summer?

  21. Astral dna report post haste! Oooooo Moon in 3rd Aries which I knew but the report says I have a “psychological need to read…everything.” And when I looked thru the report I was looking for house body seeking solitude (and financial freedom) 😜

  22. Penelope Darling

    I find my Libra moon really illusive! I have been identifying more with my Rising sign (I’m in my late 30s.)

  23. As an Aries moon person, I feel like I actively embodied my moon more so growing up and in my early twenties, direct and impulsive. Turns out people didn’t really like that and i responded over time by becoming more reserved. The pendulum swung the other way, so much so, that i would love to reclaim my moon energy now.
    *eclipse goals

  24. i certainly hope so-aries moon here.
    I often feel its my saving grace, otherwise i’d be too watery.
    I share Marianne’s midheaven too 🔥🐐

    1. Are you Scorpio Sun, Aries Moon too? You would have seen those descriptions in those basic astro books that describe this combo as God/Godess of war with no prisoners? Reading this put me off astro for a number of years, but I also do know now if I am antagonised and headfuqed by muggles and their projections, deflections, denial, gaslighting etc or I could explode and wipe out a small village.

      1. 😹 yes i am!
        i havent heard that description but its true to say o dont take any prisoners lol…trying to be more tolerant…🔥🦂

  25. Ok I have been extra obsessed with shells and wanting everything shell or mermaid recently so can only conclude this is a sign for me and my Pisces Moon to move to a shell cottage.

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